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25 februarie 2021

Promote website with 100.000 visitors to your website in one hour

how to get 100,000 visitors in just one hour. Promote website Now. Let's start with talking about why our Fortune 100 companies hiding their secret traffic sources from you. Well, the truth is That's what everyone thinks is going on. You see to get massive traffic on the internet. You just need to know what the latest Mass traffic sources are on the internet sources of the top Fortune 100 companies are using but are not talking about and that's exactly what you're going to discover right now . training course the latest Mass traffic Source on the internet that many of the top companies are using is called and you're about to discover how to Leverage The Secret traffic source to give you endless amounts of targeted traffic in any country/ how to get 100,000 visitors in just one hour now that you know that ad flies a latest Mass trap. Source for the top Fortune 100 companies it's time that you discover how to set up this secret traffic source for yourself right now so that you can get 100,000 visitors in just one hour to your website your affiliate link your Facebook page or any other place online that you want. Let's begin so to get started. All you have to do is go to your browser and type in ly and then you'll land on now. This is going to be the secret traffic source that you're going to discover how you can use throughout this video. Meaning to get 100,000 visitors in just one hour. Sometimes it's much less. It can be even 15 to 30 minutes. So to give just an overview of what adfly is it's very simple for people that usually post links on their Facebook or on our Twitter on the blog if they have a very long link, they can actually come here and type in their long link and then shrink it now when they shrink it you can see the adfly link down here where it says example URL for Google the adfly Think would be princess A D dot or ADF.l y Let's say Facebook pages or any place like that. They just click on them. So when somebody clicks on let's say a link that was generated on adfly. Then what happens is that there is an ad which can be a website that is displayed between the time somebody clicks this link to actually getting to their final destination. So the best way to understand this is to actually just see a sample. So let me go ahead and show you if you created a link for Google or somebody created a link for Google and this would be the link then when somebody clicks on that link just to show you an intermediate page pops up. Now for this Advertiser someone actually just made a page that has a big button that says download because their goal is to probably just get someone to click on this link to take them to you know, some other website. So the way it works is that You can see adfly has bar up here at the top and it counted down from five seconds. And when it counts down from Five Seconds the person that is trying to get to the Final Destination can then hit skip ad and it will just take them away from this advertisement to wherever they're trying to land now just to give you an idea as far as the vast amount of traffic that you can get from adfly. There are millions of people creating links on adfly every single day and there are tens of millions of people clicking on the actual link so you can get literally an unlimited amount of traffic on adfly and you can get it for an extremely reasonable rate just because there is so much Supply that's out there. So this is what's going to happen is let's say you have a website or you have a Facebook page somewhere where you're trying to get more traffic and promote website when you sign up as an Advertiser, which I'll show how to do in just a moment. You're going to put in your website link and that is going to be this intermediate page that actually shows up. So let's go ahead and jump back over. add fly and to get started. All you have to do is click on join now. Now you don't have to worry about coming here to shorten links unless you want to what I'm because that's not going to help you get traffic. What's going to help you get traffic is actually being an Advertiser. So you want to hit join now and then it's going to walk you through the steps to actually sign up now. You just want Simply put in your name your email re-type your email put in username a password and then for an account type, there's two account types. You can be a link shrinker, which I just showed you you can actually create shortened URLs and then you can be an Advertiser now an Advertiser is again how you're going to get traffic using adfly. So this is exactly what you need to actually get upsetting or get setup using this traffic source to get endless amounts of targeted traffic. So now that you go through and get your account set up then let's go ahead and move on to video 3 of 7 where I talked about the three deadly sins that you must know that will kill all of your traffic campaigns before you even get started.

 Have seven for this video training course on how to get 100,000 visitors in just one hour now that you know how to set up an ad fly count as an Advertiser so that you can tap into an unlimited amount of traffic. Let's discuss the three deadly sins that you must know that will kill all of your traffic campaigns before you even get started deadly send number one is being afraid to spend money to make money. Now, you see most people who are trying to generate more traffic on the internet are just afraid to spend money they limit Themselves to spending countless hours experimenting with free traffic sources such as writing articles posting and forms updating their statuses on Facebook only to get maybe a few hundred visitors that don't even take action. Now if you want to get serious amounts of traffic on the internet, you have to spend money deadly sin. Number two is throwing money at the wall without a plan in place. Now. These are the people that are the polar opposite from deadly sin. Number one they have money and Not afraid to spend it. So they just create new traffic campaign after new traffic campaign only just throwing money at the wall without a proper plan in place now in order to succeed and make money with new paid traffic sources, like adfly. You must have a proper plan in place before creating your campaign. For example. Do you want to get more fans on your Facebook page or promote your website? Do you want to get more leads in your autoresponder? Do you want to get more sales as an affiliate for product? Or maybe you want to get more? Sales for your own product or your own website just make sure that you know what your goal is going to be before throwing up a campaign. Otherwise, you're just going to waste your money and deadly sin number three is not having proper optimization software. Now the best landing pages to send traffic to on which you'll see in video 3 can be optimized using heat mapping software, which you'll see in video 6 to dramatically increase the responsiveness from All of the visitors that we'll be seeing your landing pages. Now, if you don't have the proper optimization software in place, then you're just going be leaving a lot of money on the table. So now that you know, the three deadly sins to avoid continue on to video 4 of 7 in this video training course where you'll discover what types of products and squeeze Pages work best on adfly. I'll see you there. Hi there and welcome to video 4 of for this video training course on how topromote website and  get 100,000 visitors in just one hour now it's time to discover. Over what type of products in squeeze Pages work best on this is easier than you can imagine. Let me show you all right to get started. You simply want to open up your browser and then just type in Why now, once you type that in you're going to lay it on adfly now, this is again where you're going to get your 100,000 visitors in an hour or under it's usually under an hour. But before you actually create your Campaign, which you're going to see in the next video how to create your campaign from start to finish I want Understand that if you actually type in a URL here, let's say and hit shrink is going to give you a link. And if you go to that link, you will actually see how all of this works. So when you go to that link before somebody gets to their final destination, let's say in this case. It'd be a page is going to show up for five seconds. And then the the person's trying to get to they have to actually click