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25 septembrie 2021

  Tips to sleep well.



      How to sleep well? To sleep better you need to know a few tips to get rid of some bad habits, to improve your sleep environment and to control the "reflections" caused by stress or anxiety. Here are the tips to sleep well and improve sleep quality!


Get rid of bad habits that disturb your sleep.

1- To sleep well, it is best to avoid the incentives early: the last coffee in the afternoon, without tea and no Coke after 16:00.

2- Do not play sports at night.

Exercise wakes up your muscles and prevents you from sleeping well.

3- Our body is programmed to sleep, the internal temperature drops.

But a warm bath (maximum 37 °) will calm you down. 

4- Turn off the screens at least one hour before bedtime.

TVs, computers, smartphones emit a blue light close to daylight! 

Your sleeping environment: The ideal room to sleep well 

5 - Keep your bedroom cool at all

times to help your body lower the internal temperature and get ready to sleep, be careful not to be above 18-19 ° in your bedroom ., and airy enough.

6- No computer or TV in the room!

No screen, of course, because of the blue light, no "wake-up" activities - no suspense, no video games, but also don't worry about your bills. Before bed, a little relaxation ritual will make it easier. going to sleep.

7- A bed dedicated only to sleep and making love at night.

This is the TIP to remember to sleep well: in addition to pampering and sex, stay in bed just to sleep. Also, don't stay in bed when you can't sleep; This can increase anxiety, nervousness and prevent you from falling asleep. You need to feel comfortable in bed and not identify with a negative thought.

8- Experience the darkness and silence in your room.

Get rid of stray noises (such as ringing clocks) and insulate your camera in some protector. Feel free to try earplugs if your partner is snoring. Hide light well with blinds and curtains: dim light, then complete darkness, stimulates the secretion of melatonin, the sleep hormone.

False beliefs and negative thoughts about sleep.

9. Give more quality to the quality of sleep than to its quantity. Do not be convinced that lack of sleep will create unrecoverable fatigue; never force sleep by forcing yourself to sleep. Long sleep can upset your sleep balance.

10- sleep signals to fall asleep.

Are you starting to blink, open your mouth or have heavy eyelids? It's bedtime. Your internal clock likes the usual sleep patterns. Listen to your body when it comes to sleep.

How do you get a good night's sleep when stress and anxiety interfere with your sleep?

How to sleep well when your thoughts, emotions prevent you from sleeping well? Sometimes it is enough to simply review some of your beliefs about the subject and at the same time adjust some habits thanks to our good sleep tips discussed above. Some relaxation techniques reduce physical and psychological stress very effectively. 

for insomnia are interactive tools and psychological trainers to learn new habits and new ways of thinking, lots of tips to feel good and sleep better in 2-3 months.




I realized my false beliefs about sleep: quality is better than quantity. I realized that it was better to wake up early, even if it means recovering from sleep later, when the need arises. What a change! Anyway, my days seem longer, I don't spend time in bed anymore and suddenly I'm less stressed because I have time to do everything that really interests me!


 All these tips are obviously very important, I apply them too.

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