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24 iunie 2021

The biggest lies of covid epidemics 19

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 It is not enough to lie in politics, we must be credible. Rather, it is an art that is not within the reach of a clumsy amateur. Only professionalism in lies qualifies for power and they have absolute power. Former dictator Hitler and Stalin, Trump, Johnson were brilliant impostors. The pandemic has given politicians the opportunity to improve the lie. The echo of misinformation also resonates on blogs. Especially in some of the provocative comments it provokes. Of course, we cannot speak of proven lies, but of persistent fantasies based on a major ignorance of the most basic data of biology.


1 / Covid virus prepared in the laboratory in China.

The true origin is known. It was from animals, respectively bats, to humans. This fantasy is based on the hypothesis of the classic scientist, which dates back to the debate on GMOs. This hypothesis is insane, because the alleged insane scientist would be the first victim of the virus if he did not invent a vaccine before spreading the virus. It was not the case.

Public opinion supports this myth, because it needs a culprit before alleviating its anxieties and then denies the power of nature which, at any moment, can threaten that the pandemic will disappear without the possibility of fighting it.


2 / Covid is no worse than a seasonal flu.

The death rate for Covid cases is about 1%, while the flu is 0.1%. In the United States, the pandemic has killed more than 220,000 people, while the flu kills between 12,000 and 61,000, depending on the year. Public opinion tries to believe that what is happening is in the order of the seasonal routine rather than admitting that it is a big problem. A manifestation of nature, without medicines available.


3 / The mask is useless

If the mask is not an absolute protection for the wearer or for those around him, however, the probability of transmission decreases. It's needed. the transmission coefficient must be below 1% to destroy this virus.

Public opinion is naturally influenced by false statements by the authorities."The use of masks everywhere and always does not protect healthy people and can even have a counterproductive effect through relaxing behaviors." This lie was formulated by Alain Berset on April 5, 2020. In fact, it served to hide the fact that the supply of masks was insufficient, due to a malfunction of the authorities. Much later, at a press conference, a naughty reporter asked an adviser how the allegedly harmful mask had become mandatory. Was the above statement a demonstration of negligence? He lied for the second time. the counselor said there were no masks.

The condemnation of the mask's uselessness in Bern was such that, in March, the president of the National Council, Isabelle Moret, expelled the only deputy who appeared with a mask from the debate area. What was a mistake has become an obligation.


4 / Pharmacies overstate the isxtinderea virusto sell vaccines.

The spread of the epidemic is measured by regularly updated statistics by public authorities, which are perfectly credible, at least in democracies. the global pandemic triggered at least 48,570,769 cases detected and caused at least 1,232,764 deaths. These statistics probably underestimate the true numbers. The Belgian government, absent at the start of the epidemic, caused 12,331 deaths for a population of 11 million. The impact of the pandemic measures the effectiveness of the measures taken.

Public opinion is a suspicious reflection of large corporations that make immeasurable profits in relation to a person's income. Do not assume that it is a sanction of jurisdiction, it is more reflective to assume that it is the result of fraud.


5 / Hydroxychloroquine is an effective treatment, banned only to protect the market for more expensive and profitable drugs.

All studies have shown that this is not a valid treatment.

The public is willing to believe in a miraculous cure available immediately. You are more likely to believe one's statements than those that contradict it. To find a scapegoat, try to find a savior.


6 / The increase in the number of cases is only the result of the increase in the number of tests, measurements.

If this were true, it would mean that the positivity rate should decrease over time, but the opposite is true. The positivity rate increases with the impact of the pandemic.

The public is willing to believe this lie because there was a lack of evidence at the beginning of the pandemic. It is therefore tempting to assume that the increase in the number of cases detected is an effect of the availability of evidence. It is a sanction for the unpreparedness of public authorities whose credibility is impaired.



7 / The herd's immunity will protect us if we allow the epidemic to spread without taking action.

This is the choice of the Swedish and English authorities. It is reckless because it is necessary to reach a rate of 60 to 70% of the infected population for this immunity to work. In the meantime, the number of deaths will increase. The mortality rate per million inhabitants reaches 593 in Sweden, compared to 158 on average in the world.

 The population agrees because they want to live as before.


8 / The Covid 19 vaccine will be dangerous and must be rejected.

This is the classic thesis about all vaccines, while some, such as smallpox and polio vaccines, have managed to eradicate these diseases. Before being validated, a vaccine is subjected to several rigorous tests.

An important part of public opinion suspects science in general.


Trump has revealed this eight false information. The council supported only one. This is the relationship between democrats. The dissemination of this false information prevents the search for a rational fight against the pandemic. Public opinion does not know where to go and doubts the competence and honesty of public authorities. Therefore, apply the safety instructions reluctantly. Therefore, false news has an impact on the evolution of the epidemic and on the number of deaths. Later, it will be necessary to take into account the fact that lying in times of epidemic is equivalent to denying in time of war, and consequences can be drawn from it.


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