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21 decembrie 2020 scam or legit

As a web designer he's been in the business for almost 10 years. I'm not a fan of and I do not suggest it specifically for business owners so I'm gonna tell you why and what you can use instead if you're new here.  I'd love you to subscribe I post weekly videos for business owners to help you save time and look good online and today we're gonna dive into why you should not use for your website and before you leave a comment below saying well I use Wix and I don't have any problems with it and I think it's great that's fine you can use it if you want I'm telling you as a professional web designer why I don't recommend it why don't I like the first reason is that it's not fully responsive so a lot of people when they think oh I have a responsive website they just think it looks good on mobile it looks good on desktop it's responsive a truly responsive website shows all of your content when you resize the browser as an example here is I just   website I just seen as a popular youtuber in the tech space and she is a Wix spokesperson or they influenced her whatever you want to call it and her website is not fully responsive I don't know about you but I would personally like all of my website content to actually be visible another big and scary reason that I don't like is because you cannot export your content so when you want to move to a new website platform in the future you have to manually copy and paste your content over to the new platform so if you have 300 blog posts that you need to move over have fun copying and pasting those over and I want a similar note you can't even change templates after you have set up your website without completely starting over again now remember I am specifically talking to business owners in this video and one thing that I usually point out to business owners when I'm talking to them on Instagram or Facebook about why not to use is that there are fortune 500 companies and national brands who use Squarespace and WordPress Wix cannot say that about their platform and as business I believe we should be using what the big guys are using as well you don't own your Instagram followers or your Facebook fans your website is your livelihood it's one of the few things you actually own besides your email list so you need a very secure place to build your website so if you're not tech savvy and that's why you went to Wix because it seemed the easiest Squarespace is also very very easy and has a very similar editor and there are WordPress themes that are drag-and-drop that you don't have to know how to code or anything so if you really want to go to WordPress there are easier to use themes than you might think if you have any questions about your website or what platform you're using let me know down in the comments if you want more WordPress or Squarespace information you can check out these videos and I will see y'all next time. It's not scam but I do'nt recommended

   we're going to be talking about  legit website builder. And I have 13 things that everyone needs to know before making a Wix website.   I like to talk about online entrepreneurship and share the resources that I wish I had along my journey. So if you're interested in making money online or making websites feel free to look around the channel and consider subscribing. So like I said in the intro today's video is going to be very important for those of you who are new to making websites and considering using website builder. In this video, I'm going to cover 13 things that I think every single person needs to know before making a Wix website. Without further ado, let's get right into the good stuff. And as always, if you guys do like this video, as you're watching it, I really appreciate the thumbs up. Number one is the biggest question. That is how does Wix work? And it's kind of a simple answer and a more longer answer here, but I wanna give you guys just the overview. Essentially what website builder is, is a premium service where you go on there and you create a free account and you can start building websites. Basically you can pick from their templates, you can start customizing them, or alternatively, you can start with a blank template and customize it exactly how you'd like. There two things that make Wix website builder special are, one, that it's an all in one, it's both your hosting for your website and your building for the website. All in one place. I'll explain this further in the video, but just know for now that Wix website builder is a one stop shop for your website. The second thing that makes Wix website builder very special is that it's very easy to use. They use kind of their own style of a drag and drop builder. So you don't have to have website experience to create your own website and make it look good. The drag and drop website builder is probably the biggest attraction and advantage to people using Wix website builder to make their websites. This brings us right into number two. And this is since it's so easy to make websites with website builder, will Wix replace website developers? And this is actually such a good question. And since Wix is making it so easy, it makes us think that, what's the point of paying website developers anymore? And my answer here is that there are still always going to be need for website developers. Website developers can make things custom. Wix can get us basically having a really good professional website. But that tiny bit at the end, maybe up to 90%. And that last 10%, if you need something custom made, it can be a little bit difficult to do that on Wix yourself. Now, has this feature called Wix code or Wix developer, where you can bring a developer in just to finish that five to 10% of your Wix website for you. So if you need custom code on your website, you can do the heavy lifting yourself with the drag and drop and then bring in a website developer to finish up that custom bit of code on your Wix website. Number three, this is one of the biggest questions that I always get. And I think that you should know, and that is, are websites free? Well, the short answer here is yes and no. Yes there is a free forever plan on Wix. So when you create a free account on Wix, you can actually make a free website forever. They're never going to charge you. And this will be a real functioning website. Now to take that even further, they don't limit you to just one free website. At this point, you can have unlimited free websites on Wix. Now there are a couple of catches to this. They're going to not allow you to connect your own custom website name. And the second thing is they're going to have advertising on those free sites. But the short answer is, yes you can have free websites with Wix. It is 100% completely for free. Just know that you're going to have limited features. So that's the no part of the answer, is if you wanna connect your own custom domain or you want it to be all yours with no Wix advertising or branding on it, then know it's not going to be free. You're going to have to upgrade to a premium plan, moving on to number four. And this is, is Wix website builder bad, or what are the downsides to it? And there are a couple of downsides to Wix website builder. One primarily is going to be the price. As I mentioned earlier in this video, Wix is a premium service. And on top of that, it's a one stop shop for building your website. So they do the hosting, any website building all in one place.  