a link to just skip past that page now. They're usually going to stay on your for longer than five seconds. Sometimes it's up to a minute, especially if you have a very compelling page with that so either a product or a squeeze page. So anyway, that's how it works. Now if you want to see what's already people are already doing which I usually recommend starting with go to this link yourself. And then in A New You Know Tab in your browser and just keep hitting Refresh on that link and seeing what type of pages show up. So that's where you can get started. Now if you want skip past what everyone else is doing, which that's usually what they're doing. Everyone likes to try to copy each other if you want to try to do something a little different. To show you right now what types of products work to actually promote on adfly and what type of squeeze Pages work to use on ADD flight actually build a list. So anyway, let's go ahead and start with squeeze pages. So if you don't already have a squeeze page, then you can go to a website that I highly recommend called themeforest now to get here. You just simply go to dotnet Rest now once you're here you can this is where you can actually buy existing squeeze pages on extremely cheap that are there. They're usually really high quality. Then you have to know a little bit about how to configure the pages, but they usually have step by step directions for you, which is fantastic. So let's go ahead and go to marketing and then you want to choose landing pages because these are going to be pages that are just one very simple page where usually the primary action is to get someone to buy something or put in their email. So again, the this first thing that we're going be talking about is what type of squeeze Pages work best on adfly. So when you come here you Just want to sort by sales. So that way you can actually see what sweet wet landing pages base a landing page. I call them squeeze pages, but in some a lot of people come lot of different things but so landing page or squeeze page same thing. So once you come here, then you'll see that there are some like let's say this one where just there notice it's showing you a snapshot of what the page looks like.

And this is what it will look like if you buy it and then they'll give you'll get all the files and even the instructions on What to do to customize this page for yourself now, this one doesn't have an anywhere for someone to put in an email which is kind of bad because if you're wanting to you know build a list and you want to find a page where you can put in an email, so you just want scroll through here and then look at a few of them to see which one would have an email and this one for instance. Let's go ahead and click on this one's called Lista and you can look at screenshots to see actually what it looks like and clearly this one you can see As the ability to collect someone's name and email. So this is page that would already be all created for you. And all you would have to do is just, you know can go in and change some of the code which again they usually all have instructions on how to do that. So I'm not going to show you to do that in this video because this video could turn into hours. So I just recommend whenever you go to a place like the enforce and you download the these these already done for you Pages go ahead and look at the instructions because they're going to explain how to configure their Pages bar better than I would. Good. So anyway, this page even has an option where you can have a video which is great because you can have a video the place and you could collect a name and email. So that would be integrate squeeze page that would work. If you're if you don't have you know, an existing squeeze page you're trying to send traffic to so again, you just all you have to do is come to and then you'll have this option to come through and look at all these different squeeze pages. So that is where to get started. If you don't already have one for yourself. Now the next thing I want to talk about is what Products work best on the traffic source adfly. So for that you actually want to go to a website called ClickBank if you're not familiar with ClickBank, it's a massive Online Marketplace where people have digital products that they sell and they're very reasonably priced and it ranges from anything from how to make money on the internet too. You know how to save money on your electric bills all kinds of they're usually information products. So what you want to do is sign up as an affiliate if you don't already have an affiliate, Account now the reason you need to be an affiliate because the way this works is that you first get an affiliate account its free and I'll show you how to do it just click on sign up and then it's going to take you through the steps and then make sure you put in all your information because ClickBank is actually going to pay you out on every sale that you make on a product as an affiliate. So when you get down on this form, you'll see there's one area called account nickname. Make sure that you remember this account nickname because you're going to use this in a minute, which you'll see. Whenever you choose a product to promote as an affiliate, so let's say let's say your account nickname would be TomTom One Two Three make sure you copy that and save it because you're going to again use it later. So once you sign up for you an affiliate account and you want to find out what type of product you can promote on this traffic Source will say that's adfly then you would click on Marketplace at the very top and it's going to take you to the marketplace you can see all of the products that you can promote is an affiliate and make money. So you look on the left and there's all these categories here. Here now. Most people would be overwhelmed about where to start. Well, I'll tell you right now adfly is very general traffic its mass traffic from all over the world. So you want to find products that appeal to everybody so looking at like a betting systems product is probably not going to make you very much money, but I'll tell you right now the two categories that will make you some money off of that by traffic is one called E-Business any marketing. This is categories all about making money online and then the other category would be health. Fitness because you know everyone almost everyone wants to make money online almost everyone wants to get in better shape. So those two categories is what your main focus could be. So let's go ahead and click on E-Business any marketing and just to show you when you come here. There is two thousand six hundred and sixty-one products here on the marketplace. That's a lot of products and can be overwhelming and most people they'll come here and they'll just click on one of the top ones not even looking at it not even reading all these numbers just assuming that it has the best product there is and I'll tell you it's usually We not because the first thing you want to focus on is you want to look at the initial dollar per sale. Now you the reason want to look at that is because the lower this price point is the easier it is the easier. It's going to be for you to make a sale especially off a traffic like adfly. So you want to find one that's usually really low usually like under $30 is good. But then you also want to make sure that the average sale is a lot higher than in the initial sale going repeat that you want to find a product on here where the initial Sale is low. But the average sale is high because that means that that product the person has that product probably has some kind of upsells in place are they the product might be monthly recurring it's going to make you more money over time as an affiliate on autopilot. So if you scroll down you just want to really analyze these numbers. So first off. I always like to choose a product where the average sales over $100 because it's just going to be more money in your bank account. So you just want to kind of filter through that really quick by scrolling down and trying to find a Duct where it's over $100 nothing on page one. So then you go to page to scroll down still nothing nothing nothing and also something else I want to mention is look at the number Facebook likes if there's a lot of Facebook likes and that means that the products probably going to be really popular and a lot of people are going to like it so scroll down you see everyone's like 20 70 80 product, you know, 80 Facebook likes and 341 now, here's a product.

