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17 februarie 2023

The bad Betting

Gamblers: The bad Side of Sports Betting

   These are the new craze sweeping  Africa, A crazed that targets young men that feeds on our love of football winning tickets. And that sells us, the hope of a better life feels good. When we, I guess , feel like I'm the man, I'm the  guy, but is there a dark side to the thrill of sports betting? I don't want this here. Welcome  green and amusing. I'm going on a journey across Uganda to find out what happens when global companies Target some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in my country, there's only one Emerging Market, it's 

Africa, It's the final frontier, the reader football fans really understand. The odds we are up against, would you classify  me as a letting I dig? What are our governments doing to protect us this morning and just winning money and who are the real winners? Winners. The algorithm will try its best to always make sure the house. Show me the game video Championship is going to bleed every Seeker. You bet we love our  spots in Uganda, and most of all we are football, man. 

Papi football football football football football. We also love to bet on matches   that probably all upkeep every day. When there is money, every month in Uganda, we are betting millions of dollars, almost all of it on International sofa, we are winning centers in our Angela. Can you design getting Metrology, Anonymous, and 60,000 you brandishing 1 million at most. And we are also going to   bed,  my  horse Constitution. My name is mahinda. I'm 25 years old, I've  been crazy about soccer since I was a kid. 

 Very huge, Saucy fun. And we're gonna win tonight, come and show. See I've also been betting  on football matches since I was at school, BBC Africa. I asked me to show them what sports betting looks like from the Panthers' point of view. I've been playing this game for a long time and I thought I knew everything there was to know. It turns out I was wrong. As you can see from the  King signpost, it's a betting house. That's where people go. Go to make money. If you want to double your money as fast as  possible, you can just go there. Make a steak and make more money. We have Tobit. We have pins, we  Premier.  We have a Fortune bit. We have this, they are just so many. When I mean My Good Moods. 

I never miss a day if I'm lucky . If I'm not lucky  I lose.  When you win, you feel really good. Like you're making Quick Cash. Winning ticket. I slipped 2000, tschosik  came back and won the game, which means I just want 7,500.   It's really hard to find a job here, even if you graduate like me. So sports, betting, seems like a good way of earning a bit of extra money. The ideal conser, the started gaming in Africa. It will call the low income earners, okay? Because obviously, they look at gaming  us.  Form of hope, you know, I will use gaming to maybe earn some money to maybe possibly change my lifestyle. I'm headed to my hometown butter. 

We started betting 10 years ago back then. Only used to buy small amounts and there are not so many shops now  they are everywhere. So this is the famous Liverpool house. We're all betting houses here in burrow. Near my old high school is the shop where I first placed a bet. So I would come here every evening from school after classes to press the belt. So basically, I have many memories of this place and I feel that these people  Follow me so much because if it hadn't been for my efforts, I don't think  this shop would actually be here, but it was illegal because we used to escape from school. I would say, we were young actually I think 

I would like 15 14 15. The they never used to ask for ID back then, no law stopped. Kids Betty. But in 2016, the minimum betting age was set at 25 today. The fixtures that are arp, we have a strong Newcastle. We have Saint etienne. Mmm, Is on top of a hotel in Aviv. These are Israeli teams. We were sure we. So if you want to build you can just get piece of paper and move to the counter and stick a bit. This is the machine where we used to press our bits or and up to. Now I still ask myself how it's used to connect to the internet. I'm so happy to see this machine because wow it's been so long it's been so long.  Jesus BBC  Africa I has  been Negating. The 

betting industry in Uganda, for more than a Lydian, movie roux is a data  journalist. Who is amazing with numbers? She says she has some interesting information to share with me, but first, I'm going to teach her how to bet what's the biggest amount you've ever lost. It was 30 million instead and I will state 3 million. Yes. Was it on one b? One b.   Get it. That's three million. bet again. And you still Why? Maybe, you know, today might be my lucky day but with luck. You never know, it's it's it's not in your heart like he's 

never in your hands. You can use mobile money for betting and gaming. So you  choose which Betting Company you use. I have knowledge that I am over 25 years old. So I say yes, I  can now get hold of the phone line and you can B  easily in Uganda, even if you're under 25,  almost everyone. I know I have a smartphone  now. So We can B anytime anywhere. This is one of the youngest   countries in the world and I know so many people who bet underage  back in Kampala iPhone, some Street kids, who bid and ask them how easy it is to get through the doors of actual betting. Shops 

