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How to reward the health and safety of our customers, employees, and all Ontarians SENDING a ransom remains a priority for the Court of Appeals. A meeting with the OLG Price Center is required to receive the reward - interest rate increases are currently not permitted. Tickets purchased from the Claims Store for less than $ 1,000 can be purchased from authorized OLG dealers. Due to limited availability, bids between $ 1,000 and $ 49,999.90 must be submitted at this price or online. Claims of $ 50,000 or more can be made by contacting OLG's Support Center to discuss pricing options. How to get rewards online when buying tickets online. More 

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we've made some changes! To register, you must read and accept the updated OLG terms and conditions. Player Agreement - Terms of Use 1 Introduction This Agreement - Terms of Use contains the terms of use of the Platform. Online game By selecting a potential player in the “Accept” box, the potential player or player confirms that they have understood the terms of this contract and agreed to abide by it. If a potential player, potential player or player does not accept any of the terms of this Agreement, (i) he is not entitled to create an account on, and (ii) if he already has a player account (as defined below) in section 2 under section), you can log into your player account and play or buy products at or through If OLG, in its sole discretion, decides that it is appropriate, OLG reserves the right to change this Agreement from time to time. After the contract change, OLG will post a notice on to notify players as well as prospective players (before registering an account), prospective players (before registering a player account) and players (before logging in). to register in front of a player account). ) Confirm and agree to be bound by the revised terms from this date. Any potential player, potential player and player is responsible for reading and understanding all the terms and conditions of this agreement before creating an account with or and promises to abide by these terms and conditions. At the expense of the players. If a potential player, player or potential player violates or does not comply with the provisions of this contract, OLG has the right to use all or part of the resources described in this contract that are provided to him or available to him. to law or justice. Such protections may include, for example: (i) the right to close potential players, potential players or players from registering or maintaining player accounts, (ii) close, suspend and / or deactivate player accounts, and (iii) interact with player accounts All or part of the respective unused funds (see paragraph 2 below for definition). This is an important document guaranteeing rights, please read it carefully. This agreement contains a disclaimer including OLG's disclaimer. 2 Definitions The following terms have corresponding meanings and grammatical versions of the terms defined below: “AGCO” refers to the Ontario Alcohol and Gambling Commission and its successors; “AGCO Standards” refers to the AGCO Gaming Standards and the Registrar Rules: in the lottery, which are revised or replaced from time to time by AGCO registrars; “AGCO Gaming Standards” refers to the owner's gaming standards; "Agreement" refers to this agreement for the players.'s terms of use as revised or replaced by OLG from time to time; “Bonus” refers to the amount of Canadian dollars that OLG debits from the player's account. Players may use bonus funds to play paid online games or player lotteries for free, subject to the terms and conditions applicable to bonus funds; "Bonus fund conditions" are described in section 8.1. In accordance with article 3 of this Agreement, the terms of the Bonus Fund are included in this Agreement and form an integral part of it; "Pause" refers to the meaning defined in the practice of responsible gambling and self-exclusion. “Day of the week” means a day other than Saturday, Sunday, Ontario public holidays, or the day the Bank of Toronto, Ontario is closed; “Compensation” refers to the definition in 6.4; “Closed Account” refers to the description in section 11.1. “Closed” or “Closed” means that the player closes his account as described in section 11.1; Disabled or Disabled means that a player account has been set up as described in section 12.2. “Account has been deactivated” has the meaning specified in Section 12.2; "Sleeping Account" refers to the player's account described in Article 10.2, but does not include the deleted person's account; “Stop” has the meaning specified in section 15.2; “Online lottery” means any game provided by from time to time: (i) is a “lottery system” within the meaning of the Criminal Code (Canada), (ii) allows players to select or select multiple numbers. The second reason requires playful elements. / Or randomly generated), and (iii) the outcome or outcome is determined by the lottery, but this does not exclude the possibility of payment for the game. Or no free games. "Error" as defined in 15.1; "Error Reserve" has the meaning specified in Section 15.1; “Activity” has the meaning attributed to the applicable rules of the paid game; "Imprisoned" does not mean that it is authorized to be on The person who opened the account or, if the person already has a player's account, to keep it active, including: Persons who do not meet all the conditions of authorization, described in Article 4.1 of this Agreement; is excluded from any court by order of or possibly other than applicable laws or regulations, rules or policies (including AGCO standards) based on them; Whereas, in accordance with AGCO 3.1 or 3.2 or other relevant provisions of AGCO standards, it is prohibited from time to time to visit gambling sites or play a Person who has won the lottery; the person who signed the casino automatic closure (as defined in the AGCO Gaming Standards) during the automatic closure (see the Responsible Gaming and Automatic Closure sections for more information); self-excluded person; OLG's contract or other agreement entered into with OLG or persons not authorized to open an account with; and is used by the “iGaming provider” or “iGaming organization” (as defined in the iGaming Gambling Policy, which may change from time to time). FINTRAC refers to the Canadian Center for Business Analysis and Reporting and its successors; “Next Game” means the meaning stated in Article 5.2; “Games” means lotteries, paid games, and free online games that may be played simultaneously; “Gaming System” refers to the system used by OLG to register and manage player accounts, making it easier for players to play games and pay for prizes; "Inactive Account" refers to the player's account described in Clause 10.1, but does not include games of the deleted person's account; “Potential Player” means the person described in section 4.1; "Lottery Rules" means the terms, conditions, rules and procedures published from time to time by OLG or the Interprovincial Lottery (excluding this Agreement), including those that apply to the online lottery prize structure. And the lottery rules, as OLG said. In addition to section 3, the lottery rules are part of this contract and are also part of this contract; “Mobile application” means any application developed by or on behalf of OLG that players and potential players can install on their mobile devices (eg mobile phones or tablets), players can access selected games through these applications. ; "OLG" refers to the Ontario Lottery and Gambling Company and its successors; “” refers to the OLG website and mobile applications, and certain games are sometimes available to certain players through those websites and mobile applications; "OLG" Online Gaming Cookies and Privacy Guidelines refers to's cookies and data protection policy, which are amended or replaced by OLG from time to time. " OLG's intellectual property rights "have the meaning stated in Article 14.3;" Paid Games "" refers to any game provided by from time to time, and: (i) constitutes a "Lottery Plan" within the meaning of the Criminal Code (Canada);), (ii) asks the player to place a bet or place bets as the terms of participation in the game, and (iii) provides the player with the opportunity to win prizes, but excludes the online lottery or free spins. includes online sports betting and games in the form of games such as roulette and slot machines; “Paid Game Rules” refer to terms, explanations, rules and procedures (eg, how to win prizes, cost and chance of winning a single player paid game)). Earn OLG's paid game bonus levels (excluding this agreement) from time to time for certain paid games, which OLG refers to as paid games. rules of the game. In accordance with article 3, the rules for paid games are included in this agreement and are an integral part of it. “Player” refers to the person who has registered a player account that has not been suspended, deactivated or terminated (excluding those who have been removed or become removed for security reasons); “Player Account” refers to the declared assets. in Canadian dollars. The player's iGaming account is billed, including the player's registration information, deposit and withdrawal