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06 iunie 2022

Passive income scam

     Ways of passive income. And for each of them, I'll talk about how hard it is to get started, how hard it is to make a hundred dollars a month, and how hard it is to keep it. 

Passive earnings for you

Because they created the thing primarily for me and my business, these nine different sources now generate about $ 27,000 a week with varying degrees of inactivity. It took me eight years to build. So do not expect to get such numbers in the first few days. But this is a video I would like to see when I started my financial career. independence, travel. Many years ago, let's go. Passive income are scam or not? So when I say passive income, I always quote it because passive income really does not exist. Money must be earned anyway without doing anything. But when I say residual income, I mean money that is not directly related to our time. Let's say you're writing a book. When you write a book, you publish a book and that book is on the shelves now. You did the work you wanted to write and published the book. But Know Anytime is a bookseller who makes money with royalties, which is passive income. You can literally make money while you sleep because it's wonderful to generate income for you with this thing that exists in the world. Another thing with passive income is that they always need a lot of time to get started, look at what they pretend to be me, say, my God, here is how to quickly get rich with WhatsApp crypto. This number is a complete scam. It will not work, there is no way to get rich quick. So if you are looking for a fast and filling diet these things do not exist. So you can not even try. And by far 

, it seems to me that money is ultimately just an asset. Sharing values. The only way to make money is to provide value. And the only way to turn passive money into passive income is to provide value that is not directly related to our time. So please, do not try to join the program to get rich quick. Does not exist. I have received many messages over the years. From people trying to join the fast crypto system or angry erichs game system. Hi, this is how you play poker online. None of these things ever work, people always lose money. The only way to make money is to provide value. And Soletta Gnome in nine different ways you can add value. I wanted to dive in front of us, I want to tell you this, I just introduced you to my brand new course on sharing productive skills for creators on how to run a successful website. Hustle. This is the link to the description of the LinkedIn video that donated this video. I'll tell you more about sharing skills later, but

I want to join my class because I really like it. People love it and it helps you get tips on how to start spending your free time. Anyway, let's go to the video. Good. So let's start investing in stocks and shares. And in this context, we create value by giving ourselves money, making money available and investing in employment. It is in a way that gives it some kind of value. So when we give money to a company in the form of buying its shares, it makes sense to get some kind of return on that investment. And let's start with that, investing in stocks is the easiest way to generate some form of passive income. If you have a savings account and you are in a savings account and earn 0.01 uh percent in interest, they do not do you much good. Passive income can be generated from money. It 

's different, you're sitting there. now. I have the whole video call The Ultimate Guide to Investing in Stocks and Stocks for who knows what is related somewhere? So this is a good half hour, a long introduction to stocks and exactly how they work. This Yes what I recommend to most beginners as a financial advisor and dissertation is not financial advice, just for fun. Also, people say, or at least what I do is that all my money in stocks is in index funds. Name The index is much like the S&P 500. And if you invest, say, a thousand dollars in the S&P 500, it basically means that your thousand dollars are distributed among the top 500 companies. in the ice. Well, you know, the weight of their length. So you know, 2% of it would be Apple, 2% Facebook, 2% Google+ and 2% Microsoft. And then you probably would not have heard of the 500 companies

on the list. But basically every major US company I've heard of invests gradually. So if you want to get started, you just need to register with a broker. If you remember, you can use Weebl.uh. I think I have a link in the description. Basically, if you are in the UK, you can use a free store or Vanguard, no matter what country you are in. Just google the term best broker platform in your country and you will find something that suits you, and then it is very easy to invest in an index fund. So, on our famous website, Bustle Ratings, if, we will fight together for a star rating, one in five. It is very, very easy to start with stocks. How hard is it to make a hundred dollars a month by investing in stocks? Well, it depends, because it also depends on the development of the stock vacuum in the last 12 months since 

