Do more with google site 

we are going to look at some of the more advanced things you can do in the new Google Sites this is another flipped classroom tutorials right now in this video we're going to look at four very fun and advanced features that you can use today in your Google Sites and at first you can see demonstrated here at the top which is an animated header that a second feature that we are going to look at today is a slideshow now when you look at my example here we have a demo of a slideshow and when I scroll down you will see that here I demonstrate the first version of this slideshow that is automatically Scrolls to the next image but I can also select the next image by clicking on the arrows left and right the third special feature regular looking at today is a collapsible or a fold where you can click on different individual items and reveal information this is another very cool feature for your websites we are also going to have a look at some cards now this is just an example of such a card now you can see these cards have a very fun material design feel to it a little image at the top and a name at the bottom now if there is any of these features that you are particularly interested in make sure you check out the description below I will time stamp everything seeing as this video will be a little bit longer than usual so the first thing you'll have to do is go to your Google Drive now in order for you to build this advanced Google website you are going to have to click on new more and then create a blank Google Sites now when you are doing that I want you to start off by choosing a title for your website now I'm going to call this demo advanced features and we are going to set the  same page title advanced features demo now in order for you to complete all the steps that I'm going to show you in this video you will need two links now I will link to these two links in the description below and the first link is from w3 schools and the second one is a link that you are going to change later on so go ahead and click on the w3 schools link down below and this will bring you to their bootstrap tutorial website now bootstrap 3 is a JavaScript HTML and CSS framework that is often used to  develop responsive and mobile first websites now the bootstrap is going to allow us to embed features that are not natively available in Google Sites now what does that mean that means we are going to go to w3 the website we're going to build what we want on our Google Sites and then we're going to embed it onto our Google Sites so let's start off by creating a carousel or a slideshow now click on the page option and your Google Sites we're going to add a new page and this page is going to be slideshow demo now the first thing you can do is change this header now we're going to change this header and we're going to turn it into an animated header now the way you do that is by simply finding a gif file that you like and uploading that image so we're going to go to upload going to upload a gif file that I've previously downloaded to my computer and I would highly recommend that you only you've used gif files that  are calm peaceful and not too distracting yet add a little bit of movement to your header and here you can see I've uploaded a gif file of a waterfall running down now this just adds that special effects to my website now let's have a look at the preview and as you can see this looks really good yet different so let's go ahead and build our slideshow now now when you are on the bootstrap 3 tutorial website the first thing you need is you need the core HTML text or code now don't worry you don't have to read or write code simply click on next and this will give you some sample bootstrap code down below you will see an explanation of how this code works and here this is the important part it says this is how you can access bootstrap without installing it onto your own service which is exactly what we need to do for our Google Sites the scroll all the way down and get this sample code now we're going to go to the bottom example we going to click on try it yourself now here when you go to try it yourself you can build your code from scratch and immediately see what happens at the bottom so let me just quickly change the Texas as my first bootstrap page into see this demo changing and then I click on run and you will see that immediately this changes now what this is going to allow us is it's going to help us build the individual tools we need and then we  can simply copy this code and embed it onto our Google Sites so what we are going to use we are going to go down and we are going to locate the bootstrap carousel that a bootstrap carousel is again a framework that allows you to create various forms out of these carousels so go ahead and click on try it yourself and here you have an example of such a carousel that you can see there are controls to go left and right and there are images embedded and there are little navigational buttons at the bottom that the first thing you'll have to do is change the title of your page now we are going to call this slideshow demo we are going to leave all this code because these three lines are the lines that are accessing the bootstrap code on their servers I'm going to scroll down now you can choose to either change this title which says h2 stands for heading but we can also simply delete that's so let's go ahead and delete that line let's scroll down now if you do not want to have your indicators here at the bottom these three dots what you will do is you will remove this section of the code now I do want those indicators so I'm going to leave these leave the wrapper for the slides but when you look carefully at this code you will see that says that it says IMG source now this is where you are going to put the source of your image files the alt is an alternative text for when the image is not able to show and then the style we will leave this to with 100 so what you are going to do now is you are going to go on to your Google Drive and you are going to locate the files that you want in your carousel not a great website to find images that you are allowed to use is called pixels now again I will leave a link to this website in the description below and just for the sake of this example I'm going to use the first three images I come across so I'm going to download this image I'm going to do the same with the second image on their trending page and then we find a third image on their threatening page so we have our images here I'm going to simply save this as save this image as and do the same for the third image save as here we go I can now go to my Google Drive and I am going to drag and drop these images into my Google Drive which is going to upload them and there we go we now have three images in our Google Drive and we now need to set these images to be available to other people so what we're going to do is we're going to click on the get shareable link turn link sharing on double check our sharing settings make sure anyone with a link can view done we're going to do this for all three images link sharing on any one with link you can view do this for the third image there we go now let's take our first image click on this link again which will copy the link to our clipboard we are going to simply go into the try it editor and here in the source code we are going to paste our code or our URL now you are not finished just yet go back to the description below and you will see one more link down below and that is this link that says HTTP Drive  Google export view I want you to copy it all the way up to where it says your ID here copy that link go back into your special viewer and replace the first part of your URL now make sure that you leave the complete file id intact and paste your amended link this now allows you to view the file in an external website so what we're going to do we're going to do the same for the other two images so I'm going to again copy the link go into my try it editor paste the original URL copy the first part of my amended URL and paste it instead of the open i.d URL we're going to do the same for the third image select your image click on shareable link go into your try it editor replace this with your URL copy the first part of this special URL and replace the beginning there we go now when we click on run we will see very different images in our sample below now we have not yet changed the alternative texts now we're going to change this say beach image to and image three all done now when you scroll down a little bit further you will see there are some left and right controls now again if you do not want to have these left and right controls simply take out this section of the code and then you will not see these left and right controls on your slideshow now you can leave them and I am going to leave them for our demonstration I am all happy with this example so what I'm going to do now is I'm going to simply highlight all the code in my try it editor copy the code go into my demo double click on my page go to embed and select the embed code option this is where we paste our code and click on next insert and this is now going to insert our beautiful carousel onto our Google Sites now for you to test this let's say that we make this a little bit bigger and let's Center it onto our page there we go it will click on preview and here we go when I scroll down you will see we have our carousel I can go to the next slide or I can return to the previous slide I have my indicators down below which allows me to skip straight to the third slide or I can wait and I can have the slideshow automatically advance to the next slide so this is our first bootstrap advanced demonstration now the second demo that we're going to work with today is called a foldable or a collapsible so go ahead and create a new page so it's create a new page and call this the collapsible demo now collapsibles are great for when you have a lot of information on your website and you want to break it down into easier to read chunks information now go back to your bootstrap w3 school and we're going to navigate to the bootstrap collapsible now again just like before we get nice little examples so this is an example of one collapsible when you scroll down you'll see some more examples here's a collapsible panel which slides open with two little menu structures in there you have a collapsible list group and then here you have the accordion which is the one that I've used on my demo website now we are going to go with this one so go ahead and open up the try it yourself editor let a try it yourself editor what is this going to do is again going to open up a full HTML version of this bootstrap example and it already puts the HTML code where it's needed so here you have your HTML header and your body opener now again this references bootstrap on their external server so you do not have to install anything on your end down here we have the accordion example again you can get rid of this if you want we can also get rid of this note if we want so go ahead and get rid of that I'm going to leave everything as it is but I am going to change the titles just to show you what happens so we're going to call this item 1 I'm going to go down call this item 2 and then down below we have item three now click on run to see an example of this in action there we go I'm going to  copy all this code right click copy and I'm going to go into my Google Sites again double tap click on embed and make sure that you've got embed code selected paste in your code and click on next to insert your collapsible and here we now have our collapsible now because this acts as an iframe is very important that you make sure your collapsible has enough space to open up the information once you have clicked on it so go ahead and open this up a bit taller and let's go ahead and click on the preview and here we have our collapsible demo know I've got item 1 item 2 and item 3 all very easy to implement in your own Google Sites now the final example in this slightly longer tutorial is the example of a card now the card again requires us to do a little bit more work and change some URL information so go ahead and create a new page called card now for the card I did not use the bootstrap panels but we are going to use custom CSS and HTML now if you are not into CSS and HTML code no worries I have a link down below that will link to my demo website right here where you can scroll down and find the code on the web sites so go ahead and select all the code that you can find on my Google Sites example we're going to ctrl C this code and then we're going to embed the code onto our own websites now do not click on next yet however scroll all the way up because we now have to change this code slightly to fit our purposes now the first link you will see is a link to the fonts that I'm using in my cart now if you want to use a different font family than I would suggest changing Roboto - whichever font family you want to use  then you can find more about fonts on the fonts website now you can scroll down here and again you will see I reference the font name and then here I reference the font size so if you want to make any changes to the fonts this is where you would do it and then I close my first style now I open a second style which is again going to define the card and here I define my box shadow now again you can tweak this you can have more shadow or less shadow I would suggest that you play with this you can change the transition so whenever you hover over the card you can have a longer duration or a shorter duration in that hovering effects and when you go down here again you see card hover box shadow so if I change my box shadow to let's say 8 pixels here 16 pixels there and then when I hover I'm going to have 16 and 32 so I have a much thicker shadow without a hover and double the size of that when I hover so let's go ahead and slide down and now you will see that I'm in the body of my code now in the body of my code I am going to add again that image link now using the same trick as what you've seen before you can insert any image here all you have to do is make sure that the first part of your URL is set to export equals view and ID so that link can be found on my websites now scroll down and here you see had a four and then my name that you can change this into hether 1 2 3 or 4 and this will change the size of your text so I'm going to leave this at header for for now and then your first line flipped classroom tutorials this is sort of subtitle and that's all there is to it when you click on next you will see a nice little preview of what this card will look like and then you click on inserts now another thing you need to make sure  is that it is properly sized so that you can clearly read your card going to make this a little bit bigger and then Center it go ahead and click on preview to see what your card looks like and we now have our card now you can see it has a nice thick shadow and when I hover over it that size doubles there we go and that's all there is to it for this tutorial of today now if you would like to see even more special tricks or advanced features that you can use on the new Google Sites let me know in the comment section below let me know which of these four features is your favorites now this could be the animated header that you've seen up here this could be the slideshow the card feature or the collapsible demo now all the links to what has been discussed today are in the description below and everything is time-stamped so don't forget you can pause the video go through all the code and do it on your own Google Sites

