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Nicolae Ceausescu opposition to Moscow
16 august 2021

Why Afghanistan country Is Impossible to Conquer.

podcast     This explains the full story of the modern Afghanistan war on the fog, which you can visit by signing up for the Curiosity Stream. In 2001 the US military invaded Afghanistan. Twenty years later, the US is pulling back and the Taliban seem stronger than ever. In 1979 the role of the state reached 85%. The Soviet Union also invaded Afghanistan. Nine years later. They also withdrew, and the regime they were fighting for collapsed almost immediately. And before them. The British Empire invaded Afghanistan three times, but was still unable to conquer it. Afghanistan now has a smaller population in the region than California. It is only a little bigger than France. How can such a small country resist?  

The three most powerful military giants in world history. There are many answers to this question. But let's start with the simplest understanding. The most obvious geography, Afghanistan in fact, is perhaps just a geographical term. Over a century ago, all of its borders were arbitrarily drawn by alien forces. Its small population is made up of 14 loose people. Different ethnic language groups and many other tribes, many of which are Uzbek cheeks. On horseback among the Pashtuns. National borders, artificial borders set by Westerners a hundred years ago mean little to them. Pashtuns make up almost half of the Afghan population on a daily basis, but two-thirds of the Pashtuns live nearby. Pakistan and there are minorities. The border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. It went straight through the Pashtun tribal area and split up. 60 million. 10 people from both countries. This border was artificially determined by the British Empire   

      and modernized in 1893. There has never been an officially recognized Afghan government. Imagine there is a Europe, Poland is divided between Germany and Russia and this wall is being built right on either side of the polar colonies. Obviously, they will never recognize these trails, often crossing them to visit family and friends, and grazing has largely cured them. The borders between Afghanistan and Pakistan are roughly the same. The border here is very mountainous in the countryside. So they patrol from Pakistan. The government's position was quite difficult. This enables the Pashtun insurgents to operate in Afghanistan. Valuable skills can easily cross the line to become friendly forces. The Pashtun region of Pakistan united, recruited new soldiers, more people, then returned to Afghanistan, fresh supplies and more fighting. Neither the Afghan border nor the Taliban recognize this border as legal, and there are at least 200 borders. There are 135 known border and mountain crossings between the two countries that can be easily smuggled into Afghanistan and through militants, drugs, money and equipment 

. With greater support for the Afghan cause or the Taliban, many have called the Afghan-Pakistani border the most dangerous border in the world. Recently, by the end of June 21st and 20th, Dan finally built a fence across the border. More specifically, stopping all these limited borders and passing legally designated places in 2016 is just the beginning of making Afghanistan almost impossible to conquer. I mean look at the map. There is no sea in Afghanistan. So you have your troops and supplies. It requires the participation of at least one of the six neighboring countries. Is it Iran Turkmenistan? Pakistan, Tajikistan, China and of course Pakistan, but even if you cross one of these countries and arrive at the border with Afghanistan, 

despite being in the heart of the world's most populous continent, you will still encounter extremely difficult Afghans on the terrain. .. Afghanistan has always been isolated from the world, mostly rural and sparsely populated, which makes the summit of the Hindu Kush Mountains one of the highest and largest mountains in the world. 75% of Afghan territory is considered mountainous, almost half of our territory is over 2000 meters above sea level, which makes Afghanistan one of the most mountainous countries in the world and therefore one of the most isolated countries. These giant mountains act as natural barriers in many ways, not to repel intruders, but also separate internal communities and make it difficult for supplies to be transported around the world. All of this is very different. Overcome the given factors regarding all external intruders. In the mountains of Afghanistan, where most of the population lives, dozens of values ​​are 

 surrounded by some of the largest and most terrifying mountains in the world. Travel between them has been difficult for millennia, so everyone in Afghanistan has their own little world. Each of them eventually developed their own unique cultural identity, beliefs, tribes and rulers. With that the Afghan nation feels nothing. Afghan patriotism has never been a particularly powerful engine, however, as all of these racial segregation and rural communities difficult to escape central government control have been weak and sporadic, and the valley is basically self-sustaining, especially in rural areas. Any expression of national unity in Afghanistan has always been the direct result of foreign forces invading and trying to assert themselves. Their dominance as a whole, like that of the British Soviets and the youngest Americans, historically and to some extent in Afghanistan today, continues to function similarly to the Holy Roman Empire as the European Union 

. Theoretically, Kabul can rule the entire region as Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, but it cannot have any real authority over all princes, valley tribes and clans. He's like the Holy Roman Emperor. Any invader trying to occupy Afghanistan will face the same problems as the national leader. will be. The geographical environment of Afghanistan is not conducive to centralization, nor to Afghan infrastructure and power among the various Afghans. The valley means that you will have to move your troops and supplies towards each other across different mountain passes, which are usually very narrow and very easy to set up ambushes. As a defender. These border crossings are essentially the natural suffocation of people crossing Afghanistan. Until the 1960s, hardly anyone spoke about the route they controlled. Few of these mountain passes can control the entire valley, and sabotage can stop the supply and flow of troops for weeks or longer depending on the 

severity of the damage. When the Soviet Union invaded the country, Mujahideen supporters captured Get convoys as they passed these passages, then immediately fled and disappeared into the caves on the mountain. When they resisted. They erect barriers at rivers, border crossings or other border crossings. In some cases, they have managed to block the entire road for months or even years. During the war, the jihadists were destroyed. Government forces blocked the interior through a number of strategic routes. They are only supplied from the air, when the Americans invaded, these passages were just as important to them - that is the Khyber Pass. The easiest and most direct route through the Hindu Kush Mountains between the Indian subcontinent and Central Asia. There is no doubt that this route has been used by conquerors, merchants and missionaries for millennia. One of the most strategic places in the world 

