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16 mai 2021

Secret Societies: Myths and Realities

    They're highly secretive, they have knowledge, they keep to themselves. They operate clandestinely and they practice ancient mysterious rituals they are secret societies. Our secret societies, a hotbed of evil. They are, certainly the subject of countless conspiracy theories. They are accused to pursuing a Sinister objective of seeking to Rule the World. Perhaps, as many claim they rule it already. Time and again, people since perfidious conspiracies, everywhere the which of their suspicions are well-founded and which are based on mere fiction, created by successful, authors like Dan Brown, secret fraternities have existed for thousands of years, their members are in our myths, everywhere. Join us as we delve into the dark, parallel world of secret societies. Maryam fizzle is a historian from greeting. And in Germany, he is about to embark on search for traces of the most influential and most secretive fraternities on our planet. A man should live from. Gotta is investigating the background of the legendary Illuminati, a mysterious secret society. Which originated in Germany Andreas Henson from Heidelberg wants to find out what influence the ancient mysterious cult still exert today. An April night on the east coast of America life for a young man is about to change radically. He has been selected by its members to join a secret organization. That is extremely elitist. The orders initiation process is bizarre. The ritual is repeated, every April and has been for the last 200 years. This secret society is based in yield the distinguished American University and upmarket New Haven Connecticut. Marion, fissile has come to Yale where many of America's Elite have studied How much truth is there in the rumors surrounding, the mysterious student organization. Anyone who studies in Yale has virtually made it. But even experts puzzled over what happens in secret that Center on flying here. The position of the season one. Major question is, how does this fraternity managed to remain? So secretive in today's media Society especially where many people are? So communicative, it's striking that. So little is known about the orders practices. Its rituals and also its membership. That's most unusual and naturally provokes questions. The fraternities activities are said to be diabolical the society's only goal. It is claimed is Absolute power. Every student would love to be asked to join because membership is the springboard to a career. Anyone who is selected receives? Strange instructions. Leave the Harkness Tower tomorrow evening at the time.Agreed and go along the High Street. Southwards you must not carry metal nor sulfur nor glass on your person. Take the right hand book in your left hand and knock three times on the holy gate. Eight. Remember what you have heard here but be silent for a novice things will soon change forever. He will become a member of a secret society at the center of the wildest conspiracy theories. Mayan fissile is familiar with many of the myths and legends. And now Alexandra Robbins is about to reveal more to him. She herself studied in Yale after graduating. She made a detailed investigation of the fraternity and published a book on it. It took Robbins years to find out anything about skull and bones. Her research was viewed with suspicion, I talked to more than 150 members of Skull and Bones. However, more than twice that many yelled at me or her ask me, or hung up on me because they do not. And they are not supposed to talk about what goes on inside. I did get threats from some members of the society that made me both uncomfortable and also, more intrigued. Why were they so protective of this? Ization. The Brotherhood of death as it is known shuts itself off completely from the outside world, even so information can still be obtained. The archives and Wales University Library contain documents from the early days of Skull and Bones. The secret society is 180 years old. That much is certain, it is said to have built up a key position for itself and the u.s. power structure, and Established its members and party and Government Office in Industry. And in the Secret Service up until 1970, it's index of members was open to public inspection, but since then, it has been kept locked away. An entire panoply of Secrets, weird customs and abstruse rituals was thought up by William. Russell, the student, who founded the society. Russell came from a wealthy family. In 1832, Russell studied in Germany for a year where it said was initiated into a student fraternity of which Skull and Bones was a branch. The numbers. 