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17 septembrie 2021



       This is the first step in the right direction!

No matter the duration or intensity of the smoke ... Every moment is a good time to change your life. Just have a little strength, will and especially Nicorix to free yourself. When you stop smoking, not only will you have a sense of pride, but you will also have real health benefits!

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Smoking has been obsolete for years. Statistics confirm the decrease in the number of smokers. Behind these figures are men and women who offered what they promised. Some wanted to improve their health, others wanted more money in their wallets, and others dreamed of being more beautiful. Now it's your turn to join the group of people who have made their dreams come true and achieved their goals!

... you have health problems.

Smoking causes serious long-term illnesses, but also daily problems. Chronic cough, morning fatigue and lung symptoms are common problems in smokers. Even if you don't feel them yet, they can appear at any time.

… You are tired.

Yellow teeth, unpleasant odor and gray skin. You like? Appearance is very important these days. Your image speaks for you, it is the first element that attracts the attention of others. Unfortunately, it is impossible to delete the first impression!

... You're losing money.

Take a sheet of paper and a pen. Do the calculations to find out how much money turns into smoke each day. Yes, you literally smoke them! And now think about what you could buy and the dreams you could fulfill with that money. Tired of repeating, "Tobacco is too expensive"? Now is the time to change that!

How to quit smoking? Blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature stabilize at normal levels.

The unpleasant aroma disappears from your mouth. you can enjoy the positive results of this decision from day one. Only 2 hours are enough for the blood pressure, pulse and body temperature to stabilize at an adequate level. Every day you will feel better and your body will have greater vitality and renewed energy. Did you know that just smoking for 3 months will improve your respiratory function by 30%? Playing sports will no longer be a problem for you.

When you stop smoking, your body will be healthier and your face more beautiful. In addition, you will save money that you can spend on things that were once too dear to you. The average smoker consumes one pack of cigarettes a day. The amount is more than 3,000 euros per year for smoke! Think about what you could do with that money! If you stop smoking, you will be free and save a lot of money.

Instead of smoking, you can drink ... a coffee with a friend or a beer with colleagues. The level of carbon monoxide in the blood decreases, the oxygenation of the body increases ... The level of carbon monoxide in the blood decreases as the general oxygenation of the body increases.

Quit smoking fast. 3 DAYS.  



Nicorix are natural and effective pills that eliminate nicotine cravings and all withdrawal symptoms. The beneficial effect of Nicorix has been confirmed by scientific research and hundreds of millions of people around the world. 2 capsules a day are enough to get rid of smoking and save money, to have better health and to look good. Nicorix ingredients completely eliminate all smoking problems.

Nicotine receptors are blocked. It "tricks" our body and the desire to smoke disappears immediately after you take a capsule.


cleanses your body of accumulated toxins and therefore improves your health and appearance.

You don't have to be afraid of gaining weight after you quit smoking. It also gives you energy and power.

Nicorix, unlike many other drugs, does not contain nicotine. Would you put out the gasoline fire? Treating nicotine smoking is not a good solution!


The nerve endings regenerate.

By quitting smoking, you start to feel the smell, the taste, the

smell of food again.

stop smoking cigarettes. Breathing becomes easier. You can finally go for a run.   

You can spend the money you save on a delicious dinner.


How to quit smoking. Prof. Frances White Arizona Institute on Tobacco Addiction said.  

"Nicorix has undergone extensive testing and analysis that has confirmed its effectiveness. Undoubtedly, the results surprised us because they were very positive, although we had known about Nicorix's fame for a long time. However, we wanted to have concrete data and results. In both groups, more than 90% of people stopped smoking. This is a fantastic result, because Nicorix does not do everything, it must take into account other factors, such as willpower, for example. Many of these people thanked us from the bottom of our hearts for our help. But how can Nicorix be so effective? These are your active ingredients in proper proportions. They are the ones who, by blocking the nicotine receptors, eliminate the nicotine craving and all the other unpleasant sensations related to quitting smoking. »

The typical smoker's cough disappears. The lungs work better and the risk of infection is reduced.  

Without smoking for a week you save almost 100 EUR. You can spend this money on a walk with friends.

stop smoking.

You have more energy, your will and motivation increase!

Discover the stories of ordinary people who have regained their health, beauty and saved money. In short, they stopped smoking!

