A lot of people are looking for work from home jobs or to create an online business . I was trying to scour the internet and any resource I could find on how exactly do create a work from home job and career and Business Etc and it was so overwhelming. You need to build your online business and to create a work from home job and give you my top nine high paying online jobs for this moment right now that you can get started. Now. What I will say is this is not the kind of thing where I'm going to say, you can make money overnight and you can just set this up and it's going to happen and run overnight some of these will if you have the skill sets, but Of them are going to be learned skill set. So just keep in mind. You need to have a growth mindset and need to understand that there may be some skills. You might need to invest in for yourself in order to create these jobs or create these businesses, but it's worth it when you can have true location Independence and build your business from your laptop and a pair of Lululemon's that's my thing. Maybe it's your thing. I don't know if you're excited about this. It really helps if you give this video a like so that more people do see it in the out. Rhythm and be sure to subscribe for new videos every single week on this channel. Alright without further Ado. I don't want to make this a long video. So going to keep it as concise as possible. So let's dive into first and foremost the resources that you're going to want to keep track of in order to find work from home jobs and to get inspiration for creating your business. So the best resources out there that I've found our fiber up work Craigslist.com , Glassdoor.comfreelancer.com and a Design, I'm going tell you about that in just a second. But Amazon is a great resource for work from home jobs as well as the other ones that I mentioned. Okay, so let's dive into these top that I'm the first job that I wanted to talk about is so in demand right now and so necessary and it's a virtual assistant. So I hired my virtual assistant over a year ago now and it was probably one of the best hires I've ever made in my business and we've never met in real life, but we talk every day and the thing about being a virtual assistant. Point is that you kind of are a Jill or a jack of all trades. So you learn the ins and outs of someone's business very quickly. So my virtual assistant has actually moved from that role into being an overall business manager and she's now working full-time with me. It is a huge opportunity for growth inside of a business. And if you look at the trends of what's happening with online business and the fact that online courses are going to be a billion dollar a day industry by 2025. There are so many entrepreneurs out there. Who me The good virtual assistants. There are a ton of resources to find virtual assistant jobs this those below but here are a few that you need to know for finding virtual assistant jobs. You can use things like indeed or LinkedIn and all of the sites that I mentioned previously plus there's some great sites called hire my mom.com and then there's also one that is called the work-at-home women.com and the work at home wife it's.com kind of crazy names, but these are great resources. As for overall work from home jobs, but there are a lot of virtual assistant postings there as well. And then I would also mention the free mama who is actually a client of mine. She helps moms create their work from home stay at home drops you don't need be a mom in order to be a virtual assistant, but there are those resources and websites that you can look to the second high paying job that you can create for yourself from home is an online contractor. Now I could have made a bunch of different jobs individually for this, but I wanted to just give you this. Because it depends on your skill set. So there's so many things that you can do here. I started as a social media manager and contractor and I started by charging $20 an hour and I worked my way up to an hour and then turn that into thousands of dollars a month on retainers with my clients and I did that for four or five years. I had no brand no social media following and my business just grew by word of mouth before diving into YouTube and all that goodness. So you can absolutely hone your skill set and crafts by learning from people like me. and my channel my resources on how to manage social media accounts and how to work with clients to build their social media following and make them profitable very easily. There's so many resources out there. So social media managers and coordinators are in high demand, especially for online entrepreneurs, but also for physical offline businesses as well. I work with a lot of people who do that another one is graphic designer. I have a graphic designer on my team. She's completely location-independent. My entire team is remote and works around the world and she's amazing and she has major Skills as a graphic designer. So I pay her to create all of our Graphics in the business and she is an online contractor the other jobs that go under online contractor. Our video editor web designer YouTube manager. There are a lot of YouTube channels out there who need help with their management a lot of people enroll in my YouTube for bosses course in order to be able to manage other people's channels and do that work as a virtual assistant or as an online contractor specifically focused on YouTube now another really highly profitable online contractor job.