2021. The uhD S&P 500 index has actually risen by about 50%. That means the place. Despite Covid19, it is stable at 50%. And All That Happens Thirst April 2000 invested two thousand three hundred dollars in the S&P 500. The fact that it increased by fifty percent means that you earned one hundred dollars a month, but that's obviously not the right approach, because you know things are they can go up and down, and the stock market has different levels of performance depending on the time period you are looking at. But if we look at the average over the last 30 to 50 years, His Hadas S&P 500 will give about 10 points, which is about a percentage of the return. This means that each year on average is over a longer period of time. It increases by about 10%. Not indexed by inflation, The Economist Among Us. Android performs Back Envelope calculations. $ 100 per month passively through the shares 

we want to earn. You should invest about $ 12,000 in S&P. 500 cars cost 10 percent at $ 1,200 or a hundred dollars a month. However, it says that we have a composition from this inventory data over time. So if you put seven thousand five hundred dollars in the S&P 500 and leave it five years, and five years later, you will earn about $ 100 a month. If we have the very average figure of 10% per year, or if you have five thousand dollars invested in the S&P 500, uh, that's 10 years later. Revenue $ 100 per month, again a purely passive income if one assumes an average of 10%. So in general, how hard is it really to earn a hundred dollars a month in passive income from stocks and shares? Well, it depends on how difficult it is to earn five thousand dollars. Save seven thousand five hundred and twelve thousand dollars and put them on 

stock indices, and that's very important, it's money you do not have to touch for at least the next five to ten years. So how easy it is to talk about income depends on what country you are in, your living conditions and your job. Belle, you're in VKOR USA, where the average salary is around $ 50,000, so it can still go down a bit depending on the situation. It's not that hard to get ten thousand dollars in savings. Of course, if you support a family of 15 members with fifty thousand dollars, it's different. If you're single again, it's different, but I give him about 3 stars out of 5 to get $ 100 a month. .If you live in a country like India where the average salary is $ 3600 per year. It is very, very difficult to save a total of ten thousand dollars. And finally, the third category in 

The Print Breakup Score Matrix shows how difficult it is to keep that income once you have set it, and we will give it a five star because once you get the money and it's easy to set and forget. And it's not that hard to maintain. There are other sources of passive income that eventually require a higher level of maintenance, but stocks and shares are a very, very simple way to generate passive income and he is my personal example today. Here is my portfolio of stocks and shares that we have invested in since 2015. About three are worth one hundred and fifty thousand dollars and most of them are in the index fund S&P 500. Now I can not bother to draw real inflation-adjusted returns for it. But again, if we are very, very rude to you. On average 10% per year. Then it is on average about 682 $ per week in passive net income. ok, idea number two, for passive generation. The goal is to establish a YouTube channel. This is something I will specialize in because 

here on YouTube I teach a course called YouTuber Academy Link, part time in a video description where I teach people how to do. So let's use the page, print the estimate, the matrix and we'll get to it. Is it difficult to start a YouTube channel? Well, I'll give this one a star out of five because it's actually very, very easy to create a YouTube channel. Just go to You click on the channel. And you can download the video, but only phone recording and download are real. This is very difficult to do. Great video and clear. A good video shows how to grow on youtube, running ubu youtube is very very very simple. The real question is, how hard is it to make real money on YouTube? Let's say again that you want to earn $ 100 a month in passive income. How does it look? First, that you are eligible for revenue generation on YouTube. You need 1000 subscribers 

and 4000 hours of viewing. It took me six months and 52 videos to get the first 1,000 subscribers. And if we look at the averages, it's quite difficult to subscribe to an average of 90 out of 1000 videos. If you believe that, start a YouTube channel and start making money from day one. You know this is not going to happen. It took me 52 videos, six months, to get there. So people send me messages saying I want to talk to you like you have to work hard and it takes a long time to do it at least once a week, I say you can expect anything for it for at least two years then. But let's say you've reached 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewing. How hard is it to make a hundred dollars a month? Well, on average, the type of revenue per thousand views of YouTuber is around two dollars. So it differs markedly. But let's say on average 

