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09 decembrie 2021

What is the price for your website?


   Are you about to create your own website for your association?

However, before you begin, it is important to take stock of a few key issues. And the budget problem is probably the thorniest of all! 

You can check the price here at any site on the internet.

Yes, in fact, it seems that creating a website has become a fact to inform your audience, but also to be found by internet users due to search engine indexing. But of course, it's not about spending all your money there or throwing it out the window! However, you need to find a quality web solution to build an effective online presence and achieve your goals. 

Before we get to the heart of the matter, we can tell you right away that the budget you spend on designing your site can easily range from 0 to tens of thousands of euros. The price range is quite wide, so to unravel all this, we present a brief overview of the question: How much does it really cost to create a site? And what can we expect, at what price?

How to see clearly in all this? Above all, before you start, it is a matter of studying the material carefully.

How much does it cost to create a custom website for a professional? Who can create my site?

Delegating the creation of your website to a web professional is your first opportunity to get started on the web.

- how does it work?

What are the benefits?

And what is the budget to be forecast?

If you go to an agency or a freelancer, the benefits are obvious: you completely get rid of the site creation and (at least, hopefully) you get a high quality and personalized site.

You will have to be careful at some point. The first and most important step is to select your service provider (agency or freelancer). We recommend that you request more offers. 

On the web, in fact, you will find all kinds of professionals: from the most serious to the least reliable. So keep your eyes open! 

If you can, look carefully for signs of trust: previous jobs, customer testimonials, company start-ups, etc. You will be able to find the previous achievements of the professionals on their websites and / or on their social networks, which can avoid any unpleasant surprises!

We also recommend that you compare the services included in the budget: hosting costs, start-up costs, price from the same source, number of additional options (natural reference, design, etc.), training hours included, etc.

This, so that you don't waste your time, money, energy ... Even your peace of mind with a supplier that doesn't suit you! Once you have found a solid collaborator, your work does not stop there: you will 

have to present them with the specifications of your digital project, with precise information about your project (exhibition site or e-commerce site, for example), Services, to ensure the monitoring of web creation.

Therefore, it will obviously be necessary to maintain the site, go through content writing with SEO optimizations, make daily updates, promote publications, etc.

Therefore, a minimum participation is required in any case.

What is the cost of developing a website by a web agency?

Building your website with a digital agency is by far the most expensive option.

 Agency fees range from € 1,000 to € 5,000 for a basic presentation site (5-10 pages), 

 and will cost between € 10,000 and € 100,000 if you need more elaborate web development (member space, online sales, booking course etc.).

It's an incredible budget! But with the guarantee (hopefully) of a high quality website, with a personal investment in a (usually) minimal time.

What is the cost of creating an independent website?

With a freelance developer you will get a similar service, with a price difference, which

is between 500 € and 3000 € for a simple site with a few pages and between 5000 € and 50,000 € for a more sophisticated site.

However, being a freelancer is still relatively expensive and obviously not an easy investment to consider. Therefore, the selection of your freelancer should be very rigorous, so as not to run into an unprofessional provider. When choosing an agency, do not hesitate to consult the opinions of clients!

But we have the good news: with the advent of online software such as SaaS (Software as a Service), it is now possible to create your own personalized website for little or no money. We explain everything to you!

How to create a free or cheap website?

In fact, today you can create an effective website with access to a domain name and a certain level of customization, without leaving all the savings. This allows everyone, without exception, small or large membership structures, to build a significant long-term web presence. These solutions are especially suitable for affiliated organizations that control their spending very carefully and allow them to deliver a professional result.

That's how it works!

1) Do you create a website with a CMS (such as WordPress)?

Software called CMS (Content Management System), such as WordPress or Drupal, was originally developed in the 2000's to democratize website creation. They allowed everyone to experiment with web design. Keep in mind, however, that these are not tools that are accessible to everyone - you need previous IT knowledge or at least good motivation to invest in learning software.