322 are always found beneath its logo. They could be a reference to one of the fraternities models. Athenian, orator demosthenes his rhetoric is legendary the moths a nice died in the year, 322 BC. Alexandra Robbins knows more. She is brought Maria. And Futsal to an old forbidding building on the campus of the elite University. Known as the tomb. This is the headquarters of Skull and Bones. The interior is said to contain ghoulishly furnished assembly rooms. The inside of the Tomb is lined with skeletons and skulls. It's almost like an obsession with death, and they reason they do that is because they have this phrase in the, to Memento Mori. Remember that you must die. They like to pretend that they are apart and above the rest of the world. Skull and Bones has cultivated this self-perception right from the start, its members rise to the very Pinnacle power like George Walker Bush. For example, when Bush contested the presidency with Democrat, John Kerry, it was a battle between two bonesmen. You both were members of Skull and Bones a secret society at Yale.What Tell us not much because it's a secret. You were both in Skull and Bones, the secret society. It's so secret. We can't talk about Only rarely do bizarre aspects of the society become public knowledge. Inside the tomb members are said to have their own Standard Time which differs from Ours by five minutes. It's believed that Cutlery which once belonged to Adolf Hitler is preserved here the Iron Ring of silence is ideal for Hollywood fiction, departments with Matt Damon and the leading role. The manifold activities of Skull and Bones were portrayed in the film. The Good Shepherd. It tells of rounds of confessions in the Tomb biographical details and sexual proclivities had to be shown in graphic detail. It wasn't an accident, my father killed himself. No matter how insignificant every detail of members confessions is recorded in Black Books. They are the actual secret behind the success of the fraternity. It is the fear of publication that bonds members together for the CIA skull. And bones is a wonderful reservoir for suitable employees. That at least is what is claimed? The Reef you can free themselves from this intimate Embrace. So as psychological dependence on the confraternity one of the secret societies, fundamental principles, the current provision sessions, the boundaries between sets between secret religious or secret. Political societies are becoming blurred Naturally, by exposing personal secrets, and personal weaknesses, perhaps this He exerts power over its members, they know something it's like secret knowledge within this group with which they could damage someone who say wanted to leave especially in angered shot encantan secret societies always create a counter world to what they regard as imperfect reality. And they seek contact with power, they themselves strive to exercise it Mari and Futsal has come to the heart of the United States. The world's superpower for conspiracy theorists Washington, DC is honeycombed with secret societies and it is not only the bones Who are found in the top echelons of the US government, their skull and bones is said to compete with other secret societies. It was Freemasons who laid the foundation stone for the capital and another fraternity is said to have infiltrated the US Administration in order to secretly rule the world. Conspiracy theorists claim that the New World Order is even immortalized on the Great Seal of the United States. The seal Bears. The words novus ordo, seclorum Latin for New Order of the ages. Those words are also found on every one dollar bill. So is this secret society? So powerful that it can print the symbols of its Dominion on the most important bank note on our planet since 1862, the design of the American currency has been in the hands of the Bureau of Engraving and printing, And in all the years since then, the appearance of the one dollar bill has hardly changed. Only the security features are regularly upgraded, the United States Prince. 35 million banknotes everyday, five million of, which are the legendary one dollar bill. Does a secret society really have its fingers in the currency Pie as the supporters of conspiracy theories claim. Mowing and Futsal, has come to meet his colleague Professor. Robert coronavirus an expert in symbolism in the United States. Professor Hieronymus has made a close study of the one dollar bill, which differs from every other currency in the world is full of strange signs and symbols, the Eye of Providence, the symbol of absolute power. 13 stars above the eagle.13 steps are said to correspond to the hierarchy of The Secret order. And last but not least, a tiny animal an owl, the symbol of wisdom, all just pure coincidence. Benjamin. Franklin was a great teacher about educating people about our country and he felt very strongly that he could teach what was important about America, through its currency because everyone was handling it. would at it and they knew symbols was Benjamin. Franklin, perhaps involved with the ominous secret society, that uses the same symbols as a one dollar. Bill mauryan fusil wants to know more Does a conspiracy really exist or is it merely a product of the imagination of those who suspect a secret behind absolutely everything? Whistles research has brought him