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04 septembrie 2021

 Tips for consuming less electricity.


Energy savings.

Daily eco-gestures.


Saving electricity is not only good for the planet, but also for your budget. Because, as the saying goes, the cheapest electricity is the one we don't consume! 

Achieving ecological actions is to consume less electricity at home, thanks to the recommendations. 


1. Evaluate electricity consumption.

2. standby devices.

3. Choose appliances that have less energy consumption.

Take care of your clothes without using too much electricity.

5. Cook responsibly.

6. Optimize the use of your appliances 

7 Ideas to reduce electricity consumption for your home lighting

8. Reduce the electricity consumption of your water heater.

9. Save on electric heating.

10. Save electricity because connected objects

consume less electricity.

1. Evaluate consumption.

The first thing to do before you start is to take stock of your current electricity consumption.

If you have a new meter, nothing could be easier, because it shows you consumption in real time. drastically reduce electricity consumption.




Control your heating remotely and save energy.

Nothing motivates you better to save energy than to see your electricity bill go down at the end of the year.

 Standby devices, even when turned off, consume electricity. And it's not just TV, video game consoles, computers, what everyone thinks. Please note that the coffee machine, microwave, toaster and large appliances are also responsible. Don't forget to turn them off and unplug them when not in use.

opt for "smart" sockets, which detect devices that enter standby and turn them off automatically.

For your electronic devices (tablets, computers), set the parameters to turn off automatically after a set time. This will allow you to reduce your electricity consumption by 50% due to use. 


Beware of chargers for tablets, computers and mobile phones: even when you finish recharging the battery, the chargers continue to consume electricity and the same happens if they are connected to the battery, device. Therefore, all you have to do is unplug the charger from the wall outlet as soon as the device charges. 

3. Choose electrical devices that consume less energy.

Manufacturers must now indicate the energy quality of the electrical devices they produce. a device with A consumes between one third and two thirds less energy than a device rated D. The

savings are significant and the price difference is quickly offset by a reduction in the electricity bill. In general, opt for all-in-one devices, as they consume less than the sum of the consumption of the devices they replace. Therefore, it is preferable to use a printer-scanner-copier combination than printer + scanner + copier.

Did you know that

laptops consume less than desktops, inkjet printers consume up to 30 times less than laser printers, and finally, LCD TVs consume less than plasma TVs. 

4. Take care of your clothes without wasting too much electricity. 

To reduce the consumption of electricity associated with the maintenance of clothes, forget about the dryer, if possible. It is the main source of consumption. If you can't miss it, because you don't have space outside or inside to dry your clothes naturally, opt for a dryer that switches off automatically when clothes are dry, thanks to a humidity sensor.

Don't neglect to clean the down filters, which guarantees a better operation of the device.

As for the washing machine, opt for washing at low temperature, as much as possible, without prewash or, better, cold, because 90% of the electricity consumption on the laundry is due to the heating of the washing water. And the washing machine should be full.

5. Cook responsibly. Even in the kitchen it is possible to save electricity: 

heat in the microwave instead of the traditional oven. If you don’t have a microwave, remember that convection ovens are cheaper with electricity because you can cook several foods at the same time;

Don't forget to cover the pans so that you don't waste energy and optimize cooking. turn off the oven or hob before you finish cooking. 

6. Coolers often consume a lot of energy. To optimize its operation, nothing could be easier! 

For the freezer: place it in an unheated room; think about what you have inside before you open it, so you don't waste energy; put only cold food; Remember to defrost and clean the backs and gaskets periodically.

For the refrigerator: when preparing food, it is necessary to avoid opening and closing repeatedly; check, as in the freezer, if the gaskets are in good condition; Also, be aware that it is better to have a small refrigerator that is quite full than a very large refrigerator that is half full.

For air conditioning: opt for natural air conditioning as much as possible. Plant trees to provide shade and refresh your home.

7. Ideas to reduce electricity consumption in your home lighting

There's nothing better than taking advantage of natural light so you don't have to turn on the lights:

Use energy-saving light bulbs and install dimmers on your light bulbs to adjust brightness depending on the time of day.

From time to time, remove dust from lamps and curtains.

For the exterior of the house, think about sunlight, which is becoming more effective. 

8. Reduce the water consumption of the water heater.

To save electricity during operation, reduce the temperature - ideally between 55 and 60 ° C - and focus on showers instead of bathrooms (you will also save water!).

Do not forget to insulate the water heater, but also the hot water pipes, to prevent heat loss. 

9. Saving electric heating by spending a lot of

money. Despite many misconceptions about electric heating, it is possible to heat your home with this type of heating without money.

The first thing to do is to insulate your home well, which can reduce the consumption of electricity related to heating by up to 30%.

If you are outdoors during the day during the winter, leave the blinds and curtains closed, as these will allow you to reduce the heat and keep the heat out through the windows.

Adjust the room temperature according to use: 19 ° C in the rooms and 16 ° C in the bedrooms are ideal temperatures, knowing that turning off the heating by only 1 degree saves 7% of electricity compared to heating. 

10. Change the electricity supplier, taking care to consume less.


 by installing several switching sockets, you can switch off several standby devices with a single gesture (eg TV / TV / DVD receiver, etc.). Also useful when outlets are hard to reach or cables are a little difficult to remove.

  I optimize the lighting in each room. No

need to recreate the splendor of the Palace of Versailles at home. In addition to turning off the light when leaving the environment, opt for low-energy lamps (A ++ LEDs are the most efficient), choosing the right lighting depending on the environment and your habits is an essential element not only to reduce consumption electricity, but also to improve your well-being.

 I use the "eco" functions of the washing machine and the dishwasher.

I cook economically. 

Instead of thawing a frozen product in the microwave, put it in the fridge long before. It will thaw more slowly, but will help keep the refrigerator cool. A double gain in electricity consumption!

 our refrigerators and freezers- thaw from time to time. Ice quickly leads to excessive electricity consumption, which is easy to avoid. Cleaning the grille on the back of these devices will optimize their performance. the refrigerator and freezer must be kept as far away as possible from heat sources (oven, hob, radiators).

 Before putting the food in the fridge, cover it with bags or boxes (biodegradable). This will limit condensation and produce much less frost.

 Heating for my comfort where it is needed, when it is needed.

open the windows once a day for a few minutes (turn off the heating, of course)! This helps to ventilate the house and reduce humidity. Result: the heating will be more efficient.

  I produce the hot water I need, no more!

Even water heater maintenance is essential.

  if you wash the dishes by hand, a double sink allows you to use less water. In the absence of a double sink, a small basin will allow you to wash your dishes in hot water without charging the water superheater and then rinse with cold water.

 I will improve the insulation of my house.

Renovating windows, doors, floors, walls can have a significant impact on energy consumption, but this obviously has a cost and is not easy. 

It's up to you to play to reduce your electricity consumption and bill ... and, of course, consume better by choosing a green electricity supplier!

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