Now your alternatives are kind of going to be cheaper options like WordPress and hosting that with something like Bluehost, where the cost of that is going to be significantly less. So that's the major drawback to Wix is the price that goes along with it. It's going to be roughly $15 per month to have a website. Now beyond the price, another downside to Wix is going to be that the website is going to be very good to look at, but in some cases it can be slow. By putting in all of these easy to she used features and they drag and drop. We can make the website look really good ourselves. We don't need a website developer for this. However, those big drag and drop elements, they come with a lot of code. So if you need your way website to be extremely fast, for some people in their industry and their specific type of site that they're building, the actual load speed of the website is extremely important. But for most people, the website load speed on Wix, using their drag and drop elements is simply good enough. You're not going to get any top 10% of fastest loading websites by using a Wix website, but you're going to get a very professional looking website, affordable because you don't have to hire a website developer and it's going to be very easy for you to use. So with that said, I think those are the two notable downsides to using Wix is the price and potential load speed of your website. So the next big question is, which Wix plan is best? Now you have the free forever plan where if you're just playing with websites, you wanna practice building them, or if you even wanna launch one as a completely free website, obviously with limited features, you can't connect your custom domain and you will have Wix advertising and branding on it. You can use the free forever plan. That is actually awesome because you can practice or have ideas of websites and build them completely for free. You can even launch them to be live websites. Now, up from there, you have all of the premium plans. So to answer this question, I can give you a very detailed answer, but the short story is, I 99% of the time go with the Wix unlimited plan. Their lowest plan is typically the combo plan, sometimes they add in a lower plan from that. But I recommend going with the unlimited plan, which is one up from that, because it's going to give you unlimited bandwidth. Now storage and all of those factors don't matter for most websites but the unlimited bandwidth is very important. On the combo plan, you are limited by bandwidth. So the amount of people that can be on your website at once with it loading at full speed and being powerful enough to function properly for all of those people at once, is going to be limited in the combo plan. Just for a few dollars extra per month. You can upgrade to the unlimited plan, which I personally recommend because it's going to give you that unlimited bandwidth. So you have so much more power in your website and you can support more people coming to your website and using it at the same time as your site starts to grow. Now, the couple of plans that are higher than this, I really don't recommend unless you need a lot of storage on your site. If you're putting videos on there and actually hosting them on your site, there may be something that you need. But in the vast majority of cases, the unlimited plan for Wix is going to be the best option. Now, one more thing to talk about while we're talking about the plans is you can upgrade to a business or e-commerce plan. So if you have a store on your website and you need a selling feature to actually collect orders and process transactions on your website, then you're going to need one of the business plans. Now, if you're going with the business plan, the lowest one on there is about $20 per month. That is all you should need. So those are the two plans that I really recommend you go with. Obviously the free plan is always going to be good, but for most websites, the unlimited plan is the best bang for your buck. And then if you need an eCommerce style website where you actually have a store and you're collecting orders, then the lowest level business plan is the one that I recommend. Moving into number six. This is what are the good things about And although there are a ton of good things to talk about Wix, the main one is obviously going to be that it's so easy to use. Anyone can come in without any website experience and build your own website, make it look really good and get it live and listed on the internet, just in a matter of a couple hours or a couple of days. And you don't have to go out and hire a website developer. Beyond the ease of use of actually building your website, there's the hosting part of the equation. This is another huge advantage to using Wix website builder. You don't have to go somewhere else to a third party to purchase hosting. Like I said before in this video, everything is in one place. So your hosting and your website building is all done through your simple one Wix account. And you don't have to integrate your website builder on Wix with a third party hosting. For a lot of people who are new to making websites, this can be a very confusing part. For example, if you're hosting a WordPress website with Bluehost hosting, that can be a little bit difficult to understand and integrate that connection. Just know that if you're using Wix website builder, it's very simple. Everything's done directly through your Wix account. Number seven. This is, is Wix SEO, good or bad. Now, if you're new to websites, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. And essentially what that translates to in simple English is where your website is going to show up on Google search results. Now, the reason why this is such a common question, and I think it needs to go in this video, is because previously years ago, Wix website builder was notoriously poor for SEO. Your websites weren't showing up in Google as high as something like WordPress. However, in the last few years, Wix has definitely taken care of this. They brought in a feature called the Wix SEO Wiz, and it's basically a 15 minute or so questionnaire where you input information about the website that you just built on Wix, and they do all the heavy lifting for Google search results, and they make sure that your SEO is good and your Wix website is showing up on Google. So, in the past, Wix SEO was not that great, but now current day, Wix SEO is just as good as any other website builder out there. Number eight. This is how many websites can you have on your Wix account and how many websites can you have when you purchase a premium plan? This is such a great question. And the answer is actually really good. Like