Jackson, what Arnie Cox  Runway near coming to Manera de Catalunya connects.       Auntie  Gina  Franco Civic  Opera. Yes sir. So who cares          what    he says? They don't ask for his ID or anything else. These young guys came to compel her to 

chase Big Dreams, but now  they sleep at the city's main bus station and hunt for scraps to live on. This is one of the poorest  regions in the world. So when you bring up something that Rings. Hope or false? Hope to the populace   with the idea that they can make a living out of it. Definitely, they will get hooked. My friends generally and about a hundred dollars a month and they are the lucky ones with jobs. So many of us are  hustling looking for chances to make  a better life. Millions more of us are out of work and desperate. There has been a kind of story narrative that has been very convincing for some people who have you know fallen into the Trap 

of thinking that this can be a sort of  living making a living through gambling. It is not bad, it's just to win my case to  try my life and get some money. Money is never enough to cater  for all your needs in life. So how do you do it? How demanding? Maybe you should try Betty. We have worries about employment, that's why we engage in sports betting. It's so  worrying to be without a job when I win. I feel, I feel good. I just feel like I'm the man, I'm the guy, they are really out there looking for those odds because they keep telling these stories in advance. 

That all I used a thousand Shillings and God,   twenty thousand Shillings  and and they actually believe that, it could be them. You see a divorce for betting companies everywhere in Uganda. And it seems that the company's really targeting  young men. Seeing the kind of Market that we are. You kind of just sit back in your office and just look on and wait for people to use your platform. You must go out there and look for them. B. Uganda's Way is one of the biggest betting companies. All of us approach to teach and educate people how a product works. Now, that takes some time in teaching, you have to trust you, people love you and want Use you. At the same time we educate and talk to our players. Look, we offer you. 

The games. Entertainment is fun. Want you to play with us? Because it's a business, but also you have to do it. Responsibly we don't want you to put your house on sale. I found out about Midway on Facebook. I saw a praise being given to someone who played the airport and yet one money afterwards. I felt motivated. Felt encouraged to try this. I opened an account from bait. They gave me a 100%    bonus on my first deposit. That's why I love to betray so much. This kind of marketing is a  game. I know pretty well because I used to work. As a promoter myself 

I was paid to sign up new customers for one of the big betting companies. I was given that job because I had knowledge about this. I know  all their products, I know how to get people into this.  And obviously when you're recruiting people to start betting, you tell them the  good stories. You can win so much money in a day,  you know, your life can get transformed. We have these offers, we have nice  jackpots, enticements  that entice people to get into the business.         

    I'm not the only person who has been paid to promote local, celebrities work with big bets. He's an ambassador for the industry. Ivan Kalin   Z is a well known   Ugandan Sports journalist. All these companies that have been coming in when they look for Collins, when the likes of champion, becoming they look for Canon, when the likes of Lori, becoming they look for color, and Come back     Uganda, no, Richard to government   would say that, you know, not that I would say that, you know, I wanted to be a champion. Debater Whispering competed with you on your way. My main work is to promote the company, but when a company 

has certain products that they want to promote, I promoted the products of the company known for promoting betting, Yes. Actually, we discourage               waiting. The thing is, some of the deals on offer are just so tempting.    

   And if you haven't placed a  bit for a while,  they give you more free  bets. I just got to, You Know, cover this city. I see my VI upy  know the highest rollers, get VIP status. The more you put down, the more bonuses they give       you.       

