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I'm gonna go over my personal earnings on Swagbucks help you understand. What is working. And what is not working. Think about it even getting just an extra $10 per month is gonna quite an extra $120 a year. I'm pretty sure if you watch till the very end, you will learn a new source of income. So all I ask You is to smash that like button comment below to help my new channel to get off the ground and put all that said let's get into it. So if you don't know what Swagbucks is, it's the biggest and most well-known get paid to website and basically what a get paid to website is is just a site with a bunch of different tasks you can do to get paid and I'm going to discuss all the different ways. You could get paid on this site. If you have not signed up yet. I will leave a link in the description below. With a three dollar bonus to the site. It's really simple. So go take advantage of that. Now I will show you my personal earnings on the site. All right to see my personal earnings. We're going go into the activity tab right away. You can see I have earned the total of 80 3143 Swagbucks over my lifetime. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to go through all my activities one by one show you which ones are working for me, which ones aren't and let's get into it. The first thing we're going to look into is answers AKA surveys. Now surveys on Swagbucks were never my friend. I have a lot of better websites as you can see. I've only earned 538 Swagbucks with surveys. I recently tried to see if maybe they've changed and did some surveys and try to do some surveys but as you can see all of them were disqualified. However, I do have two tips on this. One there are these incentive surveys which will pay you regardless of whether you disqualify or complete the survey. So I always do those and I'm not saying you should but you could answer in such ways where it will guarantee you get this qualified. So and my second tip is these high-paying surveys that pay anywhere from Thirty to sixty dollars and take around an hour and I can't seem to get qualified for these surveys. I also get disqualified but you might be the person they're looking for because I see a lot of people getting qualified for these surveys on the swag book subreddit. So my final verdict on surveys on Swagbucks is a big thumbs down with a little asterisks if you could actually qualify for those high-paying surveys. All right, next we're going look at bonus SP and I have earned a whopping a hundred for Swagbucks, but you know, it's Not that bad because this stuff's really easy. Its daily polls Swag Codes, you could find under social media pages and completing your daily to-do list, very simple stuff. If you manage to make this a daily habit, you could earn a few extra bucks every month overall. I'd give this section a thumbs up because it's really simple to do and I don't really see other get paid to websites do it. Next. We're going to look at this cover and okay, this is the Bread and butter of Swagbucks. I have earned a total of nineteen thousand Swagbucks. That's what it says. But another 15,000 went in another tab. For some reason. It was still a discovery offer. So somewhere around three two hundred dollars have been earned from discover offers and I think it's best to show you by actually going on those offers. So I'm just on the front page and I'm scrolling down and here are the Discover offers so there. These moneymaker offers like this one. You could buy this LifeLock. I think identity theft protection for nine dollars and you will get eight thousand Swagbucks also known as $80 back. So that's a clear moneymaker. There's these delivery ones and says that if you do one delivery within the first 30 days, you'll learn seventy five dollar bonus, which is awesome. There's some apps you could download which will pay you out now you might be thinking how is this possible? And it's possible because companies want your business. They're willing to pay you money to try out their product. That's what they're willing to do. And you know what you could take advantage of that and earn some extra cash. So I'm just going to show you some different ones because I showed you some apps and delivery. There's game offers like on IOS and Android there's some apps where for this instance you get to level 18. They'll pay you $24. So that's pretty cool. I mean if you're younger if you're a teen and you don't have a credit card yet or you just don't want to order something you could do one of these app offers. There's a dog offer for a $5 box and you'll get a 40 dollar reward. So you get the gist of this cover offers and honestly, this is the best part of Swagbucks for me next we have play and boy. Oh boy. I earned a while. Hopping to Swagbucks AK 2 cents and basically what players is just three flash games you can play and they're really stupid and a waste of time you might or might not get Swagbucks from playing that but just don't do it. 

It's a waste of time in my opinion moving on we have searched and this is awesome. I love this feature. This is a really cool feature. Sometimes I'll just be on Swagbucks and I'm like something pops in my head. So I just You're right away swag bucks and I'll randomly be awarded as you can. See I got five Swagbucks six Swagbucks 2615. So it's a really cool feature and big thumbs up cool feature. I approve so next we're going to look into shop. And if you're still watching I'm very excited to tell you. I have a good tip as you can see I've been doing these coupons.com offers I try to do them as often as possible. Because they are so easy and they pay out you could get 50 cents a day with less than a minute of work. So let me show you how to do it. So the first step is just come up here to the search bar type in Coop on the screen will load here and you just press print earn save once you're here. You can see you earn 25 per redeem coupon. We're not going to do that. But what we are going to do is you are in one swag bucks for each coupon you print and It's a Max of 50 coupons and just to be clear. You were not actually going to be printing the coupons. What we're going to do is go down here select clip all the screen will pop out 58 coupons cool. I'll press print coupon. And once you get to your printing screen, you could just press cancel and it will register as printed and Wallah you've just turned 50 cents. Now. If you do this every day, you'll kind of run out of coupons in a way you won't be able to print 50. However, you'll still be Be able to print like 10 1320 anywhere around there for the following days and the coupons do restock every two weeks. Also another part of shop is the cash back offers and these are just cash back offers like on any other cash back site got 1% on eBay 8% on Amazon the cash back here is good and I like using Swagbucks for cash back because I know I'll be able to redeem my points easily next. I'm going to look at watch so all watch is already. Automatic videos you could play on your computer and they will reward you Swagbucks personally. I don't do it. And from what people say on subreddit. It's no longer worth doing it was worth doing it like three or four years ago. Now there's only maybe like one or two good offers so Dad is watch next we're going to look into my referrals. And as you can see I've earned Thirty 2848 Swagbucks. You're probably wondering how I got all these referrals. Owls will a month into Swagbucks? I had a pretty good experience. I made some money from those discover offers and I wrote a short review on it on Reddit and posted it on a few subreddits and it got some attraction. So that's how I got my referrals. So be ex-cop completed a four dollar offer and then he completed a $30 off for so this guy earn some money. That's pretty cool. And then this Peg guys completing smaller offers. Okay now we're onto rewards to redemptions and clearly This Is Not Mere earning. Me but me redeeming my swag bucks. And I usually just go for the PayPal and Amazon gift cards. It's great that they have a PayPal feature because I'm basically just redeeming straight for cash, which is awesome. Let me show you guys some of the other gift cards you could redeem Swagbucks has any gift card you could imagine so you shouldn't have problem finding what you like. I usually like to look at the sales gift cards. I like to buy the $25 Amazon gift card that's on sale and it only cost 2200 Swagbucks. So it's three dollars off for $25 gift card. It's always worth it. All right next. We are going to look. Got swag steaks. And these are just the giveaways of Swagbucks. I've wasted $11 on these giveaways. Yeah, I do not recommend these giveaways just be patient and you will withdraw your money and last but least but not least we have Swagbucks live and this is Swagbucks live game show app. Basically how to game show app works is if you answer all ten questions, right you get a piece of the price and it's kind of cool. It was fun to first few days, but I wasn't winning so I dropped out. All right, we got through all the different types of ways. You could earn money on this site. There's one more feature that I did not mention. That is pretty good. And that's the swag aboard here on the side. Now. What a Swagger board is is just like a bingo board where if you complete the squares, you'll get a small reward right now is around Christmas time. So they're having these limited time. So I go boards. Usually they last a  week. So usually if you're just using Swagbucks, normally you'll be able to fill out a row with no problem and just redeem 45 cents 50 cents or even a dollar if that's what the bonuses.






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