I said before in this video, when you create a free account with Wix, you can create as many free websites as you'd like. Then once you're ready to upgrade one of those free accounts to a premium plan where you can connect a domain, you can take the Wix advertising off of it, and the Wix SEO Wiz will start showing it in Google. Then you can purchase a premium plan on that website. But just know that when you purchase one premium plan, that's only good for one of those free sites at a time. Now you can always purchase another free plan and put it on another one of your free websites. So you can have two websites on premium plans. In your Wix account, you can have as many websites as you'd like, but every time you purchase a premium plan, you can only have that on one website at a time. Number nine. This is another common question  and that is will host my domain? If you have already purchased your domain or you're coming from another website builder, and you have your domain name, it's through a third party, let's say Google domains or GoDaddy, and you wanna bring that into Wix, can you create a free account on Wix, start building your website and then upgrade it to a premium plan and connect your third party domain. The simple answer is absolutely yes. You can do that and you'll have no issues. That's what I personally do on Wix. I typically buy domains when I come up with an idea for a domain name, I buy it through Google domains, and then when I'm ready to make that site, I'll start building it as a free website on Wix, and then when I'm ready to launch that site, I'll upgrade that website on my Wix account to a premium plan and connect my third party domain. Now, just so you know, if you are going through connecting a third party domain, you connect it the same way as you would a standard domain through Wix, you hit connect your domain in the settings on your Wix editor, and then you just click, I already have a domain. Then it'll prompt you to do a couple more steps, and it's very simple to do. Number 10. This goes right off of number nine, and that is, can you change your domain name on a website? The short answer to this is just, yes. You can change your domain name at any time and it's very easy to do just on the Wix editor. Number 11. This is a common question I get from people who are new to making Wix websites. And that is once I hit publish on my Wix website, whether that's a free website or on a premium plan, can you unpublish your website? The answer to this is yes, you can unpublish your website at any time. It'll simply just remove it from the internet. So if someone goes to your domain, it'll show that there's a website coming soon, and it will actually show the website that you've been working on. To do this is simply in your Wix website dashboard. So if you need to do that, go to your dashboard for that specific website, you'll see published, just click that button and switch it to unpublished. Just know that at any time you can republish your website, you can go back and forth on this as many times as you need to. Number 12. This is possibly the biggest question that I see from people debating to use to build their website. And that is what is better, Wix website builder, or WordPress. And my answer for this is a very simple answer to me, but I wanna make sure that you understand it the same way. Both Wix and WordPress are great. Both of them are great options for, depending on what you need. is going to be more expensive, WordPress is going to be much cheaper, Wix is going right to be a lot easier to use, WordPress is going to have a bigger learning curve to it, and you kinda need to know what you're doing. You can do a lot of damage on a WordPress website if you've built it and you click the wrong button down the road. It's not as simple as on Wix  where if you do something wrong, you'll just edit it and you can click undo. So that's kinda the difference. If you have the budget and you want something easy and you don't need a extremely fast loading website, but you just need it to look great and get up quick, that's what the Wix website builder is for. Now on the other hand, WordPress, if you want a really cheap website that you are willing to learn, or you already know how to use WordPress well, you're willing to take that risk, then I recommend going with WordPress. Now, there are all different themes that you can purchase or free themes for WordPress. It is a big environment, but like I said, and I wanna say one more time, there is a big learning curve to it. But some themes are made to load extremely fast. So if you are in need of a website that is going to load extremely fast, you can pick from one of the themes that are made to load fast on WordPress. But that's kinda the comparison. You can't go wrong with either of these. It's more just personal preference budget and how easy or how much you know about making websites. So with that said, either of those are going to work. It's up to you, which one you like better. Number 13. This is, can you use Wix website builder and having a Wix website without a domain? And the short answer here is, yes. When you were creating your account on Wix and you are making free websites, you can launch those free websites without a domain. Wix will put their domain there. It's wix.mysite. whatever they're going to put at the end. You can customize the tail end of it, but it's still going to be a Wix domain, so you can't connect your custom one. But just know that when you're making those free websites on Wix, you'll be able to launch them and actually visit their domain all without connecting your own premium domain. So yes, you can create websites without having your own custom domain. You don't have to purchase anything. Like I said before, if you are creating a Wix website, you can do it entirely for free. And the last one kinda goes off of that as well. Number 14. How do you turn the Wix ads off of your website? So there's no Wix branding on your website. When you're using a free website that you haven't upgraded to a premium plan, just know that it's going to be limited by two factors. One is that custom domain, you can't connect your own. And second is that it's going to have Wix's ads and Wix's branding on your website. So it's going to say this website was made with Wix, click here to make your own. Now, as soon as you upgrade to a premium plan, all of that branding goes away and the website is entirely yours. So that is how you use Wix without having Wix ads on it. All right guys, those are the 14 things that I think you should know before making a Wix website. Hopefully that's helpful for you. And just know at the end of the day, Wix website builder is a solid website builder. I highly recommend it. I personally use it and I wouldn't be making this video if I didn't personally stand behind it. So that's it. If you guys have any questions about, feel free to let me know in the comments. If you enjoyed this video, I really appreciate the thumbs up and I'll be seeing you guys all in the next tutorial.


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