 Mark J., 35, said:

“The cough irritated me for a long time. I also woke up in the morning as if I had run a marathon the day before. But I couldn't stop smoking. My will was not enough. Since I couldn't handle myself, I needed help. Then I discovered Nicorix without nicotine. Believe it or not, but when I first took it, I never smoked. I didn't want to smoke anymore, even though I was stressed! And, of course, I always felt better. The cough and fatigue disappeared. Now, if someone tells me that it is very difficult to quit smoking, I tell them: I went through this too and it is not so difficult, as long as you use the right medicines! "The

 27-year-old Anna said:

" I stopped smoking very quickly. One month of treatment with Nicorix was enough to stop smoking. I didn't mind smoking, I didn't see anything wrong with having a cigarette while drinking. But I'm tired of my appearance. Yellow teeth, horrible skin, unpleasant smell. I looked disgusting! The worst thing was when I heard from a colleague, after a job interview, that he hadn't gotten it because the boss said it smelled like cigarettes. Then I realized that cigarettes were bad for my life. I've heard many times that Nicorix is ​​the best medicine, so I bought it. That's how my cigarette adventure ended. Now I find myself more beautiful and more feminine. No one will tell me the smell of tobacco again! "


Henry, 55, said:

“My wife and I calculated how much money we spent on cigarette packs. With that money I could have bought a house and my son would have studied. My wife always asked me, "Does that mean anything to you?" "I was thinking and I didn't know. It's a bad habit, but how do I stop after 30 years? I smoked more than my wife Marie ... I asked my son to look for something on the internet. So he brought two Nicorix packs and told me, "Take two a day and you won't want to smoke anymore." My wife then said, "If it works, promise me we'll save this money so we can go somewhere. I saved some money, and as my wife wanted, I went to Mexico. I recommend Nicorix to everyone."

 Jean, 29, said:

"My girlfriend was fed up with my cigarette. That was the main reason I quit smoking. Alone, I wouldn't quit. I liked it very much. But at my girlfriend's request, I decided to do something about it, at least to limit it a little.When I realized I couldn't do this, I realized I had a problem.No man likes this feeling of not "He's in control of his life. Nicorix showed up and I stopped needing nicotine. The most important thing for me was not to want to smoke. I haven't smoked in a few months and I'm spending money on my pleasures. The real ones!"



Laurent, 42 years old, said:

I smoked a lot, about two packs a day. I'm a nervous man, I have a stressful job. One day I stopped controlling my smoking, which made my health worse. I liked to run. It was my way of relaxing. But after a while I ran out of breath. I couldn't run for long and I started coughing. The financial aspect was also important. No, thank you, I don't earn enough to live! These are the reasons why I decided to quit smoking. . My brother supported me. He told me to take nicotine-free medications, because if I wanted to quit smoking, continuing to take nicotine would be stupid. He showed me the Nicorix site and reviews. I bought two packages. Immediately after the first days, I felt the difference. The urge to smoke was not as strong as before. I smoked less and less. Gradually I stopped smoking. I bought a bottle of champagne on the first day I didn't smoke. I was so happy! »

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Nicorix?

Nicorix are pills that eliminate nicotine cravings and all withdrawal symptoms. The beneficial effect of Nicorix has been confirmed by scientific research and hundreds of millions of people around the world. The ingredients in Nicorix completely eliminate all the problems associated with smoking.

2. What are the ingredients in Nicorix?

The ingredients in Nicorix, which release cigarettes, are completely natural. Kudzu root extract reduces nicotine cravings, reduces stress and improves mood. Guarana and green tea extracts purify the body and speed up metabolism.

3. Is Nicorix prescribed by prescription?

Not. Nicorix is ​​a completely safe natural remedy to use. In this case, the prescription is not required. You can buy the medicine on this website.

4. How many capsules are in a pack?

One pack contains 60 capsules which are enough for one month.

5. How is Nicorix used?

Take 1 Nicorix capsule twice a day, morning and evening.

6. Can anyone say I use Nicorix?

The privacy of our customers is a priority for us. No one will know what you are buying, because we use standard packages and deliver them directly to the address you provide.

7. Is it possible to ship the products abroad?

Clear. Seeing the changing trends and demand of our customers, orders are shipped worldwide. Only the delivery time will be longer. We require that all orders be paid by credit card. 


Order without risk. You have 90 days to return the products and we will refund your money! Total satisfaction: Nicorix will help you stop smoking; otherwise, we will refund your money.


We are fully confident in Nicorix's results, so we have decided to introduce a 90-day warranty. So you can try Nicorix without risk. If you feel that the results of the treatment are not satisfactory (you still want to smoke, nicotine deficiency symptoms), you can return any package of Nicorix that has not yet been used and we will refund you. No additional questions, no explanations.

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