  My friend Tyson and I started betting together at school. He was betting so much that he became a real   better person. VIP I was like VIP pass on, you know, we had our sections, you have your laptop, you do your research and that. So what  happened is, I started betting huge amounts of money and then I lost, I lost, I lost, I lost like Android, I realized this is the trend. I win huge amounts, I bet huge amounts. So at the end of it all, I've not won, I've just been given a portion of my money that they have been shopping on a daily basis, you know. When you understood that you will decided to quit, actually what made me 

quit betting, so much is the introduction of virtual games. I don't ever bet on virtual games but they are really popular. You bet on  quickplay, computer generated matches, what your  game is. It was so quick in a way that if we moved my child, we had to wait for 90 minutes but you game, it's the next 30 minutes, you are either a winner and loser.  I have refused to say  that word problem. Beginning, but I I was an addict. addict. I think that's a level of addiction that you reach out to, like, it level. I reached out  and we got a chance to debate. Actually, you have not told me about that. I don't know. You're still bad. Yep. Okay. You can send those that have reduced the level of taking risks. 

Yes, yes. But   It's a work in progress. I want to quit betting, maybe it's true that I found it. I had to give up dating but I'm not the only one who's struggling with this. I went to make India a neighborhood of Kampala to meet some of the guys who drive Uganda's famous, Boda,  motorbike taxis. They told me how bad things have gotten  for them.   I  feel warm up, which is a really big Garden 

 achieve anything in      the furniture, meet one same.       Some guys told me that betting is a habit, they just can't keep EVS. Idioms. In  unison is to savera cares. So ever since then, I've had here come, our room  zubrin was eager to hear what they call Green. Mango Museum, which together with the Garden is okay, is my channel. Cool Abalone new centers of normalcy Joplin. Yo, chuckling oh, won't 

you   know, English, Ya organic  1019   judge server, which I don't believe. lose your You too young, Richie. but a  lot of people seem to be losing a lot of cash. I'm wondering how much we are actually betting in Uganda. So asked Lydia to help me find out. We analyze data. 

Again, the revenue Authority tax payments by betting companies in 2810, what we learnt is that in a week   Ugandan Planters, people like yourself put more than a million dollars into betting. The national gaming board has said that we punters win back over 70%  of the money we stick. But Lydia found something quite different. So let's say this is 56 million dollars. You can then put bets such as yourself into betting in 2018. First of all, the government gets 18 percent of that money in taxes, the  betting companies keep 43% for their business expenses and profits. So what does that mean? Live for you guys, 

the  Panthers. 39% you do win Bach enough to keep you coming, but the company is ahead of you all of this at one point was your money. So now this is what it looks like during the government and the companies, and this is yourselves. So, for you guys, it really isn't a great rate of  return. It's a huge loss. We, the Panthers, are  winning back less than half of what we are putting in. No wonder people are hurting back in Mockingjay, the local councilor just the flu anger is feeling their pain and they 

are  the bets. It is a fox, my people which I'm representing you  check to all these people that they are 25 years old. are about That's why   a person is under    25 years   allowed to enter these  premises moussaka   determined speaker  has bubbles bubbles Okay, but tomorrow, it is that which is good and Java 

and you book of, although I may remove  one granted, when I met him so much, he never did have a move, would be             

   over Wilco. I don't want this  one. Yeah, he did. I don't work here.  I don't know what. I don't want this. I  don't want to. I don't want to be like this. don't,  you want.  This will cool.  The local councilor is doing his best to protect young people in the neighborhood.  But the guys in the barber shop told me that they are Member of 

