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23 decembrie 2020 legit or scam

Today I want to review something for you that I reviewed actually about a year ago and the reason I want to do that is because I want to do some follow up on some of the videos I've already done previously within the last year and it's to actually let you know what kind of success or failure I've had with certain sorts of videos that I posted previously for you to watch and maybe to make some money from  . Remember the best way to make money is passively does that mean you do it no work no you do work of course you do work but you get more freedom more time freedom as well click that link below watch that free video see how I got started in thousands of other people got started and it gave them the ability to work from home not just part-time but full-time alright guys why don't you further ado what I want to show you again today what I showed you previously a year ago but I want to show you the kind of success I've had and it can give you actually a lot more information about this particular website and it is done tada now we've all seen the entrepreneurs online on YouTube or whatever always promoting you could make 10 dollars and 20 minutes you can make 10 dollars in 20 minutes and it has to do with websites like this like like try my UI calm user feel calm there is a ton of those websites out there and essentially what you do is you go to websites or applications that run on wants on your cell phone and a company will ask you a particular set of questions and tasks to complete and you basically give them your feedback did you like the way the website looked did you like the way the app acted is there certain sort of issues or difficulties that you had and if you did what were they and why they asked you those sorts of questions and and if you're interested in getting more detail about that and how to use user feel or try my UI or user fee watch my other previous videos okay and I'll put the links to those down in the description so you could watch those first if you so choose but this is actually a video that's gonna talk about what kind of money have I made on user testing what kind of responses am I getting from user testing how often do they email me letting me know there's possible surveys or tasks or jobs to complete for them and I think this is really important because probably my most popular video on my youtube channel is from try my UI and that's essentially the same kind of website that user testing is and I always get emails and messages all the time how much work can I get is this a part-time full-time sort of gig and I always have to reply back you know I've always used user testing  for the most part for the last year because honestly they're the most consistent they give you the most messages so I want to go over user testing a little bit and maybe give you know some people who haven't seen that video or people have seen that video you know what kind of success if I had what can you expect by signing up with user testing as opposed to those other websites personally for me I think user testing if you want to just make simple you know money from home it is the best one but it does have its drawbacks it's not going to be a full part-time position or you're not gonna make a full-time income with this or full part-time income with this it really is scattershot and I want to show you that I want to show you my dashboard and the emails that I get from them and how frequently we get them or I get them now for those of you who don't know I'm just gonna go over this really quick for you see so you kind of get an overview of what user testing is and what you have to do to sign up if you want to okay so here's the main page it gives you a basic overview and actually is giving you here a couple of companies Walmart Facebook Expedia ancestry eBay Family Search you know all these websites here they've worked with them okay which basically means Walmart has contacted user testing hired them to have people like you and me to go on here and become a patron so people have gone to the Walmart com website or the Walmart app on your cell phone they've done tasks they've completed quite for Walmart and helped them out and how to fix their websites or their apps and that's basically your job when you're working here with user testing um I would recommend you know looking over the website it is pretty self-explanatory and you get paid with PayPal it's very simple if you don't have a PayPal account sign up it's gonna take you about 10 to 20 10 to 15 minutes at the most of that sign up that's how they pay everybody and they're really good with paying basically how that works is once you complete a task on user testing okay it takes about a week or so because what happens is they want to give the people that you actually did the tasks for let's just say Walmart since that's what I mentioned already say I did a test for Walmart I completed the whole thing everything is right user testing reviewed it it's all good but Walmart still has to review it and they have the opportunity to write uh you know a few comments about what they disliked or liked about what I did for them and at that point they rate you as far as how well you did your job and then after Walmart looks it over I think it's actually about three or four days give or take and after that after Walmart gives it the okay or if they don't respond at all after a certain amount of time which i think is about three or four days user testing will send you the funds because you did the job so that's how it works and it's really that simple folks here's some of them were more of the companies that you know have done work with user testing just to give you an idea now they actually sign up for this it's really simple just go to the top of the page hit get paid to test it brings you to this page and it gives you your standard response earn up to $60 per test that's that actually is possible and I actually did make $60 per test I believe and I'll show you that in my back office later on in the video but on average you're gonna make about ten dollars ten dollars for ten minutes sometimes ten dollars for twenty minutes depending on what you have to do okay or how difficult the task is so it's actually not a bad thing to sign up for okay so hey inde that's my dog he's a German Shorthaired Pointer he's looking out the window standing guard hey hey yeah right buddy sorry about that okay binky finish barking at the neighbors okay but to continue it's really simple like I said ten dollars ten minutes sometimes twenty minutes or ten dollars and it is possible here's the website to give you a little bit of overview here what's all the buzz about honestly it's actually a really good opportunity the problem is is when you're actually sent emails saying there's tasks or jobs available for you specifically that doesn't mean you have the job or the tasks yet this is why I say you're not going to make a good part-time income or full-time income doing this it's scattershot some day you can make a killing some we can make a killing and other it could go on for days weeks or months where you make absolutely nothing it depends with Walmart Facebook what any of these companies are looking for you have to fit their profile in order to take the task or do the job and a lot of times you don't fit that and I'm going to show you that also on the dashboard when I get to it and this will actually it's really simple get paid to test you enter your email they send you an email you confirm the email and then their work what they're gonna do is they're gonna send you a you know a short test where you're gonna see if you can comply basically if you have a decent microphone just get a boom mic it how's your computer running are you able to articulate things not only vocally but in a written form okay cuz at the end of the task