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19 decembrie 2021

Make money Uploading YouTube Videos

       This insane strategy where you can make ten thousand dollars per month. Just by re uploading videos to YouTube, But as you can see right here, you can make much more than just ten thousand dollars per month.   That's just from YouTube ad, Revenue alone, and YouTube, ad revenue is great.I'm gonna be showing you a secret hack where you can make even more money without doing any extra work before you ever get monetized on YouTube. So, definitely make sure you watch this entire video because I'm going to be showing you channels that are doing this. Exactly how to do this step by step and how to make money fast. But if for some reason you don't like this strategy at the end of the video,

Toolls to make money >> free music licensed for creator content and free usable images.

I'll be showing you a bonus strategy that I'm personally doing that can make you even more money online. So without any further Ado, make sure to smash that like button, subscribe. If you haven't already. Let's get into the video. All right. So first off, you saw the estimated monthly earnings of this channel right here and just so, know, this isn't like faked or anything. This is on a website called social blade and you can get analytics from different, social media sites, YouTube,  twitch, Twitter, Instagram, all that stuff. And like I said, this is their YouTube channel. Soothing relaxation and I showed you their estimated earnings, but you can also Oh, see their views over the last 30  days subscribers over the last 30 days. You can scroll down, see daily stuff. There's  a ton of analytics and I've done a few videos about like different ways to make YouTube channels and YouTube videos with copyright free or creative comments  and I always get those few keyboard Warriors saying you can't monetize this content ? So let me just show you something quick.   Relaxations YouTube channel. Okay, so if I click on a video give me 30 and add place. I'm going to say  how one you see add one of two. Okay, this is a you too bad. That means they are in the partner program. They are able to monetize their videos and just so you know, this isn't fake. Again. Here's another relaxing music, channel meditation, relax music. Let me click on this video. Hi. I'm so what do you know? Another ad? Okay, now check this out. This is YouTube. Help. Support dot, YouTube.  OK? What kind of content can I monetize? So, let's scroll down a little bit here. I use royalty-free or Creative, Commons content. You can monetize royalty-free or Creative, Commons content. If the license agreement grants you rights to use it commercially. Okay, that's very important. The other thing it says is sometimes rights. Owners require you to give them credit and then also, we need audio for a videos. And if we go down here it contains music from the YouTube  audio library. You can monetize music from YouTube  audio library. It's an  insanely Abel free resource YouTube gives us and we're going be using it in this video. So there you go. You definitely  100% Can monetize this content. However, to be monetized on YouTube, you still need 1000 subscribers and 4000  hours of watch time. So, like I said, at the beginning, I'm going be showing you a secret hack where you can make money on  YouTube without doing any extra work before you ever get monetized, but don't worry because I'll also be showing you how you can get monetized on YouTube. Super super. Super fast with this strategy, but before 