Parliament sees things differently. I'll answer when Jana  is a sports journalist who was voted in as an opposition MP  in 2016 and appointed Shadow Sports minister. He's popular with young voters and he is a keen footballer himself until January 29th. He  wrote a betting tips column  when the government made a surprise Rich to crack down on the betting business and maybe kick out some of the foreign companies. 70  stood up in Parliament,  to defend the industry. It is an illustrated  fetch, Uganda. Almost more than 50 billion Shillings in taxes, We can only guide. We can only set  guidelines Madam 

speaker to guide the  way sports betting is done in Uganda, but the burning sports betting, will endanger some lives of some  people. But in mock Indian, some of the guys who voted for seven Jana are getting angry that they are MP still pushing sports betting. Heartbroken Network  whose song is  to Argentina. no Could you longer visible on way navigable Foods  could TV what approaches Rendezvous? Never get a  job? They say he's tips. Encourage them to bed but they are not winning. I'm not a boy, a very good TV, Roanoke,  Samba, 

Are you a gambler? Oh man, again, dr. Wasson  now knows. Carter already knows how to become the Youku person who gwang us and can do  it for money. Got to  go over Nia. I told you to do it. I went to the local TV station. Where several ministers on sports show to  ask him why he thinks betting is a good thing for Uganda. had comments  We have from the government in regards to burning betting and majorly. They say it for investment companies. What is your take on that? I thought  this came as a view in need to encourage Uganda.  Nice. Invest more 

In the betting business dating makes more money in the form of profits. Daddy May expenditure you've been my program is what some of our programs are sponsored by Betting Company through such  as sponsorships, the country again. But not everyone agrees, many   These Ugandans. are starting to say that sports betting needs to be much more closely controlled by the State Minister for finance. David Bahati has promised tighter  regulation, but when we went to see him, he had a very surprising suggestion of how the government planned to do that. If possible, if we think that  it is feasible, even if the government is set off, can you have a company that can invest in this? And then we are have better 

regulations set  up a company by government sets, the rules monitor them where. So, if the government comes in, then their  relations  can be made better. Should we expect a government entity to join the  business of  gaming and betting in Uganda, son? It's an option on the table and once a final decision has been made,  then the whole world will know. I was really surprised by The Minister's proposal, but it looks like the Ugandan  government is seriously considering opening a state owned Betting Company to  escape because you see the government is so concentrated  on how people are spending their money. Wait, don't do it. Concentrate like we on how they can help people can make 

money, they can regulate. But you know it's they have a long way to go and it's funny how they are entering the business as well. Wow. Amazing view of it in a perception of alcohol. You like, oh people are getting drunk. I don't want people to get drunk. It's bad. Then tomorrow you're opening a liquor  shop. They should accept that. This is a lucrative business, and they want to make business in it. They want to make money. They shouldn't use the moral part of saying, you know, we care about people, if you care about them then you don't go in the business, you put an end to the business. When the government threatened to  crack down on the betting industry, they said it was to protect Uganda from Companies shipping profits abroad by  asked, Lydia 

where these prophets might be going. This is more than 3,000 pages of a company documents database, to establish every Betting Company that exists and is active of the 44, betting companies, 29  majority foreign owned, in fact,  entirely foreign Aunt Lydia explained to me that they are shareholders from all over the world. I was amazed. I never thought that our  money was ending up back. Accounts in China, India, Malta, Turkey, the UK and the British Virgin Islands to name just a few. Most people think that these are companies from here. Like they have no idea that they are foreign companies. Some of these companies are owned by entities in what we call tax 

Havens. A lot of those places are also really well known for secrecy for hiding the ultimate owners of these  companies. So if something goes wrong with them, okay, Shan Shan Uganda. It's very difficult for the authorities here, or even the Panthers here, to find the person to hold accountable. Lydia found out that at least 10 betting companies in Uganda are under investigation by the tax authorities who suspect them of avoiding millions of dollars in tax. Profits in overseas tax Havens, similarly a long way away from James's experience of sports betting. They exchanged 98  1 a g. covid on jakku. Jakku Career evolved in Dala inner child h k. Also policy 