transactions, and game information received from the OLG that the player has access to. Sometimes “player contact information” refers to player contact information associated with a player's account stored over time by iGaming, including, for example, the player's name, email address, mailing address, and telephone number; “Player initiated event” means the meaning stated in article 10.1; “Free to Play” means any free game provided from time to time by that contains certain features of the “penalty system” under Canadian criminal law, but which does not allow you to win prizes or require payment for a game. “Player Support” refers to the support service that you can contact in accordance with Article 18.1; “Prizes” are prizes earned by players playing games in accordance with applicable lottery or payment rules; «Потенциальные игроки» относятся к посетителям, но не к актерам; «Ответственная игра и самоисключение» относится к Политике ответственной игры OLG, которая специфична для и время от времени изменяется или заменяется OLG. Согласно статье 3, ответственная игра и самодисциплина являются частью этого соглашения. «Автономная личность» имеет собственное определение ответственной игры и самоисключения; «самоисключение» имеет значение, данное ему в практике ответственной игры и самоисключения; «ставки на спорт в Интернете» относятся к платформе для ставок на спорт в Интернете, предоставляемой OLG Paid Games. «Замороженный счет» имеет значение, указанное в статье 12.1; «Приостановлено» или «приостановлено» означает, что учетная запись игрока была помещена на заблокированную учетную запись, описанную в Статье 12.1; «Неиспользованные средства» означают счет игрока. Все средства, эквивалентные канадским долларам, включая призы, но исключительные бонусные средства, которые не были использованы игроком; «Имя пользователя и пароль» относится к уникальной идентификационной комбинации, созданной игроком и используемой, когда игрок желает войти в свою учетную запись игрока. Представьте себя в iGaming. 3 Дополнительные документы Часть этого соглашения Это соглашение содержит в качестве ссылки условия, руководящие принципы, декларации и пояснения других документов, в том числе: применимые правила лотереи и правила платных игр; политика ответственной игры и самоисключения; условия, применимые к условиям бонусных средств; Политика защиты данных и использования файлов cookie OLG; все применимые соглашения относительно использования этого веб-сайта; и все применимые контракты на использование мобильных приложений. Если есть какой-либо конфликт или конфликт между условиями настоящего Соглашения и другими условиями, политиками, заявлениями и заявлениями, применяются положения Части I. За исключением того, что настоящее Соглашение устанавливает все применимые контракты на использование Веб-сайта и все применимые контракты на использование мобильных приложений в соответствии с применимыми правилами лотереи и применимыми правилами платных игр. 4 Registering a player account 4.1 Conditions for registering a player account Only players can play lotteries and paid games that are played online by People who want to become players ("quasi-players") must meet the following criteria at the discretion of the OLG: Potential players may not yet be players. A player can only have one player account. Registering or attempting to register multiple player accounts would constitute a serious breach of this Agreement; potential players must be at least 18 years old. Only players over the age of 19 can play free spins and free spins. All players aged 18 and over can play the lottery online; potential players must live in Ontario; potential players must be physically in Ontario each time they play (including when registering for future game transactions); potential players should not be excluded by individuals; Potential actors must be people who act on your behalf. Prospective players are not permitted to act on behalf of anyone other than themselves, whether or not they are agents; Prospective players must provide truthful, complete, and accurate information when submitting registration information. In online sports betting, a potential player must comply with paragraphs 5 (a), (b), (c) and (d) of Article 14 (5) each time a potential player plays a game. Does not meet the criteria above. Potential players with all conditions cannot open an account or become a player on At any time before or after player registration has been completed, OLG may, in its sole discretion, request players or potential players to provide additional information or documents, including for the purpose of disclosing the player's identity or contact information to other players. Review and investigate all other suspected violations of this Agreement (including suspected fraud or fraudulent activity). Failure to comply with any of the above conditions will constitute a serious breach of this Agreement. OLG will share the registration information of potential players with third party providers in order to review all or part of the registration information provided by potential players to OLG, and will also confirm that potential players meet the above criteria and are eligible to open player accounts. In addition, OLG may from time to time disclose player information to (i) confirm that players are still entitled to keep player accounts; (ii) any suspected breach of this Agreement (including suspected fraudulent or fraudulent activity); And (iii) exercise any other rights of OLG contained in this Agreement or any other document contained with reference to this Agreement pursuant to Section 3 pursuant to Section 3, OLG, potential players (or players (if applicable)) Provide information or documents; ) be)) I consent to the OLG using and disclosing this information for all purposes stated in this Agreement or in other documents contained in this Agreement with reference to Section 3. Further information can be found in the OLG online games and data protection guideline on the collection of OLG and use, disclosure and storage of other personal data 4.2 Player account information provided by potential players who register an account on must truthfully, be correct and complete when provided to OLG and this information must remain true. true after registering a fellow player account, correctly and completely. Should this registration data change after registering a player account, the player is responsible for ensuring that the player is still entitled to manage the player account in accordance with the provisions of this agreement and to update the player data if necessary. Navigate to the "My Account" or "Account Information" page for the player account. OLG may from time to time pass on player registration information to third party providers in order to verify that the player registration information is true and correct. In addition, for this purpose, OLG can at any time request the consent of the user for the provision of other information and documents by players. You agree that OLG and its third party providers may collect personal data / player data. You agree that this information may be used, stored, stored and shared outside of Ontario and Canada. to provide the following services: (i) identity verification; (ii) payment processing; (iii) Site Review. (iv) analysis (such as the use of the website); (v) Customer and reader relationship management (vi) E-mail service (vii) Technical support for players who do not update their gaming account information in a timely manner constitutes a violation of this agreement. If OLG finds out after registering a player's account that all registration information relating to the player account in the iGaming system is incorrect or no longer correct or complete (including, for example, because the player has changed and the player has not updated his player account information, OLG may, at its sole discretion, take any action in relation to it take action on the player or player account, such measures may include closing or deactivating player accounts, investigating security issues and, if so, suspects or information related to identity theft or fraud on behalf of law enforcement agencies and other higher regional courts; third parties (e .g AGCO, OLG payment processing he and issuer and credit card stamp) 4.3 Required documents if the OLG determines on its own initiative which additional information or documents are required to comply with applicable legislation or if the OLG collects such information or the OLG feed may request additional from the players To provide information and materials to prevent fraud or other illegal activity (suspicious or actual) or to clarify the terms of your nomination. actual violations of the conditions or unused funds necessary or desirable for the "identity of the player or the right to receive or confirm" will be withdrawn. Without limiting the foregoing in general, players must provide OLG information and documents that OLG can decide on in order to fulfill their FINTRAC reporting obligations. All such information that is made available to the OLG is stored in the iGaming system on the Ontario server. By providing such information or additional files to OLG, it is assumed that the players have certified OLG that this information is true and correct or that these files are truthful, correct and complete copies of the original files. 