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_Email_Marketing_step_by_Step_for_Beginner. I will show you 

everything you need to know about MailChimp and a step by 

step tutorial to set up your first online email marketing 

campaigns. And honestly, if you have not been using email 

marketing, then this video right here could easily make 

you 1000s and 1000s of dollars. So email marketing is 

very popular for almost every business on the internet. 

And because they all use it, it's pretty obvious that 

it's a very lucrative way to conduct business. And so 

MailChimp is one of the most popular ones out there when 

it comes to email marketing platforms for many reasons. 

First of all, I really like it because it has a lot of 

kind of an incremental payment plan where you can start 

off for free. And then as you build your audience and 

start to be able to afford it, you can go to the next 

year and the next year, and start to add some extra 

implementations on there that can really build it and 

make it even more powerful than it is in the beginning. 

But being able to start off for free is a great way to 

use this for a small business or a large business really 

at any scale. So first, MailChimp scales very well, 

that's something I like about it. Also, it's a very 

powerful tool. They have a lot of automations on here, 

and a lot of different abilities when it comes to sending 

out emails, having landing pages, things like that. And 

so just to summarize what I'll talk about in this video, 

first of all, I will talk about how to have a new 

audience or a list have different people subscribe, how 

to input subscribers, and how to add a list of 

subscribers that you already have. Then I'll talk about 

how to create an email an automated email, or just a 

regular email, we'll talk about some of the different 

automations you can place on this, then we'll talk about 

how to actually set up a landing page or otherwise 

collect subscribers if you want to have a form on a 

WordPress site, or how the other ways are, you can get 

subscribers to your new email list. And then lastly, I'll 

talk about the analytics and how to look at them and 

interpret what your email list is actually telling you 

find out what works, what doesn't work and where the 

information is actually shown. So the first thing we want 

to do, there's definitely a lot to cover here. This might 

be a slightly longer video, but I promise if you stick 

around for the entire video, it definitely will show you 

everything you need to know when you're starting off with 

MailChimp. So to start off, go down in the description of 

this video and copy the link and paste it in a new tab on 

your browser, it should look something like this. If it 

looks slightly different, don't worry, just go anywhere 

that you see the signup, signup, free whatever it says, 

you can just click on that. And we're going to start off 

with our email our username and our password. So So 

first, it's going to ask us to go and check our email. So 

let's go over and check our email right here. And you'll 

see that we can activate our account. So I'm going to 

because this is a different one right here, I'm going to 

copy this right here, copy the link address, and I'm 

going to paste it in a new tab. And that is going to 

allow me to right here confirm that I am a human. This is 

just part of the process of setting this up. And then it 

asks us which plan we want. And so we have different 

options here. And I can go into details on that. But 

essentially, this is what I was talking about when you 

start off, it's totally free if you have less than 2000 

contacts. And there are some limitations with automation, 

and things like that some of the templates that you don't 

quite have access to right away. But regardless, it does 

give you the ability to send emails and grow an email 

list. So in the beginning, this is definitely a great way 

to start off, then you can upgrade to $30 a month, once 

you have 2000 contacts are more, and eventually, even $50 

a month if you want everything from there, or of course, 

you can go all the way up to $300 a month. And obviously, 

as you're scaling up here, I'm sure you'd be making 

significantly more money with each of them. And it 

definitely becomes worth it. Solet'slet's pursue the free one for now. That's what I 

