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29 iunie 2021  scam or legit?

podcast   Rating tool confirms that this is a very efficient and trustworthy website. However, you should note the following important details about this website and its home office services. If you have this business please share your experience.

The detector algorithm works at the following position:

95.6 / 100.

Given the scam, see how gets such a high rating. Work from Home .

Work from Home and its niche now seem popular. However, since the site is not yet the top rated site, we tried to understand the relevant phrases (see below) as they are described:

demolish, um PTCShare is the best PTC site in 2019 and has polls, quote walls, network clicks, Games and more! We make it easy for you to make money anytime, anywhere.

Let's see how to set up which has such a high rating. Rating

Given the company's extremely high score of 95.6, checking is very easy. Since the official website has already been verified online, this transaction is undoubtedly trustworthy. Quality. for sure.


All of the major factors used by our algorithm make for near perfect results. From website popularity, customer service, online reputation and IP addresses to Alexa rankings, real positive reviews on social media, and mentions on other authoritative websites,, tick all the boxes.


There is an ironic example, however: the more popular a website is, whether or not it is in the same "work-from-home" domain, the more complaints it receives online. Think, for example, of a wireless service provider, Amazon, or a bank. They are 100% legal companies but there are always people complaining about it. This also applies to


7 rating


5 stars: Excellent

15 hours

Good normal page. You can trust a

good normal website. Can you trust. It has been deleted from the website twice. Support response.

Lots of games, networks.

Babar Junaid



1 star: Bad

June 18, 2021

News ptcshare is not working properly ...

News ptcshare is not working properly. Verification code problems, don't solve them.

Giuseppe Spezzi

Giuseppe Spezzi



1 Star: Bad

May 23, 2021

Bach! ! !

Three days ago I invested $ 80 and more in 0 paid advertising !!

Or advertising or return on investment!




5-star rating: excellent

May 21, 2021

good site really serious

Israel Arévalo



5-star rating: excellent

January 7, 2021

Si paga

Si paga, realized 2 retiros y sin ningún problema , by tarda

Ramin Hesa bi

reviews 12


5 star:Excellent Very good

24 October 2020


WOW AMAZINGEntertainment

1 review


1 star: Bad

28 June 2020


F * * KING SCAM! For the first two weeks, I bought ads in bulk for $ 25, and my daily income from viewing ads was only $ 0.05, which is very little! But two weeks later? I deserve Baps! You cannot earn any more $! Thought! I just received $ 0.7 for the $ 25 investment? Is that so?

Punk gogoi ..ratings2



5 stars: excellent

March 2020


really tough. The bright side.




4 Stars: Excellent, Oct


This is a good website that you can use to create secondary pages ...

It is a good website that can increase your income or promote your business. Basically, it works by asking advertisers to pay to have people see their ads. It's a win-win situation. Personally, I like to watch commercials, so I only make cents a day.

This has the advantage that over time advertisers can also get the money they spend on advertising, as they also get ads from other people to view and thus reimburse their own expenses. Free Promotion, Great <3

Stan Lee



5 Stars: Excellent

May 14, 2019

PTCshare is from one of the

most reputable trusted groups (same team represents PaidVerts), a great business model and based on my experience provides one of the best ways to do this do Earn completely free loyalty bonuses so you can grow your earning potential over time.

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