4.4 Password security When registering a player account, potential players must create a username and password. By registering a player account, the player is solely responsible for maintaining the security and confidentiality of the username and password, including any related security or verification questions and answers. Players may not disclose usernames and passwords to anyone (including, but not limited to, other gamers, potential gamers, their family members, or minors), and only gamers may use usernames and passwords to access affected players' accounts. Without limiting the foregoing in general, players may not, for any reason, use the username and password to provide additional individual access to the player's account. All transactions (such as registration information and changes to player contact information, deposits, withdrawals, game purchases and lotteries) made after entering a valid username and password into the player account will be treated as if the player and player were solely responsible for all of these Operations. . If the player intentionally or unknowingly gives their username and password to others or if the player suspects that someone else may have discovered the player's username and password (regardless of whether the other person has the player's username and password used or attempted to use), players immediately change their password and notify Player Support in the event of disclosure or disclosure of their original username and password. Players can access the "My Account" or "Account Information" page at any time to change their password. 4.5 Player Account Players can access detailed information about their Player Account, including the display of the following information: Player, including the player's contact information, through the "My Account" or "Account Information" page on the website; Player's username and password and related security questions and answers; currently calculated balance on the player account; the history of financial transactions related to the player's account; and the game history associated with the player's account. If the player discovers inaccuracies or errors in the information on his player account or suspects that such inaccuracies or errors may exist, the player is obliged to contact support immediately, regardless of who is responsible for the errors or omissions. . is a lottery and gambling site designed for personal entertainment. Players can only use their player accounts for these purposes. Players are only allowed to use their player account for personal purposes. Players may not use or its components (including player accounts) or content on for commercial, commercial or public purposes or for any other purpose that OLG notifies other players about. Forbidden. Without limiting the foregoing in general, players must not post, deliver or transmit any content (including the use of nicknames) that OLG deems inappropriate via chat or any other method, and they must not intimidate or otherwise threaten other players with harassment . . In the event of any form of hatred, discrimination, discrimination based on gender, violence, offensive or inappropriate content, OLG can take measures against players or player accounts, which OLG can decide at its own discretion. Without limiting the foregoing in general, the OLG may, in its sole discretion, request that you change your nickname, remove content that, in the opinion of the OLG, does not meet the above requirements, and / or deactivate or deactivate player accounts. The player's account is not owned by the player and may not be assigned, transferred or shared with any other person for any purpose. 5 Players participating in future lotteries 5.1 Players can play any online lottery by subscription provided the player has unused funds in the player account (or bonus funds depending on the terms of the bonus funds) and otherwise follow the rules in this Section 5 and above The OLG: s rules for iGaming lottery games. 5.2 OLG offers two options for participation as follows: The "Continuous drawing" option enables players to automatically buy a certain number of consecutive tickets in the electronic lottery game. Follow OLG rules for compliance with iGaming lottery games. The number of consecutive draws for players on varies from at least two to more; and the "Never Miss Lottery" option, which allows players to follow the OLG rules for iGaming lottery games. The lottery automatically purchases an unlimited ticket. 5.3 The purchase of tickets by subscribers in accordance with this section 5.2 is referred to as "future gaming operations". Players who participate or attempt to participate in future gaming transactions are solely responsible for continuing to ensure that: their player accounts contain sufficient unused funds (or bonus funds, as the case may be) for such future gaming transactions; and players have enough time (from OLG OK)) Complete future game transactions so that OLG can process and record these transactions. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in addition to complying with all other conditions in force at the time of this Agreement, the Player must: ensure that you have valid tickets for the relevant draw, which can be verified by adding the purchase confirmation to your Player Evidence Account; and ensure the existence, integrity and accuracy of the information (including, but not limited to all purchase confirmations) published on your player account; everything is before such a lottery. OLG assumes no obligation or responsibility to inform players if they do not have a "valid lottery" for a particular lottery or lottery (this term is defined in the OLG rules of the game). or if they do not have sufficient unused funds (or prizes, if any) or may need to play a particular game before declining the relevant transaction; provided that the above rules do not restrict the OLG's ability to inform players in this way. 6 Payments to the player account 6.1 Money to the player account In order to be able to play on (with the exception of free games), the player must have a hypothetically positive balance on his player account. OLG will not give the players any credit. If the player account does not contain enough bets at the time of a wager, wager or purchase, no bets, seats or purchases will be made and the player will be denied access to the game. Make sure that your player account contains sufficient gaming credit (including all future gaming transactions). If the player does not have sufficient funds or has to play, OLG assumes no obligation or responsibility to inform the player. The specific game prior to the relevant transaction was denied (provided the above does not limit the OLG's ability to notify players in this way). With a few exceptions, all cash prizes for games played by are also deducted from the player's account, which means that the player's assumed balance is credited. Withdrawals of funds representing such rewards from Player Accounts are subject to the terms of this Agreement. OLG will from time to time ask the players to accept material prizes. 6.2 Deposit Methods Players can deposit funds into OLG (Canadian dollars only) to fund their player accounts as follows: Visa or MasterCard credit cards issued in Canada by Canadian banks or financial institutions, if the player is a Canadian bank or one of those specified by financial institutions User can use Visa or MasterCard credit cards for this. Players should be aware that some credit card issuers treat money in a gaming account as a cash advance and charge a fee for each credit card transaction. Any cash advance fees or other charges related to the use of credit cards are the responsibility of the player; For a Visa debit card issued in Canada by a Canadian bank or financial institution, the player is an Authorized User as defined by a Canadian bank or financial institution. Institution that can charge the Visa card used for this purpose; a Mastercard debit card issued in Canada by a Canadian bank or financial institution, the player is an Authorized User defined by a Canadian bank or financial institution, and the Mastercard debit card may be used for this purpose; o Interac from the player's bank account online payment, the player is an authorized user defined by the bank and has access to it. When Interac Online is selected as a payment option, players will be redirected to the bank's online banking website. OLG does not collect login names or passwords for internet banks. Before the player uses a bank or online banking site to deposit funds into a player's account, the player should be familiar with the terms of use of the bank or online banking website, including whether the bank or bank has any related fees with the user fee. Interac Online. All of these costs are borne by the player. Before topping up a player's account, players should familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions of their chosen payment method. The OLG or its payment processing service provider may store information about Visa or Mastercard credit cards, Visa debit cards, MasterCard or Interac debit card information online (if available) on servers