about two dollars per thousand views. So if you want to earn $ 100 a month, you need 50,000 views on YouTube to earn $ 100 a month. Let's say you record a video a week and do not get traffic to your old videos. This means that each video you create should receive approximately 12,500 views, and roughly speaking, the average YouTube channel can expect approximately 20% of its subscribers to be uneven, which is the average viewing area for each video. Soon, when you have about 62,000 subscribers, YouTube will be a lot. eh eh average bus, you can expect 20% of them. or you are twelve thousand five hundred views of each video, and provided you do not have long-term evergreen content, you would need about 60,000 subscribers to earn a hundred dollars a month. Actually. They earn a lot of $ 100 a month, 60,000 subscribers. I think I made a hundred dollars a month when I had ten thousand subscribers. Since it is too early to evaluate, 

is this difficult to do? I give this magazine 4 out of 5 stars. In fact, it is very difficult to create a compelling video on YouTube and it is very easy to get started with, but it is difficult to achieve. Well, definitely worth it. This is an amazing ability. It's really fun. You meet people all over the internet, on youtube, to learn to talk to the camera and how to record and edit video, it's really amazing. But it is very difficult to make real money on YouTube. After all, when it comes to trying to keep the love of the 1,000 best subscribers, it's much harder than keeping the growth. Because once you reach 1000 subscribers and your channel grows, it means that you have landed on a formula that works and is easier to nurture than to start from the beginning. In addition to our page pressure assessment matrix, we will have a YouTube channel. Passive income refers to two five-star properties. Only. I recorded 70 videos before I 

started making money with YouTube AdSense and nowadays a YouTube channel earns about $ 12,000 a month. AdSense Passive Income on YouTube. Again, this is not entirely passive as I am constantly uploading new videos, but in fact most of the money we make comes from ads from older videos and not the video that is with what was uploaded this month. So with that reserve of $ 12,000 a month, the passive income is about $ 3,000 a week. Thanks for this YouTube channel and thank you for supporting it. And all that. There are other ways to make money on YouTube, e.g. B. Trademark and sale of assets. In this second thing. But it does not really count as passive income via YouTube, hm, so I do not add it in Teesside, Hustle Assessment, Matrix Idea, number three, to generate passive income, Stream Pods are generally easier to start a YouTube Channel, even If building podcasts is much more difficult than building a YouTube channel because podcasts themselves do not have the right

algorithm, it will help them grow. In fact, many podcasts support a YouTube channel, which is quite strange, right? So how hard is it to start a podcast? Well, one more of the five stars. It's very, very easy to start a podcast, Grounded Goon or FM and you can literally use your hand, you can send your phone between you and your friends and you can start a podcast. The site I recently invested in, called Riverside Dot FM, for Investor Riverside, makes it extremely easy to record podcast interviews remotely. It's very, very easy to start a podcast. But how hard is it to earn a hundred dollars a month with a passive income with a podcast? Again. It's not about pure passive income, because podcasters make money relying on branded companies. There is no YouTube AdSense for podcasts. This is why you need sponsorship or a brand contract to monetize your podcast. In general. 

 . And obviously, you can expect to earn about $ 18 for 30 seconds on a podcast, $ 25 for a thousand views, or a thousand listens for a 60-second ad. So if you want to earn $ 100 a month and assume you have a referral stream that gives you that number of referrals based on your number of downloads, you would need about 1000 downloads per episode. So if you have a podcast every week, you have four thousand downloads a month, and if you put a 60-second ad on it, you watch it for $ 25 thousand, which will pay back about a hundred dollars a month if you have a thousand downloads per one. Sequence. Four episodes a month, which raises the question. How hard is it to get a thousand downloads a month? Well, getting 1000 podcasts a month is very difficult. Then you have 1000 YouTube views per month. Because YouTube has reintegrated so many distributions. This is another podcast. Come on, there are a lot more people on YouTube podcasts, um, but if we look at the statistics, these are 