It's over $100 hundred and it's actually sixty-seven. Again, this is how much money you're going to make as an affiliate. Now, if you look the initial sale, it's under $30. It's actually 26. So this means it's going to be really easy to get people to buy this product and then you can even see that there are 10,000 people that like this on Facebook quite a bit more than all the others. So anyway, what you would do is you would take this product and you would simply hit promote now once you do that, it's thing going to pop up a box on your screen and it's going to ask for your account nickname now notice the account nickname here is That that I use theoretically would be TomTom One Two Three you would put that in and hit create then it's going to give you a very long ugly link. Don't worry about how ugly it looks because all you want to do is highlight it copy it and in just save it because then in the next video, which you'll see in just a minute is how to create your first 100,000 visitor traffic campaign from start to finish. Now what's going to happen is if you do something like this, like if you don't have an existing product or you're not building a less yourself you want to find a product again that Going to the has a good reputation on a place like ClickBank. It's been around for a while that it has a low initial sale has a really high average sale and then you just you send traffic to that site and then see if you're going to make some money. Now. If you drop making money off of it, then just try another product is no big deal. So highlight that copy it and that's all there is to to this and knowing what type of product to promote now if you actually want find this product if you let's see if you hit up remote You can see this product where it says if promote products for em Society. I'll just copy that and show you if you scroll up when you're on the marketplace you can actually wear it says Fine product just Puttin em Society if you want to follow along this video and there it is right here. So if you just want to you know, find out where it is, that's how you find it. And so that's all there is to finding out what types of products promote and again, it doesn't have to be this product. It can be any product as long as it usually has to do with making money online. which this one was and also the products that are about like Health Fitness weight loss and so forth because again all the traffic that you're going be getting off of advertise an Advertiser is going to be very general traffic that's going to be people from all over the world and you just have to get out there and just try a bunch of things and see what works now I recommend, you know, you hate your you either build your own list, if you want to go through all the steps of doing that and again, if you want to build your own list, you have to come to a site like themeforest and then you need to download download a landing page one that you like and you need to follow the instructions and you actually have to configure that page. You need to create a server. You need to get a domain name. You have to go through a lot of steps to build a list, but that's what you want to do. Then. That's how you do it. And this is where you can find the best squeeze pages that work best on a sources like adfly or you want to skip all that and again if you just want to find a product that already exists out there and you just want to try and make money as an affiliate. This is a great way to get started just know to always find products. Has a low initial sale under $30 and then has a high average sale usually over a hundred and usually has a lot of Facebook likes because you know, it's a reputable product and then that's going to it's just going to be money in your bank. So that's all there is to this video have knowing what types of products promote in squeeze Pages work best on adfly and then just simply move on to the next video and I'll walk you through how to create your first 100,000 visitor traffic campaign from start to finish. I'll see you there. Hi there and welcome to video 5 zip or this video training course on how to get 100,000 visitors in just one hour in this video. You'll discover how to create your first 100,000 visitor traffic campaign from start to finish. Let's Dive Right In. So the first step is actually to log into your adfly account and to get to this page. All you have to do is go to Why and once you're here you simply log in if you don't already have an account go back and watch video to in this video series and for this course and you'll see exactly how to sign up for an account and of an account to sign up for now. Once you are logged in first off. I want to point out the very top right there's going to be two areas of publisher area and an Advertiser area you want to make sure you're in the advertiser area because again, you're going to be an Advertiser because that's your goal is to get a hundred thousand visitors to within an hour to a link whether it be your own or an affiliate link and so forth. So you want to make sure you're an Advertiser. So once you're an Advertiser account, you simply scroll down and then you can see previous campaigns that you created you can see I had one A pain that I actually created not too long ago. And for this campaign alone, I actually bought seven hundred and fifty thousand visitors and I'll tell you this was actually delivered in just under 48 Hours came through incredibly fast. So 750 thousand visitors cost $600. Now if you are new to buying advertising online, this might just blow your mind that you know, six hundred dollars is a lot of money and it can be for anybody that's new in to paid advertising, but I'll tell you if you know what you're doing and you know how to get a good return on your Man, this is a bargain of a lifetime just to show you what I mean.

