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16 septembrie 2022

Israel  Good at Hacking

     he or she likes it. Israel is good enough to fight the invasion, neighboring countries send Consolidated to cybernetic superpower Stuxnet Dooku, which is on fire from day one. Gauss' offensive cyber tools like Iran's nuclear programs were repeatedly disabled, Israel even hacked into Kaspersky and caught the Russian government using its antivirus software 

 as a global search engine for classified surveillance data. They consider Israeli intelligence to be the same as the NSA. They might even spy on the third most aggressive player against America in the ranking. And that doesn't count the private sector. Second only to the United States in funding cybersecurity virtual capital. We've reached 200 times our weight. Along with the usual buffet of cyber security companies, there are shops that specialize in offensive cyber companies. For example, why Spear Intercepting Van's says and is a group that is bullshit, 0Day-Mobile-Exploits and other suspect companies sell off-the-shelf hacking tools to organizations willing to pay high prices for state-level cyber skills. So I thought:   

How can a country with about the population of New York get so good at cyber? I mean, at first glance, it really isn't much. Let's go back to the beginning of one of Israel's last moments. The Yom Kippur War was the greatest intelligence failure in Israel's history. Surprised by the joint invasion of Egypt in Syria. Israel suffered unexpected casualties, in the opening day's fighting position, attacks, panic and confusion spread across the country. The lack of strategic listening is one of Israel's greatest weaknesses. Its narrowest point is only nine fathoms and three miles wide. Fighting unwillingness is therefore a quick route to defeat and destruction. 1973 was a disgrace that forced the entire military political establishment to resign. Beat Israel for a complete overhaul. Its intelligence allows for an early warning system  

like no other. Yes, he makes Shamone, my team. Unit 280, 200 became one of the largest units in Israel with 5,000 to 10,000 employees. If you include the reservists responsible for signals intelligence, they are also the offensive arm of the country's cyber operations. Every major operation includes an inventory. 90% of all Israeli intelligence for clients like Mossad. It fills other special forces. These relationships combine physical and remote hacking methods to project them. Regional power working outside the box and bombing serious nuclear reactors The Mossad broke into a Syrian official's hotel room to install malware on his computer, which later led to the discovery of 8,200 secret nuclear plans and target verification images. They monitored communications in the area as commandos stormed the facility 

   to collect soil samples from raids by pirate planes and show what code had been injected into a serious light defense system. Clear the air on enemy radar screens. Since his humiliation on Yom Kippur. Israel has become an intelligence power. dissipative. A distant conflict whose cyber units are designed to support Israel's national defense strategy to avoid a protracted war of attrition. Project the image that Israel can act alone without an ally striking first. Defensible borders, key deterrents, victory and close cooperation with traditional military units for kinetic action. It's a bit like Krav Maga. This is a melee system where you avoid grappling but strike with massive force. When provoked by targeting body parts, resulting in permanent injury or death, it is Israel's foundation. The cyber-intelligence apparatus should enable its defense war policy in such a way that any size or number disadvantage is compensated. You may be thinking of going against me  

   , but remember what I do to people who try to hurt me, but wait a second. How do you even create a Cyber ​​Force that can withstand all of this? There is no crossfire on the road to cybersecurity success. I wonder if we can learn something as a repeating pattern that cyber security teams and other countries can follow. Let's find out. So there is a concept called revolution in military affairs. This allows the country to increase its power by an order of magnitude. I first came across the term in the book Unlimited Warfare written by two High Elapids. It is one of the first legitimate economies in the cyber world as another form of warfare. The author really liked this guy named Andy Marshall who ran the secret Pentagon. Think tank called Office of Net Assessment.    

 According to the Marshall RMA. It all depends on how it works. We organize our people with technology, for example the French and Germans had access to planes, tanks and radios before WWII, but the French focused on WW1 doctrines that the Maginot -Line created, a cheap series of fortifications Focus on defensive warfare After the defeat, the German army was empty and had to be completely reorganized. All of this enabled them to use a mobile strategy called Blitzkrieg, which used tanks and air support in a way never seen before. You can probably guess who won the fight. When it comes to Cyber ​​Power, it's no different. Everyone has access to nearly the same technologies and tools. The biggest differentiator is the organization of human capital and innovative operational concepts, and this is  

like a big human resource department for the country. Each year 60,000 boys and girls are assessed in different units depending on the school. Personality scores and IQ tests, high scores mean engineering units. For example 8200 while low scores mean Border Patrol is helpful. One is the key to interviewing throughout your career. These are many hallmarks of studying at Harvard or MIT, but the selection process begins in kindergarten, when teachers later in second grade use games and activities to shape the cast. Elementary school students pass the intelligence test with excellence, better academic development in high school after school, and cyber programs help train and identify young talent for military technology units. When it comes time to call for formal interviews and tests, the crème de la crème are self-taught learners who can solve problems creatively and are fun to work with,  

 but just walking through the door of the 8200 doesn't prove that you are really good at it. There are tons of subsections and even more subtopics to post to the right. Group attend a six-month boot camp where they study Arabic project management programming and intelligence business from dawn to dusk. You'll then be organized into small teams working on projects that mimic real-world missions. All with tight deadlines. There is a similar model used by Carnegie Mellon's Capture the Flag team. One of the best in the world. First, ask many high school students to try PicoCTF and choose the top 50 artists. For those who end up at Carnegie Mellon, they train with classes and real CTFs. So let these guys lead the PicoCTF selection process next year. You meet most people through the smallest filter 