into contact with an old book in it. The historian is found a familiar symbol the owl on the American one dollar bill. The owl was once revered by a particularly secret society, a Sinister order known as the Illuminati written. In this medieval looking font, the name Illuminati is a an ambigram, word that reads Exactly the same upside down. Monstrous things are ascribed to the Illuminati material. That has been handled skillfully by successful authors, like Umberto Eco and Dan Brown, but who actually were the Illuminati. They too had to take a vow of silence. They were forbidden to speak openly about the society's, rituals and Ames here to different levels of hierarchy exists. Not three as in the case of the Freemasons. But as many as 13 And a neophyte has to pass through them. All before, he can be made privy to the greatest secrets, the Brethren are encouraged to spy on and denounced, one another. In this way, Renegades can be quickly, recognized and neutralized. I'd legitly structured like counterparty the order. It said, focuses primarily on political Intrigue and subversion. You know, me, not and the menotti have long stirred people's imagination figuring in literature the cinema. And other media for many years, some people even claim that the Illuminati still exists today and clandestinely, control politics business, and various other fields, including the quiet town of Ingolstadt. This is where the legend of the Illuminati ruling, the world. Needed. And the years leading up to the French Revolution. There was also full meant in rural Bavaria, it was a time of radical change. People were seeking answers to pressing social problems. In Ingolstadt, Adam weishaupt, ecclesiastical law and practical philosophy. He was the only secular Professor. His colleagues were all priests frustrated with church dogma and spiritual stagnation. Vice helped wanted to introduce change but how people's heads were filled with the ideas of the Enlightenment but there was also great uncertainty as to how they might be implemented within a few years and enraged mob would spill blood and even execute Louis XVI Adam Vice helped. Welcome the first signs of change in France, but he rejected violence, what he had in mind was Different advice, helped wanted to undermine the state from within and he sought to achieve this with the help of a secret society. The first people he convinced of his idea of a perfect state where his students his vision was of a state modeled on Athens. One based on reason, a concept totally in line with the ideals of the Enlightenment. These Otis from Sonia and Professor, mid Kind far, think of Revolution. Give it me Timber. Cindy hendy been in regular, no, not Super Hash contents and table of about testosterone Merkley, kindness domestic. They are here. Illegally fights and me some on phenomenon for salmon, the Unum, you'd listened feeding goals and plan dementia, it's too light.Adam, Vice helped wanted to set up a secret government, a monstrous idea, even today. Guymon Devon. Oh enzymatic. Fury's. Secret societies were also a Melting Pot for hotheads for revolutionaries for people who nurtured highly unusual ideas and who could express themselves within the fraternity without having to suffer, persecution people who could also discuss and try things out is perhaps on a small scale. That was a major motive for joining a secret society again in the troubled times that preceded the French Revolution. Secret societies, also flourished in Germany and the newly founded Illuminati made full use of the situation. They set up, countless launches and attracted hundreds of new members, especially academics. Their number included Johann, Wolfgang, von Goethe, the most famous writer of his day. Philosopher, God Fleet Hada. And influential educational list Heinrich pestalozzi. The Illuminati were well aware of the high risk of opposing absolute rulers. But they shared Vice helps, passionate rejection of throne and alter Vice Hub. Was convinced of his idea above, although he was convinced of himself. Self-opinionated, Vice Haupt was seen as narcissistic and domineering with his fraternity. He wanted nothing less than to change the world. Does steel assisting start of And who regard the right height on for common height submarine? The Supreme figure amongst the Illuminati, demanded absolute loyalty from his members. We know, from their records, how clandestinely, the Illuminati operated in those days, stored at frieden Stein, Palace, and Goethe. They provide valuable insights into the inner life of the order. Perhaps my in fissile will discover here. Why the Illuminati gave themselves Greek cover names and why they introduced their own time standard historian. Hammond should learn has deciphered and studied and coded Illuminati documents a domineering character. Adam Vice ha. Had a weakness for the ancient Athenians and their ideas. He valued their Democratic principles. That is why he chose the Athenian owl as the symbol of his order. It stood for wisdom. The