located outside of Ontario but in Canada. In addition, OLG and its payment processing service providers may use and disclose composite transaction information for a variety of analytical purposes in relation to their respective activities (but not in relation to specific or identifiable participants). By using the payment methods mentioned in points 6.2 (a) - 6.2 (d) to top up the player's account, the player expressly agrees that the OLG or its payment processing service provider or both can provide this transaction information. Ontario. Server, mountain, but use and disclosure of complex transaction information in Canada and for the purposes described in this section. From the date of this agreement, any other financing of the alleged credit on the player account is not permitted. The seller associated with a deposit transaction is Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. If a player uses a credit card, Visa debit card, Mastercard or Interac debit card online to make a deposit at OLG in order to top up the alleged balance on the player's account, he is considered to be a representative of OLG. The player has all necessary rights and authorizations to use money from the credit card or the associated bank account for these purposes, even if the credit card or bank account belongs to one or more persons or another person playing. the player in OLG as the player's administrator (instead of a bank or a debtor) to fund the player's alleged balance in a bank account or secure account. Notwithstanding the contrary in this contract, OLG treats player money deposited with OLG as a trustee, and nothing in this contract creates an obligation for OLG or induces the player to generate money as a debtor to the player. For the avoidance of doubt, the player's account is not a bank account and is therefore not subject to any bank deposit or any system of insurances, insurances, bonds, bonds or other safeguards. Monies deposited with OLG are used to top up the alleged balance on the player's account, and monetary bonuses deposited on the player's account do not earn interest for the player and the player is not entitled to demand interest from OLG. If the player complies with the terms of this agreement, OLG reserves the right to deduct this amount from the player's unused credit and create a hypothetical credit account in the player customization. Therefore, the OLG is not obliged to give players additional messages or information. 6.3 Deposit limits In addition to the deposit limits set by the player, OLG can (at its own discretion) restrict the player's ability to deposit the alleged credit into the player's account. For example, OLG can: Determine the minimum and maximum amount that a player can deposit in OLG transactions for transactions or over one or more periods of time and use this to top up the alleged balance on the player's account. As of the date of signing this Agreement, the minimum deposit amount for a single player is $ 15 and the player's total weekly deposit cannot exceed $ 9,999.00 (seven (7) consecutive days; there is no limit to the different credit cards players can use Use to top up a player's account In addition, a particular credit card cannot register multiplayer accounts, which limits the player's ability to change the deposit method during certain periods of time (e.g., force players to contact player support) or change acceptable payment methods . the deposit limit set by the OLG. Hope to be able to change players at a later date with a personal weekly deposit. Limits gs can do this according to the following rules: If the player dares to lower the maximum limit, the change will take effect immediately, to change), if a one restriction is introduced by the OLG at its own discretion) the change takes place within 7 days. the "cooling period" begins to apply; and any cap increase initiated by a player (including any cap that has not yet taken effect due to the “Cool Down” period) will result in a seven (7) day “Cool Down” period being reset. outside the period ". 6.4 Termination under this Agreement if a credit or debit cardholder contacts the issuing bank or other financial institution to arrange for a refund of a kort payment transaction made with the card or an associated account, a" refund. Bank or banking inquiries If a player deposits funds on the alleged balance in his player account and then returns all or part of the deposit transaction, OLG (or one of its third party providers) may take some or all of the following measures under each: OLG criterion: Deactivate player account and await settlement of disputes related to recalls in accordance with Section 12.1; ask the player to contact player support to explain the recovery; credit the refund amount to the player's account. The account, the negative balance represents a debt of the player to the OLG and OLG reserves the right to collect the amount of the player; Deactivate and suspend the player's account. The player plays on (ie the person is considered an excluded person); o initiate dispute settlement proceedings with a relevant bank or financial institution, which may also include higher regional courts for payment service providers and / or banks or financial institutions. Proof of Deposit and / or Withdrawal Transactions 7 Payment from Player Account 7.1 Methods of Withdrawing Unused Funds With certain exceptions, with certain exceptions, unused funds will be withdrawn from a player's account by electronic bank transfer (Canadian dollars only) to the registered player's bank for verification and processing Approval by OLG to the satisfaction of the player from a player's own bank or another financial institution accepted by OLG in Canada. Players may not nominate for such purposes or through the player (alone or with anyone else). The player confirms and accepts: For example, OLG can still request an invalid check or a copy of your bank statement. the player's name, home address and bank account number, which must match the player's account information stored there. iGaming systems for OLG; By submitting these documents to the OLG, the players are considered to be representatives of the OLG and ensure that these documents are truthful, correct and complete copies of the original documents; If the player has registered with one or more people in a bank account, the unused funds that have been withdrawn from his player account will be transferred to the joint account so that other account holders can access the account. Players are not allowed to specify any other payment method or currency for payments. For example, the player cannot withdraw unused funds from his credit card even if he is using the credit card to deposit funds at OLG in order to top up the alleged balance in the player's account. OLG may, at its own discretion, from time to time return unused funds to the players in other appropriate ways. 7.2 Withdrawal Limits and Restrictions In accordance with the terms of this Agreement, Players may withdraw unused funds from their Player Accounts up to the appropriate balance of unused funds. If a player's account is blocked, the player is at no time entitled to withdraw unused funds from his account via unless the OLG decides to approve the payment (in whole or in part) at its own discretion. Sara. If the player's account is blocked and the player wishes to withdraw unused funds, the player must contact player support. OLG may from time to time set the minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts that apply to a player's account. As of the date of signing this Agreement, the minimum amount of unused funds withdrawn from a single player is $ 2 and the maximum amount of unused funds withdrawn from a single player is unlimited. If the player wishes to withdraw less than the specified minimum amount, the player must contact player support. OLG can limit how often players can withdraw unused funds during a certain period of time. As of the date of this Agreement, players will only be able to withdraw unused funds once per day. 7.3 Termination If the OLG suspects that the termination application violates this agreement (regardless of whether such a violation constitutes a serious breach of contract or not), the OLG can reject the termination application at its own discretion. OLG will make reasonable efforts to notify players of such rejections immediately using the player's contact information linked to the player's account. Players can cancel payment requests through their player account. If OLG does not process this cancellation, the corresponding funds will be refunded through the unused funds in the player's account. 7.4 Development of a player to use his player account to be registered, to be listed and compliance with all other disqualification conditions works in notification, the conditions for the player account, that the payout is three working days. longer processing times, a surcharge takes 8 words Nados, Uits of Uits, Goeles and Likes are offered in bonus money on a player account on Laai, as long as the player (after Gooddunke) dies on the bonus fund, it is only assumed that - The prize value is not used and not used when you indicate your words are not allowed. n The player is not required to accept bonus funds. Conditions for this.