the top 20% in the world. On average, they have over 1000 downloads per episode to use my friend. For example, My roommate Sheen started her podcast about five months ago. There will be a link to it in the description to check his metatarsal. The podcast receives approximately 400 to 500 downloads per episode. Not bad at all. Especially considering that she started five months ago and did not have an audition in the beginning. So she did not have the unfair advantage I had when I started my podcast, for example, and since she just started season 2 and just started uploading videos to YouTube, it would really help the pod grow. And I'm sure in the next six months. She's coming, she's going to get to the point where she can easily make a hundred dollars a month with her iPod streaming. Go back, fast rating, Matrix launches podcast, one in five stars earns $ 100 a month. I would give him 

three stars out of five because it's heavy but unusual. You can make money on YouTube, where there is a minimum threshold. And finally an interview. Well, it's really not a passive income because you have to keep making podcast episodes because of the big contracts attached to it. But again, once you come across a formula that works, once you know how to be a podcaster, it's easier to move on. As with most things once you get started. And that's why I'm going to give a radio interview with the stars as an example. Party and my brother recorded a podcast called Overthinking, a link in the video description. But to check this out, we learn about four hundred and twenty-five dollars a week on the global Brand Transactions podcast and membership. Good. Solidé number four for generating passive income is to become an associated marketer. Affiliate marketing involves selling products to people, but you get the percentage of sales of these products that 

48% of affiliate marketers in the world estimate to have twenty thousand dollars a year or one thousand six hundred and sixty dollars a month, which is actually not bad at all. People are generally very good at affiliate marketing. Is Soho having a hard time getting started with affiliate marketing? Even if I give it 2 stars out of 5, you can basically just join an affiliate program like Amazon Associates. So Amazon has its own affiliate program, which is probably the largest in the world. And when your child has special links, you can post them on your website on twitter or social media or whatever. And when people buy a product through your link or actually buy a product on Amazon through your link, you will like a small percentage of online sales. Getting started with affiliate marketing is easy. But how hard is it to make a hundred dollars a month? Passive income scam? Well, it's actually hard. Let's say you had a product that cost $ 50 and you tried to get it, you would get a five percent commission. Knitting is 

pretty good. Amazon does not offer as much as 5% at home, for example two or three percent, something like that. And let's say your average conversion rate. That is, people who visit a thing, unlike people who buy a product after visiting something. Let's say it's 1 percent, which is quite reasonable for the conversion rate. You need eight thousand visits to your site or something else to earn $ 100 a month. In fact, it is quite difficult to get eight thousand hits a month on your site and page with your specific product, and overall it is good to do, affiliate marketing requires a lot of effort when it comes to creating an audience or building such a domain. authority in all parts of your site. To get some organic traffic. But unlike Amazon. There are some other affiliate programs I participate in, one of which is Skillshare, which is currently sponsoring this video. I'll tell you about the reference segment later, but skillshare has an interesting affiliate program. If you refer someone to sign up for a free trial of a Knowledge Sharing trial,

you can only earn a $ 7 affiliate commission for it. So if you want to earn $ 100 a month from affiliates, you need 15 people. Sign up for Skillshare every month with your affiliate link. How difficult is it to get 15 people a month to sign up with your affiliate link? Well, it's not that hard if you have an audience, and it's not that hard. If you have your own courses, share knowledge like me, one of those I like. So if I want to make money with affiliate partners, I can just tell people. Hello people. I like it, I can tell you that. People. I've just posted my latest skills to test Creator Productivity classes and how to create a winning team. Life. So the link will be in the video description. To check, it will. I hope some of you will see it when you click on this link in the description. And that would be if I got branch revenue from Skillshare for this video. So back to our site has an array of estimates, how hard is it to make 

a hundred dollars a month? I will give this 3.5 stars because you need an audience again. And as we always say on this channel, you build an audience by creating useful content, publishing it once a week for free online for at least two years. If you just follow the 3 steps, I guarantee you will get an audience and you can make good money with this passive income. But it's pretty hard to do. No one has stuck to this for at least two years. Therefore, we give the rating 3.5 stars. But the good news is that you can create it once. And once you start making money on affiliates, it's actually pretty easy to keep yours, especially if you have evergreen content, a sword that does not rely on online news, all the latest news, ones that people with menstruation can look for. I will like the relatively adequate residual income. If you look at me and my company, today we earn about $ 