to Korea, not die. A Conga said, " Now I have a view of Covino on my knees. I wish to know about singing a navabi Kuba. So, is anyone looking out for people like James, I found out that the organization  whose job it is to protect us. Punters is the national gaming board gaming board. Its main mandate is to protect the public from, I guess, the Advanced  effects of Gaming. I first met when I was 14 years old. What have you put in place to make sure that we are not betting when we interview a daugava? He told us that the board is working hard to clean up the betting sector. I was relieved to hear that someone was trying to protect the punters, 

but just three months later, there was a shocking development. That is this man going to court today at all. Eddie Gaga was arrested and then charged with stealing more than 700 million Shillings. That's nearly 200 thousand US dollars. What's more? He and his  team had claimed that some of the money was for a workshop to educate Boda. Boda  drivers about betting responsibly. He has denied all charges, but has been suspended from Office pending criminal proceedings. This is more worrying to find that someone who hates A booty that should be helping out people regulating what if he's doing this. Then there is is, there  there are many 

brain spots in the gaming business here, in Uganda, and, and it's a long, it's alarming. If it's doing this then. Whom should we trust? If the pundits are in, protecting us, if the politicians are in protecting us, if even the regulator, is there protecting us then? Really, who can we trust? Starting to feel a bit guilty about all the people encouraged to bet over the years. Not just when I was a Betting  Company agent, but also friends at school on campus until now. I've never seen someone beating us with something very damaging but I'm starting to understand that so many of us are losing out and that even when we lose we keep going back for more. 

Our but arrow is a  recovering alcoholic. He focuses on it. Recovery, Uganda which works with addicts. He starts to see a lot more people with gambling problems and says, "Is that many of them?" Don't even know. They are addicted. I've never seen an addict or one. I would call an addict. So you the professionals, who deal with this, at what level do you think that someone is would to determine that? Someone is addicted. There must be an element  dependence money that you should have, prioritized also have,  but you find Yourself being unable to hold and the back you're  still taking it to gamble because you believe that some of you might win a large amount and Riku what you've spent 

Are you   a gambler? Pass a? I enjoyed betting.  If anyone asked me I would say I'm not an addict. Would you classify me as a betting person? I deked or someone who's just trying to stop. A behavior. I will take you through an assessment. So how long has it been going for? It's nine  years? Now, nine years is a long time as it has had this significant positive effect in your life. Positive something, you can pinpoint on. You say, betting got me. This got me here. I wouldn't be here. I wouldn't have achieved this without betting. 

No,  not really.  Because I stake, I've been sticking little  money. So I've  been winning small winter months but of the little mouse increased. Did you start for example, with 500 every weekend and now you're doing  2,000 years. Of course, as the income increases  you, obviously you big razor razor  saying you is working. This  bit big win big exam,  which all the companies emphasized. But then I reached a point. fact, Point. I reached a point where I had to relieve myself. Yeah. These 

I reached a point where I lost so much, so much in betting, just the fact that you are to reach a point on self evaluation because it was inflicting heavy damage on your finances. Points to a problem. and yet, instead of quitting you just Try and place have.  Then it in itself, it means that you have a problem quitting. You hooked onto the see any habits that you positive in the loss of money? No, only negativity. We are  so but what were  those people who win so much? And here  I would advise your calling to focus 

on yourself. Not as  many others. Within services for free today. I've written services for free today, and have so much to think about. Which were really mind blowing  things. I didn't know about and you're for me where can tell everyone who bets maybe is,  he should because you can never know at what level you are  addicted  to what it's better to weigh the negatives and the positives 

and be a judge of yourself as to what you're doing. You should stop or you should continue doing. I was thinking about it for real. Other  things to think about. A lot of people are making a lot of money out of abating habits after talking with Albert.   I started to realize that problem. Gambling for us. Punters means even bigger profits for the betting companies. It's a multimillion dollar  industry whose business model relies on us, just betting more and more. I know a lot of people  have lost big  but back in my hometown balala  Lydia had found a story of someone who had lost everything. I had a friend of mine, Macias you can 

take good characteristics of human beings. They can best describe him, but it is someone who started from the rich, but for him, he said, I would go  from Village. I will not stay in the village, I will not live in a village. This is where  I used to stay. This is our stable.  So come here, check on your friends. Everyone here, I knew everyone he used to sleep here. Yeah. For me, like a week after the incident that happened, I was feeling a passing moment of silence. 