recommend when you're starting off, especially if you do 

not have an email list already with more than 2000. If 

you do, obviously choose one of the other ones. But we're 

going to start off with the free one for this video. And 

I'm just going to click Complete right there. And it's 

going to ask for some basic details such as my name. So 

Mike O'Brien, and then we're going to click Continue. And 

it's going to ask for our business name. So we're gonna 

say Mike O'Brien media. And then if we have a website, 

we're going to put that down here. So I'm just going to 

say, I'm just gonna say santro, central So we have our web site integrated right 

there, it's going to ask for an address, and you do 

actually have to put in a real address here. Just to 

comply with international anti spam laws gotta follow the 

laws guys, don't get don't make up a fake address. And I 

mean, it's gonna cause a lot of problems in the future 

anyway, but put your email address in here and I do 

recommend that you don't use your home address if you 

have to, at first go ahead and do that. But people can 

find your address through MailChimp. So I recommend if 

you're doing business on the internet, you should go out 

and get either a p o box, or maybe just an office unit 

somewhere if you have a larger building or a larger 

business. So go ahead and do something like that. So I 

would typically use just a p o box. So let's do that for 

now. Actually, I have a business address. I'm just gonna 

use that. And then if we have any contacts they want to 

know right now I'm just gonna Say No. And I'll show you 

later on where we can import the contacts. Don't worry 

about doing that right here. And then again, social 

media, don't worry about that right now, either, I'll 

show you how to connect that later. And then it says, 

Let's find your marketing path, they just kind of want to 

upsell a couple different things. I'm not going to do 

that right now, I'll show you in this video, everything 

you need to know. So you can easily just say no to these 

things, then here, it's like, subscribe to some success 

stories. If you're looking for motivation to newsletter, 

I don't do that, honestly. And then also the presets if 

you want that I'm not doing that. Again, these are just 

newsletters, so that you're getting on their email list 

actually. So then here, they're going to kind of walk you 

through a setup, I'm not going to do this right now, 

because I'll show you everything you need to know from 

the actual normal MailChimp, layout here. So this one, 

we're just going to do all this stuff later, don't import 

contacts and say, let's We're good. We're not doing any 

of that right now. And this should bring us to right here 

up Nope, another pop up. So they want no, let's not do 

this either. Sorry, so many pop ups as you're trying to 

sign into this. But I promise Normally, you sign in, and 

it goes directly to here. And this is what we want to see 

right now. So across the top, just to give you a little 

bit of a layout here of the land, we have a couple 

options. So first you have Well, obviously this will 

bring you back to home, then we can create. And within 

create, you can create an email. And there's different 

way different types of emails to create, you can create 

ads, I typically don't create ads on here, I find that if 

I'm going to make a Facebook ad or a Google ad, I'm going 

to do that directly from their platform being just so 

much more direct, and it makes more sense a little more 

powerful as well. That's typically how I recommend doing 

that website, then you can make a website, this is new, 

and I'll touch on this a little bit. If you want to see a 

full tutorial, I will probably make a video of this in 

the future. So make sure you subscribe for that. Then a 

landing page, I definitely will show you this in this 

video, a survey will touch on that you can make a social 

post, you can make a signup form, which will be something 

that you can integrate in your WordPress site if you have 

one. And you can have a postcard down here that can be 

literally printed, physically printed and mailed to your 

contacts if you have physical addresses. campaigns over 

here will show you different emails that you're sending a 

campaign being like an email that you're sending, then 

automations. So you can automate emails, ads and 

postcards, you can go check out your audience over here. 

And then there's some basic brand stuff there as well as 

reports, and we'll touch on all of that later on in the 

video. And I want to start off over on the top right here 

showing you when you click the drop the drop down, you'll 

get notifications right here. So if people like I'll talk 

about where to get in, what kind of notifications you 

will get later. But you can go down and connect, you can 

check out your profile. Checking out your profile 

basically just confirms everything we already inputted, 

like your name, your email, your website and your 

address, if you have an address or a phone number or 

anything like that, you can add a photo if you want. But 

essentially, that's going to be just the basics of that 

you can go across the top. And there are some other 

things integrations, for example, we go over there you 

can integrate with, you know, Facebook and things like 

that. We're not going to do that just yet, though. So 

let's go back to home by clicking on the little chimp on 

the top left. And again, I hate how they keep doing this, 

they keep popping up and asking for per se personal 

advice. Fine. Let's just do it. Let's just make them 

happy. Do you want to talk? No, I don't want to talk to 

people. Do you want to make money? No. Do I want to I was 

gonna say no to all these. So it goes away. There we go. 

Hopefully that pop up will not appear anymore. So anyway, 

the first thing we want to do is actually look at our 

audiences. So if you have an audience or not doesn't 

matter yet, let's go over to audience here. And I want to 

show you the basics. So first, you can import your 

contacts right there,or let's go over and check out our audiences. So we can 

go down and say, view audiences. And so you can have 

multiple audiences, each audience is going to be a group 

of people. So if you have maybe multiple businesses, and 

you manage all of it from here, or if you have multiple 

aspects of your business, so maybe for like sand trail, 

we have we talked about YouTube, and we also talked about 

website development, maybe those would be two separate 

audiences. And I would have one audience collection on a 

website about website development. And then on my YouTube 

channel, maybe I would have a different link to go, you 

know, sign up for a different audience there. But when 

you're starting off for free, you're limited to only one 

audience. So you cannot create a new audience. But you 

have an audience automatically. So everybody will be 

pulled into one thing. Of course, you can add tags. I'll 

talk about that how to separate your audience later on. 

But for the most part, you're just going to be working 

with only one audience, which for less than 2000 contacts 

is definitely very manageable. So what we do from here is 

over there, you can add a subscriber manually if you 

want. You can go look at statistics on that. You can 

manage your contacts, signup form, stuff like that. We're 

not really going to do any of that from right here. What 

I do recommend doing is clicking on it though. And this 

will bring us into the audience management basically 

right here. And so it shows you who your contacts are. So 

who actually signed Subscribe for it. It'll show you if 

they're currently subscribed or if they unsubscribe, 

it'll say unsubscribe right there. They tell you some 

basics about them, like their name, their address. If 

they put in their birthday, you can add tags to them. So 

let's go On right here, we could add or remove a tag. So 

we could say, cool people, let's just say. Let's just say 

that we're going to add that as a tag, create a new tag 

for a cool people right there. And so later if we add 

certain people, we can send an email to only cool people. 

And it'll go to Mike, etc. all right there. So we can add 

contacts in two different ways. Here, we can add an 

individual subscriber. So let's do that right now. And we 

could say, let's just say Nate,at Central. And to answer your question, guys, yes, Nate 

and I are brothers, we get that all the time. Everyone 

always says, Areyou guys brothers? Youguys look alike? And honestly, I mean, I don't really see 

it, I guess we kind of look alike. And maybe we speak 

similarly. But that comment comes up all the time. But 

yes, we are brothers. So anyway, when you're putting in a 

subscriber manually, right here, there's really not many 

situations when I find myself doing that. And maybe if 

somebody just like I'm in contact with them, they say, 

yeah, sign me up for your email list. Maybe I'll do that, 

then. For the most part, people will be doing this 

automatically on one of the multiple ways I'll show you 

later on the video. But as we go down, you have to click 

Yes, they gave me permission to do this. We can add tags 

right here. And we could say, not cool people. If we want 

to add that tag, so create a new tag for not cool people. 