or the job they usually ask you to write a little comment or a  paragraph or so about what you thought of the job and this that no are things so they want to see if you can spell and do grammar and write you know compliant and clear sentences so everybody can understand what you're actually what your intent and what your meaning is and it's really not that difficult and just for the sake of argument this is the video that I'm talking about I did that it is September 3rd now 2019 I actually did a video on user testing September 10th 2018 so if you want to go back and look at that video I would actually suggest because I went to a real a lot of questions a lot of fa Q's if  you're really serious about doing something like this going a little bit over me in detail this is more for people who either are you know thinking about this now and showing people actually my experience after one year being in user testing how this is going to help you what I want to show you is this now we're in my dashboard okay in user testing I logged in and this is what you're going to see it shows you right here available tests so what we're going to do now is first I want to show you that see it tells you exactly you've got to have a Mac or Windows computer to do this test okay for this one you need an Android and Android or an ISO smartphone it tells you it's very simple it's very you know easy to comprehend there should be no problems for you to get this but look at all the tests that are available okay I got about two pages worth just going to the next page and show you how much I have and what you can expect to have in your dashboard now one of the reasons I probably have a lot of tests like this is because I have a history with them now I don't know if you could see this here completed tests let me show you that I have basically a 5 star rating so because the tests that I've gotten rated on they're both five-star now this one here my first test was about about a year ago and I did it on September 5th 2018 the guy reading me he said a good job blah blah blah $10 I bang that one out probably in 15-20 minutes then I got a $60 one because I actually had to sit there and talk to someone and give them information about a particular situation that I had experienced in the past and he was curious and taking surveys about how things can be improved in a particular situation ok so then did another one for $10 another one for $10 and I did that and basically ended up focusing on my affiliate marketing stuff and I just wanted to experience it I want to see how much success there was but I have been since set up with user testing and I still constantly get emails from them with the opportunity to do these tests if I so choose and there have been moments where I've gone through and I've checked the test and nine at 10 you don't qualify but I just want to give you an idea this is the kind of money you can make I mean I joined it nine five and by nine ten I had like 90 bucks that's not a bad money for ten minutes worth of work for each one and this $60 one I think that was about 45 minutes because I was talking to someone on the phone so yeah I take that in consideration but let's go back to the available tests let me just do one for you so you can see what you can expect now customers often require specific participation for their test bla bla bla basically they say that for all them this is basically the company saying you got to pass this profile test in order to take this job or this task at hand to get paid for it so I'm going to take this take screener test for you macaronis how many employees does your business have it's me so it's 1 to 10 continue unfortunately did not qualify for this test Wow see now you get a lot of these you go back to the dashboard now just because you get an email you can't get all excited say look at all these tests and all these jobs I have no you have to finish all of these these screen or tests first sometimes you get a little farther what type of worker are you a safe full-time well I'm self-employed I'll say that I'm self-employed unfortunately not qualified this test and go back to the dashboard and you get the idea here folks see you can actually do this I could go through myself on here but it's the same principle I'll do this one I'll do one more for you which of the following programs do you use Dropbox ever more Google Docs I use Google Docs quite often actually and unfortunately then a qualify it for this test so that means one of those companies wants someone who's using their product and they want to talk to someone or have someone take their job or test to get paid so you can keep going through all of these you can get I have two pages worth writer almost two pages full by the time I was done a couple times I'd always end up with zero jobs because it didn't pass the preliminary screener test expect that but when you do get a job it's easy money so what I say go for it yes I think personally user testing is probably the best you know website testing tasks jobs available that you can get online but you guys get the idea right I mean it's that simple and I showed you my completed tests and that's pretty much it boo I wanted to show you oh I want to show you one more thing before we go I specifically set this up for you so you can see today as I'm recording this it's September 2nd 2019 ok I actually got an email notification from them today ok so you do get notifications about job possibilities or job opportunities for you to make money on user testing basically every day now today I got one yesterday I got one but look at on August 30th how many did I get I got 13 emails from them 13 opportunities to make money I didn't go for all them so I don't know if I would have made you know 10 bucks 20 bucks 30 bucks or maybe nothing but the point is if you want to make some extra easy money they give you the opportunity I've been signed up with user feel I've been set up with user testing I've been sending with a lot of these things I still I think I can count on one hand how many emails I've gotten from all those other companies but user testing seems to be the best one by far and just to give you an idea oh oh highlight the moss I could see how many total emails I got I got about 650 emails from these guys about test since I started look at all that all test possibilities that's pretty good you're not going to get that from try my UI you're not going to get that from user feel but you get them from user testing so that tells you who's popular who who's gonna give you the greatest opportunity to make some money online the easiest money besides affiliate marketing in my opinion so I say folks you get off the screen I say folks user testing give it a shot you're gonna get guaranteed part time or full time money absolutely not no you know like that one week I first signed up it's 90 bucks if I was more diligent and active on this you know every week all the time I not focusing on affiliate marketing and my digital marketing business yeah I probably could do that again and again and again and again so if you're looking for some quick easy money folks do that go to and get started now before I let you go I want to give you a gift just for watching the video and follow me through all the way to the end I appreciate it go to my website acquire Liberty comm scroll all the way down to the bottom subscribe to my acquire Liberty newsletter I'm gonna give you this free ebook and it tells you how to utilize an email list I don't care if you have five emails or you have 66,000 or 80,000 emails the principles in this ebook help you to actually utilize your email list and start making money with it consistently how to treat your email list how to use your email list efficiently so you can make the most money okay it's a free gift and it's worth quite a bit of money alright .

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