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02 iulie 2021 scam or legit?

  podcast Verification tool confirms that this is a very efficient and trustworthy site. However, you should go over some important details about the website and its bitcoin and cryptocurrency division below. If you have this business please share your experience. The fraud detection algorithm delivers the following ranking for the company: 90.8 / 100 It's worth seeing how does so well. The bitcoin and cryptocurrency website and its niche markets for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies seem popular today. However, since the site's rating is not yet the highest, we tried to tear down the associated phrases (shown below) to understand their description: The site is trending and has extensions for many languages ​​or credentials. . Hence, you may already know it so you can safely keep using it. Now let's take a look at what makes that has such a high rating. Reviews Since the company has a very high rating of 90.80, reviews are very simple. The official site has long been verified and this company is undoubtedly trustworthy. Quality. for sure. All of the major factors used by our algorithm make for near perfect results. tags everything from website popularity, customer service, online reputation, and IP addresses to Alexa rankings, real reviews on social media, and mentions on other authoritative websites. There is an ironic example, however: the more popular a website is, whether or not it is in the same bitcoin and cryptocurrency domain, the more complaints it receives online. Think, for example, of a wireless service provider, Amazon, or a bank. They are 100% legal companies but there are always people complaining about it. Find the difference between the real platform and the user. This also applies to fraud or not?

 No, is not a scam site, but it is your responsibility to watch out for red flags with every online transaction. Remember, legitimate companies also have complaints and dissatisfied customers. Finally, we should always be careful when doing business on a website, not just

See bad  Reviews bellow.

 scams don't work! la ode abdul rauf 1 comment ID 1 star: bad June 8th, 2021 This is sutebis not working. sutebis is not working properly .. Come to SCAM PALLAVI JADHAV with 4 ratings and 1 star: Oops May 12th, 2021, if you do not want to be misled, please do not register, do not register on this page, not this! narrow down your link but it will add its own link and every time you click the shortened link you will see silly ads and a site interface. Daniil Filipovich 1 Comment CA 1 Star: Bad May 11, 2021 Very vague website. When I tried this website, the link that was created immediately redirected me to a malicious website. However, when I use my ad blocker all harmful ads are gone and you can actually visit the links that you should be visiting. (Please note that the ad blocker blocked over 100 ads on a single conversion page (I checked the filter log)). Guys, stay away from this junk. Lorenzo Ostuni Lorenzo Ostuni 7 comments IT 1 star: Bad April 16, 2021 Short scam link only redirects you to the WORLD BEST WORLD BEST scam page 7 comments LK 1 star: Bad March 1, 2021 Not really This works to shorten the Suraj Shinde link 1 comment and 5 stars: Excellent January 29, 2021 This is a 100% legal site This is a 100% legal site. The best url cutter that pays for visits to your website. I've been using it for up to 1 year. Payment is always made on time. One of the most trustworthy websites. Xin Zheng 1 AU 1 Star Review: Bad Jan 9, 2021. Completely illegal and spam. Completely illegal and spam. The shortened URL only redirects to fraud, bullying and deception. Cartoon Pride 1 ZW 1 Star Review: Terrible Jan 9th 2021. Worst app yet, I don't know why, but even though I know someone has seen the app, it doesn't show the number of views. Feedback and 5 stars: excellent September 16, 2020 The overall rating of this page based on Trustpilot: 2.6 out of 5 stars, 8 Scamadviser ratings: 3.3 / 5 stars, 8 MyWOT ratings: 4/5 stars, 2 Shrinkme- Reviews .io  I'm trying to paste the url on another website or social network but they say it's a scam and the website I posted the url on is banning me ... All website feedback Shrinkme .io Shortener (Scam or Payment) For more information visit> Click Here to Link Ryan Ford has been using this site for almost a year and received my payment on time. I'm not sure why some users here have negative reviews of their service. But for me, this type of URL shortening is the best and most reliable. is a complete liar! I don't believe in good grades, they are liars. They use your traffic and don't pay. I checked this personally and even though I gave them good traffic, they still pelted me with money for money. In short, fraud! ! ! Alex is really trustworthy. I have been using this website for over 6 months and I always get paid on time (1-2 hours). The CPM rate is also good. Varun Hr is a legal url shortening website that can make big money by increasing the traffic on your YouTube channel. Their online chat support is amazing ... always pay on time! Karan Singh I received multiple payments. You have won over $ 800 on this amazing website. This is a 100% legal url shortening page. Darius Greggory is a scam ... I tried for a week and stopped in April. But so far I haven't received the payment and the live chat sucks. Nobody responded after marking them as a scam

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