11,000 in branch revenue per month by sharing knowledge, or about $ 2,750 per week. And on average from Amazon, about $ 450 a month from Amazon stores and a few more from the US and Canada. Okay, method number five for earning passive income by selling digital products. Well, these are products you've perfected once, like a book or a download or something. Then create an excitement that you can sell multiple times, because selling digital products usually does not cost a fortune. A very good example. Did this guy I follow on Twitter named Trash make a set of Olympic icons and sell it for about $ 30? A few months ago and finally in a few weeks, they thought of three hundred thousand dollars just because many people around the world wanted to buy an icon package. So he tried to create a suit and now he is selling it 

for a lot of money. Another example is a friend of a YouTuber who made seven hundred thousand dollars in 2014 by selling his Tumblr themes. So he created website themes for Tumblr. He sells them and earns an average of seven hundred thousand dollars. But overall, it's been pretty cool since 2014. So how hard is it to start making digital products? Ikea Anyone can write any book, any book is considered a digital product. So I will rate it with two stars, 2 stars out of hm 5, but of course the money is a bargain again. So we have to offer enough value for what you are selling to exceed the price it is intended for, which is often quite difficult, especially if you have no experience with such things and how bad is it to make a hundred dollars a month? Well, you know it's very easy to create an ebook, but it's a 

whole other ball game when you're trying to convince people to actually buy cow weed through your icon set, app, or website. substances. And because the market that surrounds things is so competitive, you want to be really good at getting people to buy your things, and the way you get people to pay you money for something is that you have a problem, find out what they solved. And so they demand money. And if you can do these three things, then that's it, you know, I would not say it's easy to make a hundred dollars a month, but making a hundred dollars a month is fully feasible. You just have to have something that fixes the pain that other people are willing to pay for. That's why we give 3 stars out of 5 if you earn $ 100 a month from selling digital products. And finally, when it comes to maintenance laundry, these 2 devices will give 5 stars because you usually have to maintain your product a bit, but this is often easier as it is much easier to 

maintain the product than the number one product idea to generate passive income. create an online course. And an online course is a kind of digital product, but online courses are in video format. In fact, the entire video is so long that it can be an entire online course. I might do one on the same topic and when it comes to getting started we give the problem a start 2 stars out of 5 because it is not that difficult to do an online course, but you usually need to know how to make a video. This way, you can actually host an online course on your iPhone, no matter what phone you use. If you are one of the pagans of Android, keep your phone aside, talk on the phone and learn something. So it's not hard to create, but if your goal is to make $ 100 a month again, your course should be really good by now. And even if the only reason people 

paying for a course is actually good. You can now avoid paying for your online courses by using a skillshare website. However, I sponsor this video. eh, I share many skills. Classes, we think we all have coupons. I have been teaching skills sharing since September 2019 and have just released a new online course called Productivity for Creators. How to start a successful tip, where I give you information on how to make your own tip in your spare time without leaving work. To see, the first 1,000 people linked in the video description get a 30% discount on the annual Skillshare subscription. It really is a very good offer. I pay to share skills. It pays off a year after you start learning it because it's a great place to learn things. They have thousands of courses and a variety of other subjects, but you should definitely check out mine. Just like I have nine. 