Illuminati believe that they were experiencing the dawn of a new era and they wanted to participate in this positive transition and Ingolstadt, Vice helped Forge to plan. That was simply audacious, but he was successful, he had tapped the pulse of the age. The month end change in society, in the church in the state can only be achieved with a longer-term project, thus Vice help wanted to educate people. So, his was an educational project right from the start, but it would take time. Vice helped said that 200 years could well pass before success was achieved. Before the enlightenment triumphant, the secret organization grew in size and its Heyday. The Illuminati had around 2,000 members, all of them, high-ranking, Representatives of society, Vice hopped specifically poached his men from the Freemasons despite its Rich tradition. Many Lodge Brethren found their Association. Dole the new secret society was more exciting and more radical you didn't in perfect and start this house. The launches were run with unsparing strictness, like and skull and bones members had the lay bare their private lives. A requirement some were at odds with do you mean Otten the Illuminati? It seems were very strict and hierarchy oriented. Many people were put off by this freakish Schiller, for example, refused to join, even though friends of his were Illuminati. So sometimes the society also had this off-putting effect on people someone with the status of a prince of poets. was not going to subordinate himself to a mediocre illuminatus in a secret society to that is simply asking too much the bigger and more influential the organization grew, the more resistance had faced the absolutist rulers, hit back, and those in power were helped by accident and 1785, one of the orders couriers was taking secret papers to France when he was struck by lightning and killed.On his body, the police found a list of members. Only 10 years after being founded, the Illuminati were banned membership. Now, carried the death penalty. Fearing for his life. Adam Vice helped fled from Ingolstadt to go to-- disguised as a Craftsman. But does this really mean the end of the Illuminati? If so, why do people still nurture thoughts of them? That's perhaps because before he fled Vice Hub, succeeded in achieving another major coup, he established contact with leading figures in the United States. How much should learn O's have three letters written to Benjamin Franklin and them the Illuminati ask for permission to set up a colony in Elysium their code name for the United States but the old Illuminati records make no mention of what reaction the request received. The letters fuel fantastic speculation time, and again. What if a number of Illuminati had escaped to the new world to implement their ideas? Are would not then have been possible for them to influence politics in the United States. And couldn't the Illuminati. Then also have printed their symbols on the American one dollar bank note, no Theory seems too abstruse mauryan fissile has taken another close. Look at the one dollar bill on which the owl is portrayed. The sacred animal of the Athenians and the identification symbol of the Illuminati. Printed in Roman numerals is the year, 1776 the year in which the Illuminati were officially founded. The Eye of Providence over, the pyramid is a symbol, which allegedly was also used by the secret society. Novus ordo, seclorum means the New Order of the ages. In other words, it clearly states, the goal of the Illuminati and why the number 13 is found everywhere. The secret society had 13 hierarchical levels I don't believe the secret societies have the power, nor the interest to be able to roll any country on this planet. Instead you have corporate Powers multi billions trillions of dollars Within These corporate structures The Stance adopted, by the US authorities is unambiguous. Conspiracy theories are all nonsense. The symbols, they say have a harmless historical background and nothing to do with the Illuminati. 1776 for example, was the year when the American Declaration of Independence was written, but one thing is certain the Illuminati are no figment of the imagination. Their founder, Adam Vice hop created, the secret society to undermine the ruling class in order to seize power himself. But he wasn't alone in this. There were also the rosicrucians. Back then they to operate clandestinely but their meetings are said to have taken a very different pattern from those of the Illuminati. The rosicrucians were said to possess all the knowledge in the world and the potential to give people salvation. Yeezus Aleta. billeted me Alice. But I had this even games, the hairless cat goddess. When the Buddha, Let's Dance, begin the history of this. Mysterious Society can be traced back to a luncheon in the book, farmer fraternity artists, which appeared in 1614. It is stated that the members of a secret society had discovered the intact body of its deceased. Founder. His name, Christian wasn't quoits.