Is that for this campaign? For instance? I bought seven hundred fifty thousand visitors spent $600. This is worldwide traffic, which we'll get to in just a moment. So my CPM was 80 cents that means for every 1,000 people actually saw and landed on my website. I paid 80 cents and out of that 750,000. I converted 3741 people what that means is that I actually was sending people to a lead generation page where it was just literally Lee a landing page in a squeeze page like I showed you and talked about in the previous video in video 4 in the series in if you aren't familiar with squeeze pages and landing pages go back and watch video for and you'll see what I mean. But all I all it was was just a page talking about if you want to lose weight online and or if you want to lose weight put in your email address and you'll be notified of new offers and opportunities. So with that you can see if I take a calculator and take $600. Divide that by 3741 that broke down to I only paid 16 cents for every name and email address. I got from someone that's interested in losing weight and they want to be emailed about products and opportunities. So that is the cheapest you're ever going to spend for a lead anywhere on the internet and you just have to have enough time and a budget to be able to spin and optimizing traffic like this. So you're probably not going to see this type of you know, no one's going to be revealing their type of numbers like this anywhere outside of this program. So this is kind just a little added bonus. I just want to show you what is possible. But let's go ahead and get back down to to the the core focus of this program is to get now 750 thousand visitors, but a hundred thousand visitors in under an hour. So to do that. All you have to do is go to the very top and create campaign. Now when you click on that, there's going to be two different types of campaigns. You can create One's called interstitial advertising one is called leader board Banner advertising. I'm going to tell you right now do not go with the leaderboard Banner advertising. You're just going to blow your money because all that is is you would have to be uploading a banner and you're just hoping someone's going to click on your banner instead of that interstitial advertising means that you are going to have your website or whatever link that you tell add flied to show up. Someone's actually going to look at your page for at least 5 seconds before they get to their final destination and it's up to Them how long they want to view your page when they're done looking at your page and they click on a button called skip ad and it goes past your page, but does he have at least five seconds to get their attention? So if you key it just look through this right here. This is the the criteria that these people are going to have to be able to see your ad. So you're going actually get unique visitors within 24 hour time frame. They will have JavaScript enabled they will have cookies enabled they will have flash enabled and they must have your website for least 5 seconds. And then if we scroll down little further where you actually create your campaign, so you scroll down and choose what type of traffic that you want to get. Now most people that are oblivious this type of advertising they'll come here and then they will just look for the cheapest they can buy so they would say 40 cents for every thousand people see their site that's cheap, right? Yeah, it's cheap. So I'll tell you even when I first got started with adfly and I start testing out their traffic. I bought a hundred thousand visitors with this proxy traffic deal and it was the worst traffic I've ever seen. In it took days after days to get my hundred thousand visitors. It just there wasn't a lot available and a lot of people just weren't and they were going through proxy servers So Not only was is taking forever for me to get a hundred thousand visitors, but not all of them were even unique people. So anyway, you want to focus on just quality traffic and I'll tell you right now if you are trying to it doesn't matter where in the world people are then I would go with the worldwide deal. That's what I personally go. Whenever I'm buying traffic on adfly and it converts extremely well, especially for the price for instance. If you bought a hundred thousand visitors here with the worldwide deal. It's only 80 cents. If you bought a hundred thousand visitors with United States or United Kingdom traffic, it's going be $400 huge price increase and I'll tell you also if you actually go through here and try to buy traffic for a very specific country because I'll say you have a very specific offer or a landing page or squeeze page or sending traffic to it. It's still going take a while for you to get you're not going to get your hundred thousand visitors and under an hour. The only way you're going to be able to get traffic that fast in really targeted is going to be the worldwide deal. So even when says High availability that that means that you will get it fast, you'll probably even get your hundred thousand visitors and under 15 minutes. If you if you set it to be just deliver as fast as you want it, so to do that, all you have to do is first as purchase and there's a little K. You just put in 100 because you want 100,000. You can see it's going to light up green and if you scroll all the way to the bottom, you can see you can buy traffic for literally every country can imagine if you're doing if you're really big into internet marketing in affiliate marketing you understand like CPA offers and stuff. You could find CPA offers that are targeted to like Malaysia and and try traffic, you know for a Malaysia offer only for Malaysia traffic and see how it works so experiment with it if you have a budget to do so, but if you just want to Dive Right In and get a hundred thousand visitors really quickly.

And just get a lot of attention and traction to whatever site you're going for. This is how you do it. So anyway, once you get all the way the bottom before you click to enter your website details, I just want to point out to pay attention to all these bolt points at the bottom because all these bullet points are what they do not once you to have on your website for instance, you can have I'm going to go through this wall points just you know, you can't have a frame breaking script which means you know, you can't have some kind of script that's that's going to you know it. Framed offers and things like that. You cannot pop up window. So if someone tries to leave this your site for any reason if there's a pop-up in place, they're not going to allow that they're not going to allow websites automatically attempt to download software change user settings or dull or pornography related material hate, you know, whereas or software piracy or anything. I mean, it's really it's really obvious as far as you know what not to have so I'm going to assume like 99.99% of the those You that are watching this are going to abide by these terms and if you try to break these terms, I mean, you're just not going going to get anything approved. So anyway, once you understand that your final destination or not, your final destination the site you're trying to advertise is compliant with all that then all you have to do is click on enter your website details, then it's going to take you through you can choose previous websites. If you already had websites, you know, you you've done in the past, but for this one we can just go ahead and type in let's say lead generation. And for the website URL you to put in whatever website URL you want but in your budget and for max daily budget, I always like to put in 0 because you're going to get traffic as fast as you can imagine and you just hit I agree to terms conditions and then you're going go through and actually choose your payment method. So I'm going go ahead and process process everything for this campaign just so we can go ahead and see how fast the traffic comes in. So I'm going to pause video and then come back once everything is He filled out and completed and processed. All right, everything is processed. So