Or we could just not do that. So let's not do that. I'll 

show you what it's like to have a tag and not a tag on 

people. So not everyone has to have a tag, obviously, 

it's not that important, even have them unless you want 

to separate when you're sending an email out. So let's go 

down and subscribe right here. Of course, if he was 

already in my contacts, it would just be updated right 

there if I wanted to add like an address or something. So 

now we have two contacts. And they're both subscribers, 

which is great. Nobody unsubscribed yet being that we 

just started. So if we go back to audience dashboard, it 

brings us to this right here. So let's go again, from the 

top go down to view audiences, they kind of make it a 

little confusing to add people. So let's click on this 

right here. And let's see how we can actually import 

contacts. So if we go down, you can import contacts. And 

there's two ways to do this, actually multiple ways 

there, I guess, if you have an integrated service, but 

typically, I go to if you use maybe like Wix, and you 

have a membership on there, you can download a CSV file 

or a text file, and then you will go here, and you will 

upload that and it'll automatically bring all of them in, 

I've done this before, it works very well. And it brings 

all the information in pretty much seamlessly, I had no 

issues ever doing this. So if we click Continue, I 

actually don't have any files right now. But you would 

upload them right here. And then of course, it would show 

you all of all your contacts would be there and you'd 

import all of them. And of course, you could add tags to 

those and say those are imported from the old website or 

something like that. So that is essentially everything 

you need to know about audiences. Now, let's talk about 

making a single email here. So if we go over to create on 

the top left, and click on email, there's several 

different ways you can create an email. The first way is 

just creating a regular email self explanatory, it says 

if I was going to go and just make an email and send it 

out a one time thing, maybe it's going to be like a new 

deal, a new offer maybe a discount on something, maybe 

some affiliate links that I'm just trying to talk about 

maybe an announcement. So for this one, I'm just going to 

call it announcement.And we're going to begin this. And it's going to bring us 

to this page right here. And so this is going to be 

essentially how we're structuring this email. And so they 

get they break it down very easily. So at the top, you 

talk about who it's to. So you can say all of your 

contacts right there, let's edit our recipients and see 

who we can actually send it to. So we could send it to 

only cool people right there, as I talked about, that was 

a tag. And we could add a personalized to field if we 

want to. So we could say to like their first name if you 

want or their last name, whatever you want to do. And so 

I'm not going to add a personalized tag for to field for 

this one. But so Yeah, right there, you can send it to 

only cool people if you want. And that'll suddenly send 

it to only one recipient. Because we didn't add tags to 

both of these subscribers. So far, only Mike at Central 

media comm is labeled as cool people. So then down here, 

who it's from, so you can edit who it's from, it doesn't 

necessarily have to be from you right here, you can make 

it anyone you want. I definitely I mean, you're gonna 

have to like verify your email address, but it doesn't 

necessarily just have to be from the account that you're 

using right here. So if you have multiple businesses and 

you manage them all in one MailChimp account here, then 

you could very easily just kind of have multiple emails 

and send it from different email addresses and who the 

name is obviously put that right there. So save that. And 

then the subject, the subject is important, because 

that's going to be really kind of what defines your click 

through rate. And it's very important that you have a 

high click through rate, because then it will be less 

likely to get buried in their inbox in the future. You 

know, Google's algorithm, most people have Gmail or many 

people have Gmail, and we want to make sure that our 

emails stay at the top because they get opened regularly. 

So we want to make sure that it's a very efficient 

enticing and intriguing, but definitely not misleading 

subject. And so think of this as like a YouTube video 

that like, this is your thumbnail right here. And then 

this would be your title, basically. So it's going to 

show you like if we go to an email. So if we go back to 

this one, you'll see that we have our title right there, 

activate your MailChimp account. That's not exciting, 

because it's a, it's a business related thing here. And 

then the preview text doesn't necessarily have to be in 

your email, but it's going to be the snippet that appears 

right here. So sometimes like this right here, is 

actually in the email, sometimes like this one, it looks 

like they're not, but many other people don't, like 

populate that. So that just if I sent an email from Gmail 

to somebody else, that would be the content of the email. 

But here, it's going to be a preview text that we put in 

there automatically, or whatever we want to do. So let's 

just gonna say, announcement, I don't know announce. And 

of course, like, I'm not gonna try to make this actually 

enticing right now, because it's not a real email. But 

depending on what you're doing, definitely construct this 

and maybe do a little bit of testing a B testing, figure 

out how to actually make this look better. So then 

preview text, I'm just gonna say, Please, open this, and 

most likely, it's gonna get flagged for spam. But we're 

just gonna, we're just gonna do that for the purposes of 

this video, then we can go down and actually design the 

email. And this is where it starts to really get 

interesting. So they have a designer in here. And it's 

very similar if you're trying to design a landing page, 

or design an email, an automated email, or honestly, if 

you're just trying to build a website with MailChimp, 

which I'll talk about all this later on in the video. But 

it's going to be a very similar set of tools. And so 

first, looking across the top, we have different layouts, 

and some of these you do have to upgrade to use. So we 

don't we have the free version right now, which means we 

cannot use these. But we can use the first two right 

there, or we can go down. And some of these like one 

column full width, we can use the one column regular, but 

we cannot use some of these other ones. So we do have a 

couple options. sample text. Oh, yeah, great. We can use 

simple text. But then of course, we also have some 

themes, a limited number of themes here for sure. But as 

we go down, you start to see that they do have a 

reasonable amount of themes, actually. And some of them 

you do have to upgrade to use, but like I was saying, a 

reasonable number of them that are totally free. So we 

can use like these, let's say, maybe we want this one. So 

we can click on the little magnifying glass, get an idea 

of what it looks like. And it's nice, they show you 

desktop and mobile, because people will be opening. And 

you know, who knows what the ratio is. But a lot of 

people will be using their phones. I mean, I know I 

checked my phone, for I checked my email on my phone 

every morning, pretty much. So desktop right there 

mobile, they show you both of them. And if we decide we 

like it, we can just go and click on it right there. And 

it will be the one that we're going to use. And these are 

the tools right here that I was talking about before, 

where, actually I forgot to show you I'm sorry, let's go 

back one step right there. Before we started using this, 

there are also saved templates right there. So once we're 

done with this one, we can save it as a template. We can 

also see the campaign's if we send out previous emails, 

they'll show up right here, and we can code our own. If 

you are really looking to just you know, make it out of 

just pure code right there. I don't know if using markup 

or HTML or something. But you can do it right there. So 

let's go back to themes and use the theme that we 

selected right there and start making this email.Now, as I said, right here, you have the tools that are 

going to be very similar across all of MailChimp 

building. So building website, stuff like that.Sowhat we have here is a very simple little block layout. 

And these are not necessarily super customizable. It's 

not like you can't drag this over to like, right there. 

If you want to just keep it like slightly off center, you 

can't it clicks into place. And so what you have is kind 

of similar to what we see on like a lot of other website 

builders, you see this on Squarespace, you see this on 

GoDaddy website builder, where there's kind of like set 

locations, you can drop things and you have to like, if I 

want to add, like a social follow, I see there's certain 

spots that highlight blue that I can put it so I can put 

it like right there. I can put it right below that thing, 

I can put it right above that thing. And so there's a 

limited number of places you can put it. But overall, I 

find that I definitely am able to get things where I need 

them to be. And so what we have here is for each 

individual item, we can click on the little edit icon 

right there, we can go and duplicate the block. If we 

want another one right below it, we can go and delete the 

block if we accidentally duplicated it. And or if you 

just really want to delete it, I guess. And then if you 

click the Edit icon right there, you have some options. 

So looking at them one by one here just gives you an idea 

of what we can do an image, we can replace the image. And 

when you replace the image, if we just we goes into our 

media right here, we can upload media if we want. We can 

upload it from a URL or import it from a URL, we can have 

products. So this would be like if you have files or 

something like that you want to have maybe digital 

products. We can go down and have some gifts right there 

or gifts, gifts. I'm almost positive as gifts, but if you 

say GIF, I don't know. I'm sorry. Then we have Instagram 

if you connect your social media right here, and then you 

have your logo, I didn't upload a logo yet. And you can 

connect cloud storage as well. So my files let's just do 

that for now. And Actually, I'm not going to add an 

image, we're just gonna use this one right here. And you 

can actually edit the image, then if you decide that you 

want to change something about it, and the editor is 

admittedly pretty extensive, but I normally don't use it. 

