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01 septembrie 2022

Top 5 Money Scams

     So what are the top five most common scams that actually work, and which scams are still in use today? Not just the old people, your grandma, your grandpa, but people like us. People who know exactly how cheating works, what not to do. If you're actually trying to get scammed or threatened, well, because those boxes are missing the article. Folks, these scams are so simple it's scary because you never think about the actions you take ,but it could mean you stole X. you will be surprised, 100% guarantee this scam is simple but also very effective to get your information and also steal your identity and also withdraw funds from your wallet. And don't even try this at home, because I want to be, I'm sure you understand. I won't tell you, try it at home, no. I'm telling you this, so don't let it happen to you, okay? And if someone says, well, try this or that, say no, that's cheating. time in prison. Joseph. Time. I don't want prison. Good. Here's a question for you. Good. And be honest, don't lie. Not. I have to lie, I've been cheated on before. Once upon a time and I PS4. Counterfeit Cash. Long story. i'll tell you later Comment below, guys have your say. Have you ever been cheated on before you hit rock bottom? Tell me: And if you comment below and tell me exactly how it went and how much money you lost. And if not, folks, I have news for you. Good. You may think you've never been scammed, but chances are you have because these methods are so common that you won't even notice. By the way, I think everyone got it wrong when full social security coverage happened with Equifax. So it seems like it happens to everyone, but that's not the point. Let's talk about these five scams that are still working in 2019 and even 2020 depending on if you watch this video now. The first, in case you don't know, is Ashley's ATM scam. Well, if you don't know, okay? I use the ATM almost every week. Maybe twice a week is fine. And every time you use an ATM, you do something. I use my ATM. I'm done. Nothing like. We usually use any ATM in our ATM but I also have a debit card from the bank which means I 

