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24 august 2021

Rules of conduct that we all need to know.


     Decency means behaving respectfully in all circumstances. Many people today believe that good manners are totally inappropriate. They think that kindness and good manners are complicated ... But, in fact, the setting makes life much more pleasant for everyone ... And rest assured, the rules of good manners are very simple! It's about using polite language and gestures, taking care of your appearance and not letting yourself be carried away by emotions. Without further ado, here are the rules of decency that must be guaranteed in society and in business. 

- In a restaurant, the way you place the cutlery has a meaning for the waiters. For example, depending on the position of the cutlery on the plate, the waiter can tell if the plate is finished or even if the food is satisfactory: - To say "I'll take a break": make a triangle with the knife and fork on the plate. - To say "I am waiting for the next vessel": place the knife and fork in the shape of a cross in the center of the vessel. To say "I'm done": place the fork and knife in vertical lines in the center.

- If you say "I invite you to the restaurant", it means you pay. Instead, "How about going to a restaurant?" - means that you invite, but everyone will pay for their own consumption. If one person offers to pay at the end of the meal, the other obviously accepts this gesture.  

- Forget about surprise visits. Never visit someone unannounced. In fact, you have to call first. you can find that person in a bathrobe or curlers. 

- Never put your phone on the table, whether it is in a restaurant or during a business meeting. It is not only a lack of respect for hygiene rules, but also a lack of respect for other people. A smartphone on the table shows that you are not really interested in the people and conversations around you. It's a signal to your interlocutors that you're ready to end the conversation at any time to check your Instagram account or reply to an important message.

- Never send text messages from your smartphone at night.

 "A real gentleman should never touch a woman's purse." On the other hand, you can take off the woman's coat to put it in the closet.

 - When you go with someone and that person greets someone they know, education asks you to greet them, even if you don't know them.

- Most people think that you should always use chopsticks when eating sushi. In fact, in Japan, sushi is eaten with the fingers. Chopsticks are reserved only for sashimi, those pieces of raw fish without rice.

- Shoes must always be perfectly clean. 

- Avoid long telephone conversations. If you need to talk to someone about something more important or more important, it is best to talk in person.

"If someone insulted you, never go down to that person." Respect must never be lacking. He still smiles and greets that rude person. 

- A real gentleman must always walk on the left side of a woman. There is only one exception: the military, where you have to greet a superior.

- When driving, remember that driving in a puddle to splash people is disrespectful.

- According to the rules, there are 9 things you should NEVER reveal: your age, financial situation, family problems, religion, health problems, love relationships, gifts, honor and shame.

 - A gentleman should never touch a woman without her consent, or even hold her hand. An example is touching his arm or shoulder during a conversation. The only exceptions are that a man can take a woman by the arm to help her get in or out of the car or cross the street.

 -When a rude person speaks to you inappropriately, such as "Hey you!", Does not answer. Instead, be polite and move on. 

- The general rule when using perfume is to use small amounts of perfume. If at the end of the day you can still smell the perfume, it's because you used it too much ... and that, no doubt, bothered those around you. 

"A true gentleman always treats women with respect."

- A gentleman does not smoke in the presence of a lady unless he has her consent.

-When you enter a room, store or waiting room, say hello first. And that, regardless of your position, age or profession. 

-Always respect the confidentiality of private correspondence. Therefore, parents should never read their children's letters or text messages. Couples should also show the same respect for each other. Searching other people's pockets for books, letters or any other correspondence is rude.

-Don't try to dress in any style. It is better to be fashionable wearing sober clothes than to look silly wearing "fashionable" clothes.

-When you apologized and were forgiven, there is no need to bring it up again. In the future, try not to repeat your mistake. 

-It is offensive to talk or laugh a lot, as well as to look at others.

 - Don't forget to thank your loved ones, family and friends. If they decide to help you, it is not out of obligation, but because they want to. So, don't forget to express your gratitude to them.

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