we get into the making of the money, we got to know how to do this strategy. Right? So, the first step would obviously be creating a YouTube channel, like soothing relaxation. They use keywords in their name. So, I would suggest doing something similar. I wouldn't suggest using, like, your own personal name, for two reasons. Actually. The first one is because it helps with search and people instantly know, okay. This persons videos have to do with real a Asian. Okay, the second reason in the the more important reason is because when there's not just one person linked to an account, you can sell this channel for big bucks, later on super powerful, but now, I'm not going to be showing you how to create your channel in this video. It's super simple. But if you have no idea how to do this, I'll link my free. YouTube course, it's on my YouTube channel. It's over an hour long, and I'll put that in the description below, so you can watch that after this video and see how to set all that stuff up, but Like I said, all that stuff. Super simple. The important part is creating the content making the money, but making sure you do both of those the right way, which I'm going to show you. So let's get started. So if you were to go to either of these channels or any channel around this topic and watch their videos, you'll see that they're actually pretty easy to create. Once, you know, how, it's pretty much just some footage in there and then some background music and typically it's like the same song, either repeated the hole. I'm or a couple different songs and the most common way people say to get content would be to type in like nature videos in the YouTube. And then what you can do is you can filter right here by creative comments. Okay, and then all these videos are Creative. Commons. I don't personally like that strategy. What I suggest instead is going to one of these three sites. Okay, we got pixabay, we got pixels and we got cute stock footage. Okay, but what I have opened Here, is there frequently asked questions? Because remember we need a commercial license. Okay. Can I use cute stock clip? Sound photo and Commercial products? Sure, you can use all of them in any project commercial or noncommercial. Okay, pixels. Yes, all photos and videos are pixels are free for commercial. Use.   Pixabay same thing. Okay. Now, I suggest using all three and there's tons of other resources out there. But those are my three favorite that I've used my favorites. Probably pixels, okay. That's  we're going to use for this example. All right. So once you're on their home page, you just go here to videos and then you can type in different types of keywords right here. Like nature, Forest, ocean  cinematic, different types of things like that. And then you just hit enter. And as you can see here, these are beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. These are like 4K  videos, so you can just go to full HD 1920 by  1080 and then hit free. Download. Okay, and that's all you got to do. And then as you can see here, it's Right there now and then I would suggest downloading a ton and the best way to stay organized would be to go down here and just create a new folder and do something like you could organize. It be like this is nature footage and then you could have one for ocean and that way you you are organized in the future. But for me, I'm not going to do all that. I'm going download a few videos, put them in here and then we're going to keep going because I think you get the idea, right? And if you want and you can just Mouse over the video and click the link. Download button right there, but I personally like clicking on them, checking them out and then making sure I download the right size. But really, it doesn't matter. They'll all be good. You can just do it. However, works best for you. 

Now, the next step to get the audio is to go to slash audio library, /   music. You will need to have your YouTube channel signed in to use this, but it's totally up to you. You can just use your own YouTube channel for this, and then create the channel for this specific strategy. Later. But it doesn't need to be created right now. But now to find audio, that would be good for this. Again. You can just search you could type in rain or you could type in relaxing, and then search and then you can. Also instead of that. What I think is easier as you go to these things right here and then you filter it and you could go by the mood and then you could do calm. Okay. And then apply it and these are all going to be calm. Okay, and you could also filter it again and then go by Genre and do ambient. Okay, and you could also do like classical stuff. They have piano music stuff like that, totally up to you, but we could do that and filter more. And then the next step you could either just download a few download one and repeat it, which I'll show you how to do. Or you can click duration right here and then click it again. That'll put the longest ones up top. So this one's 15 minutes. That's insane, right? And then you can just listen to it, make sure it fits with the type of content you're doing and Then just download it. Okay, and again, it goes right there and to stay organized. What you could do again is create another one for audio and you could make it more specific like ambient   classical, whatever. It's up to you. However, you want to do it if you're doing this like for real. If you're serious about it and want to grow a legitimate business, I would suggest trying to stay a little organized. It just helps, you know what mean? So I'm not going to do that. I'm just going to put it in my folder that I already have. And now we're on to the next step. That's just putting these clips together in a simple video editor and there's quite a few video. Editors. I have all the resources. I talked about linked below and for free, you got iMovie,  great editor, but if you have Windows their free editor, kind of sucks. It really does. They took away Windows Movie Maker at least they did in Windows 10 and they have like the photos app you can edit with besides that. You do have open shot dotorg. I'm not really a fan. That's what I used in the free  YouTube course, but I just Lee, don't like it for paid ones. If you can't afford it. If not, I would suggest seriously upgrading to a paid one as soon as possible. The two ones. I  really do. Think are the best is wondershare, filmora and Camtasia.  Okay, you can get free trials of both of them Linked In the description below. 