So I typically use just this right here. So I can, I'll 

resize them, sometimes I'll make sure they're 16 by nine, 

sometimes I'll do the little dimension change down here. 

So if I lock the dimensions, and I change this, it'll 

scale down proportionally. Otherwise, it'll kind of just 

crop and squish things. So that's really all I use. But 

they do also have some filters over here. So if you want 

it to look, I don't know, like a different color or 

something. If you just want to, let's just do this, let's 

say it's gonna be this color, I don't know, really making 

a weird email here, we can go down and adjust the 

brightness, stuff like that. Typically, I don't do this, 

I do most of my photo editing work in either Lightroom or 

Photoshop to some other Adobe products out there. 

Honestly, this just looks really weird. Let's use that. 

And so then that will be what our image looks like. It 

looks like we may not have actually saved that. So yeah, 

I realized I didn't say that I missed a very critical 

part here, you go down. And if you change it, you have to 

click Save before you close it. It's not working right 

now, maybe that's because we're using a default image 

right now. But we can go and add a link to this. So if 

this was like a discount, or anything that was maybe a 

product and you want people to click on the image, then 

you can easily add a web address link right here, you 

could also link it to an email address, if it is 

something that entices people to click on it. And they 

want to sign up or email you back or something, an anchor 

link or a file. So if you want them to get like a free 

PDF, when they when they click on the image, you can 

easily do that as well. And then of course, we can go and 

add some little alt text right there. I don't really ever 

have a use for that. If we go down to a text block right 

here or even up there, you'll see that what you have is 

just you know, you can type in text, however you want a 

pretty normal text editor, you can change like Bold, 

Italic, Underline, you can change different styles. And 

something really nice is you can actually add links here. 

So if we go to the little chain icon, we can go and add a 

link. And again, you can link this to the same things you 

could link an image for. And this is just great. If you 

have individual text that links out to like a blog post 

or to a discount or something like that. Sometimes it'd 

be like, check out the product here.And maybe I would want that to link over to like an 

affiliate link on Amazon, I could just paste that in 

right there. And then it would be underlined, and it 

would link out to that automatically. Then as we go down, 

you'll see that these are essentially just little text 

boxes, we have a button right there. If we edit the 

button, you can again, just add a web address right 

there. And you can always for all of these and go over to 

style. And this is where you change the color of it, it's 

going to just be some basic color right there. html 

colors, then we can go over and change if it's center 

aligned, right aligned or how it's really going to look 

in here. And as we go down, you see that in between each 

one, it's kind of a little divider right there. But if 

you want a better divider, if you want something else 

there, we can save and close. And let's add an actual 

divider. So we can drop it right there. And maybe this 

divider, we want it to be like a different color, you can 

either change it to a different padding on the top and 

the bottom, you can change a border, and let's just say 

we don't want it to be gray, we want it to be red. And 

then we have a red divider right there. And let's save 

and close that. So that's how you add like a different 

divider, if you didn't want just the white one right 

there. Now it looks bad, because we have to, but you 

know, you get the idea of how this is gonna work. Then on 

the bottom, the footer is something else worthy of 

talking about here. And this is going to be these are 

dynamic little things right here. So it's not actually 

going to send and say current underscore year. Instead, 

it's going to say, copyright 2020 santro Media All rights 

reserved. So I recommend not touching this stuff. And 

also definitely don't get rid of this, I mean, you're 

gonna get some some trouble if you get rid of the update 

your preferences and unsubscribe, because people need to 

be able to unsubscribe from your list. So definitely 

don't mess with that down there. Then, of course, we can 

change the style on this as well and edit contact info. 

So we are going to just save and close this, I don't 

usually change that. But maybe if you want to add like 

the social links right here, you can go in and you can 

obviously just change them however you want paste your 

social links and change what it says next to them. But 

there are several other things, you can add some code 

right there, if you have something different that they 

don't offer right here and you want to code it right 

there. You can add buttons like that's a button right 

there, server says register. And just pretty basic layout 

of how to construct things. This is a pretty standard 

email here, not very long has a picture has a headline 

has an action item right there a button. And so it looks 

pretty good. Now this would be something that I would 

consider using when I'm sending out an email. So then we 

click Continue, it'll bring us back to the page wewere on.And this is where we are essentially ready to send it if 

we want. But I always recommend first we go down here and 

send a test email. And then once we're done on the 

bottom, we can go down here and change our comp campaign 

link if we want. I'm just going to leave it as that for 

now. And we are ready to send it so we can either 

schedule it right here or we can send If you're to 

schedule, I believe you probably will need to upgrade in 

order to schedule your delivery here. So we're not going 

to upgrade, we're just going to send it right now it's 

one of the several drawbacks you'll have by using the 

free version, you can just click Send, and it will send 

it out. And it tells you right there ready to send it, 

say, Yep, little chimp hits the little mushroom button 

there. And he's ready to go. So we just sent it out. And 

we can track our performance, then to see how well it 

actually worked if you want to download their app, or you 

can just go back to your reports over here and see how 

well it's actually doing. Or of course, you can see that 

in home as well. So it'll tell you how many people opened 

it, how many people didn't open it, how many were 

delivered. Since we just sent it, sometimes it takes a 

few minutes until it's actually delivered. But you get 

the idea of how that's going to work. And on your 

homepage here. I didn't mention this before. But the 

overview is going to show you like people subscribing, 

unsubscribing, you'll get a graph right there, you can go 

to activity and see you know how many people opened them 

how many didn't, you'll get a lot of bar graphs, way more 

information, and obviously doesn't show it well, with 

zeros. All the graphs are just empty there. So if we go 

back to email, I want to show you something else. With 

that you can also go and create an automated email. And 

this gets more powerful. We also face some limitations 

with the free version here. But you do have some basic 

things. So if you want to send a welcome email to new 

subscribers, this is something you could do for free. Or 

if you want to send like a series of welcome emails, you 

will have to upgrade for that. But the series of welcome 

emails is actually really nice. Like I know a lot of 

people that have like an online, maybe a free course and 

it's like a seven day free course, then they'll do this, 

you'll sign up for their email list, and they'll hit you 

every single day. With the next part of your free course. 

You could also do a happy birthday one of your 

restaurant, this is something that's really nice. I know 

a lot of people like Starbucks will give you maybe a free 

coffee on your birthday. Or if you have if it's a 

restaurant maybe give you like a free meal. And you just 

most likely people are going to bring your friends then 

and it's going to end up being better for you in the end. 