can get my money out into the world. So I actually pay. So I don't care So I use every ATM. But the problem is, no matter what they put their card in the ATM, these guys won't believe it. Well, it's called a ``skimmer''. Now the skimmer is basically washing the scans off your card. Guess what? What happens? Ok guys I'm going to cheat, I'm going to go through this and put a small adjustable skimmer on top of this skimmer. So when you insert your card, guess what happens. Now scan your Tommy card. Does this mean I have to come to the counter to collect my dates? The answer is no, if you scan your car with a skimmer, put it in and take it out. Well, after your message, the scammer will receive an SMS with all your credit card information, which is great. Right? Well no not for you but great for her. Well, the other thing is this guy. When it comes to the ATM, you probably want Tommy, okay? That's my neighbors and I back. Guess what? Tommy, they don't have my pen and my pen can't do anything without my pen. The answer is no, guys. You are wrong. Because of this? Because you're also basically putting a keyboard on the keyboard where you're actually placing your color. So if you enter this code there. But well, it ends up being another text message with your PIN, but Tommy, that's okay. does it matter? Maybe it doesn't work. Bla bla bla. Well, good excuse. They also often have cameras installed around the ATMs. So now I can see exactly what numbers you entered without even thinking about it, but you'll probably realize that the camera knows the answer is that the camera is actually hidden to the point where I open it felt the picture what I saw . on-line. By the way, that's the camera he released, and that camera is so small nobody can notice it if you ask me, ok? It is very difficult to notice when such a thing exists. But Tommy, how can I prevent this from happening to me? Well the answer is what we usually do. Am I just using ATMs instead of being on the side and having that Chase Bank all the way? There? Because AB security, guards and the scammer aren't usually that brave, don't you try? But the bottom line is that everyone who uses an ATM grabs this skimmer and shakes it. He runs it to try and see if it comes out. Also take the keyboard and bind it. Also think everything is ok, shake everything to make sure nothing comes out and not set up properly because ATMs are secured instantly. So if something looks suspicious, it's probably a sign you've been scammed and keep an eye out for cameras everywhere to make sure they aren't picking up your PIN. But the last thing here Tommy that I don't understand is they can get my PIN and also my current information but how can I use it? The answer is, folks, they literally guess which credit and debit cards came from your information. And I can do it through a device that I won't mention. However, you can buy this device as a small device on the dark web. Put it on and really build your own car. Set whole numbers or even change whole numbers, divide. It's crazy. It gets deep, deep, deep. I don't want to go there. The feds are now watching and saying, Tommy, are you doing this? The answer is no, it is nationwide and I will not risk my freedom to do anything. Fraud of this nature or any fraud. So basically guys can get this information. If they can't, the regular camera will just broadcast stuff and sell your info to anyone else they can find on the Dark Web for around $15-$100 depending on how much money you have in the bank what they do can see because you just saw you. that you have withdrawn money from a full ATM. It's scary now, but it's part of the game, okay? So when I use the ATM I shake everything and it looks like this is what you're looking at. penalty fee. That was two days ago. The owner looks great. For example, what do you do with an ATM? I notice because you will notice. I'm looking for a carpenter. Looking for skimmers. I'm looking for the keyboard. I'm just being paranoid this time because you can't trust anything. So I'm just saying that it shook everyone around me. Another thing is another scan that actually worked. By the way, that's why I say you won't know if you get scammed. Good? Well, the other thing, he doesn't mention the double move. Ok now tell me what a double swipe is and how it works. Well, first I'll tell you a story. OK, in front of the restaurant. And you know I was my friend and I realized something strange was going on but I didn't think about it. That's what happened. I could be wrong and that's making me so paranoid now because one of these things, you know, you're so paranoid all the time. So basically I'm in a restaurant with my girlfriend and I give my credit card to the waiter. Good. And I said, hey, that's my credit card. Okay, obviously it's a business meeting. I'll go through it, but obviously it's a business question because it's like we're talking about business here and on this at this point. But folks, when I took my credit card, it accepted. She says oh it's not, it's not, it's not meant to work. I said okay and she pulled the keyboard, I thought okay so I pull to hear it doesn't work and I boot the keyboard. But I didn't know I wasn't in danger because I hadn't noticed anything strange. But folks, whatever you're doing, you're doing a double slip, it's cool that they're putting your whole foot through the normal pedal system with that. Is she actually asking you for money? But if you go back to pull another system, you just save all your info, and that's weird to me because I've had so many troubles with the pea. I trust them with my card, my debit card, my entire car. I mean swipe left and right and scroll here. So I'm afraid it's a good thing. What happens ? I clean, I remove, I do whatever, but it doesn't feel like, oh, you keep telling me that. Are you trying to trick me, brother? Tommy, how do I stop this? Well, the answer is, don't let them swipe your card twice, okay? And Tommy, what should I do? That when history greets me, we want to eliminate it at least twice. I don't care about the answer. through products. By the way, if you want you can call Visa and find out because you shouldn't. If your car has a chip, there is no four-wheel drive. This puts your information at risk because while they are not always scams, you are trying to put your information into a database and at the same time your information is becoming public and endangering people who might try to get in. Account. System. By the way, companies want your data so they can now see exactly what you're buying, not what you're buying. So you can study your buying habits, but I'm not talking buying habits here. I'm talking about folks, swipe your card to make a duplicate. And then spend the money or just go out and sell information on the dark web. And this scares me because I know you have swiped your card multiple times somewhere, you haven't done anything about it, but it really could be a potential scam and it's so scary. Well the third thing guys, the third thing is actually the fake checks and also the fake money orders and also the fake break is Tommy. Nobody is dumb enough to see you cash a check. It's not her account in the bank account. Nobody will. Not true. The answer is you are wrong because scammers got smart enough to catch one of my subscribers here. If you watch this video I will share my story with you. Of course I am not sure about your name but the story is very interesting so I will share it here. This happened to my client. Okay, I was basically like everyone else on Facebook in the 1920s or so. And it was on Facebook. And you go on Facebook and you see a job posting. If you can see his eyes, then I'll cook salmon. Apply, request the offer and then it will be accepted. Boom! That's great! You just got the job Now that you've got the job, it looks like we're running online training here for a week or two depending on the company. They trained him to do any job and gave him a check to pay for the training. Now we deposit the check into your account, they say oh sorry my mistake. Can you return that amount of money because we actually paid you double and we don't like the full amount much more than the total? They said ok no problem they will refund your money. It turns out to be a fake, meaning the check was fake and actually rejected. But the bank first compensated them, and now all the responsibility of the planners on the account is in the minus. Well, now all the responsibility rests with him and my usual decisions. Either you pay both ways and lose all your money, or you cancel the bank, get blacklisted by that bank and never do business there again. So you don't want to deposit anything more into your account, those weren't mice, were they? Come on friend I don't know why I said my sister for a second but my friend is with my brother so I said my sister is with my brother. Understand. Now my friend Ashley's brother got scammed because the guy told him in front of the ATM. Hello who? I have a check here, it's paid, but I don't have a bank account. Now I'm safe here and I don't want to pay a lot of money there. The money came because they asked me for money and he said ok no problem on the plus side and the guy said ok deposit I will give you money no problem. Now he put the clock on the whole account and the guy put $20 in it and said, oh great, he met Tony. But two days later the bank says, hey, the check wasn't good, it's fraudulent. It wasn't yours and you know what? Your account is the guy had cash and only got $20 and now he owes a thousand dollars, okay? And that's why you can never promise me, okay? Never accept text messages you don't know about, especially from companies, not really because I'm only human. There are also companies that try to use the system on you and they are all scammers who get smarter over time. 