the don't of man was this supporting us,  you and know, was also supporting us, you know, so in every to do it would be happy together whenever it loses its a day day. We've lost it wasn't our. Whenever you want to watch matches maybe tonight, we will opt to go to  town outside  campus. Do you know sports betting? Yes, you could do like 200,000 steaks. Then you look for how it can. Multiply the money that was supposed to be for rent, or for fees would  do different  things 

so with a quality multiplier effect, we could try to save money.  We continued rules in losing, but knowledge. I used to stay consoled and only  sometimes you would stay, could not show me the stick he had put. But I don't see him saying I've lost a lot. He decided to use the money that was supposed  to  be four different fees. He took the money Tongan,  a spotting company. This could be poor. And then  he put their or his money, Andy Heroes, the money she told me. So I'm not going to manage to pay tuition. We 

 get  all sorts of financial challenges with students, 60% of those.  It's all about sports, betting, being the challenge of why they don't have the tuition. So the last day we talked, he said I'm going to  go to the Village because he told me that if I confess if I can, we can have a face to face conversation. Then you can raise that money, it was around 2:00 and there. We still buy the news at taken poison. I was touched, like, I see is anyone was taking poison,  why 

 they rushed him to battle  you fellows? Peter We want to do a private Wing, the emergence. We checked on the  guy and the guy was breathing, but the guy passed  away. was an accident. So later that was the end of  my friend. So I feel so touched because it's from a guy I lost and I couldn't imagine that it was this guy. so, up to now that guy is on 

my heart. It was bad. And it's one  of those questions you don't have to answer but seeing that you've lost a student.  It's kind of so emotional, and it hurts. When you see someone else winning 100 murders unsolved and   think you're going to be like him, you think that Miracles are going to be done by the end of the day, had to Wine, turn himself into that. You feel like coming back and telling every 

student to stop sports betting because there's more in life and just winning money. Gambling is just making money out of people, out of desperate people, I would say. Gambling is for the rich and students are not rich to me. They should put an embargo on students, not to bet for as long as your student, you in school, even if you're 65 your student is not betting. That's my, that's my opinion. That would give them. Yes. I 

couldn't believe how much his story had ended. The thing is, I also lost half my college tuition on just two beds. I had to delay my graduation, by  AR it  was terrible seeing my friends graduate. Without me, it made me cut down on how much I was betting but I never stopped. I feel like I've been lucky over the past six months, but I'm starting to wonder how much I have actually won. I asked Lydia to take a look at the data from my online account.  These are all the transactions between you and the betting companies. Basically, in one month, you place more than 50 B, what 54,  B, 54  

 B. Then and there days in a month, I couldn't believe how many times I had blessed beds but the real shock  came  when we analyzed my profits and losses. so, you put in, 600,  nearly 700,000 on your luck alone. One, a million.   However, you did not draw out that Mania. The platform encourages you to put it back over six months. I had deposited 693 thousand. from my mobile money account. That's nearly $200. I admit winnings of nearly million Shillings. But although it felt like I was winning online, I had actually made a loss. 