 The use of the bonus fund can be restricted to certain competitions and for certain periods of time. If not used within a certain date or time, the bonus fund may expire and be canceled. You should see the terms and conditions of the respective bonus fund. In addition, OLG can withdraw bonus money credited to the player's account at any time at its own discretion. 8.2 Use of Bonus Funds. In order for a player to want to play (excluding free online games or lotteries) their account must have both bonuses and unused funds as a condition (regardless of whether bonuses or additional funds are granted). will be credited to the player's account. since the player has deposited money with OLG or the player has won a prize), all unused funds are only used in the game until all unused funds are used up, after which the bonus funds are used. The bonus bet with the bonus fund is added to the balance of the bonus fund. In online lotteries and online sports betting, bonus funds are used in accordance with the terms and conditions applicable to bonus funds. Pursuant to these terms, it may be required and / or permitted to use bonus funds to purchase online lotteries and online sports betting (if applicable) before using any unused funds. The terms and conditions for bonus funds may assume that certain bonus funds will not become unused funds until certain redemption requirements are met. Before players accept an offer for bonus funds, they should familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions that apply to bonus funds. If a player does not accept the applicable Bonus Funding Terms, they will not be able to accept the applicable bonus funds or cancel the promotion in accordance with these Bonus Funding Terms. 9 Advertising 9.1 Announcement of the prize information OLG can announce the name of the winner, the location, the bonus amount, the game name, the "insider" status, the date of the drawing and the payment date on the OLG website ( 10 Inactive and Inactive Accounts 10.1 Inactive Accounts If a player does not start an event for 12 consecutive months, the player's account becomes passive unless the player's account is identified as a self-closing person. For this reason, "Player Initiated Event" means (i) the Player is depositing money into the Player Account, (ii) withdrawing unused money from the Player Account, or (iii) purchasing a game. , a game or a lottery to play online games. ... or paid games, including future game events that have not expired or have been suspended due to a lack of unused funds or for other reasons. To be clear, free spins do not count as player initiated events. If an upcoming Game Event related to a Player's Account is canceled, suspended or canceled for any reason, the first 12 months will count from the date of the upcoming Game Event processed on the Player's Account that is a Player's Account initiated event. the last player. When an event initiated by a player ends, the player account that has become passive is no longer passive. Inactive accounts will be debited with the next monthly account management fees ("Inactive Account Fees") and OLG reserves the right to withdraw funds from unused player accounts at the end of each month (or at any time). There is no need to notify the player in advance or later: a maintenance fee of USD 2 will be charged for each of the first 12 months that the player's account is inactive. Month (or, if the player's account balance is less than $ 2, the balance); A monthly maintenance fee of $ 10 is billed every six months if the player's account is inactive (or if the player's balance is less than $ 10, the balance is the balance); If the player account is inactive for the next six months, a monthly maintenance fee of $ 25 will be charged (or if the player's balance is less than $ 25, the funds will be used). Under this Agreement, OLG reserves the right to charge players a maximum of (i) USD 234 for unused account payments and (ii) the amount of unused funds associated with an account. 10.2 Inactive Account If a player does not complete the player initiated transaction within 24 months from the date of inactivity of the player account (ie the player has not completed the transaction), the inactive account will become inactive. 36 consecutive months with player initiated transactions). When a player's account becomes inactive, OLG first suspends the player's account and then deactivates it. When a player's account is inactive, the player cannot access or use the player's account. In accordance with the minimum payment requirements in Section 7.2 and the documentation requirements in Section 4.3, OLG transfers unused funds to the bank account linked to the player's account on the day the information is saved by iGG on iGaming. System. If no bank account is linked to the player's account or if the OLG is unable to deposit unused funds into the bank account (for example due to the bank account being closed or if the OLG needs additional information to confirm the ownership of the player), the OLG will do so. . do our best to contact players through player contact information. If OLG cannot contact a player, their account will be deactivated. If OLG does not contact a player within 24 months of the inactivity of the account, OLG may lose all unused funds. 10.3 Reactivation of inactive player accounts OLG stores inactive information in iGaming in accordance with the retention guidelines. If a player's account has become inactive and has been closed, the player can contact player support to request reactivation of the player account. When the passive account is reactivated, it will have the same account information that existed on the day the player's account became inactive. If the relevant information changes (e.g. the player's contact information), the player is solely responsible for updating that information and for complying with the terms of this Agreement. 11 Closing a player account 11.1 Closing a player account Players can contact the player support ("Close account") at any time to close their account. If the player is no longer eligible for the player's account (for example, if the player leaves Ontario or the player becomes a criminal), the player must ask the player to close the account. Once a player's account has been closed, the player will no longer be able to use the player's account until the player contacts the player's support team to request an account reopening and OLG approves the reopening. All future game transactions from a closed player account that have not yet been completed at the time of closure will be void. Even if the account is closed, OLG will retain player information in accordance with its record keeping guidelines. For more information on how the OLG stores the player's personal data, see the OLG's privacy policy and cookies. If players close their accounts and unused player funds, they must meet the minimum payment requirements set out in sections 7.2 and 4.3 at that time. OLG will return unused funds to the player's bank account linked to the player's account and OLG will keep their information with iGaming. If no bank account is linked to the player's account or if the OLG is unable to deposit unused funds into the bank account (for example due to the bank account being closed or if the OLG needs additional information to confirm the ownership of the player), the OLG will do so. . do our best to contact players through player contact information. 12 OLG will block or block player accounts at its own discretion. 