   Legend has it that before he passed away. Rosen Coit's was made privy to ancient Mysteries. didn't castanos and courts in reality, of course, this question, who wasn't quite never existed, but the character was cleverly chosen because it is the ideas and goals of the rosicrucian order in an exemplary way through every member that figure of Christian whores and voids is a kind of spur on the path to understanding. So it was well-suited to motivating people, to join the rosicrucian order and socialism in the early 17th century, the rosicrucians wanted to free Society from the confines of its narrow order through diligent, Bible, study and Alchemy and this epic between medieval religiosity and nascent science. Alchemy, the art of making gold was very much in Vogue. The Thirty Years War was brewing, people everywhere felt insecure, they were questioning the Christian view of the world science offered more plausible, explanations. This was the perfect breeding ground for a secret society. She missed the numbers of these are Machiavelli. Alchemists, tried to preserve this magical world, to carry it, over into the new world also via secret societies. They held firm to the belief that there was a secret form of knowledge of fifth, state of matter, a quintessence of Philosopher's Stone, kind of those terms date back to the time of the Alchemists in the 17th century. The ideas of the rosicrucians, proved more and more people appealing. Not only in Germany but throughout Europe including Cambridge the center of rational science. Teaching a Cambridge in those days was Isaac Newton, one of the fathers of modern Natural Science. But he could not resist the lure of pre-scientific alchemy. Newton study and Trinity College Bears witness to this double life. During the day Newton engaged in serious research. But at night, he turned Alchemy hoping to find the mysterious Philosopher's Stone and make a wolf secretly. His scientific genius was very taken by the ideas of the rosicrucians later Newton was made a member of the legendary Royal Society which had many rosicrucians in its governing body. A Mecca of scientific rigor today, the Royal Society has its headquarters in the heart of London. No one has any idea that it was rosicrucians an alchemist who thought of establishing such a society? Historian mindful is looking for information on the history of the rosicrucians. He has been promised the assistance of the Royal Society stored in a specially secured, archive in the basement is a historical treasure, Isaac Newton's original manuscripts. This brilliant thinker saw the world, we live in as a puzzle. God left mankind to solve for Newton at this involved, not only natural phenomenon and Heavenly Bodies, but also ancient civilizations. And mysterious writings simply everything. In fact, Newton. Of course, we understand as being a Great British scientist for his work on gravity and the laws of motion. So we get very excited. Did we find new Newton manuscript? It doesn't tell you very much about science, but it tells you quite a bit about Newton, like, the rosicrucians Newton was convinced that Divine Mysteries are inherent in nature. The rosicrucians even speculated on the means by which immortality could be achieved. In London Maria and fossil has been allowed to see what Newton wrote at Trinity College after nights of experimenting. It's the legendary scientist main Alka Mystic work. Strange symbols signs and formulae about whether Newton himself was a member of the rosicrucians is a matter of dispute.

But his work shows how captivated he was by the ideas of the secret society. As a I am on fasting and it's generally fascinating that someone who is seen as the epitome of the Scientific Revolution and the early Enlightenment should show his deep interest and Alchemy and occult science as Isaac Newton. All in all Newton, seems to have left behind more manuscripts, dealing with Alchemy, and the hidden Arts, so to speak than actual mathematical and physical writings. The rosicrucians still reside in Vienna today. Since Newton's time the aor, the Ancient Order of rosicrucians has changed today. It presents itself with a new livery. Rubenstein is the Grand Master of the rosicrucians. He cultivates the ancient traditions of the secret society. Here in the temple, they perform their rituals. But what exactly do, they engage in the battle between the church science and esoterism ended long ago? So what are whom are modern-day rosicrucians fighting for. The sveta list. Garage ticket. list in this world stuff. Oregon. It's quite subtle scent. See the goals of the rosicrucians are simple. We are working for the freedom of mankind. Thus rosicrucian Doctrine is intended for everyone, not just for some Elite Class. The basic issues we work with are for the whole of mankind since for dementia. At the end of a long road and insight is gained into the secret knowledge of mankind. At one time those in power also felt drawn to it at Shirin poon Palace, Emperor Joseph, II is said to have met with the inner circle of the rosicrucians for meditation. But there is also a dangerous side to the legend of Christian Rosen, Coit's, esoteric sex have abused rosicrucian ideas time. And again, in the 1990s, Members of the order of the solar Temple, committed mass suicide in Canada and Switzerland. Over 70 people died. As suicide statement said, we shall return because the rosy cross is Immortal Mayan fissile knows that the followers of the cult were