And then in the end, you came out with a loss of 51,000.  How can someone make all this even fake? But I know. I think that's why betting works because a lot of the people who participate don't share all this knowledge. I learned that we know exactly how the company played this trick. He used to write the  algorithm for an online betting platform. It's a sense of 

you are spending money. It's a spend, do not think of it as an investment. Think about it. This way. The  companies are in business, they're there to make profit for their stakeholders  shareholders,  that's their primary goal. They try as much as possible to limit  those losses, the algorithm   will try. It's best to always make sure the house wins. The only way that I would propose you make a living out of betting is work for a Betting Company. Lots of people really do believe that they can increase their small incomes through betting. When you feel the buzz of a win, I get it. It's hard to 

Remember that  these companies are focused on their own profits and they are not always playing it straight. For so many of us.  football is what got us into betting in the first place.  We start kicking a ball around as soon as we can walk.  The world's greatest footballers are our heroes. And we love watching the matches from the top  European leagues. So how does football fit into all of this? One of the greatest footballers of all time is former  US and England Captain Tony Adams. He's been speaking out  against gambling sponsorship in football, we managed to arrange a call with Tony so I 

could ask him more. It's ringing. I'll finally remit. Fantastic. So, do you like football so much? And what team do you support?  I'm a choice. You're fine. Oh, dear. Oh dear.  Following the legendary So Korea, Tony, Adams, founded the Sporting Chance Clinic, after fighting his own very public battles against addiction. You say that people should Like to start talking  about. This company is not currently   into football and affecting the game. There's a real problem if you normalize, if you make it acceptable that football and gambling are together. If you think it's part of the same great product, then kids and stuff are going to  

think, oh, it's okay to bet. And there is Very, very bad consequences to that for the addict. Don't you tell me that over  30 football clubs in the UK  now have some kind of financial relationship with betting companies. We looked into this and found that for the 2019 2020 season half of the Premier League clubs and 70% of Championship clubs have gambling companies as shots. Winces, I think it's very similar to alcohol. I'm a recovering alcoholic.  Very similar to the alcohol in the 90s  and maybe cigarettes before that the industry was, was kind of getting a lot of money into their clubs, through  this advertisement and this relationship between companies operating in Africa, are also starting 

to sponsor African teams. He and Kenya,  spot Pizza best, even have Partnerships with English sides, including those shut sponsors for Everton.  This has become very acceptable in the  UK, so I think that's all. OK here, everything's fine, great yet. Let's use the  sponsorship from the gambling companies. So that's why I think it's gone  worldwide. It's gone into Africa and has accepted it. And as bidding crumbs under greater scrutiny in countries like the UK, firms are looking for young football fans elsewhere in the world and they are chasing business across Africa, from Cote d'Ivoire to Kenya from. Liberia to Zimbabwe. For Boost Global. You know I think it goes into about 126 territories you know it premier league is 

revered around the world. This guy is massive and it has a  massive effect on Home kids  around the globe. So  if you normalize gambling in that and put it side by side there is Extreme risk of that. Kids are going to think it's okay to gamble. Last, ten years. The technology has gone through  the roof so they can access it from their phone. They've got the bus. So Anthony thinks the time has come for Drastic action. The governing body of the FI needs to say look where in five years, no, gambling adverts, advertising in  football. There's no place for it. It's 

really a pleasure  like talking to you. I'm Chelsea Cup Final, h? Yeah, so we meet in Baku and we are going to  wait and we don't need to gamble on it. No no no there's no point, just friendly rivalry, it's enough. It's enough. We did meet in Baku for the Europa League final and for the first time  in many years, I did not place a bitch on my team in such a big match. I feel it's time  for me to take another day to put an end to my betting story. I've had this up for many years now but I've not been using it cause  

time has reached and I realize that  I don't need to bet anymore. So basically today I'm getting done with my up and parting ways with it. So bye. Bye, Bert way. I don't think I'm going back there. It's  so painful. Boom, there it goes football. You never know. But for real to us enough funds it looks like the game is over. I already said that beating was all about love and that like with football, you just never know. But now, it seems to me that it's a lot less about luck and much more about profits. 

I've come to realize that betting is a game that we can never really win. So instead I'm going with the best game  of  all  football.     


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