12.1 Blocking of Player Accounts. OLG reserves the right to block player accounts at any time at its own discretion ("account blocking"). Without limiting the foregoing, for example only if the OLG suspects that the player is unlawfully revoking or violating this player's agreement, applicable laws, lottery rules and / or rules for creating and playing the game. Blocked Player Accounts: Players cannot log in or access player accounts; Unless the OLG decides otherwise, players cannot withdraw unused funds; all future game transactions related to suspended player accounts will be suspended and / or canceled (e.g. purchases or other financial transactions that were not made when the player's account was suspended); the player may be required to cooperate in an investigation into the work of OLG prior to suspension (including any additional documents or information requested by OLG). Failure to cooperate under Article 12.1 (d) will be considered a grave breach of this Agreement. If the OLG determines that a player has seriously violated this agreement at the time of exclusion, it can deactivate the player account in accordance with Section 12.2. 12.2 Deactivation of player accounts OLG reserves the right to deactivate player accounts at any time at its own discretion (“delete account”). If OLG deactivates a player's account, OLG will deposit an amount equal to the unused funds on the day the bank account linked to the player's account is opened (subject to the minimum payment requirements and other documentation requirements in accordance with Article 7.2), if Article 4.3. OLG saves detailed information about iGaming. If no bank account is linked to the player's account or OLG cannot deposit unused funds into the bank account (for example because the bank account is closed or OLG needs further information to confirm that the player's bank account is in possession), OLG will do everything possible to contact the player. If OLG does not contact the player, OLG will withhold unused funds until OLG receives appropriate instructions from the player or his or her legal representative on how to use these funds. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if OLG deactivates a player's account due to a serious violation by the player under this Agreement, OLG will, at its own discretion, request the payment of any or all of the unused funds. In this case, the player is not entitled to a refund of unused funds. 13 Consequences of Deactivating or Closing Player Accounts Notwithstanding the foregoing, if a player account is closed or deactivated, all scheduled games, games or purchases (including the use of the interruption (in future game events)) will be canceled. ; Players are not eligible to receive offers for new bonus funds, any existing bonus funds associated with a player account will be canceled, and players will not be eligible for canceled bonus funds. Any compensation; this contract is terminated, with the exception of the use of section 14 14.1. Supply and maintenance of equipment and services to players. Prospective players, prospective players and gamers are solely responsible for the supply and maintenance of all equipment, technology and services to which they may need access. OLG approx. For the implementation or operation of living ideas or mobile applications or OLG pos. The information provided to the player from time to time may depend on the player's computer equipment, mobile device, internet connection or other factors beyond the control of OLG. In some cases, prospective players, prospective players, or gamblers may not be able to access or use all or all parts or functions of due to equipment, technology or service provider errors. From them. For example, a slow internet connection may affect the performance or operation of, or outdated browser or computer settings may or may not display incorrectly, in whole or in part. OLG in no way guarantees the compatibility, functionality, performance or operation of or its components on potential players, potential players or player computers or other devices used to access Players may need other third party services to access (p. Players are solely responsible for all agreements and fees associated with such third party services. Players should be aware of the terms and conditions of such services before using these services. Use 14.2 Third Party Content: Players or potential players may need to download shared game software in order to use or use certain components of (e.g. certain games may require an updated Flash player or browser) Players who accept players or potential players are solely responsible for determining whether they accept these third-party terms and conditions and whether players or potential players accept such third-party products. Data to potential players or their devices that may arise from the Use or Bet rubbed by or any content, software or application, as well as loss of data provided by OLG. or on behalf of the OLG via Some paid games may be offered in conjunction with one or more other Canadian lottery jurisdictions and are offered online. Players playing this type of game can face opponents from Ontario as well as opponents from other parts of Canada. 14.3 The intellectual property rights of OLG OLG is the owner or holder of all copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights in and the iGaming system, including the content, the games and all written communications mentioned. OLG transfers or on behalf of OLG to players or potential players (collectively "OLG intellectual property rights"). It is assumed that no player or potential player has acquired or acquired any rights or rights to intellectual property rights from OLG, unless these terms are expressly mentioned and accepted in the terms of these agreements. 14.4. Access to or use of in the event of virus, theft and other violations is strictly prohibited, except in accordance with the terms of this agreement. Potential players or players are prohibited from: Intentionally or unintentionally introducing viruses, Trojans, worms, logic bombs or other material that could damage or technically damage, or allow to be recorded or recorded; iGaming system, any game, or any of the above components; Access to, iGaming, any game or component of an older component that you do not have permission to access or are attempting to access, including, iGaming or any game where the server saves or connects to OLG . ca, iGaming or a server, computer or database for each game. The above restrictions include attempts to bypass the security mechanisms of, iGaming systems or games, including mechanisms to protect players' personal data; use artificial intelligence software (such as robots) at OLG's discretion to interact with players. Participation in the game; in the event of a stroke or an extensive stroke, alone or together with others, to attack; Translation, design, design, distribution, presentation, design or design of a single design; копировать, разглашать (например, размещать в любых социальных сетях, блогах, досках объявлений или других публичных форумах) публиковать или иным образом предоставлять, удалять или изменять любой контент или материалы, предоставленные на или через OLG. Work; или любое уведомление OLG об интеллектуальной собственности (включая уведомления об авторских правах или товарных знаках) содержащееся в содержании или материалах, предоставленных или, было удалено, скрыто или изменено. The unpublished filing of Razdela 14.4 will be a serious filing of the latest filings. The average size of 14.4 is the number of OLGs that can be used (depending on size). 