    , almost 80% are new. NATO and US supplies are being shipped to Afghanistan by road. We all went through Pakistan through the Khyber border, which is a bit ironic as most of the Taliban equipment also crossed the border. Contrary to what I just said in Pakistan, there are more rural border posts. The Taliban understand the importance of the Khyber Ferry to America's war effort. It is therefore often a question of destroying targets. The 2009 attempt was canceled here by the Taliban. This suspended all acceptance of the change. In the years leading up to this war, Erica was forced to expand her supply lines to Afghanistan across three border countries in Central Asia. The Afghan government has tried to build a ring road that connects all the major economic centers. But after decades of civil war and Soviet intervention. The condition of the motorway is very bad. When the United States invaded the country in 2001,  

there were only 50 miles of paved roads in the country. It's bigger than France. For comparison: France has 1.1 million kilometers of paved roads in a smaller and larger town. Less mountainous land and the lack of good roads will only diversify values ​​and communities within Afghanistan, further isolating them and making it difficult to move troops and supplies. For the Americans and the Soviets before them, it was a logistical nightmare. Like everything in Afghanistan, these have not contributed to the stability of the country. Building new roads is difficult and expensive. They serve because of the rugged mountains, terrain, and winter cold that often create roads and destroy the Taliban and other insurgents who build or repair roads in the country. They need rent, security and construction under difficult geographical and climatic conditions. This means they can get very expensive in some places, up to $ 5 million per mile. And all of this in a country where the average annual income for a person is only over $ 500. It is one of the poorest and poorest countries. The least developed country on earth. 

   Building a mile of roads in Afghanistan translates into an annual salary of around 9,800 Afghans. The money for all these projects must of course come from abroad, Afghanistan is easy to attack and confiscate in the end, but it is almost impossible to keep it effective in the long term. The landscape is vast, with many villages and open spaces where rebels and rebels can hide and recruit soldiers and push supply routes through huge mountains. The narrow passage forces the guerrillas to harass and easily destroy relations with their neighbors. Pakistan is a complex Pashtu language. The rebels can easily cross the border, assemble without fear, and then return to Afghanistan to fight. Be ready anytime. The supply of rebels, money and labor is flowing everywhere. Difficulty at the border, crossing hundreds of high mountain passes. This requires Pakistan's involvement, sometimes given by NG and sometimes not by centralized rule. It is almost impossible to sit outside of Kabulum  

Afghanistan, the geographic reality and nation building in Afghanistan. This is essentially impossible, for even This is the Afghan concept. Nation. In Afghanistan, different nations and tribes are weak at best, and they must be completely different from the Western conception of nation-states like Germany or France. The colonial Afghan border, which was dominated by the British for more than a century, is likely not Afghanistan. The main reason for the stability, but the particular instability of Afghanistan, is also due to the former British colony and past interference. For 43 years Afghanistan has been involved in constant wars, it is an extremely complex story that can be told from the communist revolution as an established national atheist and one of the most conservative and devout countries on the planet to the invasion. And the next three occupations in the Soviet Union. Civil war, then the invasion of the Americans and NATO, and the occupation of the United States will end in about a month in about 20 years. It is one of the most intriguing violent and controversial conflicts of the   

20th and 21st centuries. Unfortunately, posting on YouTube is not acceptable due to the terms of use. I know it will record a video on YouTube, and I know that based on what I'm talking about, this video will likely monetize it and turn it into a YouTube algorithm. But when I really got into the full history of the conflict in Afghanistan, why they started, how they fought, and how it all led to where we are today. This will ensure that the video has been reviewed and you will not be able to view it. Instead, I made another full companion video with all this controversial but interesting information and shoved that version into the fog. As you may have heard, this is where Tonam's exclusive ad-free content is. For example my whole series of contemporary conflicts. You can see the details of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict right away. The war in Armenia 2020, Azerbaijan and the wars in 

Russia and Ukraine. The reason all of these videos are just for the fog, of course, is because the YouTube algorithm is forever penalizing me and all the other creators, try nothing new. But Nebula is a different platform with no algorithms or advertising. It's just a platform for great and unique content for the great independent educational creators in the Heavenly Ecosystem. This allows us to take a lot of risk on expensive projects. As the largest ghost town in the United States, my 35-minute documentary was shot in a location near Salton. The ocean is California's largest lake. It can also be described as the largest environmental disaster in the United States. She chased thousands of people from their homes and created America's largest ghost town and many other designer projects. 

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