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Make money online watching videos
15 ianuarie 2022 scam or legit?


      Is paying 2 losses a scam? Do they really pay? - Quora ›Is-Paid--...

You-Trade-a-Scam 2-TapPaid 2 Tap is 100% legit and a fantastic survey site! There are so many different and wonderful ways to win! Checking out is easy once you master the many options for applications and offers and so many options for prizes! Highly recommended!


Kevin Baker, I'm trying to find many different ways to make money online.

Answer August 21st.

Is Pay2tap a scam? Do they really pay?

Paid 2 Tap is 100% legit and a great survey site! There are so many different and wonderful ways to win! Payment is pretty easy once you get used to it.

So many choices of clips and presentations, and so many choices of prizes! Highly recommended!

Be careful not to repeatedly click your own link or spam someone. Post on social media to get those organic clicks/invitations.

The Paid 2 Tap team is very friendly and always ready to help. I suggest you send them over skype. They guide you through any problems you encounter.

My biggest problem so far has been to better understand the health center and how to get credit there. After a few conversations with Sarah, I was finally able to get recognition for my work.

Be patient and think about it!

Is legal?

Is legal? No. It has the lowest trust rating on our chart. Let's look at this and the affiliate program industry. We collected 53 powerful factors to detect high-risk activity and to see if is a scam.

The detector algorithm gives this company the following estimate:

0.4 / 100

Scam You need to know why is flagged - see below.






  • Domain name creationMonday, July 26, 2021 00:00

  •  Popularitysite 113555 (many)

  •   Proximity to Suspicious Sites100/100

  • Threat Profile71/100

  • Elimination Rating71/100

  • Malware Rating58/100

  • Spam20/ 100

Activity of the affiliate program is clearly related to the core industry. Just for the facade. We are trying to extract content from the admin page to see what they are saying about themselves to make people believe:page

This Is poorly designed and has nothing in its metadata that could help its online presence. As a result, it loses credibility and shows that its quality is questionable for a moment. As they improve their back we will update this information.

Read more about and what we found below. Overview The

tool gives the absolute lowest ranking on the platform: 0.40. This means that the transaction can be defined with the following codes: High risk. Extinguish. Be careful.


We're pretty confident in our assessment as we also work with other high-tech fraud prevention companies that have encountered the same problem. There are several reasons for this lowest rating. We scored 0.40 based on a formula that collects 53 industry relevant factors using The algorithm has detected low-risk activities related to deleting and sending spam and other factors related to the operation of affiliate programs. Therefore, the above is a high risk. Extinguish. Be careful. Note.

In short, stay away from this site.


People also wonder if

Paid 2 Tap is a legit site.

How can I withdraw money on Tab 2?

Is it legal to turn green easily?

Which payment claim?




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Paid 2 Tap is a fantastic legitimate money-platform and I'm really happy to be a part of it.helpful


Paid2Tap - #1 Earn Network No experience required...

This site saved my life! I made $300 here the first day. ... Filling out surveys is not that difficult! I made over $2,000 this month by sharing and doing business.


Is Paid 2 Loss legal? Paid 2 Tap Login and Registration - Beta Hustler> 2021/09> paid2tap-review ...

Is Paid2Tap.Com legal  scam - Is Paid2Tap.Com legal or fraudulent.It isto know if important paid 2 is loss . legal And after some research it is...

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Review; Is legit or a scam? ›2021/10/02›paid2tap-review

October 2, 2021 - Yes, losing Paid 2 is most likely a scam. Trustpilot you see on their website is fake, and the YouTube video is most likely...


Review Scam or Legit? - BeerMoney Forum ... ›themes› pay2tap ... earned

on September 30, 2021 - Hello Do you think this site is money? Earn $500 today! Earn money at school Pay your friends, try invites from free apps and games, ...


Review of Paid 2 Tap ... just N SIMPLE️️ Let's make it legal ...!



Paid 2 Losses is a SCAM WARNING with Proof !!! (Paid 2 Tap...



Paid 2 Tap Find Right Here Paid 2 TapLegit Review https://scam:?!?