14.5 Сговор, мошенничество, обман и всем игрокам запрещается участвовать в любой, что другой игрок участвует в любой форме заговора, мошенничества, обмана или преступной деятельности или иным образом используетпреимуществе, включая регистрацию учетной записи игрока. Find a tool in OLG to share or share the credit of the "playgroup". In this case only in the first prime: through the possibility of a sanctioned credit facility; Performance details exclude dengue; К необоснованным преимуществам относятся использование программного обеспечения, которое может дать игрокам необоснованные преимущества (включая только "ботов, искусственный интеллект, программное обеспечение для машинного обучения, вредоносный код, программное обеспечение для анализа выносливости, программное обеспечение для автоматических ставок, вирусы, черви или вредоносное ПО ); к необоснованным преимуществам относятся. OLG about Оперативные (включая все игры) ошибки, лазейки или ошибки в программном обеспечении или использование, координация онлайн-ставок на спорт включает в себя любое из: доступ к закрытой / эксклюзивной информации, связанной с событием, или возможность определять результат или тип влияния Ставка , имеющее отношение к событию, для каждого контролируемого события, соответствующий офис управления событием имеет достаточные полномочия, чтобы повлиять на исход события (ограничивается спортсменами, тренерами, менеджерами и владельцем PR); т); Power state ельцем Офиса по управлению неравенством или группой, контролируемой Управляющей компанией, или в любой деятельности, в которой участвуют члены Управляющей компании, или в определении ставок на любое событие. Каждый игрок заявляет и гарантирует OLG, что он будет уважать и соблюдать положения пункта 5, что он будет уважать и соблюдать положения пункта 5 (натятьсть 5 (ия) йтать будет уважать и соблюдать положения пункта 5 (натятьсить 5, Статить будет) OLG приложит все усилия для выявления и предотвращения координации, мошенничества, обмана или преступной деятельности такого игрока или несправедливого, но если такая деятельность произойдет и другим игрокамOLG будет нести ответственность за такую деятельность. договор, мошенничество, обман или преступная деятельность. Никакой ответственности за такуюпотерю или повреждение. Каждый игрок заявляет и гарантирует OLG, что он будет уважать и соблюдать положения пункта 5, что он будет уважать и соблюдать положения пункта 5 (натятьсть 5 (ия) йтать будет уважать и соблюдать положения пункта 5 (натятьсить 5, Статить будет) OLG имеет try Sort all three pages. Или любой игрок получает фактическую или, мошенничество, обман или преступную де ятельность, включая соответствующие правоохранительные органы и другие назначенные OLG третьи стороны, в зависимости от обстоятельств (например, полиция AGCO Платежные системы OLG, организаторы мероприятий)., Другие операторы / поставщики портивных пидидититикити 15 Ошибки доступность и 15.1 Ошибки В OLG принимает ставки OLG, пари или покупки или призы, призы, депозиты OLG на счета игроков икоков или обаетатыв ". . Только примеры могут включать: OLG в любом случае из-за очевидных ошибок или упущений при вводе данных, искажения правил лотереи, правил выплат или условий бонусного фонда; из-за ручных или компьютерных ошибок OLG зарегистрируется в учетной записи игрока, что увелибоки o сумма, внесенная OLG на банковский счет игрока, превышает сумму неиспользованных средств на игрока; o Sports Online sports that can be selected for voting and / or advertising. What's the score; or what game can be used to display results; если OLG принимает базовые ставки с ложной информацией, предоставленной OLG включая, помимо прочего, ошибочные результаты, участников, места, даты, время, линии или коэффициенты; which OLG distributes results or output files; o If OLG recommends that the game is Overriden, it can be placed under the name:) Version 14.5 OLG serves the purpose of eliminating scams on the screen. The evaluations of the OLG are conciliatory and informative. Sm. Also share 16.3. OLG или ее сотрудники, агенты или поставщики услуг не несут ответственности за, понесенные игроками в результате таких ошибок, включая упущенную прибыль, которую игроки потеряли в результате таких ошибок. When the user logs in, it will be displayed on the screen or displayed on the screen. Если OLG выплачивает деньги игроку из-за ошибки или в связи с ошибкой (например, посредством обработки платежа) считается, что игрок имеет деньги от имени OLG OLG и имеет право оставить деньги себе. Game account. If you run into any problems, you can get rid of them right away. If you can't find the link below, you'll be asked to upload it. В случае неисправности человек немедленно встретится с ниминструGенно Если ошибка приводит к зачислению средств на счет (сумма кредита - "ложные средства") любые последующие ставки, ставки или покупки, связанные с игрой OLG могут считаться совершенными с неправильными средствами и (i) OLG может аннулировать такие ставки, ставки или покупки, и (ii)) если призы были зачислены на счет игрока или, плачены или, призым призы OLG и (iii) когда OLG запрашивает возврат таких призов, игроки немедленно возвращают призутивает возврат таких призов, игроки немедленно возвращают призутивинмивинитививив сотивив соки немедленно возвращают15.2OLG стремится предоставлять 24 часа в сутки, 7 дней в неделю. One of the reasons why you should indicate or indicate the distance ("time to create") is because the number you have is one or the other. . . In this case, the selection of necrotic or all functions can be cumbersome. Exclusively for the first prime number: You have the following options: OLG results can be used to balance credit balances; unspecified resources; ояться; or promote the story of the game. OLG приложит разумные усилия, чтобы уведомить игроков о запланированном простое, разумные, разумные усилия, пазмим поразмимое, разумные, разумные юразмим кул гил гилидеразмим кум поразмим поразмим кум поразмим кум пазмим кум поразмим поразмим кул поразмим кум пазмим кум кум гилидем пазмиделя. Однако может оказаться невозможным предупредить игрока до простоя, даже в ситуациях, не зависящих от OLG (например, отключение электроэнергии) или если простой считается необходимым из-за потенциальной или фактической угрозы или уязвимости безопасности. address. The number of key suggestions on the list that doesn't apply to any cucumber is the same. Например, если игроки не могут получить доступ к своим, они не будут обязаны снимать их, или если их бонусные средства истекли в течение. 16. Creation of a successful game submission 16.1. Неспособность потенциального игрока или игрока соблюдать или иным (фактическим или доказанным). сообщать о нарушениях, и если такие нарушения носят исправимый характер, в разумные сроки (как определено OLG) потенциальные игроки или игроки могут исправить нарушение в. Period. Если нарушение не устраивает OLG, нарушение будет считаться существенным нарушением настоящего Согля. 