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Make money online watching videos
05 noiembrie 2021

Make money with autosurf.The 10 Best auto traffic Exchange  




Are you interested in autosurf or automatically traffic exchange sites? Can find here the top auto surf

Do you want to discover the best traffic exchange networks to increase your audience and therefore your sales? You are in the right place.

If you want to exchange traffic faster, you can access our site with a list of "manual traffic exchange" sites and use the semi-automatic traffic exchange system by opening 10 or more sites in different windows and clicking on the line at each will save time and many views about 2000 per hour. You can use one at a time for multiple unique display results. The first ten per session and later ten other session pages. You can make money even if you don't have a website. You can insert a promotional link on these pages and earn money. Details can be found at

It's available and legit to make money with autosurf too. Many automatically traffic exchange can find here.

10-20000 visitors per day. Make money with dizee



Traffic Exchange:

The purpose of traffic exchange sites is to provide internet marketers with a platform to get webmasters to register on traffic exchange sites. Anyone who registers their own sites should visit other sites to increase the number of visits. Users can create their own referral network to increase referral credits through traffic exchange programs.

Direct trading methods with other websites are preferred by many marketers, which means they can place their ads directly on other people's websites so that the owners are in full control of their strategies. 


People submit their forms to the webmaster and become part of the exchange program, and then they have to visit other sites that allow others to see the sites.


There must be a balance between earned and paid views, usually 1: 1. This ratio is known as the ratio reported on traffic exchange sites.

Advantages of traffic exchange programs:

These are the main advantages of using traffic exchange software.

 Free Traffic:

Most of these traffic exchange sites are free, which means that if your budget is limited or has no budget, you can still trade without spending any money on advertising. But in order to get premium subscriptions, they ask you to buy their plans.


Fast traffic:

yes, that's right! Traffic exchange programs will dramatically increase your website audience within hours and days. Traffic Exchange is increasing traffic at an incredible rate compared to articles and other marketing techniques.

Targeted traffic:

 Traffic Exchange makes certain target groups available to you, especially if your product is relevant for internet marketing, interested people choose your sites.

Disadvantages of traffic exchanges:

Since everything has advantages and disadvantages, traffic exchange also has its disadvantages.

The bounce rate is used to check search engine rankings using traffic exchange services. If the rejection rate is low, visitors will not find anything interesting in the content of a website.

It's a very small network to convert, so proper testing is required to get the best results.

The use of traffic on websites is not permitted.

There are no new features for purchasing products.

Numerous spam backlinks through traffic exchange sites.

Types of transport switches:

There are basically two types of transport switches, viz


Autosurf or Auto Traffic Exchange and Manual Traffic Exchange

 Autosurf uses a robot that is made up of software installed on your computer that is used for you. This software allows you to earn credits while doing other tasks in the background. In other words, you get something without doing anything. That saves a couple of dollars.

Manual Traffic Exchange -

Almost everyone prefers manual traffic for fear of robots who typically generate fake traffic and do not have the ability to convert, subscribe, or click on ads. Even manual traffic exchanges that restrict access to robots often use captcha verification to verify that the navigation is being performed by a robot or a real human. It's a convenient and reliable way.


Let's take a look at some of the best traffic sharing platforms.

Best Traffic Exchange Sites 2021:

10KHits - Free Traffic Exchange.

1 Earn credits that will later be used to attract visitors to your website. Unlike other websites, you must first download and install software called Hitleap Viewer which will help users visit other websites and bring visitors back to your websites.


If you don't want to waste your time surfing, there is an opportunity to buy traffic for your site, this is the fastest way to get traffic to your site and get people to that page.

When someone who subscribes to your link buys traffic or improves membership, you will earn up to 25%. You can withdraw your funds through PayPal, but only if your balance is at least5

$User can withdraw payment between 1 and 72 hours. Rotator. A single pop-up window is allowed for manual and automatic navigation.


FeelingSurf - Top Traffic Exchange:

Allows you to navigate from several locations at the same time. This page has one page with a modern interface.

The surfing time for each visitor to this site is around 10 to 60 seconds. This allows you to choose the maximum credits you want to assign to a website per hour or per day. This site will bring you unique visitors within 24 hours or days, eliminating returning visitors. It also offers pay-per-click, which means members can make money by clicking ads.

5. eBesucher: the best traffic exchange network.

eBesucher is an automated email navigation and exchange program that pays its users to browse websites, read emails, and recommend others. They claim that this method can provide users with passive income if they put in little effort.

They are paid by various companies and then pay their users to visit their customers' corporate websites. Owners create new names for the Browse Now buttons by clicking this button. A new browser tab will open that will track all of the websites you have visited.

This new surveillance card simplifies programs. The collected points can be exchanged for cash every month. You can earn up to $ 100. In addition, it also offers the possibility of referral programs that can further increase your income. You get 8% for direct referrals and 5% for indirect referrals.

6. EasyHits4u - The Best Traffic Exchange Program -exchange programs

This site is among the top ten manual trafficon the lake. This site offers unlimited income. Even allow more visitors to connect with yours. For every visit that a visitor receives on your link, around 1000 visitors can visit your website daily, the number of visitors can vary.

You can also earn additional income through your referral program. Overall, it is a reliable platform for exchanging traffic.

7. StartXchange - Traffic Exchange Service:

StartXchange is also included in the most important traffic exchange sites. These websites offer three types of subscription.

Free subscription when all are free but you need to visit at least three websites to get a visitor. They allow users to post just five banners and ten websites.

Gold membership gives your member a 30% referral fee if your referral buys traffic to these websites. Every month you will receive a bonus of 250 credits and 20 banner impressions.

8. Legacy Hits - Traffic Exchange Tool:

Offers its users the following services: -

Pay per click: means that every time you click the website, you will get money for clicking ads on websites if you win. Income generally varies from place to place and depends on the type of work.

Traffic-Exchange: With this you can change your traffic with other website owners, buy traffic-exchange visitors with credit purchase and save valuable time. You just need good planning to attract visitors to your website.

Revenue Distribution Site - This site offers you the opportunity to invest which can truly fulfill your dream of making more than you invest. Not only can you earn more, but you can also earn instant advertising credits to promote your website or other referral links. By investing in traffic, you can split your income.

Affiliate Sales - When you send someone to this site, you get a commission from the site that distributes each referral.

9. Tezak Traffic Power - Best Traffic Exchange:

Tezak is another manual traffic exchange site, similar to other top traffic exchange sites, with different graphics and promotions that as a free member you can post three sites at the same time .

They make it easy to click your ad and view it the way you want, although their tool pages aren't much better than other websites. The main advantage of this site is that the timer is a bit faster than other sites.

Bonus packages are very simple, if you click on three pictures you will receive a bonus. Like other websites, they can convert your credits into site views, text links, banners, and credit views, and the fees are higher here. There are fewer pages to navigate to earn credits.


This article describes everything about traffic exchange sites. These websites are very useful for promoting your business by generating traffic to your websites, and for good results we need to weigh the shortcomings and the advantages.

Since everything has its advantages and disadvantages, in order to avoid future disadvantages and to stay on the safe side, it is worth preparing the ground before entering the exchange networks. The bots also need to be filtered to ensure manual monitoring and ultimately opt for quality hosting.

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