Job is a paid ads manager. There are a lot of resources out there to learn how to run an efficient and effective and highly profitable Facebook ad campaigns YouTube ad campaigns LinkedIn Snapchat Instagram. There's so many ways that people are running paid ads and pay traffic now millions of dollars putting putting into it and they want to make sure that they're run efficiently. So you can learn paid ads, it's a skill you can be making tens of thousands of dollars a month because a lot of the times you're paid on a percentage of the ad spend. Or the percentage of the profit from what you're making for your clients and so it is a very profitable very lucrative skill set to learn and you can run it entirely from your laptop the third work from home job or work from home business is course creator. You knew I was going say it. I started my multiple seven-figure a year business by creating courses because it allowed me to impact people on a scale that I wasn't able to do when I was doing one-on-one work or one-on-one management of social media accounts and working with clients. And so I was able to take my knowledge and put it into an online course digital product. And now we've scaled that to multiple seven figures a year with our two programs. So if you want to learn how to do this for yourself at put a link below with a free training completely free, it's sunny Leonard easy.com Evergreen Sales Machine and you're going to learn exactly how to take your skill sets your knowledge whether it's from a career or from a problem or obstacle you solve for yourself and turn that into a highly profitable highly scalable online course, like I said, This particular industry is going to grow to a billion dollars a day by 2025. So you have a piece of the pie waiting for you to create your online course your online program. So I would highly recommend checking out that training. Okay, the next the fourth online or work from home job that I highly highly highly recommend. It is big shock YouTuber. So obviously I am not the kind of person who's gonna say, yeah, don't gonna you two make money overnight. However, it is an Amazing way to truly create passive income you are getting paid from AdSense. Once you hit the requirements of 4000 of watch time in a thousand subscribers on your channel. And once you're part of the partner program and I can tell you that I'm getting paid way more than I did in my first full-time job using just YouTube.com AdSense at this point. So becoming YouTubers an amazing way because there are so many Revenue options when it comes to being a YouTuber. I've created this video right here on all the revenue streams that I have from YouTube and it Things like brand deal sponsorships AdSense was selling my online courses Etc. There are so many ways to monetize your particular message using YouTube. So highly recommend you watch that video next and like I said, I'll put it in the link below as well 5 work from home job, which is so in demand right now is sales sales people. There are virtual sales teams all over the world. I have two sales people on my team and they are incredible. I absolutely adore. Them and they work remotely entirely one of them is no way one of them is here in BC, we've never well actually we did meet once in person but we cross paths once before but she works completely location independent and they do very well because they are on the front lines and they are enrolling people into our programs on a daily basis and they make commission from those sales and we do not need to be in the same room or in the same office in order for them to do an amazing job. There are so many people like me who are looking Or incredible sales people. So if you are a salesperson, if you worked in sales, you can definitely find a job in Virtual sales for whether it's a coach consultant course creator Etc or any other type of business. There's telecommunications companies that hire virtual sales people all the time. So that's another job to be looking into where you can be making thousands of dollars every single month. Like you can be making between five to six figures in some cases a month doing sales for people and companies that you believe in the six work from home job, which is an amazing skill set to have in today's world is an SEO consultant or an SEO manager. So we actually just paid $600 for an SEO audit of my website and it's so efficient. It's so effective because everybody needs to know how to rank on Google.com it is the largest search engine in the world. So if you could help people do that and help them rank their businesses. It's an incredible way for you to make a very good living doing so because it's such a high demand skill and it's a huge pain point for a lot of companies now where they don't know how to work in the online space. They don't know how to operate in the algorithms using Google using YouTube using all these things with SEO. So if you know how to do it is very in demand skill set skill number seven is translating. Now this might seem like it is in the most interesting thing in the world, but You'd be surprised at how many people need translation services now with online content being dispersed. Globally. There are so many opportunities to translate a certain language into another language. So you can reach more people and translate blog content into another language so you can reach more people this works across the board in so many different Industries.

It doesn't even have to be an online business particularly. But if there's any kind of online presence, there is an opportunity for translation skills. You can find jobs for this on Amazon.com. You can find jobs for this on up work and all the Other places that I mentioned earlier, but it is a very hot in demand skill set. It might not be the most interesting the thing in the world, but you can definitely make a good living doing this. The next thing is transcriptions kind of like translating kind of not but transcriptions is basically taking audio versions of or video versions of content and putting it into a written out transcription. And so Amazon actually again is an amazing resource for this and they have a whole job Board of just work from home jobs, and you can find jobs on their transcriptions and it's completely virtual virtual jobs and location independent. So I'll show you really quickly how to do that. So you on to Amazon.com you're going scroll all the way to the bottom and you're going to click on the section under get to know us where it says careers and then you're going to go to remote career opportunities. This is really great because it's entire section full of virtual jobs. So it's the office that comes to you and this is again all under Amazon.com. so If you look under here, you're going to find full-time part-time seasonal and the other really cool thing is you can find work from home specific category. And this shows you all of the work from home jobs that they have available right now. So you can also look in here and type in an associate Alexa data services, and this is generally these are generally the transcription jobs. So you'll see here update. There's one that was just posted recently and you can just check and see and make sure that these are Troll jobs and virtual positions, but most of the time they are so these are all transcription jobs that you can see and find through Amazon's there's tons of resources here and the ninth work from home job that I would highly recommend. I personally don't have experience in this. I do have experience with the majority of the other jobs that I mentioned here or I know people who do them, but the final job I wanted to mention was online tutoring there is a huge need for this. I know a lot of people when I was in college or university there was a lot of people who were going A overseas to teach English and now a lot of those Services have gone completely virtual. So I would love to hear from you. If you know of resources and websites can go to for online tutoring jobs because there it is. So in demand and oftentimes the requirement is just having a really solid understanding of the English language or whatever language that you're need to needing to be teaching. So that's a really great opportunity for anybody who's in the education space who wants to go online teaching English teaching. Another language is an amazing way to create a work from home job. Lee virtual job as well. Now if you enjoyed this, I really hope this was helpful for you. Like I said all the resources and links that I mentioned are going to be in the description below to help you create your work from home online business because I know now more than ever we need that opportunity and that option.

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