By the way, you can avoid the fourth way again by not accepting checks and by not doing anything unusual and telling someone your account number or sort code. First of all Fourth Way folks I think everyone here has fallen for this at some point and it is indeed fake ads and products being sold online like eBay. I had a friend and this friend of mine and he was a handsome boy, the smartest boy in the class. To be honest. I'm not joking and he or she is funny. He ordered a camera, it was a very nice piece. It cost around $500. Good. But he paid $103.75, about one hundred and seventy-five, and said he wanted a bargain because, like eBay, they bid and received. That's wonderful. Gossip, gossip, big brother. Now when the camera 

mail, it literally got a sticker with the camera on it. I dont lie. That's how it happened. I mean what the heck, back then we actually had 30 days of protection. So if I tell you literally, hey, you're probably a description and you shouldn't buy stuff, you don't know. So he lost $175 and only had a camera sticker. So you have an image of the part and not the actual camera. Things are that crazy. In other words, how do we prevent this? Not. Now it's different because eBay has 30 protections you can buy with PayPal to protect yourself. Besides that. Now it is very difficult to get such a trick. But you never know, ebay, online store, cash store or whatever, don't buy anything from anyone other than rubles. For example, go to eBay. View 

the person's profile. Make sure there are plenty of stars, positive reviews and such as you know they are official and have not compromised their accounts. And even if they are, if they aren't, they're fake. Well the answer is that eBay has a good policy. Make sure you're buying something in accordance with the policy and nothing illegal. You shouldn't be shopping on eBay at all, okay? This is number four, be very careful. When you buy things online. OK, now to number five, that scared me a little. ok guys i like now number five is the icy hotspot tommy scam what is it What do you mean by hot spots? You can also, if you're a bitch like a Starbucks or a grocery store or a deli and you're only there for a while, you're fine, let me go to the wifi or the gym. Tell me I'll connect to WiFi quickly. No big deal in 2020. In 2019 everyone is using WiFi. Anyway, I want to use it. The answer is simple, now the scammer might have opened a hotspot on the laptop. And every time you connect, you get an irregular angle. Okay great. I use my phone here. That's great. Play the Nintendo Switch here or do what you want. Good. Well, no, well, not before the exchange, it has to be like a laptop or a phone. Well, that's what it does, folks, it goes into everything, like a cell phone, a laptop, and they start taking your information, from financial information to the information that's on that laptop, and they get it all through a single access. specify. Please tell me how can I prevent this? I'm pretty sure you see these ads on Facebook and also talk about it on YouTube guys, here's an ad. I think VPN VPN is very important. Well the answer is yes folks. VPNs are very important. 

This video is not sponsored by BPM. However, they currently have an offer on their website and it would be rude of me not to offer this product as I am not paid for it. So here I have a link to Norton BPM. I want to register today. I think it's $60 for everything, three years, one year. See price link below. If you want to connect to a VPN to protect yourself on public WiFi, that's great. I would. And when it was, I think it was like Starbucks WiFi, and I love being there. I'm paranoid because I like Starbucks Wi-Fi or someone else's Wi-Fi. I just do not know. And that's why you have to be very careful when using a public WiFi network that you don't know. By the way, this often happens in well-known resorts, and when you leave America and such places that you really like, the guitarist from Place spends a lot of time there. So be very careful when it comes to using wifi that you don't recognize and have a similar history with, that's my advice.


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