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Social media strategy with
28 decembrie 2020

What is

Social Media Strategy with Hootsuite

So you may be wondering what is HootSuite well HootSuite offers you a dashboard where you can manage all of your social media profiles in one place whether it's Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Google+ an email marketing campaign all of it is happening in this one place so whether you're managing social media on your own or you have team members or an outside contractor that you're using to manage it.

 Hootsuite or alternative will let you put all of that into one place now what can that do for you and your small business well you know you are supposed to be in social media but who has the time when you're running a business and you may not have the budget to hire outside help so say you post something for WordPress and then you share it on Facebook and Twitter instead of logging into each of those checking you know comments having to update from they're trying to to share from within social profiles which takes a ton of time you just go to this one dashboard on HootSuite and you can share you can schedule messages you can post you can check how your posts are doing basically this is a tool that will make all of your social media updating manageable and easy and cost and time effective and finally what's the point of social media if it's not effective and how do you measure that effectiveness HootSuite does an excellent job of bringing all the analytics into one place so rather than for example going to Facebook and printing out your insights from one account you can go to HootSuite or alternatives  and develop a report where you see your Twitter your Facebook you can see Constant Contact you can see LinkedIn and see how all of these different profiles are affecting your bottom line you can even add Google Analytics in there so you really get an overall idea of how your social media marketing is working what's working what isn't working and maybe where you need to change something so you're not wasting time and money on something that's not effective for your business now those are just a few of the benefits of using HootSuite but as we get into the course you'll really get a feel for all of the different ways that you can use it and benefit your small business

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