Now the three are related to productivity, as the basics of productivity, the kind of productivity equation I show, I mean productivity and the productivity of the creator. I have two ways to study before exams. If you go to school when you need to prepare for exams, it seems good. They have very high ribs. And if you've tried Skillshare for free before, you can still use it. If you want the first 1000 people to put a link in the video description, you get a thirty percent discount on the premium subscription and you can see my course which is very good I must say. Anyway, thanks to Skillshare for sponsoring this video, but Genuine Skillshare is a great place to learn things, as you can learn things on Skillshare without paying directly. That's why I like my skills courses. It's like having something on Netflix that the end user does not have to pay for. directly for the product. Another good thing about sharing skills is that it's like a place where

Everyone on YouTube can share their knowledge as long as they meet certain quality requirements. And it's a lot easier than creating your own website and creating your own platform for courses and all that. So get started. We will give this 2 out of 5, but how hard is it to earn a hundred dollars a month by teaching online courses? Well, it depends on whether you go the Skillshare route and then earn $ 100 a month on Skillshare. You need about 1700 minutes to walk, it is 28 hours. So if you have a one-hour skills exchange course, you must bring 28 students to this course each month and repeat it. You have about $ 100 a month. Least. It's based on the numbers I've been devoting to sharing knowledge for the last two years. It is difficult to have 28 people in a class a month. Well, if your clothes look pretty good, it should not be too hot if 28 people look at them a month. If you have

an existing audience, it is very easy to get 28 people a month to watch them because they already know how much you love and trust them. Hopefully they will notice that they shorten these things of you because you have already built up that good mood with them, but they are kind. Silent. The good thing about the platforms for sharing the skills they have is like their own algorithm. uh uh good Climb to the top so if you have a really, really, really good course and it goes down in skills, share them, even if you do not have an audience there is still a chance that the course will be really good it is good and people look at it a lot and people recommend it and give it a high rating. It will climb to the top and will be recommended to people who find or search for it on the Skillshare website, especially another way to earn $ 100 a month with a course is only $ 100 for the mandatory course. And if you do, you only need one sale per month. So how hard is it to get one person a month to buy your course? Well,

If it's good, the world of online education is exploding because everyone is spending more and more money on online education, especially because of the whole pandemic. So if you are learning valuable skills, raising horses is one of the best and easiest ways to generate rental income, as it is fun to create them. A course that is easy to learn. You do not need as much technical skills as making a website or anything like that. Simply move the skills section so people will be able to attend your course and learn online and enjoy it, as you know it is generally cool. And the good thing is that when you finish a course and earn a hundred dollars a month, it's actually quite easy to maintain that level. We give it 2 units with 5 stars. Because you usually do not need to update the track as often and you can do it sometimes and you just have to make sure you have a good amount of traffic there. And hopefully the traffic will 

increase over time these days. The vast majority of online courses, at least the very passive ones, are designed to share knowledge, which is quite fun. But nowadays, they earn about $ 60,000 to $ 65,000 a month in passive net income. Thano sometimes listens to her videos and it is about $ 60,000 in passive income per month. That means about $ 1,000 a week. And it's most of the twenty-seven thousand dollars a week that this business currently generates purely passive income ideas. Number uh 74. Passive income creates a corner, a custom type of paid membership or a community model. Again, this is a generally bad idea. If the existing audience does not have it, we will always come back because everything is easier. When you have an existing audience by creating content that has had a very consistent value over time, that audience knows how much they love 

and trust you. So if you say they fit my pattern, surely some will. value proposition. It is so fascinating that people will be willing to pay for society as a service. For example, if I use Patreon, my friend Hannah Witton, who is YouTube, has about 600,000 subscribers on YouTube and I think she has about 600, uh, sponsors, I watch 6, 6, which are public. From this audience he earns 2,000, 5,000 or 3,000 to 7,000 dollars a month in passive income, but it is as if 600 people have an audience And so is one in a thousand subscribers connected to his father. , or if you

look closely at the Middle Ages as Petronas, you need a large audience to make a lot of money for a patron. This type again depends on the amount you request from them and the exact value you enter. Another example of paid membership, Community Is My Friend and Loire, runs the Nest Labs website and pays for membership, a community that costs five dollars a month to start. Why was it summer in 2019? To begin with, he has some attractive paid members, and I think he has earned an annual recurring income of one hundred thousand dollars a year over the past month, which is pretty amazing compared to something that started less than a year ago. So how easy is it to start a membership program? Even though it is actually very simple,

