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 I'm making money online.  I'll give you tips and tricks to increase visitors to your website generate more leads and develop a passive income online. So this is a simple little tip how you can leverage what is already a very good traffic exchange called , but how you can leverage it to drive thousands of visitors to your website without massive amounts of surface. Okay, so let me just share my screen and I will show you what we're talking about. So here's traffic a bomb going to log in and this will load up  and says advertising exchange. So the way that it would normally work is you click over here on this little button here this come up. Somebody's website come up in the middle here being advertised of watch it as account click counter counts down from 10 0 and then I would earn some points. They go so them Five Points. Okay now in traffic a bar Points make prizes or basically the more points you have the more exposure your website or web sites are going to get okay. So that's where it would only works. But we don't want to be sitting here clicking through ads surfing surfing surfing for hours on end. Okay, so is traffic a bar. It's a ladder so you can see the more points you get the higher up the levels you go the more exposure your website gets right. So you just want to get lots and lots of points points make rice very is very simple you can see here totally it so these are these are the visitors to my website. Now, you can see I'm not been massively consistent with this but you can see probably on average somewhere towards one a half thousand hits per day. Okay, and I'm doing that with four zero cost. I'm doing that for no not surfing I'm not surfing they're getting point. I'm not paying for points this coming from this simple little traffic hack that I'm going to show you now. So the first thing you need to do is to obviously join I'll put the link in the description is going to join . So you join traffic at Bart that's completely free. Okay you then add your website into ? Okay, so that again is very simple to do you just click into advertising now, I've got the most websites running that I can but you come in here you wouldn't have any website. So it would have a bunting add your website you would do so and your website goes in that which is great. Okay. Now once you've done that what we are going to do is we're going take advantage of something called the ad bar. Okay, so that's where the name comes from . So the app bar is a little bar that traffic a bar will put a cross the foot of your sight. Okay. It's just little bar. The when your website is being advertised. It sits across the bottom of it and therefore each time your website as advertised you earn some points. It's for displaying that Ad bar. Okay. So let's just click and see if we can see that one of mine. Here you go. Here's the ad bar. Okay. So this is what is added at the bottom of my cash juice site that I'm advertising. Right and I burnt some says immediately about three points of at three points for displaying that okay. So that's what we're going to do. We're going to spray that but where are we going to display? that because again, we don't want to be doing lots and lots of Surfing or anything like that hang out for ads. We are going to add our site with the traffic Adbar. into And also surf program, okay now generally Also Serve programs are pretty rubbish because of the fact that you're displaying and displaying and displaying your ad. To know what generally because people are not generally sitting in front of their PC watching. These ads be displayed. They are just as the name names as it auto Surfer Auto displaying the churning around. klixion.comThere's number of these on them going recommend three. Okay, there's lots and lots and I've tried lots of them. Lots of them have very nasty. Let very nasty websites through that. You don't really want pinging up on your PC.

Yeah, lots of them just crash after surfing a few sites whatever. So the three that I'm going to recommend you find the banners. So those   are found to be pretty stable. They do a very good job of filtering out all those nasty websites that you really don't want to be displaying even in the background of your PC. They work really really well. So what we're going going to do is we're add in here our website. Okay, and then we're going to just let it surf in the background and it's like so Do that now click on here. Let's check my browser set it up. And you see that that would just go away and surf websites. So there you go. It's surfing already. That'll just surf that will count down to zero once it's done. Then it learn credits. Okay, which will mean that those credits will mean that my websites here are then automatically displayed. Okay. So it just sits in the background just goes on and on and on you can leave 24/7 it there if you like and each time it's displaying this bar down at the Them and that means that you are earning points. Those points are being changed into visitors hitting your website. Okay, so the important thing once you've added the website in don't just copy this okay, because they won't give you the actual link that need. So click on this. And there you a go see different slightly different URL comes up. Okay. So that is the URL you need to copy and then add in to click see on or add into Oto hits or 10K hits or any other manual surf program that you're using. Also if you are using safe list and you are sending out a lot of Lot of emails by safe list, you can do the same thing. If you you put the website that you want to display into traffic at bar and then use the traffic AB bar URL and send that out on your safe list or your traffic exchanges or wherever you're sending your ad. You're going to be party. Up the points. Okay, and then that's going to mean that your website is going to be shown to more and more people buy traffic a bar without surfing without any cost. This is brilliant little hack that I'm so pleased that somebody showed me very simple way of doing it and traffic at bar is fantastic website anyway in and of itself, so you get some great businesses through there some great leads generated. So hope that helps as I say have a look in the page   because that's where I'll put You will link to to join join traffic for free. recommend using with this little trick and I'll also put a link to  Facebook profile. It's the best place to get hold of me do connect with me on there. If you sending me a friend request do also send me a little message. I give out hints and tips and free resources that I found that I'm using in my business to try and help you with your online marketing. I'd love to hear your tips as well. 


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