I am going to scroll down and my adfly count you can see this is the new campaign that I created called lead generation. Now the traffic already started coming in. I just hit well over here on the status where it says active if I click on this I can pause the traffic it was paused so that way I could sink this up with the video. But as soon as I clicked it to make it active the traffic's are coming in. So just to show you why I'm walking you through all this. This I'm just going to hit start on this online stopwatch. you can see how fast this traffic really does come. So it's a 24 right now. I'm going to refresh my page. And then now you can see it's already at 201 now where it says the conversions I actually did not put in the conversion script because they give you a tracking code and you can actually put that tracking code in after someone fills out. Like let's say you're a lead generation page. I didn't put that in just because I wanted to get this active immediately so that way can just see the traffic coming in because well after all this is this whole training tutorial is all about getting 100,000 visitors for your traffic campaign in under an hour. So again, I'm going to hit refresh now. It's at 3:15 now to just show you something that's even more fun is that I did install a Google analytics tracking code on the actual page that I'm sending this traffic to and just to jump over at my Google analytics account. You can see I have the I'm on the real-time beta page right now where it's basically showing you how many visitors are on your site and you can actually see that the source is adfly of course because I'm actually I turned on the traffic from adfly and you know, I'm not I'm just talking as I'm letting all this run right now, so I don't have to do anything to have these visitors keep coming in then over on the right where you see the active page. These are all the various pages that I'm having the traffic sent to because the way I actually set it up for this. Has is and I'm sending traffic to a rotator script where it wrote like it rotates through, you know different ways to get people to put in their and their name and email anything from like want to make money online putting your email one them lose weight, you know put in your email, you know, things like that. So anyway, that's why you see a bunch of different pages. But for you if you were actually put an analytics tracking code on your, you know, individual page then you know, you would only just see the one active page. But my rotator is working properly because it's actually rotating across all the pages pretty evenly. So anyway, you can see this is really cool Google analytics because you can see you know, when I just started this less than 5 minutes ago. There was Zero visitors and then just to show you I mean this is as real time as it gets and there isn't really anybody else out there that teaches you how to get traffic on the internet that's going to show you real time data like this because frankly it's really difficult to find secret traffic sources like adfly.

And being able to do it successfully. So anyway, I just wanted to I'm going to leave this running just you can see how crazy this is really going to get. I mean, it's just getting started you can see, you know is visitors on the site, you know, it started with with literally under a couple hundred and then it went well. Let's see right here pageviews. It was actually two hundred views. It's not staying on there when I move my mouse over but 200 years and it's just, you know keeps growing. So anyway, we'll jump over to add fly. I didn't hit Refresh on the page yet. If you remember it was at 315 and this number by the way, whenever you create your campaign, the the number you're looking at here whenever you're doing like a world. I'm doing the worldwide traffic campaign. This is unique visitors. This isn't just pageviews where it could be like 10 or 20 people. These are unique visitors and I've created many campaigns on adfly, you know over the last few months and and tested, you know, everything there is to test with adfly. So that's why I know that this is is real. It's going to get so let me go ahead hit Refresh on adfly and you can see now. It's up to 845. So we're almost up to a thousand visitors already and if we go to over to the stopwatch, we're only here at 3 minutes. So I'm bouncing around from three different tabs. I'm showing you the stopwatch. I'm showing you the adfly account and I'm showing you Google analytics and you can see, you know, let me just go ahead and you can actually move this around if you want to look at page views, or if you want to look at per second. We it's just amazing. That you can look at here. So let me go ahead and jump back over to add fly. So we're 845 now if I hit refresh we're now 961. So I mean you could literally sit here and just keep hitting Refresh on your adfly campaign and you know, just watch the Trap of come in and it will literally come in this fast unless you specify otherwise no to specify otherwise you would just hit show details here and then you would just you know, say what your what your max budget is for the day now if you remember when I Dated this campaign. It was only for is just for $80. And because I'm paying an 80 cent CPM CPM is a thousand visitors every thousand unique visitors that see the URL that I specify an ad fly. I'm paying 80 cents. So let's go ahead and just hit refresh again. And now you can see I made a thousand visitors. So then just look over Google analytics. You can see we're almost up to a thousand people viewing the page now and the traffic is very consistent. It doesn't just go up or down or it just You know, it stays pretty consistent the longer you leave your adfly campaign running. So we're almost up to actually thousand active visitors on the side at one time, which is incredible. And this is literally just pressing button and it all happens in these people will take action if you just follow the steps in the the previous videos and in this training course where you know, I believe it was video for where I talked about the types of products and squeeze pages that work best on this traffic Source, you know, just follow along in that. At video in these people will be taken action, you know on whatever page that send them to. So anyway, we're up to 1100 right now going to Google analytics. We're almost up to a thousand active on the side at one time. Now, let's jump over the online stopwatch and just so no it five minutes. We got a thousand people. So if you take, you know, if you take a hundred thousand divided by a thousand, you know, that's 100 and then you take 100 times 5 So 500 minutes divided by 60, you know, it's yeah it is, you know a little it varies because I mean whenever you get a hundred thousand visitors in an hour that is possible and on adfly, you know a hundred percent and I'll just tell you the time of recording this video. It's actually in the middle of the night. It's 2 a.m. So with it being too am the traffic is going to be a little lower, but the reason I'm recording to am so there's no other distractions going on why this is all happening in real time. So let me just hit refresh again. You can see we're already up to 1300 go over to Google analytics right now. There's a hundred twenty five. So it's staying pretty consistent around 800 people on side at one time. And again, it's just because it's you know, it's very late in the day or I should say early in the morning and you know, that's pretty much all there is to actually creating your first hundred thousand visitor traffic campaign on adfly from start to finish. So I am going to go ahead and just pause this video so we don't have to just sit here and watch this, you know for an hour. this traffic adds up then I will come back and then show you you know what it looks like once all this traffic has been delivered. All right, so the campaign is finished and you can see the total spent is 100,000 and you'll see where it says today's spent forty seven thousand. These are actually visitors in do again with this being in the middle of the night right now.

