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02 iunie 2021

The dark side of Dubai . It's shocking

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  Dubai is an artificial city that is not as organically developed as other cities. Let it grow with big cities like London or New York. Most of the workers in Dubai come from and live in other countries. The apartments are the same complex as the Russian communist apartments of the 1950s, but they are equipped with air conditioning and cable network. This is very limited for the homeless: Dubai has a new metropolis with no connection between urban culture and urban spirit. Although Dubai is in the Middle East, you don't feel the Middle East shock. The culture is more American, from grocery stores to grocery brands and everything in between. This technology is very high. Futuristic and fascinating. This city is an amazing and very interesting amusement park. Sometimes you come to have fun, but for various reasons you don't want to be there. Local residents only saw a small group of locals. The local culture of this city is not very clear. If you really like Arab Cultural University, check out the historic center of Daraa or visit other cities in the United Arab Emirates and discover the local culture like Sharjah, OH or the surrounding areas. Not worth going to town. You have to go everywhere, the subway is a bit crowded and public transport is like a joke. You have to take a taxi or go. The subway is divided into two different parts: normal class and gold class. Sleeping is first class and eating is not allowed on the subway. Drink alcohol, chew gum, or go to bed early. You can be good If you work hard one day on the way home but close your eyes at home, Dubai is by no means ecological. When it rains it sinks in less than an hour. However, the government invests a lot to be green. The environment is badly polluted by sandstorms and many cars. There is still no green because the city is growing fast and there are small public green parks or some outdoor activities during the day because the weather is too hot. have you heard? The grill is very warm. I live in a hot climate, but I can't stand Dubai's high temperatures from May to September. Life in the oven is unbearable, but the market is great.

Other than legal shopping, going to the beach depends on how many months you have eaten, there is nothing you can do. The city is very interesting, you can enjoy wonderful and very interesting nightlife and there are many interesting things to do. But the problem lies with the immigrant community, no one can have a good human relationship with you. Most are about making money so you can meet thousands of fake aliens and people with normal personalities. It's hard to love this city, foreign and local, oh it's a business city. After all, people exist to make money and most people don't exist to live long. Sharks are abundant in Dubai and many of them have opportunities and promotions. The night view of modern buildings is breathtaking and the buildings are emptier because they are too expensive. Many people use their wealth in Dubai as an investment, but live in India, Iran, the USA, Russia, China or Europe. There are many differences between social classes. Not all of them are from the Middle East, so treat them like Syrians, Iraqis, or even Lebanese. You have a work visa to live in this country. Indians, Pakistanis and Southeast Asians are the basis of a social class in which civil rights are violated. They offer one of the best treatment options for the Iranian diaspora than others, but it also depends on the social and economic conditions of the area. European and American immigrants are considered kings. Unlike other nationalities, nobody cares if it's your friend or a drink with you. Proud immigrants, most of them are of the working class of their homeland. Relations with western immigrants are also catastrophic. If your family lives in Dubai you are in luck as Dubai is full of cheap gold miners and great players to play. This is city specific and you have no right to criticize. Locals have said goodbye to Abel and are ready to join The Outsiders. Especially when you are a professional, many people in a strange community will pretend to be your friends when in reality they are your worst enemies. It's an interesting and fascinating city, very bright and very futuristic. In my opinion Dubai is amazing, the restaurants host big festivals and parties but there is no place to show. The local culture is the place of work and there are many beautiful things that haunt you. If you are an environmental activist, are you active? Hence the pro-capitalist. So Dubai didn't do it for you. Dubai can be boring. There is also culture, a good place to buy a high salary, but nothing more. The beach is great and very warm. Our private hotel in Dubai offers a selection of the best pieces, such as sheep in wolf costume. The city claims to be one of those metropolises in which great ambitions and looks can be realized. While Dubai does not attempt to communicate with an adult as a high school student would imitate, it lacks similar experiences and goals, and one of them is its lifestyle. This place is really built in an authoritarian style with a lot of rules, dreamers, artists and talents that make it impossible to help. They tried to create a religious culture in the western cities through their way of life. The neighboring region is full of confusion, I hope you will react. You seem to be lying to people. The salary is even higher, so they lack the spirit and charm of other cities and they tend to copy bad things. No dictatorship in Dubai can become independent as a desert. It doesn't have a natural source. The weather does not benefit agriculture, natural nutrition, or natural life. You can't stay in the sun for 5 minutes. All of the buildings on Coastal Road were built in the past 45 years. Eighty percent of the population are immigrants who enter and leave the country because they cannot become citizens. All immigrants send money home. Nobody can stay in Dubai forever. The rules are always changing, but the Arabs take this opportunity. Sharia is an ancient belief and legal system, and Dubai claims to be a country that practices Islam. But the nightlife did something different. So Dubai is not just a double standard, it always shows that happiness is perfect, but it is not at all: Dubai never talks about its problems and nobody talks about the UAE. Oh, uh, you can arrest and stop the deportation, Dubai has a fake ski and snow park. There are a lot of expensive cars on the internet in Dubai, but they have never shown that their owners left expensive cars. It's bad. The loyalty of foreigners in Dubai is out of place, because the Palm to Palm Three Beach project, the so-called Big Island of the World, is not described as a "necessity". Not all social media and news content is perfect and no one is talking about it. The Dubai World Center and Al Maktoum Airport are almost empty. Most of the buildings on this site are half built and their owners ran away with money, but the photos on the internet are still pretty fascinating. One of the biggest, almost everyone in the city makes money, every day in Dubai you lose work and money, friends and even relatives. However, Dubai remains a city with high potential and I will always have a weak spot for it because there is a standard of living there. Large. I'm sorry it's a success. In fact, I applauded. I said that there are big problems with identity art and innovation in this city, these things are very important and have their place. The atmosphere is unique. Most cultures are local. In terms of innovation and art history, Dubai was a small fishing village less than 50 years ago. So it's very easy to understand. Its development is not just an influential economic event or movement that has been particularly influenced, but based on strict laws and subtle cuts to discourage artists in this short period of time. I think young people all over the world are accepting and understanding it in a classic way. 

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