 . You also need to find individuals with the right cultural fit. There are four main characteristics that tech devices like the 8200 have. Search, bet boldly. What should I do? Nobody else is ready for this. Harsh Cadeau takes initiatives and does things for the best. Possible. Even if it means more work because you see the big picture, Mitsuo is resourceful in getting things done, Dabka gets things done despite the situation and just hits it on target. So there's this chemical test. High school where I left my calculator at home and the teacher didn't lend me another one, very frustrating. I had to find out which clear liquid was alcohol or alcohol. To impress her, 

 I tried it when she wasn't looking and took the test. I'm far from being a figurehead, but I can't wait to hack into people's networks. A driven nerd with authority issues is not enough. You must also work well with others who work together. When you become the smartest person in the room and are as good or smart with other people as you are, it's easy to be stubborn and try to tease others to prove yourself. Therefore, learn to work with others in a group. It's quality too. In search of practical assessments of cerebral personality and teamwork, individuals with these traits often find themselves in units doing the most exclusive cyber-offensive intelligence work. Something is wrong in the IDF just to get the best out of it. The people are reasonably healthy. You have to put them in the right environment 

 and figure out how to keep that talent. When I was in the military and dealing with cybersecurity, one of the biggest issues was retention. Basically, anyone who had technical skills would focus on three things whenever they could. Above all, collaborate with other talented people for a greater cause. I really liked it, the environment we were in just didn't allow for it, all the smart people ended up doing paperwork. And that happy feeling, they got a technical role, they were surrounded by others who really weren't qualified for the job. The levels of bureaucracy were enormous and you didn't feel like your individual actions had much impact on the bigger picture. The Law of Prices suggests that the square root of the people in an organization does half the work. So with 100 people it's only 10:36.    

 “Well it's 6 anyway, the hierarchy, your best players are separated by layers of bureaucracy. So imagine your organization with 6,400 employees. Like the 1% of the organization that does half the work, to make it worse, your private sector friends are making three to four times the money doing things they really want to do. Expressing a desire to quit your job and join them is strongly discouraged. Contrast this with cyber units from Israel, where the people walking through the door are actually standing in front of a screen, so there's a basic quality standard of people to work with. Newcomers are in smaller, flatter, more flexible teams organized in a culture where challenges are encouraged In some cases, the status quo feels less like the military and more like working on a tech startup where your hard work has a clear and direct impact on the outcome IDF Cyber ​​Soldiers are  

entrusted with many tasks from an early age, so that their colleagues in other countries spend their formative years in the student party, university life, their 18-hour days in real missions. Emphasize. Whether the targets they are helping to bomb are terrorists or Palestinian families, they firmly believe that what they are doing matters and they work hard to make it happen. The right to life means life or death for people, because when it's all over, a lucrative career path awaits them on the other side. It comes from branded training sites like Unity, 8200 8 1, Tau str. Oh Hawas. Hello, this means that there is a unit of former students from the same units working in the industry waiting to bring you to the next level of Israeli society. So rather than being scattered across the Four Winds, the idea is to refine and develop all human capital, 

 concentrated in the same local geography, with the veterans serving in the reserves well into their ripe old age of 48. Everyone knows everything with some degree of segregation, empire building, social networks forming what Harvard Business Review calls economic clusters, these dense communities are what Silicon Valley is to technology and Wall Street is to finance , representing geographic hubs that drive innovation. And world-class productivity is real. In fact, small size has become an important part of its strategic cyber advantage. Somewhere in Megève, the Desert Israel building. This advanced technology park for the company's academic and military cyber units is co-located. Its military technology complex, which brings together policy, theory and practice, public-private partnerships like this are breeding grounds for a new source of cyber talent. We are young members working with civilian researchers. Ignore the industry experts. Overview in Ben Gurion Universities. Cyber​​Labs reveals 12 ways to jump into an air vacuum. Using our  

   proven concept, the secret communications channels of superheated infrared, magnetic fields, vibrations and more in Israel are cleared. Academic Research Projects. It could one day be operationalized in a mission or produced in a startup. So how is the country? Are you creating a cyber ecosystem? Well, it all boils down to creating human capital that seeps back into the community to come together over time, which is what it may seem at first glance. First, you have to have the political will to want to be a cyber power. It can be a high-profile attack, something existential or humiliating on a national scale that motivates leaders across the country to spend money on their cyber power. And above all, abolish all bureaucracy. It would be embarrassing. The next step is to 

 hire a group of private sector trainers with existing cybersecurity expertise to staff and train the unit. Focus the initiative on a small geographic area. An ideal place, a cosmopolitan and pleasant place to live. Have these guys design and build curricula and assessment systems that are sourced from school-age students, and during screening, select candidates who are self-taught and creative students to discover problems they've never seen before. Especially when it comes to programming network and security issues. Do we want to find beginners who can quickly reach an intermediate level with little formal training? They also look for personality traits that make them independent people who dare to get things done. These are the guys who come to the practice facility during practice. Don't just give lectures and assignments, organize recruitment in small groups working on projects modeled after real-world scenarios 

experienced by educators. The Harvard Business School example. The study method is a good starting point for preparing rough drafts and stressful group projects with tight deadlines and a screen for those who can quickly. Learn to work together as a team. And let those who are introspective or have had trouble adjusting. When you have the crème de la crème, it means a few years of hard work, high impact assignments with lots of freedom, funding and minimal bureaucracy. Invest in their personal development, taking their feedback into account and helping them transition into the private sector. If they want to move somewhere else, build a brand reputation for the unit as a difficult place to find a great place to work and a home base for newcomers. Future careers before they go. Get the boys out. Responsible for the new employee selection process to power your cybersecurity and human capital machine    

 by reloading the best next generation talent and seeds. organizations. If they go, they will end up creating a diverse community of cyber talent that will thrive in the business world, just as academia and government intended. 20 years from now, you're on your way to becoming a cybersecurity powerhouse. So what do you think Israel is doing? So should they be hacked and is there a rebranding that could be imitated in other countries?  

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