YouTube kiana forest

September 7, 2021


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PAID 2tap R/Scams - Reddit

https:// www .reddit .com ›Fraud› Comments ›Part 4

August 25, 2021 - No articles paid 2 losses- no legal accreditation and no history of their site - even if they claim to pay thousands...

20 replies · Best Answer: At best, it's similar to other audio recording sites that pay money. Worst...


Paid 2 Loss: Scam or Opportunity to Make Money? - Real Digital ...> the-paid2tap-prevaraSeptember

27.2021 -. will be paid in 2 parts  Fraud?Yes. It's definitely a scam. This is one of many around the web that we suspect are trying to get you to...


Sharing Sites Review Paid 2 Loss (Is Paid 2 Loss legal or scam?) - Co Nist Nigeria


September 24, 2021 - Will Paid 2 be lost? Scam... Still no evidence that this platform 




Pay 2 Play 2 crane scam or legit

pay 2 taps legal reddit

pay 2 cocks cash

pay-out pipe 2 proof of payment for

paid 2 taps pay

pay 2 tap check

pay 2 taps reddit


scams! ️ Fraud

is my payday today and I haven't received any payment. I tried to contact the manager of jada with no response or download if i could not upload pics it would be literally a waste of time to





Destin Edwards

1 Review

USA United States




MISS YOUR TIME YOUR Payment Received NEVER again any of these loans Registration Requirements This is DAMAGED!!





Maddox Harmon

1 review

September 7, 2021

Don't listen to all the Hubble from...

Don't listen to all the Hubble from people who don't read and follow the instructions lol. They paid me after 14 days due to their NET-14 policy. On the day of payment, I received the payment through the Cash App app.


Useful 1



Buck Coley

1 review


September 7, 2021

Please wait !!!

Today my payment date has not received anything. I tried to get to the driver via Skype but I couldn't find anyone just hoping they didn't threaten me!!!!


Useful 1



Jana Masse

2 reviews

updated September 10th, 2021

WRONG FLEFF! Please read it completely.



So this is a scam. Stop rating this 5 star company if you haven't received your payment at all.


I should have gotten paid last week but I never got paid. Account managers are fake. You don't answer. There is no live chat. A pop-up line at the top that says "It and X dollar amount will be paid"... wrong.


This company uses your email and sales data for brands/companies. So you have to download a million apps and complete offers that you have to sign up with your email address and information. They sell your information to these companies. You never actually get paid. You will be overwhelmed by loads of random emails from companies trying to convince you to buy their products or sign up for their services.


All positive comments are company bots as they are exactly the same comments just different user account names.


Account managers are photoshopped, but upon closer inspection it's easy to see.


I'm sorry people. This is a scam. Luckily my brother works in cybersecurity and he also confirmed that this company is 100% fake. They are just very good at preventing marriage. They even have an LMAO scam policy. Yes my brother laughed at me for thinking it was true but honestly it looks really good in the first place and a friend told me they tried it. (She also didn't receive payment on the payment8 days ago)


dateNEED MORE PROOF THAT THIS IS A SCAM? Check out their "CEO" Kevin Webster on their "About Me" page. He seems like a nice guy, doesn't he? Well, it's from a July 2012 blog post. Except it's the exact same photo, same man, different colored t-shirt with a different logo. I'm happy to send links to everyone.


We are actively working to have his security team lock them up by the end of this week so no one else can trust them.


We are in a pandemic with millions of people still suffering from unemployment. It's sad what they're doing.


If you tried to use this scam business, stop. The next task for you is to remove and unsubscribe from random incoming emails all programs you have subscribed to. Enter your number in the Do Not Call tab and explore legal work from home opportunities.


I'm sorry.


useful 17



Bruce Ford

1 review


September 7, 2021

Test and see what happens.

If I give him a chance, he's waiting for September 20th with $460, he'll come back to tell you guys for sure. I'm skeptical but we'll see.


Useful 2




1 review

September 6, 2021

I don't know, I

i tried today and I'm struggling with bids because most of them are marked as "pending", even when I'm done I hope it helps (which I could not get in touch with) and helps me with my revocation.






