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There are 35 Million Amazon Product Listings. Make yours stand out with Artificial Intelligence.
27 ianuarie 2021

Make money with Google Drive

  I want you to understand that you can make money online and this is a very simple way to start making money. why so you can travel the world so you can leave your job so you can bless your parents and so you can understand that making money online is easier as long as you follow the instructions here so here we go first step is this it's very simple right easy all you need to do is go to a site by the name of write that down please i'm talking to you bighead write that down i'm gonna show you how to make a ton of money. listen you don't have to buy anything you have to spend a dime with this website this is a technique that many people use but unfortunately the internet newbies like you don't know how to do this go to now listen is nothing but a tool and a website that helps brand new amazon people make money online listen you don't have to credit amazon product you don't have to create an amazon store but i'm going to show you something that's going to blow your mind so as you can see here these people here people are making a ton of money using this product just to promote amazon stuff right but listen you're not going to do that today i'm going to show you something back door and people are paying like 500 dollars per month like that's crazy right for this stuff so i'm going to show you how you're spending no money you're a complete newbie maybe you're sitting on your bed sitting in your chair now maybe you're listening to me very closely right now and i'm gonna show you how to make a couple thousand dollars right it's gonna this is so this is people are going to hate me on this video but listen up so what you want to do is this you want to scroll down to the bottom and click on the word affiliates okay boom boom bam right and understand this is what i love about these people because they're going to pay you 100 when you basically someone click that affiliate link and the sale is made you're going to make 100 of that so if somebody's paying 500 bucks a month you're going to make 500 bucks and it's just that easy right imagine doing two sales every single day just sharing that link and i'm going to show you a bad door way to do this right because i don't want you to be spammy and taking a an affiliate link and posting it all over over the internet that's stupid you don't want to do that you want to be smart about it right this is what the big guys do listen if you got two sales every single day 30 000 a month like what would you do with that comment below like we're talking about making money online how to make money online so this is all you have to do it's very simple click on the button that says get affiliate link click right boom then you need to create an account it's very simple here you can put in any email address that you want i'm gonna put in a fake one right this is fake guys so don't email me here okay but you can always smash the like let's get it all right listen so i hit the next button okay now understand this we don't we're not paying anything we're not going to pay a dime right so all you need to do is go up here and click on account okay make sense click on the word affiliates and if you look here this is your affiliate link see this is back door you know what the average guy and the average girl they're paying for it but you don't have to pay for it to get the affiliate link smash the like button since i gave you those jewels right you don't have to pay for anything okay so listen now from this step on i'm gonna go very slow because it's many steps and you have to follow through to the very end if you ever want to make money online with this technique because i know you want to make money online today not tomorrow but today and if you do this right i promise you i can virtually guarantee that you're going to make money on line okay so check it out now what you want to do is this go to a site by the name of . understand this now don't move too fast this is how to make money online quickly we're talking about thousands of dollars per day sitting down in your bed butt naked doing nothing that's what i do every single day listen plr this site here you can get free ebooks for free and you can use them for whatever right it's free look check it out addictions advertising affiliate marketing business clickbank communication so anything you can think of you can download it for free right and you can use this information if you want to for yourself you can give it to people but i'm going to show you specifically what you need to download right now from this site so you can start making a couple of thousand dollars as soon as tonight is that cool all right look click on the word amazon all right so what we're going to do for this video we're going to click on amazon bestseller genie click on it boom boom boom right and all you want to do is let's x out of that real quickly here scroll down to the bottom and all you got to do is click on this blue button right i'm gonna do it with you like do it with me comment below please let me know where you are where you calling from and yes for all you people that are not in america this is worldwide smash the like button let us go this is worldwide that means you can do this big head all right now look so i just downloaded that so i'm gonna check below okay it's there great now the next thing you need to do is go to a site called okay you see that pdf all right because what you're going to do is that pdf that you just downloaded to your laptop you're going to go here choose file okay here's the file on my laptop right here okay and i'm gonna upload it here okay give it a second boom bada bing bada bing right now look at that i have the best amazon seller genie program sitting on my laptop now it's ready for me to edit now guess what the thing about this is many people that are trying to make money on amazon it's a lot of those people okay there's millions of people that are trying to make money maybe one to three percent are actually making money so what you're going to do is you're going to take this free ebook that you didn't create smash the like button you're going to take this free ebook and all you're going to do is add your affiliate link like this check it out so i'm going to go to this page right here okay are you guys with me all right see this right here draw a little box like this and then in text you're gonna put the best amazon tool to make a ton of money online as soon as tonight you can put that right see that's how either it was and then what you want to do is you want to make it stand out right this is easy right this this takes no skill all you need to do is follow to the very end to this video here right here we're going to make this how about we bold it a bit let's make it stand out it's underlined as well okay and then as you can see here it looks nice right it looks cool but the next thing we got to do is what we have to use our affiliate link so we're going to go back to spitly here okay we're going to copy that because remember every time they click on it and a cell is made right now to make money online using this tool that like a lot of really good people are using this tool you're gonna make 500 bucks like on autopilot right so we're gonna go back here and we're gonna copy and paste that or we're gonna mouse over that right click the word that says link okay are you with me give it a second give it a second give it a second give it a second right then you just put the link there boom okay and listen you you basically you just do that to different pages here okay look you do that to different pages here so you want to link that text just by mouse and over and as long as you link it like that here okay boom and