We can give it a star because it is very easy to get started. You have just created an account, some kind of member platform as a sponsor, a button gives one hundred dollars a month, you have to enter a value of two dollars a month. In fact, it is quite difficult to do. We give 4 out of 5 stars. But the good thing is, once you have this formula, you will earn one hundred dollars a month. In fact, it's much easier to maintain because how the finances of a member's community provide work, you still show up and to some extent you provide value, you know, people have already signed up. Therefore, it is not too difficult to maintain the level of support it offers them for this business. We have a group of members of our temporary YouTuber alumni academy, called your temporary YouTuber circle, and we earn about two thousand eight hundred dollars. From this community of members. There are certainly not 

three or four events a week, along with the opportunity to participate twice a day at Zoom, and we are full. So it takes a lot of work, but two thousand eight hundred dollars a week. This is very good for membership in the community. Okay, almost there. Customer number eight, to generate passive income means to start a business that sells goods or services and then automate or transfer part of the business. Therefore, the income you generate with it is quite passive. That's what Tim Ferriss is talking about. During most of the 4-hour work weeks, you can create a number of businesses where you can resell and sell services and then outsource with automated and intelligent ways to generate passive income. I use it again for the case of my friend, his YouTube channel user interface. He's talking about his $ 1 million Shopify store. He designs and manufactures and sells these really cute vegan table accessories in leather, wallets, mousepads and such. It took a lot of 

work to set it up and now he has a team of three other people running the business. And he consistently spends his time running this business. Some form of passive income for him. Even though it's still 10:00 nowadays. One week to get things in order. If you're on the streets from, I have a friend who runs the Instagram marketing agency Facebook Ads, where he has customers who pay him a few hundred dollars a month to show their ads on Facebook. And for him, it's a lot of work to put up ads on Instagram first, and then it's kind of automated and he has a team around him and uses things like Zapier to automate the view of this business. There fore, he has to do a very small amount of real work each month to continue. These are different ways to generate passive income from all types of assets. Or a service-oriented company, but it is quite difficult to get started with staff. We

give it 4 out of 5 because you need to build a business again and it is difficult to start a business that really offers the same value. We give him a 4-star rating because he earns a hundred dollars a month. For again, you have to be able to give value, and giving value is difficult. Since it is not that easy to build a platform disk, you just have to invest some money and actually provide value to people, which is quite difficult. But the good thing is that maintenance is a little easier when you start. So we give her the subscription service 3U Holz with 5.Rating and there is a whole category of this service called SAAS Software Asa. Now, if you look at Indie, there are literally hundreds of examples of people 

who have built software companies that generate passive income, share income data, tell you how they started and give you advice. In fact, I was recently interviewed in an episode of the Young Hackers podcast, which is pretty cool because You're listening to it. For several years, and since this has been available on the site for several years, I have been asked about the concept of starting an online course as a part-time YouTuber Academy. Now I have personal experience of them. When I was in college, I created the website Beat Ninja And You Cake Ninja. As software as a service. It was a question bank for medical candidates who applied for medical education to help them pass the entrance exam. And it was something that my brother and I programmed from scratch. He and I are aware of how we learned when we were young. And so in the summer of 2015, we worked to make these things a reality.

I think we made about ten thousand dollars in the first year. And last year, last year, Madad Ninja was worth about twenty-five thousand dollars. So yes, it's pretty good money, but a lot of work needs to be done to get it done. When it comes to the start, I give 5 stars out of 5 because I have to sign up. It's actually quite difficult. Most of the time you have to be able to program, you have to be able to offer something convincing and you have to actually build it, which is very economical and very difficult, but very fun. When you do, I'll give you a hundred dollars a month, a difficulty rating, a five-star rating, because it's easy again. Well, you can easily create an app, but getting people to pay for the app is no different. So we give it four stars, but the good thing is that it's a little easier to maintain everything. So we give you this three star rating if you like this video and want to start your own business, earn passive income and create a journey on the internet. 

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