It's almost 3:00 a.m. Actually before I explain all this by jump back over to the online stopwatch. You can see it's still going and it just hit 41 minutes. So 41 minutes going in To actually starting the campaign. I'll go and pause it until now. It was 41 minutes to get 100,000 unique visitors. Now that's phenomenal. And as far as the quality of this traffic goes this is a lead generation campaign and I actually used eye contact to to capture leads and all the leads were in the health and fitness industry because I want to I want to build a list in that industry to promote products as an affiliate and would you with this campaign alone? Just I'm not going Blog into my iContact account because I don't want to reveal all my list names and everything but there was 1127 leads that were generated from this campaign. So you take 80 dollars that was spent so $80 and divide that by 1127 and that breaks down to I just at 7 cents seven cents a lead for actually this lead generation campaign. So I'm going to tell you right Now for anybody out there who thinks adfly is Just Junk traffic is lot either lying to you or they've never tested themselves or they just don't know what they're doing. So following this system, which you're on video five now, but there's two more videos coming if you follow everything that we teach you in the system. You're not only going to be able to get 100,000 visitors in under an hour and just be exact 41 minutes for this one, but it's always usually under an hour depending on the time of day and The traffic is phenomenal. And again, this was seven cents a lead. Now, if you're trying to build like as well as a lead generation campaign for your own product, you're trying to do a product launch or you have a business that you're just wanting to get more potential customers and that can be worldwide customers. Again. This is worldwide traffic. So these leads are from you know all over the world. But if you're selling products on the internet doesn't matter where they are in the world, they should be able to buy your product especially if it's an information product. So anyway, that's that concludes this video 5 how to create your first 100,000 visitor traffic campaign from start to finish and you can see it is complete and I spent just $80 got 100,000 unique visitors. Now the reason you see status on hold on the top right here because actually once the campaign was finished instead of like this one where it says approved instead of accessing it out. I'm actually a put it on hold because I'm going to load more money in this account because I mean it's incredible that you can get leads for just seven cents. So I'm gonna let this campaign run past this video. So that's the reason you see it's on hold but you can see the status has been finished and this happened in just 41 minutes. So this concludes this video 5 on how to create your first 100,000 visitor traffic campaign from start to finish now, I suggest go ahead and move on to video 6, which is going to be how to optimize your traffic campaigns to their maximum potential so that you can focus on sucking in cash on demand. I'll see you there. Hi there, and welcome to video 6 of 7 for this video training course on how to get 100,000 visitors in just one hour in this video. You'll discover how to optimize your traffic campaigns to their maximum potential so that you can focus on sucking in cash on demand. Let's Dive Right In let's go ahead and start with that fly. So simply log into your Apple account. And once you have a campaign created simply scroll down in the whatever new campaign that you are going to optimize your traffic for click on the show details button, and that's going to drop down. Few details that you can actually use to optimize within adfly itself. So we're going to start by talking about the daily budget adfly always has your daily budget set to 0 by default in this means that you are going to have an unlimited budget. So if you created a campaign for $80 to get 100,000 unique visitors and like you saw in the previous video and video 5 on how to get those in under an hour, you will get those incredibly fast and your campaigns going to be done, you know before you know it so if you want to get your Vic very quickly then leave it at zero. However, if you want to space it over the course of you know, let's say eight days and you would want to put in $10 and that ten dollars will be used up each day. And then it's going to you know, your Campaign Will pause automatically and then restart on the next day. So everything is going to be done on autopilot. So you don't have to always be logging in and logging out and always changing your budget around and pausing and unpausing your campaign. Another option is the day targeting that the by default everything is already. Check marked and this just means that your ad will show or your page or website will show every day of the week. Now a trick is that if you want to optimize your campaign, let's say you're trying to get leads for a specific industry or let's say for your own product. You could create a page that talks about how the opportunities only available on Monday and there are on Wednesday and then you could actually come in on your day targeting and turn off all the days and only have your ads show up on Wednesday. So that's just a trick is Far as how to optimize your campaign within adfly. It's very easy to do and then obviously the conversion code if you can copy this conversion code and then put it let's say if you want someone to put in and then after they put in an email address on your page, then they're going to go to let's say a product that you're giving them for free. You could put this conversion code actually on the page that they're going to show up on after they put in their email and then it will actually track your conversions like you see up here on this campaign, you know, when In this campaign there, it showed me how many conversions there actually were so as you can see, you know with 3741 conversions, you know, there is a lot of activity that happens on that flying is very responsive traffic if you simply follow everything in the system now a new feature why we're talking about optimization is this gear that you see over to the right of your ad if you actually click on that it's going to show the ability to configure your campaign. Now if you remember back I believe. It was in video. It was in video 5 is whenever when we created our first campaign and went and set everything up we set a CPM for or you have to just buy if will say if you want worldwide traffic its preset to 80 cents CPM. However, once you actually get into your adfly campaign and you spent your you can come in here and customize CPM your and actually lower the price then you'll see with 80 cents CPM. There are three hundred eighty nine other campaigns and I'm currently in the first position. I have the I'm paying the highest CPM now that it's this means that I'm going to get the traffic the fastest and I'm going to be put first above everybody else, but you can lower the CPM if you would like so I could put in fifty cents and then hit hit check and then it's going to let me know. Well, actually your CPM needs to be between 96 and two dollars and forty cents. So actually I don't know why my current position is in persons could be a bug with an ad fly because that means if I left 80 since I actually should be lower. So anyway, that is How you can customize your your CPM? All you have to do is just put in a lower CPM and hit update and that's all there is to it. So that's actually within add flight now to talk about the little bit some more Advanced Techniques to optimizing your traffic campaigns to get maximum potential another service that I like to recommend is called crazy egg and to get here. All you have to do is go to and what this is is a script where you can actually take a code and put it on your page. to track where everybody is clicking where there are scrolling so you can see let's say if you have