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27 aprilie 2021

One country vaccinated its nation in  just 2 weeks.

 Impressive. There is a country that has vaccinated almost all of them. Currently, one country has only one Kovid-19 vaccine, but attaches great importance to the virus so that it can be vaccinated in most countries within two weeks. Crazy someone is talking about this news. So big that several states reached a few seconds and covered the waves. India, where 350,000 people die every day, is the largest in Brazil. People are worried that the quad will be stronger than before. You need to know what happens if you and all your neighbors do not get the vaccine again and do not wear party masks. The countries that receive the fastest vaccination are coming soon. Give us all these answers. Why didn't you hear anything about the success of this earth? This is because we live in a world that cares about a wonderful country. We in the United States are very concerned about the United Kingdom or France, so we will not stop finding out about this country, which statistically observes everything, for two weeks. The country with the fastest vaccination program in the world. Bhutan( the first person vaccinated in this country),"I call on everyone to get the best vaccinations to save the country and protect themselves." I like the performance of this small country, in which many rich countries have participated. None of them are approaching the two-week rate, as over 90% of them meet. People received the first dose of vaccine. Well, how do I do it now? Many of its bites have led to political rhetoric and clashes, but Bhutan has become the fastest vaccine, and these are the people. Because everyone is different, everyone is in poor health and thousands have opted for volunteer and support services. So our son will be vaccinated today. Yes, brethren, we are very confident, many beautiful people have not complained, they do not doubt science, they have not protested that they all work together and now they are on the right path in life. Now, most of us can't wait. I look at this scary diagram, which shows that the Kovid version is stronger than ever. In hospitals with space and oxygen, the infection is more contagious, because it has been trying to bring us back to normal for over a year. I really hope that people can share this , so that we can get together and learn from Bhutan at a slow speed. There is no element of cohesive disease that can be cured. the country. He did not always talk about the lack of unity between the big countries, but he showed the world an example of a country that can quickly vaccinate a country. Explain that Bhutan is the voice of all other low-value countries. You will never make money because of their incredible income. By heating the startup program, we mean that we have to fight the virus, not just each other. When we all understand this, we can return to normal life by participating in travel parties, normal economic life, and finally discussing the virus. learn from Bhutan.

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