convinced that their death merely meant transition to a better world. The general public had no idea what took place within the sect which had sealed itself off from the outside world. You got high, my come with us, mr. Luthor the naturally, the concealment and mystery that surround many secret societies are also highly suitable for manipulating numbers. They offer sex leaders in particular a way of securing, even more power, and inveigling members to do all kinds of things. They might, perhaps not want to garnish. Wine is often disrespect, secrecy is always an ambivalent issue, it protects the society outwardly, but can further abuse Within Legend has it that Christian Rosen quoits, drew his secret Knowledge from the wisdom of the ancient Egyptians as civilization. Countless secret societies. Referred to as some secret key to knowledge. Lie hidden in the ancient mystery cults. In Egypt, will over 2,000 years ago, a cult emerged traces of which are still visible today, even in Germany, the mysteries of Isis and Osiris, the Nile is at the center of a saga, the dates back to Egypt's very beginnings. After a long search Isis found the body of her husband Osiris. He had been drowned in the Nile by his brother and hacked to Pieces, ice is put all the body parts together again and magically Breathe new life into a Cyrus. Isis was a kind of Superwoman and super mother and precisely that is the secret behind the cult success from Egypt had spread throughout the Roman Empire even too far off Germania.The ice is cold was sensuous so often women were also present in the temples. This sensuousness was previously unknown to the Romans and the temple novices were ritually sprinkled with water after this purification. They experienced a Mystic Journey Through the realm of the dead, and to Heaven returning to Earth as Vine creatures rebirth was a major theme as it later was with many other secret societies. The ice is called was appealing and it became increasingly popular, Isis, adherence established. Countless temples throughout the Roman Empire in Pompeii, they survived relics that have been found provide an insight into the activities of the Isis called The mysterious import from Egypt caused a furor are among the normally. So prosaic Rome, Romans. In my and fissile has met his colleague under his Henson. Henson is an expert on Ancient Cults. Very little of the once pompous Isis Temple has survived this marble. Foot was part of a huge statue. The Egyptian goddess was also a superstar in Rome. The easiest chord between te often lead Isis cult. Clearly served an important need. It dealt with the question of what happens to the soul after death and the best way to prepare, the soul for the Hereafter some, what is more? People were fascinated by the rich symbolic language Community forced by symbols, they didn't really understand and by the Exotic character of the culture in that respect, the Romans were no. From people today and mention Voyager. The ice is, called established itself on all levels of society, its success stems from the fact that women felt particularly at ease in an Isis Temple because an Isis communities men, and women were regarded as equals quite astonishing and the male-dominated world of Rome. Exotic Origins, complex mystically charged. Rituals, there is no doubt that Isis, the mother of all had just what it takes to be an imperial super goddess. People found solace in their mystery cult, they sought salvation from a doleful existence, the hope of a blessed life after death played an important rule. Some it even on entering a secret society. People experienced something, akin to a rebirth. They became a new person. They assumed new characteristics, they belong to a totally new Circle. Old life was left behind us, the ritual of rebirth as practiced in the Isis cult. For example, and in other Cults, is a Perpetual element of religions, secret societies and other associations. In the end. However, the ice is cold, could not withstand The Challenge from Christianity. And 354 AD all Pagan Cults were banned in the Roman Empire. From then on Christianity, was to be the sole religion for its citizens, yet, one cultural Legacy of Isis remains Andreas, Henson has brought Maria and Fussell to the Church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva which is decorated with Freemason symbols, the image of Isis holding the infant Horace lives on in pictures of the Virgin Mary. Holding the Infant Jesus, the mystic ideas of Isis. Priests also survived the destruction of the temples, antique Mysterion quilt, isn't? It might be that some bits of the ancient mystery Cults often served as points of reference for secret societies, which came later like the Freemasons Illuminati and the who tried repeatedly to extend their own history back to ancient Traditions, they clearly saw this as an important way of authenticating their own history if societies could refer to ancient models, and traditions, that would to a certain degree, bolster the Dignity and Prestige of their own project through to the present day and Plankton digging rod.kull and Bones Illuminati, rosicrucians Freemasons Isis, disciples, secret societies bear, many names for thousands of years. They have also been a part of human civilization. They operate in our midst meeting needs which otherwise cannot be met. They are surrounded by a wall of Silence, which results in secret societies themselves.

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