a page that's more than just put in your email address. You can see if people what specific images people are clicking on what buttons are clicking on so you can take the areas that you know aren't so hot on your website. You can try to optimize them to get more activity. So just show you what this means if we click on view demo we can actually go through and look at a demo of how this would work so you can see there are a lot of different. ways to look at this data for instance heat map we can actually look at a heat map. Go back here. We are going to try to get back to their demo. Here we go. So the heat map it's going to show you actually where everybody's actually clicking on your website. So all of these little circles are individual clicks from Individual people. So for instance, if you have an image that is not getting very many clicks, you can rotate that image out with some other images and see if people are clicking on them and you can make it to where if someone clicks on that actual image then a box will pop up for them to put in their name and email. So there's a lot of different ways that you can leverage crazy egg and it's just a really cool heat mapping service. You can see really big companies like TechCrunch and Disney and virgin and Expedia and Sony Skype. All these companies are using crazy egg. And it's just an incredible resource in like we talked in previous videos, whenever you're creating a page to to get advertising on for adfly. If you're going to have a page that's very long that's going to people are going to have to scroll to take an action. Then you can actually even see the what they call the scroll map is going to show you how far people actually scroll down the page. so, you know, you know when visitors are Banning in your page, are they, you know scrolling down halfway then leaving and if they are then, you know, you need to add some more activity halfway down the page to get them to want to scroll even further. So anyway crazy egg is a wonderful resource to optimize your traffic campaigns and it works incredibly. Well, whenever you're getting such a massive amount of traffic going to your website through a service like a fly and then the last way to optimize your traffic campaign to maximum potential is Service called visual website Optimizer now you can get here by going to site Optimizer and this is an a/b split testing tool. So let's say what this means if you're if you're not familiar with a be split testing, let's say you have your trying to collect leads for weight loss, but you don't know if what would be better to collect leads targeted to towards everybody or leads targeted towards men or lead started towards women.

Will you could actually create three different pages you can have Yo page that says you have click here to learn how to lose weight for men or click here to learn how to lose weight for women and there are just click here to learn how to lose weight and you can actually see which one is going to convert higher and just to show you how it works visual website Optimizer is a phenomenal service and again a lot of big companies use this just like crazy ache and the there isn't really anybody better to explain how their service works then visual website Optimizer themselves. So I'm going to hit play on their video and I want you to watch as you can see it's only 2 minutes, so Just stick around for two minutes and watch this because it's going to be a phenomenal intro to wet. This is so let's go ahead and hit play and begin. Let's create a simple A/B test using visual website Optimizer after selecting the A/B test input the website URL where you want to run the test. This will take you to the visual designer, which allows you to easily make the changes on your website and save them as variations. In the visual designer, you can edit move resize remove hide elements to create the variations. It's a breeze using visual website optimizer. A wysiwyg editor for maximum flexibility it also offers an HTML editor. After creating the variations, we need to define the conversion goals on which performance of the variations will be measured. In this demo test, we have defined a goal of visitor engagement and another goal as click on a particular Link in the last step. You can provide a test name and set many advanced settings after this step your test will be created note that as visual website Optimizer automatically detected that JavaScript code is already installed on the website. There is no need to add it again for this test. Simply click on start test to make it live. Let's see performance of a test in a sample report in this test. We have five goals and each goal is represented with a graph on the detailed report tab. You can also preview variations to see how variations look like in the test. Visual website Optimizer also has heat map reports which show the most active parts of your variation page The Click map option gives you the exact click statistics on different elements. That's it for the introduction. So that was it for their introduction and just to let you know how they have the click map and heat mapping service. I'll tell you right now crazy egg is going be by far the most intense and The most options if you're interested in the heat mapping visual website Optimizer again is going to be best. If you have multiple versions of a page or like they've showed you you can easily move around on page elements without ever opening up a editing software like Dreamweaver or if you don't have very much HTML knowledge, it makes it easy for you to do split testing that way. So that's visual website Optimizer. It's a very easy service to use and it's one that I recommend if you just want to optimize your traffic campaigns their maximum potential so that concludes this video you now know how to leverage adfly and and actually use their day targeting and customize your CPM as well as actually setting your daily budget you now know about visual website Optimizer and also about how to use crazy egg and how to use all three of these Services together to literally optimize your traffic campaigns their maximum potential so you can start focusing on sucking in cash on demand so that again that concludes this video 6 now simply move on to video 7, which is the final video in the system. And we will talk about how you can use adfly to Skyrocket. Your life's on Facebook to become an instant celebrity in any industry. I'll see you there. Hi there and welcome to video 7 of 7 for this video training course on how to get 100,000 visitors in just one hour in this video. You'll discover how to use adfly to Skyrocket your likes on Facebook become an instant celebrity in any industry and get paid like one now. Let's Dive Right In first of all if your goal with ADD flies to build a list East then I strongly and I can't emphasize enough on strongly recommend building a list with Facebook instead of doing it on your own why well, the list is endless but the two most important reasons are number one deliverability because if you have tried building a list on your own in the past, you're probably well aware that the single biggest obstacle you'll always face is the deliverability rate why well because people don't like to get emailed about things that will interrupt their day anymore. So with that being said our society has evolved since the 90s and they understand how and where to Mark emails as spam and they just unsubscribe from them instantly. However with Facebook your deliverability rate will always be 100% because as Facebook number two is the social graph. Now, I'm sure you probably already know this but it's such an important reason to leverage adfly to get likes on Facebook. So I'm going to say it. Anyway, when someone likes your page on Facebook, they're not only opting in to get notified about anything and everything that you post on your page, but they are also telling all of their friends and all of their family members all of their co-workers that they just liked your page as well.

