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10 noiembrie 2021

Kent State vs Central Michigan 11/10/21 Free College Football  Predictions

free  Pick in the Kent State vs. Central Michigan college football match up going down, Wednesday, November 10, 20, 21. Before we get that free pick got to let you guys know, Sports Chat Place, the original free pick site. have every single game covered for you every day. So make sure you go on over to the website and check out all the free content that they're waiting for you. But let's get this one between Kent State and Central Michigan, and pair of Mac teams, both sitting at 5 4 um on the year with this game, potentially having some major title game. Options depending on which way you slice. It Kent State coming into this one off backtoback wins 5247  win over Northern Illinois in their last game. And for that of 3427 um Road win over Ohio. This  Kent State has won four of their last five. Definitely 

peaking at the right time. You want  Central mesh won three of their last four. In coming off of that 40s. 42:30  win over  Western Michigan. Get nine points in that  game. Pulling off the outright win. So, definitely a  nice win there for the chippewas. You know, I see a total of 75 and you know, you look headtohead.  Yeah, you can say the 5 /  +  O  between these two teams and then it's probably over here. But this is like 20 25 points more  than any total has ever been. In these five meetings between these two teams. You look usually see like 50 55,  but not 75. um I know the defense has been bad for these two teams. The offense has been putting points on the board. But again, you know this even if we get both teams into the 

30s,  I can see a  3831 game which ever way you slice it.   Still keeps us under 75. think this is just this lines going to fart  opened at 72 for the total. It's got a 75. Like I said, he's just gone too far and I'm going to take the under 75  in this one. 

Pick under 75


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