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02 ianuarie 2022

What is Alexa Rank? everything you need to know.


   Since Google isn't the only one pointing to your website, today we're discovering another tool that will give you a lot of information to improve your natural recommendation: Alexa Rank. Let's begin!

The goal of SEO is to be more visible in search engines like Google. After all, this is how most people determine whether a site ranks well (or not). However, there are other metering tools that are often overlooked because Google dominates. Today it's all about Alexa Rank.

Alexa Rank, all you need to know?

But why Alexa Rank?

To know if a tool is useful, you need to know what it is for and how to use it. 

I've been using a component of this site for a few years now that I really like: Sitemap PRO. In addition to all the specific SEO functions, this tool also shows the Alexa rank chart.

Alexa Rank, what is it?

As of April 2008, Alexa ranks websites (top 25 million) based on the number of unique visitors and the number of pages each visitor visits. This calculation is actually an average of the last three months and provides the Alexa ranking.

It may seem confusing to some, but the lower the Alexa Rank, the more popular your website will become.

Alexa Rank. 

Alexa rates and analyzes the 25 million most popular websites. Among the interesting data, Alexa shows a site's performance compared to other sites (more or less comparable in terms of traffic and industry), which makes it useful for benchmarking or competitive analysis.

How does Alexa Rank work?

Alexa ranking is calculated by combining an attractive visitor's estimated traffic

over the past three months with participation.

Traffic and attendance are estimated based on the data provided by the toolbar. This plugin monitors the surfing behavior of an internet user who serves as a sample of all internet users.

If you want to contribute to Alexa ranking data, all you have to do is download the Alexa toolbar and install it in your browser.

Alexa Rank Toolbar.

 Once the toolbar is installed, you will have access to the websites you have visited. The toolbar sends traffic data to a central server, recording your IP address and the URL of the website you are visiting.

How is the Alexa rank calculated?

We briefly touched upon this topic in the previous paragraph, now let's take a closer look at it.

According to the official Alexa FAQ, the ranking is calculated from a combination of the estimated daily average of individual website visitors and the estimated number of page views over the past 3 months.

The data in your ranking system based on the traffic provided by the aggregated data dashboard. This data is collected from internet users using one of the browser extensions available for Chrome, Firefox, Brave, etc. The toolbar is not available in Opera and Edge.

Alexa's ranking algorithm checks the website and calculates the frequency of visits. If the same user visits a website more than once on the same day, this is counted as a single visit.

The parameters for measuring the individual ranking of a website are based on two elements:

Daily Unique Visitors: is the ratio of traffic / number of Alexa users who visit a website in one day.

Average Pageviews - This is the number of times Alexa users view a particular page or URL.

The site with the highest combination of unique visitors and page views ranks at the top (Google).

The search algorithm also has a possible bias and can change its ranking to compensate for visitors who are not in the Alexa metering panel.

Alexa is also considered a third party data source to get a broader view of internet users.

Is this rating reliable?

Of course, this is the first question I asked myself to see if this tool was useful (or not).

While Alexa Rank can be a great way to compare a site's performance with competing sites, the statistics Alexa provided are not necessarily the most accurate.

Looking around for a while, I found a comparative study between Alexa and Google Analytics that concludes that Alex is not as accurate as Analytics. This study found that some websites had a lot more pageviews even though they had a lower Alexa ranking.

Alexa Analytics comparison.

We should probably repeat that comparison today, but I think the significant difference is likely because Google has a much wider reach than Alexa, as not everyone will have the Alexa toolbar installed on their browser.

Given this poor coverage, I think it makes sense to see Alexa Rank plus as a snapshot for comparison purposes rather than an absolutely accurate snapshot of a website.

How can I see my website's Alexa rank?

The Alexa toolbar offers the ranking of every website. That way, by posting yours, you will get your rating.

If you can't (or don't want to) install this plugin in your browser and want access to a lot of information, go to the official Alexa scan tool. Then enter the URL of the website you want to scan and click Run Scan.

Please note that this analysis tool is free and unlimited; You can search as many times as you want.

Alexa analysis - Alexa ranking, advantages and disadvantages.

I think it's time to do an initial Alexa Rank assessment to see the pros and cons of this tool.

Benefits of Alexa Rank.

If you make money from the ads on your website, a high Alexa Rank can help you get more from your ad space.

Alexa Rank is a quick way to gauge your competitors' website traffic so you can compare them.

A higher Alexa ranking also helps attract high quality guest bloggers who want to post on top sites.

Finally, Alexa provides information about the performance of your website that can be useful to you in other activities: SEO campaign, content marketing strategy, etc.

Disadvantages of Alexa Rank

The data provided by Alexa is only limited to users who have installed the toolbar to have. So there are potential websites that can achieve a low ranking despite high traffic.

Subdomains are not classified separately, only the top-level domain. Therefore, inaccuracies can occur at this level.

Like any such tool, Alexa Rank has its advantages and disadvantages, and I still think there is a lot of interest in using, tracking, and improving Alexa Rank. And the more toolbar users there are (especially in Europe), the richer the data provided by Alexa. Now I'll explain the points you need to consider in order to improve your Alexa ranking.

How to improve your ranking on Alexa

As we have already seen, the Alexa ranking is calculated from the number of visits and the number of page views over a period of 3 months. We must therefore take measures to improve one of these criteria or even both in order to achieve positions in the Alexa ranking. See how it goes!

 1. Improve and optimize your metadata tags.

It's certainly obvious, but it's imperative to improve and tweak the content of your tags (page title + meta description) so Alexa (and Google) know what your about

metadata pages are. Note that a title tag is between 55 and 65 characters long, while a meta description is up to 156 characters long.

 2. Create quality content,

I remind you that the people who read your content are the ones who need and want to read high quality content. Generating high quality traffic to your website is great for many reasons, as it attracts people to your website, improves SEO, and allows you to rank for keywords that can be profitable. Of course, the more visitors you have on your site, the more likely you are to have people using the Alexa toolbar, which leads to a higher ranking.

 3. Update your page regularly. Again, remember that it is very important that your website is updated with new content and that people want to read it. Whether you're a blogger, developer, or business website owner, improving your engagement by consistently delivering useful content to your visitors is important.

 4. Share your content on social media

Write and post content for your website. You should promote it and share it on social media. Ideally, you share your content on the platforms your target audience is on.

 5. Increase Incoming Traffic to Your Site

This is probably the most complicated as an increase in traffic cannot be implemented and can take a few weeks / months to complete. So, you need to persevere in order to produce quality content over time, maintain a healthy website, and get quality backlinks to your website.


Conclusion: In

my opinion, Alexa Ranking is a good tool with which you can position yourself above all against your main competitors. The data provided are sufficient if they are kept within this comparative framework. For my part, I use it as an indicator of the progress of my work improving my website and from that point of view it delivers perfectly.

If you need to go further with your website analysis, consider using more comprehensive tools like Google Analytics.

Hope this article cleared up Alexa Rank and you will become a user of the Alexa toolbar if you haven't already installed it.

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