But it's something that a lot of people like to do. So 

that's really nice to have that, of course, there's many 

different triggers you can use for an automated email, 

you have a custom one right there. So if we just checked 

out like a custom one, you can set up an automated one as 

we want. And you can edit right here, what the trigger 

is. And our trigger could be whenever a subscriber is 

manually added to the workflow, that's probably not what 

we want to do. But we could go and have one that's like, 

you know, whenever they opened an email, whenever they 

didn't open an email when they didn't click on a link in 

e commerce anytime they abandoned their cart, maybe. So 

if somebody puts something in their cart, and they don't 

order it, you could send a follow up email the next day 

and say, Hey, you forgot to check out and that could be a 

good way to follow up and remind people and they'll say, 

Oh, yeah, I did forget to checkout and they'll go and 

they'll be more likely to buy whatever you're selling.Of course, there'smany other different triggers right here, a lot of them 

you will have to pay for though. But regardless like 

these, you can't be the first trigger because you know, 

it doesn't make sense. But let's cancel this one. And 

let's go back to change it right there. So let's go back 

and create this one, just by you know, a welcome one for 

new subscribers. So we're going to begin this right here, 

a single welcome email. And like I said, on the top right 

there, if you go back 10 seconds, you'll see it did say 

like, you could have a welcome series right there. Or you 

can do several other options there. Now, this is going to 

be the same layout that we saw before. And it's going to 

be immediately after they joined. You could delay this if 

you want. So it could be like an hour after. And you 

could say Hey, welcome, thank you for signing up to this 

email. And thanks for joining us, I don't know. And 

you'll get you get the idea. customize this however you 

want, send a test email, and then start sending whenever 

you're ready. So if we just say start sending, then we're 

going to say start now. And just like that anybody who 

signs up for our email list will automatically receive 

that email one hour after they after they sign up. Now 

that leads to the next question of how are they going to 

sign up for this email list. There are several ways so 

one way, if you are a social media, if you have most of 

your following on Instagram, or on YouTube, or Facebook 

or Snapchat, then you don't really have a way for them to 

do it just like natively. So what you're going to end up 

doing is creating a landing page right here. And so we 

want to make a landing page, it's like sign up here, sign 

up here. And this is going to be how we have people sign 

up for our email list. And it's going to be essentially a 

website that is just a simple little website, and then 

just collects their email. And that's really all it is. 

And you'll have a link, you can link over to this on your 

Instagram link could just lead right to this. Or it could 

be on YouTube, you could have this link in your 

descriptions, and then people click on it, they'll sign 

up for your email list. And then there'll be integrated 

in that part of your marketing, which is just a great way 

if you have a WordPress website, this is not what you 

want to do. And I'll show you what you should do in a 

minute. But you have again, a couple templates right 

here. So let's just say we want to use like wild country 

right here. And again, this is what I was saying before 

about the tools on the side. So we have a very similar 

set of tools. Some differences here like we have payment 

right there. We have video Things that we didn't 

necessarily have in the email generation and the email 

creation. And also, if we want to go down, we can 

actually change this. And if we like, don't like things 

down here, we can just start getting rid of a lot of 

stuff. Because this one actually is pretty long for 

landing page, typically landing page, I like to keep it 

like kind of only this not a whole lot more. But this 

right here, something we can edit as well, if you click 

on that, you can add some more fields, we can have like 

name, address, stuff like that. Maybe birthday can give 

some people some free coffee, I guess, we can change what 

the button says. And it can just, you know, a 

confirmation message pops up later. So you can say like, 

Hey, thanks for signing up, you're in it. We can also add 

maybe like some other things. For now, I'm not gonna add 

anything else. Let's save and close that right there. And 

let's save and close this as well. And this will come 

automatically by default, with some weird URL that they 

have right there. So it's going to be like MailChimp, 

mail.or, MailChimp, slash a bunch of random characters, 

and then slash whatever you want. So this is gonna be 

random stuff, right there probably five or six 

characters. And then you can add, like Mike's email list, 

Mike's emails or something. And that way if people know 

where they are, and they know they're not on some random 

website, if they see that, or you could connect a domain 

if you already have one, if you bought one on like 

Squarespace or, or name cheap or something like that. And 

it could be a good way to do that. If you just have like 

Mike's, or Michael Bryan email, emails, calm 

or whatever, whatever you want to do, you can have the 

domain right there. So we're just going to save it like 

this as a free one for now, for the most part, if you're 

just doing basic social media stuff, the first like 2000 

subscribers, I don't really think it's really that big of 

a deal. If you just use it like that, especially because 

you're linking to that anyway. And you could always embed 

that link if you really want to on some platforms. So 

then we have to add a page title right here. So let's add 

our title. And say, Mike, Michael Bryan, weekly email, 

forgot the apostrophe. And we're going to save that. And 

so again, the samelayer that we saw with emails, it's really not that 

different, no matter what you're trying to build with 

MailChimp, it's going to be pretty similar. So we can 

just either finish it later, or we can go to the top and 

publish it. Otherwise, it's just a draft. And what they 

kind of said there is, you're not really going to find 

this on Google. So you don't have to worry about it too 

much until you share the link. And then this is your link 

right here. So if we go and hit Ctrl, click, you'll see 

that we can open it in a new tab. And it does look, I 

didn't change anything. But I think all this down here is 

unnecessary, I think really, what we want to do is just 

keep it with this right at the top, a very simple 

website, people can type into these fields, and then 

it'll, and it knows when it's a valid or invalid email, 

and you can subscribe then, and we can add more stuff 

later. And I'll show you that, how you can add that on a 

different form if you want to, for example, let's go to 

MailChimp right now. I actually closed out I didn't mean 

to close out of that. And so let's go over here. And we 

can create. So we talked about emails, we talked about 

landing page, I'll touch on website in a minute, I'm not 

going to talk about ads. I'll talk about surveys in a 

minute. But signup forms is the next thing I want to talk 

about. Because this is the other way to accumulate some 

subscribers. So if you have a WordPress website, this is 

what you want to be doing. You have two options here, you 

can have an embedded form. Or you can have a pop up form, 

of course, landing pages that we talked about a minute 

ago. But embedded in pop up forms are going to be so 

embedded form. Let's just say we have a WordPress site, 

we want to use this. So we'll go and begin. And what you 

can do right away if just this is a very boring one right 

here. But if this is exactly what you want, and you want 

it to be like a widget on the side of your WordPress 

site, you could just copy and paste this right here. So 

let's copy it and go over to my WordPress site. So then 

if you go to appearance and you go to widgets, then 

you'll see right here essentially is what your sidebar 

is. And you can go to create a text one. So if we want to 

go, which is make a new tags one. So if you just want to 

say main sidebar text, add the widget, it'll pop up right 

there. If we go over to the text version, not the visual, 

this is where we can add the code. And again, just to be 

clear, I did not write this code, I had no idea what most 

of this means. And what I did is I just copy and paste it 

from there. And we can edit this and I'll show you that 

in a second. But what you will be doing is copying 

pasting it right there saving it and then it will show up 

on your website. So if we go to santro full 

disclosure guys, we're reconstructing the website right 

now, but it will look something like this. So I just put 

that in there just now. And you'll see it says subscribe, 

and you can put in your stuff on the side, little on the 

sidebar right there, on wherever you want anywhere you 

want this widget on your website, very easy to do. And 

very convenient to have that on the side so people can 

sign up, I recommend having it a little bit more in depth 

and just like subscribe, you know, it's kind of dry. I 

don't know if people would really be doing that. But if 

we go back over here to MailChimp, you have some other 

options here. So you can show different fields if you 

want. You can only show required fields. You can change 

the title right there. You can exclude the title if you 

don't want to say subscribe at the top. And admittedly 

this editor is a little bit less user friendly, because 

we can also go into a condensed version, a horizontal 

view, if we want that. But in the classic one, we can 

actually go. And there's a forum builder, which is a 

little bit better than this right here. But again, a 

little bit quirky at the same time for like, where you 

get the code, and then where you paste that then. But 

here, we can go and designers, so we want to get rid of 

birthday on the bottom, we can just click on that, click 

the little minus icon, or we can just make it hidden. So 

let's say that we don't want that it's gonna be hidden 

for now. And then we can change we can add like add a 

message at the top, add an image on there, if we go to 

like design it, you'll see that we can change the 

background color of this, we can go over and change the 

header change a lot of stuff about this translated if we 

want to just lots and lots of different options right 

there. But for the most part, I don't really think that 

I, I'm not really going to change as much. But if you did 

want to add some other fields, there is like you can add 

some checkboxes in the bottom to say like, yep, I 

verified that I read your terms of service. Or you can 

add some other things like you can add, like a little 

reCAPTCHA thing, if you're worried about people being 

robots, you can easily add that on the bottom as well. 