you can do it to the other pages as well look what you want to do is you want to flood that text right here that i just created for you and you want to put it all through the book why because i'm gonna show you how you're gonna make a ton of money okay we're gonna create listen we didn't create the book we downloaded the book for free right did you spend any money no exactly you uploaded to the book to pdf escape and now you're going to alter the book and change it and add your affiliate link to the book how easy is that like smash the like button right now you might get paid do you understand that let's go listen check it out let me calm down because i'm excited for you look you do it again okay if you got this go ahead and smash the like button say where i got it go to the next step look the i'll put it the fastest way to make money with amazon using using this unusual tool right done deal right then what do we do we click the link button right we mouse over like this we add the link right this boom boom boom it's done then once you're done what is the next thing that you do well you got it you got to save it okay you save it and all you do is you just save it to your computer this book right here you save it to your computer are you with me so far just save this to your computer and you're done okay then what you want to do is this because you may say well okay wesley so let's say that i saved it to my computer and it's right here right here's the book here it's already saved to my computer so now what's next you may say well whistle how do i make the money understand this this ebook that you just saved to your computer what you're going to do is you need to add it to your google drive remember we send a thousand dollars per day potentially that you're going to make so you go to google it's free by the way it's free just type in this opens up we go to new right i can do a folder upload like this and i can find it or you know what i'm just going to do a follow-up load file upload here and here it is amazon bestseller now remember this needs to be the ebook that you put together and added your links okay you click on it you're going to upload it boom it's done you see it's right here here's the ebook right here this is your book that you're going to give to people and they're going to pay you a ton of money to do that pay attention look that's the book so now what you're going to do you need to go ahead and go down a bit and you need to find that book so i'm going to find it where is it at where art our book let's see let's see amazon amazon locate it for me thank you you want to right click on the book you need to put share okay or get linked it's important here are you with me smash the like button if you're with me right now okay we're talking about making money online tonight if you do this correctly properly right now and listen you can always rewind the video if i'm moving too fast i'm sorry i love you but just pause the video if i'm moving too fast for you okay then here you want to click on anyone with the link can basically view it okay that's important you copy the link hit done okay are you done you see that amazing now what's the next thing you got to do let's see that's the crazy look look check this out so imagine basically going here to this website and having people even if you got one person to take their book and click on that link at 500 a day right that's insane you're not doing any work now the question is well okay wesley how do i get traffic super easy listen when i show you this not only are you going to comment below i love you wes you're going to smash the like button you're going to sub to the channel and you're going to come to miami right now and we're going to go party tonight okay when you make your first dollar reach out to me and say wesley this really worked because it does and you really can make money on line check it out this is all you do you go to facebook hello right easy go to and type in amazon here okay amazon amazon all right and what amazon is going to do is it's going to give you groups okay it's going to give you groups oh let me go back here let's do this again let's go to groups here okay search groups type in amazon easy why because amazon already have all the people that you need to give this free ebook to you're not going to sell them you're not going to give them your affiliate link you're going to say hey check out this book if you're trying to make money online there's a cool tool it's a free pdf book and it helps you make money probably very quickly if you take action okay so look amazon amazon amazon wishlist you see that i would join all these groups all these groups you want to join that's 165 000 people and the great thing about this technique is you're not being spammy and giving them your affiliate you're giving them value that's how you make money online fast so look deal of the day amazon bargains here join that group how hard was that amazon amazon close amazon how about this type in amazon fba those are people that's trying to make money online look at that amazon fba private label sellers amazon fba sellers no gurus allowed that's you you're not a guru you're just a young person that's trying to make some money online right and you got your boy wes and i'm helping you here okay you feel like just stupid things like blah blah blah blah blah whatever submit it because you want them to add you to the freaking group now listen that's 51 000 people once you get in that group all you do is say hey i'm new to the group listen this is important hey i'm new to the group and i want to give some value before i ask for anything here's a ebook that i created that teaches new people how to start making money on amazon do you know how many people are going to click that listen when you get in the group okay all you do is take that link that you just copied here okay you copy that link you paste it right in the group okay does that make sense you say hey check it out it's a free link you can paste it right there on facebook or you can go to a site by the name of so you can shorten the url okay see look at that copy and go back to facebook make sure you join all the groups right and that's so easy to do how many of you can do that you just you join all the amazon groups of people that are trying to make money on amazon i just have to make money amazon look at that look how many groups here look how many people that are willing to click on your link and they're gonna buy because you gave them value first and once they open up your book right for example right here boom i create a post i want to intro myself i am a newbie but i want to give value first you know something like that and just put your put the book say hey here is a free ebook to learn how to become a bestseller i mean now i know people that do this every single day 14 year olds 88 year olds old people young people anybody can do this hey guys if i gave you massive value go ahead and smash the like button right now you can just put much love with so much love whoever your name is or much love big hit cause you probably got a big head i'm not sure and they click on that and they're gonna see the ebook right see this link right here it's gonna open up to this right here boom boom boom right they're gonna see the ebook but they're gonna see your links does that make sense and then you're gonna start to get paid how many of you right now comment below can do that right now how many of you believe i gave massive value so you're willing to smash the like button right now if you think i deserve a sub thank you so much i'm going to always create more videos for you every single day it's all about you but remember this before i let you go in life you don't get what you want you get what you picture motivated dedicated let's go

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