So this is called the social graph and my God, does it snowball your Brand in your product or hell even yourself as an individual Now when using adfly to get likes on Facebook. You can literally get tens of thousands of likes off of Just 80 dollar spent if you know what you're doing. Now, this will turn you into an instant celebrity in any industry and there are hundreds of courses out there that you can buy right now on the internet that are going to sit there and preach how to make money on Facebook how to get Facebook Fame and all of that nonsense, but I'll tell you right now it's not very complicated. You don't have to buy any of those courses. Honestly, you can accomplish all of that with just one step. And what is this one step is to find and tap into an unlimited source of traffic, and that's it. And guess what adfly provides you with just that. So how do you get likes from adfly traffic? Let me go ahead and show you. So the first way to do this is to actually create yourself a Facebook page. And once you create your Facebook page, then you want to install Tall a script and what we're on Facebook they call an app that allows you to actually put whatever type of landing page you want people to show up on whenever they come to your Facebook page. Now. What I like to recommend is actually using the search bar at the top of Facebook and then you can just type in iframe and you will actually see there's a lot of different apps that are going to do this because what it's doing is going to iframe whatever it is you want to iframe actually on A specific page on your Facebook page so you can just choose any of these for instance the static HTML call an iframe tab there is the most amount of monthly users using this and this is going to be the most reliable one. So you would create your Facebook page and simply install this tab. And once you do that, then it will walk you through the steps as far as how to put in an iframe now just to show you I'll show you two of probably the best examples that you can use this type of script form one. Is to actually use an image where you simply just put an image together, you can use Photoshop you could use any image program you would like and it could be very detailed. We're just basically says, you know, welcome to whatever your Facebook page is and if it's you if they let's say just a page that where you're trying to build yourself up to be a celebrity in a specific industry or an expert or a guru you would have a just a landing page talking about, you know, click like to and then when they click like they will be able to Get all kinds of you know what they're going to get whenever they actually liked your page. So knowing that you would create an iframe like this on your Facebook page and you would then take this page and use it as your url that's actually going to be showing up on adfly. So here actually going to be sending traffic from adfly to your Facebook page. And then once people get here, this is what they're going to see and then your whole goal is get them to want to click on the like button now knowing that your whole goal is to get them to click on the like button if you If put a page with a lot details like this and pictures and artwork that's more that that's more that the person's going to have to look around to get familiar with you know, why why do they want to like your page? You have to remember these people that are coming from that flight can be worldwide and they could come from all different backgrounds and and languages and so forth. So the more that you put on your page the harder it's going be to actually get them integrated into your Facebook page. The second step is even doing something simpler and doing something that where it's simply a image that just says like us and you'll notice the there's a welcome page that they have and that little star that's actually the iframe app that you just saw that that I am that I pointed out whenever I typed in iframe so you could make an image. It's just as like us you can even find default images like this on just by going to Google images and typing in Facebook like image and you don't have to have a phone. A shop or anything like that. You could just download an image and upload it. And then your whole idea is to get someone to look up at your like button. So that is the second way to do this. Now the third way that you can actually get people to like your page is this is going to be a little more advanced but it could help you out in the long run as far as let's say you have an existing website that you're wanting to just get traffic more traffic to any way. Then you would create a new page on your website and actually embed Facebook like button. You can embed the fake But Facebook comments button plugin all kinds of different social plugins with Facebook and show you how to get to those. All you would do is go to Preston's Google and you can type in Facebook social plug-in and then you'll see the very first thing that shows up is social plugins, which is the Facebook developers. And once you click on that it will take you directly to the Facebook social plugins area. Now. This is where you can actually all those like buttons that you see that people put on there.Websites or the send button where people can email things or comments or an activity feed you can do all of that here on this page. So what we would focus on is actually using like button so you click on like button and then it's going to give you some options. You want to first put in your Facebook page URL, whatever URL you want someone to like and then you can actually choose, you know, if you want to have the send button showing all you have to do is click it and it will not show it you can have the layout be a standard you could have it be like a Count you could have it be you know, whatever layout you like. I just recommend you could just go a standard you can choose the width you can have it show faces people that have liked it and then you can even change the text so you can see there's lot of different ways. You can customize the button but the whole goal here is to actually get this Facebook like button and put it on a page and they can be a very simple page where it just says click like if you want to lose weight. Let's say you're trying to build a Facebook page about weight loss and Wanting to promote products as an affiliate for weight loss then you could just create a page about weight loss and then you would put in the URL to your Facebook page here. And then then you would put a page up on your own website that says, you know, click the like button if you want to learn how to lose weight and then when they click like your whole goal is to get as many people to like your page as possible because again, the more people are going to like your Facebook page that that's more people that you're going to get a hundred percent deliverability on and all the people are liking your page all of their friends all their All their social work, you're not social workers. All their coworkers are going to be able to see that and then that's when The Snowball Effect starts to take place. So again, this is just a real easy down and dirty way to actually like a get people to like your Facebook page and really just dramatically increase the number of likes and then with this again you're going to be able to if you have build Facebook page around yourself. You can become an instant celebrity in any industry and you can get paid like one. Bye. Knowing that when you have a lot of people liking your page, you can message them. You can post the wall, you know, they're all going to see that so you could start talking about affiliate products and so forth.  Promote website and get 100,000 visitors in under one hour on the internet if you enjoyed it.


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