But again, that's more advanced stuff for another day, 

you get the idea of how to change this and edit it and 

copy it over. So I'm not going to touch too much more on 

that in this video. So continuing down other things we 

have, we can also go into website. And if you want to 

see, like I mentioned before, if you want to see a full 

tutorial on how to make a website here, I can show you 

that but just you know, a really brief overview here is 

if you are maybe you have like a YouTube channel, and you 

want to have your landing page already, so you already 

bought a domain for that, then maybe you just want to 

make an entire website on MailChimp just to have some 

basic like a couple pages, maybe an About Me page, I'll 

just keep things pretty simple. So we can go to pages 

right there. And on the right side, we can add new pages. 

And we'll have like a little navigation bar on there as 

well. So if we want to say about about us, we can have it 

right there, it'll be a page, it'll be on the navigation. 

So home and about a show up in the top. And thenwhen you're actually editing this entire thing. So if we 

go to style, you can also edit, like pretty much 

everything on here is going to be the same editing layout 

we had before clicking and dragging most of these things 

over to the page two, customize it, that's how you're 

going to be doing that you can save it, you can preview 

it, you can publish it on the top, I'll give you a full 

overview of this in the future if you guys want. But for 

now, you just get the basic idea. This is something new 

MailChimp is really trying out, they're putting out the 

option to have a website that they're hosting. But that's 

pretty much all you really need to know for that. Now as 

we go down really the only other thing over here I wanted 

to show you guys was survey and survey something new 

they're doing here. And again, I won't get too into this, 

but it's kind of a nice powerful thing that you don't 

have to use, like, what is it survey monkey? Now 

MailChimp does it that's kind of ironic, I guess. But you 

can build a survey right here and you can send it out. 

And it is nice that you can collect some data like this 

as well, if you're interested in doing that. So we can 

add some questions right here. And then you can just keep 

adding some different options. And so you can just do 

stuff like that. And you can answer with like little 

radio buttons, checkboxes, whatever we want to do. And we 

can save that one. And then when we're ready, we can send 

out the survey however we want to. So we're not going to 

do that right now. We're going to go back to the home 

right here. And the other thing I wanted to show you 

guys, so we talked about campaigns, these are the emails 

that you sent out. So it'll show you the one that like we 

sent earlier we sent. Like, we have this going out to 

single welcome email, the automated ones that are all 

showing up here, we have a landing page right here, it 

shows you these are all the campaigns we have, we have a 

survey, which is just a draft right now, if you're trying 

to manage stuff, if you're like, Oh man, I made an email, 

I don't know where it is. It's definitely up here. If you 

go to campaigns, you can find everything sorted on the 

left side right there. Then really the last thing I want 

to talk about in this video is going to be the reports. 

So if you are looking to learn more about what we did, 

you can go to reports here, it'll show you like the open 

ratio, the quick ratio, and you can view the report of 

that. This one is like you know, view the report of this 

little landing page, the website. And it shows you a lot 

more information than this right now, because we have no 

traffic, it's really hard to show you guys this. But 

here's the URL, like I was talking about before MailChimp 

with the middle of it. And then random characters, I 

guess I said five, but it's more like 12. And then we 

have slash Mike's emails right there. So that is how you 

we copying this. You can embed this wherever you want. 

And that's pretty much everything you need to know about 

using MailChimp right here. Some other details if you're 

interested are up here. If you go to connect, you can 

connect different sites. So if you're using Squarespace, 

you can easily connect that over here. Of course, you can 

do like big cartel. Or you can go down to WooCommerce, 

you can go down to WordPress, like you can connect a lot 

of different things here and just integrate things a 

little bit more easily than if you had to copy and paste 

code over and stuff like that. So it is nice that you can 

do that right here. Of course also going through here, 

you can go into profile right there. As I showed you 

before, we can also go into account. And this is where 

you'd have like extra is right there if you want to see 

your API keys if you need that for any other service. So 

if you go out there and you want to sign up for you know, 

there's some different ways that maybe if you want to 

have like a little widget on your WordPress site, but you 

don't want the one that I showed you, you want something 

a little better, you may need your API key, so you can 

get that right there. So you need to go down here and 

create a key. And once you do that, you'll be able to 

have your key and is copy and paste it so there's our key 

right there. We can copy that and paste it as we need to. 

And you get the idea then so that's basically everything 

I wanted to show you in MailChimp right here. This is how 

you use it. This is how you create your email campaign. I 

hope that this helped you guys a lot if it did, please 

remember to like and subscribe. Leave a comment if you 

have any questions for anything I didn't cover in this 

video. But overall guys, I think that should be pretty 

much everything you need to know when you are going 

through with MailChimp. 

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How to make money from bulk SMS