I personally did that when I first started, I got a free trial of both of them. I ended up using Camtasia.  It just worked easiest for me. And because I think Camtasia is the best. That's what I'm going to use for this example, okay? In choose what you want, totally fine, but the first step is opening up Camtasia or getting a free trial, obviously and all these editors basically work the same. The first step is obviously bringing the content into here. So you just hit this little plus button right here, import media, and then we're going to go to our nature file right here, and I'm going select everything and just hit open. Now, our media bin right here has all of our content right there. So videos and audio, so the next step is putting these on to our Timeline right here at these tracks. Okay. So what we're going to do is we're just going to put them on here. And literally all you want to do is you want to make sure they're like all the way at the beginning and then all the way next to each other, right? You wouldn't want to have any space in between like that. Okay, and the most common thing you do while editing, probably not as much with this strategy, but for most videos, is you  go somewhere where you want to cut something off and then you can either click the letter s or you  Go here to split, right? I just use S and then you delete it, right? And then you just drag it over. Okay, that's literally all editing is seriously, it's that simple. And then we're going to put the audio here. And now this is the important part. Okay, as you can see at the end here, it fades out. So what you're going to want to do is you're going to want to slice it right here where it fades out. Actually, let's go a little further back, like, right here and then cut that off. Okay, so we're going to back. Backspace to delete it. And then what we're going to do is we're going copy this so ctrlc.  Make sure our playhead right here. This line. Is that the end? Okay, and then what you're going to do is control V to paste it. Okay. Now you can see we have two audio clips, but we're not going to do it like that. We're going to put it like try and line it up. Somewhat, like right there. You see those wave files. The audio is like pretty much the same level. So do it, something like that. Again, okay, delete this side and then drag it up. So now what you can see is it's not going to fade out at the end. All right, and you can listen to it. Make sure it looks good. But basically it will probably sound pretty close to  decent, right? We'll listen. 

 Wow, that was amazing. I had no idea what's gonna be that good. That was crazy. Okay. So now you can see if we go back to these channels right here. Soothing relaxation. If we go to sort by, and most popular, you can see their most popular video is three hours long, three hours, three hours. So as you can see three hours is proven. Okay, so that's what we're going to do and it's really this simple, check this out. You would probably want more. The old files. But again, this is just an example. So, what we're going to do, I selected it all like that. Again, control C, but you want to make sure you move this to the start. Okay, and then zoom in. Make sure it's at the  star or will the end of that and then control V. Okay. So you see now did it again? And then what you're going to want to do is you're going to want to do this again? Copy it all zoom in. Make sure it's all the way at the end. Taste it. Okay. Zoom out some and Then we're going to  let's just copy the whole thing. And then we're going to go to the end here. Zoom in again. I think you get the idea and then I'm going to paste it. Okay. Now what we're going to do is we're going to  go to the end of the audio here and then we're going to slice right here. Okay, slice, the end of the video where the audio ends and then delete all this stuff. Okay, and also before we go any further, I should mention that, if you didn't check the size of the videos that you bring in, make sure you go to I'll project settings and put it to 1920  by 1080. Okay. So for example, if it wasn't on that and I had to change it then your videos would look like this and then all you have to do is do like this and then stretch it to the fullsize. OK, its really simple. Either way. It's fine. But just make sure you do that. Now the next step you wouldn't want to copy all these  audios. You just want to copy this one and then let's do it like that. Copy that and paste it, but then you can see. If we zoom in you can see this one's a bit longer. Okay. So what we're going to do is we're just going to drag that right there. And then you're going to put these right here next to it. Make sure it's all the way next to it and then a quick little hacks. So we don't have to do that every time. You can just double click right here and you can see how it's longer. You just split that. Okay. So now it's lined up and then what you can do is you can select all of this, copy it, paste it. Grabbing all that selecting it copying it and then pasting it. So we're at like 35 minutes and you would just continue. And do that. Tell three hours. It would happen in like, 2 or  3 more copy and pastes very simple. Now, the next step, if you want, what you can do is you can go to the end of the video. So we  go right here and then rather then the video just ending abruptly. What you can do is you can go to audio effects right here. And grab Fade Out and drag it onto the audio. Now, it's going to like fade out, right, pretty nice, but the video stays on. So check this out. You go to Transitions here, Faith through black and then you could just grab it and drag it a little bit like that. So let's let's test this out.  That's pretty nice.   

