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i would like to show you how to earn from a free traffic exchange everyone can do this processing and like you know everyone know if you wish to make money online you need a product and you need a traffic i will show you a free traffic that you can use to promote a your a link a and you can earn unlimited a cash every single day okay so first we need a product so a step a one a let's go to a google and search for you can see mass trafficmonster and you will find unlimited results mass traffic monster is a traffic software you can promote the everything using this a great a traffic software and we will promote this a product a so we can earn a 50 per cell okay so basically like you see there is unlimited a results many affiliate marketers promoting this a software and i will show you how you can promote this software and make a commission every single day okay so you can see this is the sales page for this a a product this is mass trafficmonster so a visit we will visit this website so we can get our affiliate link okay so step one go to you can see basic a plan you don't have to purchase okay we only want to create a our affiliate a link so basically you can see here you can see by now and go to this a page okay you don't have to purchase this is only to a create a affiliate link now go to your browser and get the link for this product and i will put here so you can show you how to create your affiliate link so basically this is the link for this product but this is not your affiliate link okay so let's get our a id i will show you how to get your a id so and when you visit this website you have to create your a account this is a free like you see you will get 50 a commission from every a cell a now a how to get your a affiliate id all you have to do is go to the end of this page you will found your affiliate program go to affiliate program and you will found this option how do i become a sorry not this option have to go to what is what are my affiliate a link okay remember you have to go to what are my affiliate links and click here is it you will get this page okay now basically when you visit this page you will find a this linking a id okay you can see slash linking slash your id and slash okay now basically you have to copy all this a line from the slash to the slash. let's copy and let's back to our link here okay now like you see there is a on this link you can see the domain code dot com okay and you can see here's uh slash okay now all you have to do is uh select the slash and click a best and type your linking id now basically this is your affiliate link on this case this is my affiliate link let's check it on our browser and we will get this link i will copy again okay i will put the link here again you can see now my affiliate link i have my id and i have here affiliate okay so basically you can promote this link or this link this is not a matter okay but you can promote this link now if you want you can sort this link on a bigly okay and then you can start promote it okay so i will show you how to short this link just go to a weekly dot and go to create and type this link your link okay and you will get a this shortened link let's copy and put here so i can show you okay so this is the my shorting link i will test it on my browser okay and i will get the a product and i will get a my id on my affiliate link so everything is okay now all you have to promote this link okay now how to get free traffic using a traffic exchange and how to get a commission a every single day okay now remember you will get 50 percent a commission and this is a great commission and let's say let's start i will show you there is a unlimited the free traffic that you can use to promote your affiliate link but today i will show you one a website that you can use to get 1 000 visitors every single day for free okay so first go to google and type you can see making money academy okay let's search for making money academy and we will get this website .let's visit and we will get here unlimited free traffic that we can use to promote our affiliate link okay so basically i recommend to use all these websites this is a free traffic a there is a this is a great and traffic splash also great to promote my media this is a fantastic and million leads for free there is unlimited free traffic but i will show you one website for this video okay today i will show you one free traffic to start getting 1 000 visitors every single day for free of course okay you have to visit or go sorry best free solo ads for affiliate marketing you can see this website called hercules . let's visit so i can show you how exactly you can promote your a link for free and get a limited free traffic okay this is 1 000 visitor for free every single day okay so let's a visit and you will get this a page now all you have to do there is a login and type your username and password and click login okay now basically this website is very very a great to promote your affiliate link and this is a fantastic to promote a mass traffic monster software and you can see here this members okay in the menu go to members and then you have here at the top and mailers okay so let's visit and again continue to add millers okay now like you see you can see a free members can send at daily to 1 000 random members now where this is free traffic so i recommend to start with a this option also you can if you don't have a credit here you can go to a ads and a surf you can see blurs or ads you can click one of them and the surf websites and you will get a credit and then you can send your a link or solo ads using this option right now you can see you can i have here yes so i can a submit my website to one a thousand now basically all i have to do is first let's get my a link remember this is a link copy and type here okay now this is my link now this product uh talking about a traffic this is a fantastic a traffic software to get unlimited traffic to promote any affiliate link this software is fantastic to a promote a clickbank or a max bounty or any affiliate program so let's type here something like a get unlimited traffic leads referrals and sales guaranteed okay something like this okay and we can copy this link this text and type here and we can okay this is for example you can type here a anything you wish okay you can change your a title or red text okay and you can type something like with charts okay something like this or a team okay you can type here anything you want okay you can change you can do a anything you you want okay this is free and you can send 1 000 every single day so this is a fantastic traffic and i really recommend to use it now all you have to do is click submit you see add successfully submit to 1 000 members okay now where you will get 1 000 visitor to your affiliate link and basically you have to do this every single day okay this will take five minutes from your time so i recommend to use this option and send your a link do exactly what i show you right now and you will make sales and you will make money from this system okay so how a how much money you will make from this system i will show you my proof how many i am doing from this i will log in sorry i have to go to my okay now i am in so i will show you some of the proof like you see i already have here over 500 dollars that's a visit i will show you the history okay how much i make from this system you can see i already made 34 000 okay 34 000 and you can see this is all the fields i make from this a system okay i will show you withdraw history okay so you can understand now basically you can cash out your money to a pioneer or a people this is your choice okay you can do cash out pioneer or paper in the beginning i made my cash out to a people like you see here and then i change it to a pioneer and basically you can see every cash out this is a one thousand five hundred eight dollars and you can see that it that the a i made a cash out now where all you have to do guys this is really very very easy method i recommend to start now remember there is unlimited a free traffic like i said you can visit also um let's say see let's see a traffic is splash let's go so i can show you an example let's go to a login you can see here my ad you can add your site to a sites or rotators or banner or text ad okay and then all you have to do and click surf now and get free a credit and free traffic every single day for free okay this is very simple all you have to do click the click capture and get credit and get free traffic okay so basically uh i hope you like this same method this is very very simple a method and everyone can use it if there's something you didn't understand please save this video in your a browser in your favorite and watch this video again and again so you can understand exactly how to make this free cash every single day okay this is really money and if i can do it you can do it okay so thank you again for watching this video i hope you will start using this method even today so you can make money even this week okay thank you again and have a good luck

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