If you're ready to get started with HTML, why not use a CMS? Since they are widely used, the possibilities in terms of functionality and extensions are very numerous and you will surely find a site template / theme that suits you perfectly.

So what value should you plan on setting up a website with a CMS?

It turns out that it is impossible to answer this question precisely: it really depends, because in CMS you can find templates and site extensions at all prices. This will vary depending on your needs and options, but it is difficult to get an accurate idea of ​​the budget to be forecast.

2) Creating a website with a site creator. 

You will find another type of software on the market, newer and more easily accessible to beginners: website creators. These online services are direct descendants of CMS: they provide an ultra-intuitive and very easy-to-use website creation tool.

The principle behind the development of this software was to allow everyone (even beginners) to easily create their own website in no time. In fact, to create a website with this type of tool, all you have to do is use your computer mouse. Thanks to the drag & drop process, you can add site elements, one by one, wherever you want on the web pages, with the cursor tip.

Another significant advantage of the website builder over CMS is access to a technical support service - you are not alone when faced with the hassle of creating your own website. If you have any questions, please contact the team. 

Good to know: If this dimension of customer service is important to you, take a look at customer reviews before choosing your online solution, because not all services are created equal in this regard. From this!

What is the cost of building a website with a website builder?

To know the exact price, you will need to compare the content of the various offers and choose according to your needs. Usually, the plans come in the form of a relatively low monthly subscription.

You can choose the template you want to display on your site: contributions, sales, crowdfunding, or even fundraising

Personalize your item in every corner: from button to mode, do what you want

Publish and receive online payments : simple and effective

In short, the ideal formula for a membership site at a lower cost.

Create a website at the best price.

In fact, in order to have a meaningful online presence, it is not a matter of creating the cheapest possible website, but of creating a website at the best price, based on your specific issues and goals.

And in order to determine the best price for your specific situation, it is important to know the essential steps for building your website. After reading these steps and answering all the questions, you will have all the letters and ideas very clear in your hands, so that you can calmly choose the best web solution for your project at the best price. 

That is, even more specifically, ask yourself:

Why do I need to create a website (visibility of my association projects, creating or animating a community, increasing self-financing capacity, improving the brand image of the association, ...)?

What kind of website will achieve these goals?

How much money can I invest in creating a website for my subscription?

Is it possible to free up time for site maintenance and upkeep?

Can I delegate this task to someone I trust other than myself (confidential cabinet member, volunteer, other team member, etc.)?

How (in what way) do I intend to manage my member's site (update, maintenance, security pages, etc.)?

When you have answered all these questions, you really know: if your site needs specific web development, depending on the nature of your project (single landing page demo site or more complex e-commerce site with online store, e.g).

If you prefer to invest a lot in the creation of your website, or on the contrary to be cheaper.

If you want to manage your website independently (without depending on an external provider), where and when you want, or vice versa: not having to face 

How much time you can / want to dedicate to the design, then the administration of your site ?

This way, once you have completed this reflection, you will have all the cards in hand, and very clear ideas, to easily select the best web solution for your project.

We have just completed this brief overview of website building prices. We hope this article helps you determine the best provider for your digital project, based on your technical requirements, your budget, and the degree of independence you want and the time you have available. You will be able to calculate your investment as accurately as possible and start conquering the web with complete peace of mind!

Our last piece of advice? 

Before you start looking for a professional, agency or freelancer to research existing CMS solutions or a website builder, take a look! Someone in your association (board member, volunteer, member) or close friend (friends, family) may have already had to develop a website. Ideally, he knows what to do to help you develop yours (well, you can't even dream that much) and if not, he'll probably have some tips, tricks, and tips to help you. share with you.

Finally, when your site is online! Don't hesitate to update your news, replace some keywords so that the search engines can correctly identify your site, check if your contacts are always up to date and that the indicated hours correspond to reality.

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