So that's what I would do at the end of the video, not required and something else we can do is we could put some Text on here and then we could say, click the link below for this thing and I'll show you that soon. That's how we're going to make even more money. Okay, so stick with me, but before we do that, make sure you Your file. Okay. So you just save it and then name it whatever you want to name. It could just say YouTube  video one, or you could name it the title of the video, whatever. And then you want to export it. Okay. What I suggest doing, you see, I have custom production YouTube  video preset. So what I would do is I would add /, edit presets.  Okay, then you would go   to knew you would call it YouTube video preset or whatever. Make sure it's on MP4,  smart player. Hit next. Go to size unclick and then just go to 1920  by  1080 and then you could also click use editing Dimensions. So in the future, you won't have to change this or anything like that and then hit next and then hit finish right here and it will export. And then after you've done that, you just go to export and then it's just one button after that every time. But now the most important part, like I said, making money and what's crazy is most people when they're starting YouTube me included. They think that you can only make money through Ads on YouTube. I almost didn't start YouTube because of that, but that's when I discovered something called affiliate marketing, and then that's just where you promote someone else's product, and then they deal with the customer support. The order fulfillment. If there is any the refunds chargebacks Payment Processing, all that stuff, they deal with it. And then when someone purchases through your affiliate link, which is just a special link that you get, you get a commission and you don't have to do any of the hard work. It's literally the Most simple way to make money on YouTube.  The hard part is finding a good affiliate program. But I've already done that for you and the affiliate program I'm talking about can be used in almost any country India and the Philippines include it and this specific program is on an affiliate Network called ClickBank  and it's completely free to use and there's just a ton of different affiliate programs on there. Now not all of them are good by any means, but I found one that not only is perfect for this type of Channel and these types. The videos but it's selling like hotcakes. And after you create your free account, you're just go to market place and then you can search in sacred sound healing system. Okay, so it's right here as you can see there. Gravity is eighty six point nine eight. That's insanely high 

and it's a brandnew 2020 offer 43 .32    average sale and they even have re bills which means that's recurring passive income. And before I show you how to promote. This'll, just take a couple seconds. Let me do. Some quick math. Let's just say you got a million views in a month, which is pretty low for these types of channels. But let's just say a million. Most of these channels are going to make anywhere between one to three dollars per  thousand views. So let's divide 1 million views divided by 1000  because that's how much they make per thousand views times one dollar. Okay. So that's a thousand dollars in ad Revenue at the lowest per million views. Now, let's use those same million views. Okay, and then let's Plug it in with this product. Alright, so the average conversion rate, which just means the average amount of people who are going to purchase around 5 to 10%  and it can be much higher. 

It could even maybe be lower, but obviously not all of the million people are going to click the link in the description. So let's say  10% click. So we're going to times a million by 10%. So .10,  that's 100,000 people are going to click the link. All right. So like I said, five to ten percent of those are going to purchase, but let's just call it. 1%. All it  Okay. Let's say 1%, .01,   purchase. That's 1,000. People are going  to purchase the average sale is $43.  Okay. So let's times that by 43,  that's forty three thousand dollars. Just from a million views just from one program and that's not counting and average rebill, which you're going to make passively on top of this. And that's with a one percent conversion rate. Okay, let's times it. Five for a 5% 215,000, you can see how you can make a lot of money really fast with affiliate marketing. Okay. So I just wanted to explain that  you can kind of understand how powerful this is. So now most newbies would just tell you to hit promote and grab your affiliate link generate hop link right here. Here's your affiliate link. That's what newbies do pros. And what I'm going to show you is going to their affiliate page right here, and then you can read about it if you want, but you can just enter your name here or hit. I've already registered now. check this out. Not only do they give you a bunch of other affiliate links here. But if you go to interest / keywords and then go to keyword search engine Okay, click here. Now what you have is a ton of keywords to give you video ideas to put in your title and your YouTube channel, and that's going to bring people who are specifically interested in this product. All right. So what you would do here is you would enter in your username   and then for the tracking ID, if you plan on using In other platforms, you could just call this one YouTube. So it's just for YouTube hit, create my links. And what that does is it adds it here. So this is the highest converting one. So we're just going take that copy it. This affiliate link, we have is not pretty. So I suggest going to a free tool called bitly. 

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