I'm a serial entrepreneur and one since all this is that if someone like me can make it in business and I believe anybody can make it in business because I wasn't really the business guy none of my family member was really a business person neither my parent my father my father maybe the one you want to say was a bitter businessman but I really lost touch okay my mom was a civil servant and she raised us up and today for being a young money not who had nothing and things were tough life was very tough growing up in the not today I mean not the where one of them are no we're used to be since grown we have 18  and we're starting another you guys will be glad to know that we just concluded us registration yes for us office us company and medially tattoo is taking care more of our e-commerce business that were gonna start version okay we're we're not going to be dealing with any product at all we're gonna connect drop shipping companies in the US with again drop shipping companies and us with DHL and so the connect everything is automated and is sorted out in no time as overworking are so amazing and personally amazed I very very much anxiety about this no sir under a excited about it well guess what we started with his business I'm about to tell you and we started so small that we didn't have we started with just 10,000 I mean 1,000 there started about seven years ago we just 1,000 era and it's from that business that were since expanded into other types of business okay now I'm going to real estate went to several of those things okay and God has been faithful okay let's go let's go everyone one of the newer ways to market your business using us is using SMS maybe there's one other skeptical about using SMS as a marketing tool because it may seems intrusive only reserved for certain businesses like our own market however there are many benefits of using this market in China maybe what using for your business and it is definitely worth using for your business okay yes so right so lose a tombow charge okay let's go there guys so SMS marketing a lot of people are afraid businesses keep in touch with their customers you already have customers contact if you use SMS to the fullest do you know that if you have a list of customers who are doing business with you we'll call it bias list and you are not saying SMS to them you are losing you have losing a lot of money leaving a lot of money on the table guess how much up to say 57% of money is being lost when you don't communicate consistently with your customers via SMS okay how do you communicate with them steady of your  details over which them opinion what greet them on their birthdays all these things will increase by 57% okay that's for those who already have the contact details of their plan I guess how many people I know even doing that there's so many other people we even have businesses and I didn't do it in such a way that it can be keeping top of their clients details like Sir Robert okay Silver Birch cinemas you get a ticket you did get your number or phone number no they don't if they do get your phone number okay and send you and you tick that you're interested the optional they wish you happy new mode they'll greet you do you know that that we increase the sales but it's the same person but the reality is are many companies still don't know how to maximize using Bacchus even those were catalyst of their clients didn't know they don't know distance and that's why we need you okay when Unilever asked me to do a quotation of 20 million for to be SMS with them I didn't know I didn't know marketing exposing them to the fact that they cool using your marketing as all the tools to grow their business and all of them what they have that they asked me to send to a new verse and I did and the next thing they asked me to do is to come free media in the office they're not coming and it's true I don't do office meeting any transactions or override into any office meeting to see those deals so I told her I'm not comment and they were shocked but the truth is I have so like you go into the business hmm you would do a feasibility won't you so which is why I'm raising more people because the market is is far although I mean we've never scratch the surface so let me give you the statistics say SMS volume stand in Nigeria alone is over 10 billionaire award last year I made a volunteer calculates under the resume is 150 million that's Austin video how much what I've I scratch anything okay do you see and were those were even taking the market that's man the Indian companies we don't have of is easy dangerous and not taking over the market how you'll be shocked just what I'm teaching you enough I'm gonna be  running a mentorship program who started yesterday we did it Radek return yesterday I told you more in your marketing how did Indian guy stick all these SMS businesses from was Facebook your inbox they are not joking everybody's in Bob's are disturbing you emails all these enzyme teaching does it so if you do the same companies are comfortable doing the business with you because remember I told you that is a business you can even run around the world so the Indians are able to take  the market from India and it's to get the job okay now there is a statistic that shows that there is an increase of one hundred and twelve point six percent okay in engagement when you say none it takes message to your client after you have called the engagement level just skyrocket and miss it okay so that is why companies are now we cannot reality that Wow SMS marketing is real as well as marketing is one of those things you wanna do and it's one of those things that one can use to grow one's business okay and it's working and it's amazing how you can use that to grow your business and and so on and so forth okay so how do you start or what do you need to start this okay you need over call an SMS website we call it a listen ourself now the cell hours have come in your own company nobody even know that you are buying from anybody it comes your company I want is call SMS dot ng so I'm gonna show you some features with our sites did one of the good sites you want to use let me show you one of the futures that makes us cool because most SMS sites don't have these futures and that's why they leave a lot of money on the table although the SMS I do have these futures okay so I'm all future we have that made this unique is we have row called a chat button as much as my team is all off now if you come here type your name type your email type your message they'll get an email and order to reply you okay so that we if you have your website like this and didn't think I'm be linked to your phone so even from your phone you'll be able to see what clients are accident question of the accent what do you want to deal with you people who are struggling to navigate your sites you can easily connect with them and interact with them okay and that makes it easier for this thing to work okay it's very easy very easier for you to do this another future has made our site cool is that way to Qatif this future I'm telling you now I lost them on it last year okay I lost I lost any known from this last year okay and this is why I'm very passionate about the fact that any business you wanna do but I have a mentor because you job of a mentor is always to help you succeed no matter what the mentor will to help you to succeed in the business so this our family words that people must not send on their in their text the saint is in the attacks do not deliver now I didn't know my providers that you can get to it return so I lost over 10 your messages that were sent and I was not afforded that did not deliver sanitary for most of my clients back so there was a lot and I eventually connect with these and get introduced and eventually that went a long way to a healthy okay but not having this for example will make voiceover kinds of you sending messages and you want the divine door blaming you to your website but once we put this on it it has solved our problem other thing is surprising more sites that do there is a lot worse said do you such that the pricing on issue one register and most cases people don't want to register before this surprising don't want to see of rising in for the register like I told you disapprove of business you can see Australia Belgium you create genie Egypt all the will cover all the countries in the world from our platform you can send SMS to in the country in the world and can send it back that's the beauty of this okay you can send focus immense to any country in the world in the world any country in the world any country in the world and that's what makes this a beautiful business to do all you need to do is to act act acts our team in the office to activate whatever country you want to activate part-time and I solves the problem other thing is how to pay okay you want to have work or online payment integration okay and we'd only payment integration you're able to tell show your client how they can't pay for what you are offering okay with their cards this because another major issue a lot of clients always have another would tell you to can't go to the back you can't do this you can't do that and then if you are still telling them to go to the back becomes an issue why so they even do the up their ATM card they do not go about it so this site what we did was to really break down steps okay this is how to back how to be very sure you comfort you shaking cause poor get down to like nine steps for them now we still realize that no matter what who is do not trust using their cards all those if I want to go to the back he decided to give the option face to the back okay all these things they look little tiny but guys they are critical now again when bottom part we added is the database and I call this the game changer and then we have the block 

How to make money with SMS

. Another tools website : we'll talk about international premium rate numbers and I will show you a simple way how to generate income by sending SMS to the international opinion rate SMS number so international opinion rate as mass number it's long enough long SMS number what it looks like simple mobile phone numbers over here here we go some example so here is a number it looks like United Kingdom mobile number but if somebody will send message I will get to to English pants or every message but I would receive so almost not a check how much of its yeah well it's two cents for every message but I will get by the way here is the website on where you can send messages talk phone app can simply download this application and you'll get free credit and you can start sending messages like this and every message what you will receive it's two cents yeah bruh so guys as you can see it's works and you're here are certain messages what I have just sent to my own number and I will give you one more website let them help you to generate income so for example you can register on SMS advert website and here you can see that if I select country for destinations United Kingdom it will cost me less than one cents less than one cent per message and I will be able to send 20 20 thousand finit it's ten thousand messages so let's count a big profit to be so I will get in Europe for every message then we'll be able to to send it down so let's multiply here is how here is the math amount what we'll get from provider and it will cost us 60 here also 160 so total profit is 160 euro and if you will use this website you can go to let me check so yeah it's here you need to work in it register again then go to campaigns create an encoding groups contacts grade group then click on it add your phone numbers here for example you got 20 numbers from your provider you can order 100 numbers different ads and group here and click on a send SMS time here something click on send message and you said no and in one click you sent hundred messages to these numbers so it's quite simple as you can see so one message and one message you get more than 2 cents and if you go 100 numbers you can monthly get more than 2 euro so quiet easy and the next step what you can do is find another programs like text magic bouquet and different to summarize providers and join these providers open your account for their numbers from to become to or you can contact me and I will give you these numbers you can start sending messages to these numbers and we'll speak profit together so quite easy you know so guys I hope you understand idea how how to work with these premium rates mass numbers as well you can take these numbers at this number s caller ID so here a lot of messages a lot of numbers and send for example messages to all these random numbers like for example here and you will send such message to random people and everyone who we buy there will be charged small of you and you will get a commission like this as you remember these every message cost you a small amount and this person voted by or way you'll get profit like these so very simple idea and it's working and it will keep working so guys if you really want to make quick money like you can make down or even pour down your apartment like this just sending SMS messages by using these services to your own people write as much numbers or just to random people and and you'll get profit like this just for chatting with other people it's not like a scam or something because people will not even understand what's happening you know so just chatting wrong we were all wrong SMS number what is charging to extra like this and no so I show you some services what you can use both gave SMS advert text magic and different different programs there so just try it yourself 

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