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16 iulie 2021

Techniques (free) to make your website known on the internet


 Is your website online, but not attracting enough visitors? Advertising your business site, whether it's a website, blog, or e-commerce site, requires activating the appropriate levers to drive traffic. Among the various environments available online, you will find the most suitable for the vast majority of websites. In order to promote yourself and be visible online, the natural reference is a priority, but not the only one. There are many techniques you can use to gain visibility on the web and increase your traffic. 

Here we have techniques for promoting your website.


Illustration of website promotion techniques: social media, SEO, video.



1 - Integrate your site with the media.

2 - Optimizing natural recommendations.

3 - Content production for a blog.

4 - Production of videos and infographics.

5 - Integration of email marketing.

6 - Use of paid recommendations.

7 - Create a Google My Business archive.

8 - Be active in social networks.

9 - Participate in guest blogs.

10 - Comment on the forums.


Many people tend to separate online and offline. To start promoting your website, you need to start by highlighting it in all media: business cards, sales brochures, press releases and press articles.

Having a website may seem obvious to some. In addition, not all domain names are: Therefore, it is now imperative that your site stand out in the offline media, but not only! You may have a LinkedIn profile, a Facebook page, or even a Twitter account. Feel free to integrate your site's URL into your social networks, but also your brand. The more contacts you have, the more chances you have of driving traffic to your site.



A good site is not visible if it is not submitted by Google, which means that it does not appear in search engine results. To do this, there are two very different but complementary techniques: natural referencing and paid referencing, a concept that will be discussed below.

Natural optimization of recommendations is a well-known strategy that allows you to set up a lasting online marketing. In fact, this technique is built on the long run. SEO can take months or even years. But the real advantage you have is your strength. A well-referenced website naturally gets first page rankings on Google. Natural referral (or SEO) is therefore a stable, economical and sustainable technique.

This involves working on different aspects of your website: URL, links, content.



More and more companies are opening a blog. This web marketing tool allows you not only to highlight your knowledge and experience in a sector, but especially to work on the natural referencing of your website.

In fact, one of the key criteria that Google bot evaluates when ranking a site for search results is content. This content should be relevant, informative for the reader, but also optimized for SEO due to the presence of internal and external links to your site and the integration of the strategic keywords you want to position.

Therefore, producing quality content for your business blog allows you to promote your website. To do this, you need to integrate links into your articles that lead to your website. This traffic will become even more qualified.



If textual content can enrich a website and create new entry points thanks to search engines, today they are no longer enough. Internet users with requirements demand a greater variety of content, both in substance and form. This is an opportunity to further promote your site. Among the rich and popular content, we find videos and infographics. These two levers have many advantages:

very concise format, comparison of blog article,

content that facilitates the storage of information, viral distribution (sharing on social networks).

Retransmission on platforms such as YouTube (video) or Pinterest (infographic).

Get a more modern and connected brand image.

Expand your audience: 18-18 year olds are big consumers of video content. Register

for video marketing.



Do you think email is an outdated communication channel? However, he is far from dead. Thanks to data collection and analysis, creating personalized email campaigns and earning a large return on investment has never been easier. Easy to set up, cost-effective with dedicated solutions, allows you to achieve all your business or marketing goals: connect with contacts, share more content with your brand, invite potential customers or clients to events, offer tailor-made business offers . an essential tool to advertise your site, e-mail marketing offers excellent deliverability and real-time tracking of results (opening rate, number of clicks, clickthrough rate on each link, tracking site visits, etc. ).



 Payment referencing is the use of reference techniques that therefore require an economic investment, but whose results are almost immediate. With tools like Google Adwords, it's possible to buy keywords, which is equivalent to buying a presence in the top results of a Google search.

Paid SEO is an expensive but fast strategy to promote your website on the web. It allows you to generate traffic very quickly and start collecting leads. On the other hand, in order to work on your long-term online notoriety, it is preferable to complement a paid referral strategy with a natural referral strategy.



 Google My Business is your company's ID card on Google and is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic. This business directory is frequently featured in search results. When people enter your business type or keywords related to your business, they'll be able to see your listing: My company on Google. Create your file now and add as much information as possible: website, address, opening hours, events, business offers, photos ...

Google My Business - Local SEO for local companies.

Advantages of a Google My Business file: the

ability to appear on Google Maps,

improved visibility in the SERP (local geographic reference).

Increase web traffic with optimized calling. 

customer feedback for future visitors.

 Keep your target audience informed.

An SEO agency for the top position of Google can take care of creating a Google My Business listing and improving local SEO and can help you promote your site and attract visitors. Depending on your business, we recommend that you access other online directories, regardless of whether they are specialized.



Create a community around a common focus: your industry This is how your company introduces itself to internet users interested in your offerings, services, products, and also listens to your messages. Therefore, social networks will allow you to build your online reputation and therefore your website. The links included in the descriptions, but also in the regular ones, optimized and relevant, will increase the number of visits to your website.



The various tips for advertising your site mentioned above are about knowing how to wait before you get results or have an advertising budget. If you hurry, other tactics could pay off in the short term. Get traffic fast and free. may! For visibility and traffic, it is advisable to find important and legitimate contacts to recommend. To do this, you can contact websites and blogs with similar or similar goals to post articles. The guest author provides quality content that will teach something or entertain readers in exchange for a free forum and links to the author's website. A win-win situation!

Guest blogging allows you:

strong partnerships.

you expand your audience.

Build traffic.

Improve SEO recommendations with backlinks.



It's also a good idea to find forums that your target audience visits and / or forums that deal with your industry. In addition to learning more about the questions asked (very useful for enriching your blog, for example), you can participate in discussions and help. It's a great way to promote your site and services without spending any money. Also, in some cases, you can integrate a strong "Follow" link to improve your natural reference. 

Some people talk about "how to market."


There is no ideal technique to promote your site. All the strategies listed above work together to increase your online brand awareness. Therefore, it is interesting to look at each of these techniques, one by one, to get results quickly: contacting potential customers, placing orders on an e-commerce site, etc.

So what are you waiting for to promote your website for free?

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