1 review


September I myself for 2 losses and traded...

i signed up for pay tap 2 and 3 times. My date was set to today and there is nothing which I think is a scam , no things .


Useful 1



Virginia Klaxon

1 review

September 6, 2021

so far Brä Bräbiweekly

so far, but my payout is due for September 12th. In fact, I really enjoyed downloading and pronouncing all the games even after hitting the matching quota. I have hundreds of people on Facebook waiting to see if the 12th actually gets the money into my account before I sign the will, which is understandable. I hold my fists up 🤞 Post-September 12 update.


Useful 3



Oscar Vargas Zamora

September 6, 2021

Totally disappointed that I...

Totally disappointed that I'm having trouble with offers. I'm sure I'm doing all of the above but only 3 seem perfect, no more offers have been added, I've sent several messages to my account manager and got no response, all of this already looks like a scam.

If this is not a scam, the solution to this problem


in practice 1


See see shop review directly in google searches



Get Chrome extension



1 review


September 6, 2021


I need to complete their money information to unlock but the bids are In status pending for 3 days (I'm sure I did everything right),

What can I do to fix this?




Useful 4




1 review


Updated September 6, 2021

Paid 2 loss = wrong

pile of shit. never pay, he doesn't risk wasting time👍


useful 2



Nasir Griffith

1 review

September 6, 2021

I paid $350, and paid 2 TAP immediately... I paid

$350 from Paid 2 Tap, paid immediately to my paypal - Bill. The site works like a clock, you ask for your payment and it gets to you as soon as possible. I have 30,000 followers on Instagram and it's never a problem to promote my link.


Useful 5




1 review




September 6, 2021

I think Paid 2 Tap is a scam.

I find it crazy how we have to go through so much that we just pay and say it will wait 14 days. I persuaded my family to sign up for this sock and then I will tell them not to sign up anymore. It's really a waste of time and I think I was wrong. I spent four hours playing games and videos, posting things on my social networks and posting this link to find out I have to wait 14 days to get the money just to make sure I'm not scammed. What is this bus? I don't want any more money now. I would not recommend it to anyone and I remove all links from my social networks. nothing but lies


Useful 4




2 reviews


September 6, 2021


Honestly I'm starting to think it's all a scam! I posted on 3 different social media platforms but my job status wasn't updated or recognized! At this point I am disappointed. They don't light up offers so you can reach your goals to get paid! This is annoying!!! Everyone seems to have the same problem. I TRIED TO CALL A REPRESENTATIVE ON THE know what? NO ANSWER! To hum! Someone needs to fix this shit ASAP!


Useful 3



Asim Harry

1 Review


Updated September 7, 2021

Bids Declined.

Reached $307, there are 4 bids left, I just placed two, you make a bonus of $500, so I need 5 bids, and 8 bids in total. Reload your bids as my bids will not reload in several days, after I have only placed two there are no new bids. I don't find it funny that they fix it so quickly. Rest is best, promise to give 5 stars when fixed. My phone is not so good that I can't download skype. Please fix it. This is my username: "nano mind 7" completed


I also have auctions including installs of applications but they are in progress, all approved.

And I need new offers, I want to get money before I pay.

You are generally good. Answer me well and I'll give 5 stars.


Useful 1



Hugo Pires

1 Overview


Updated September 6,

2021 offersFake offers billing saving specials fill Phone

liftTo make money, you have, where you provided to you every month charge will be asked for your telephone number. If you don't fulfill these offers, we can't raise any money...

I'm really disappointed.








September 6, 2021


sent an invite on Twitter, follows all the steps but never gets a credit. I have more than the clicks and social messages I needed and I just want my's incredibly



For parts


SérgioSoares Potril

1 Review


September 5, 2021

Offers in my account...

I have my own account and I don't have an offer.


Helpful 1


answer de

September 5, 2021

Hi Sergio,


We apologize for the inconvenience, we plan to add more international lists soon.


Thank you!


Darius Money

1 review




September 5, 2021

I really wanted to use this platform to make money.

Paid 2 Loss is telling people that today, Sunday, September 5th, they will not be able to get paid because the banks are closed. But when I registered, the number of payments made in real time was shown live. How is that possible ???


Useful 2

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