16.2 Серьезные нарушения Если потенциальный игрок или игрок не-либо из условий настоящего Соглашения и OLG считает, что такие нарушения являются или считаются существенными нарушениями, в дополнение к другим правам и правилам OLG. В этом Соглашении OLG может определять одно или несколько из следующих средств. является игроком, который поддерживает контакт на условиях, чтобы объяснить, может ли такая связанная информация и документы, которые могут быть предоставлены как OLG, запрашивать игру; единственная третья сторона, осведомленная о том, что OLG применяет по своему усмотрению в соответствии с установленными условиями, включая органы по контролю влажности, другие сторонние органы по уходу и другие сторонние органы по уходу и другие третьи стороны (byvoorbeekers of enwerkers en anderiks en anderiks en anderiks) удерживается в объеме, необходимом для компенсации фактической и / или потенциальной потери OLG и 16.3 Если иное не предусмотрено Правилами лотереи. не оспаривается deur'n speler med parent til enigde weddenska'n a weddenska'n a bryllup, spil, включая udslag af pah spil, Wees ikke. в случае игры с оплатой за игру, более чем через 30 дней с даты окончания игры, OLG будет видеть записи, хранящиеся в iGaming (см. OLG для мэйнфреймов, лотереи на основе онлайн-игр, например слов, сыгранных в сети ), финал должен иметь возможность определять правила и условия участвующего игрока и результат участия в этой игре. die uitslag wat op 'n Spill появляется и умирает соответствующими операторами игры (и / или компьютерным управлением OLG онлайн, в случае лотерейных игр, основанных на пеших прогулках, слово, играемое онлайн), система играла на своем центральном управляющем компьютере онлайн в в случае лотерейных игр, основанных на походах, таких как онлайн) для продажи. в соответствии с 18.1.'n Упомянутый выше Player of'n Player также может связаться с AGCO (OLG, см. регулируется), используя контактную информацию в разделе Licept в качестве ограничения приема. 18.2. -Regole del gioco, responsabità Massima di OLG (inclusi, ma non limitati nella Misura application, OLG, fornitori di vizizi di OLG, subappaltatori, dipendenti, uomini e Assegnatari), semper soggetta alla Sezione 17.2, nei confronti di un потенциально случай передачи всего импорта с не регулируется Соглашением о меньшинстве: относительная важность отношений и относительный характер отношений, приобретение, объявление отношений с Hanno Dato Luogo alla relativa presunta responsabilità ; для целей настоящего Регламента были внесены поправки в соответствующие положения Статута Генерального правительства Нидерландов; и импорт на общую сумму 1000 долларов США в виде импорта из других стран, включая использование производных от соответствующей части OLG или квази-службы OLG Сообщества и государств-членов OLG в случае OLG 17.2. Использовать ансвар OLG или Центральную компьютерную систему OLG, основанную на системе онлайн-лотереи; посетите, систему iGaming (и / или центральную компьютерную онлайн-систему OLG, которая основана на онлайн-лотерее, разливы происходят онлайн) для получения правильного или овердрафта; удаление лица-усилителя или усилителя, включая использование OLG или преобразование производительности OLG в отдельную программу, приводы OLG или замену производительности OLG; (ii); (iii) indskudsgrænser; (iv) финансовые ограничения и бюджеты; (v) напоминания о времени игры; (vi) инструменты самооценки или профили рисков; неспособность OLG или любого из поставщиков услуг OLG: (i) обработать или зарегистрировать покупку; (ii) обрабатывать, получать или фиксировать оплату билета; (iii) отображать точное подтверждение покупки в игровой учетной записи такого человека; or (iv) otherwise complete a transaction (including, without limitation, a Future Game Transaction); or any wager or tip erroneously or unintentionally made by a Player. For greater certainty, a Prospective Player or a Player shall not have the right to claim damages under or in connection with or this Agreement or for breach of this Agreement by OLG, in tort, in contract or on any basis whatsoever to the extent that any loss claimed by the Prospective Player or the Player is: for punitive, exemplary or aggravated damages; for loss of profits, loss of chance, loss of use, loss of production, loss of business or loss of business opportunity, including (but not limited to) loss of data, profits, revenue, goodwill, reputation or business interruption; a claim for consequential loss or for indirect loss of any nature suffered or allegedly suffered by the Prospective Player or the Player; or not reasonably foreseeable by OLG arising out of this Agreement or the use of OLG .ca. will be operated with reasonable skill and care substantially as described in this Agreement. OLG does not make any other promise, representation or warranty regarding or any of the Games or other products or services that are made available on or through, and except as specifically included in this Agreement, OLG hereby disclaims all warranties regarding the foregoing, whether express, implied or statutory, including all implied warranties in respect of the same. Prospective Players and Players acknowledge and agree that, by accepting the terms and conditions of this Agreement, they do not rely on, and shall have no remedy in respect of, any statement, representation, warranty or understanding of any person, other than those of OLG which are included in (or expressly incorporated by reference into) this Agreement. 18 Contacts 18.1 Contacting OLG A Prospective Player or a Player may contact OLG's Player Support at any time as follows: by using real-time chat, available through; by e-mail, OLG will endeavour to respond to e-mails within one Business Day. If the e-mail address from which OLG receives a message does not correspond to the e-mail address that is included in the Player Contact Information that is associated with your Player Account, OLG will not provide any information relating to your Player Account when responding to your e-mail. In such circumstances, you may be requested or required to contact OLG by using real-time chat or by telephone; or by telephone, 1 (855) 978 7529 18.2 Contacting AGCO OLG is regulated by the AGCO. A Prospective Player or a Player may contact the AGCO regarding any aspect of as follows: Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario

90 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite 200

Toronto, Ontario M2N 0A4

Tel: 1 (416) 326 8700 or 1 (800) 522 2876 (toll free in Ontario) 18.3 Contacting a Player OLG, or anyone acting on behalf of OLG, shall be entitled to contact a Player with respect to a ny matter contemplated in this Agreement by using any of the Player Contact Details (including by way of email or telephone). OLG's other communications with a Player or a Prospective Player will be subject to the terms and conditions of the OLG Internet Gaming Privacy and Cookie Policy. 19 General Provisions 19.1 For purposes of this Agreement, unless otherwise stated: “day” means a day of the week commencing at 12:00:00 AM and ending at 11:59:59 PM; “week” means the seven-day period commencing on Monday at 12:00:00 AM and ending on Sunday at 11:59:59 PM; “month” means a calendar month; all times are expressed in Eastern Time; all monetary amounts are references to lawful currency of Canada (ie, Canadian dollars); and “including” is deemed to mean “including without limitation” and shall not be deemed limited by the specific enumeration of items; words importing the singular shall include the plural and vice versa and words importing one gender shall include all genders unless context otherwise requires; 19.2 This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of Ontario and the federal laws of Canada applicable therein. 19.3 Each provision of this Agreement shall be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law. If any provision of this Agreement is declared invalid, unenforceable or illegal by a court of competent jurisdiction, such provision may be severed and such invalidity, unenforceability or illegality shall not prejudice or affect the validity, enforceability and legality of the remaining provisions of this Agreement. EFFECTIVE DATE: October 27th, 2021 By checking this box, you are confirming you have read, understand and agree to be bound by the updated terms and conditions of the Player Agreement – Terms and Conditions of Use for Login Cancel Confirm your information Please confirm that the details in the "Account Information" section of your profile is accurate and complete, and that you wi ll continue to keep this information up-to-date. I Confirm

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